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Best Radio Station


Every year CKDU wins for Best Radio Station. And when CKDU wins, you’re a winner. “We are a lovely reflection of the Halifax community...since they are so awesome, it means we are awesome,” says Melissa Buote, CKDU’s program director. “I kind of think of it as people (rightfully) patting themselves on their own backs for doing radio shows and contributing to content that ranges from community and political issues to arts and music that really shows off how great Halifax is and what vibrant, diverse cultures we have here.” This year, Buote and other CKDUers took a break from the booth to put on a bunch of events, like the Khyber’s Final Friday shows and a Canada Day community picnic at Fort Needham. There were even high seas adventures with Windom Earle, The Maynards and The Stance aboard the Tall Ship Silva. Always looking for ways to serve the community, CKDU is a recently declared C@P site, too. That’s brains and beauty.

First runner up: Q104

Second runner up: Z103