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Best Women’s Clothing Store

Biscuit General Store

New at Biscuit: A passel of Canadian designers from Vancouver, including Allison Wonderland, Cici, Two of Hearts and Nokomis. You can also find any designers who use organic, recycled fibres or who are doing progressive things with their business, such as carbon offsetting, stamped with Biscuit’s Eco-Friends label. Also on the environmental front, they are transitioning from regular plastic to biodegradable plastic bags. And that’s just for starters, says Biscuit owner Wendy Friedman, who’s happy to see last year’s renovations and a larger shoe department paying dividends. “When you buy a pair of Toms Shoes,” ---now in the store---“they donate a pair to children in developing countries. So you’re actually buying two pairs.” 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

1st Runner-up: Wildflower, 5553 Clyde, 420-0364

2nd Runner-up: Peepshow Girly Boutique, 1717 Barrington, 404-3886