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Best Artist / Band To Get Trashed To


Fifteen years on the scene. Five years in a row as Best Cover Band. Over 200 shows a year at almost every pub in town. More than 500 members in their Facebook fan group. No sir, there’s no stopping the Shameless machine; they’re the Godzilla of the Halifax cover band scene, stomping on their rivals with a mighty Aerosmith blow. And apparently when you feel shameless, you also get thirsty: It’s their second win as Best Local Artist To Get Trashed To. “I think people keep coming back to our shows because they are always a good time and it’s never the same twice. We have a good time onstage and people see that and its contagious,” says vocalist and guitarist Shawn Birt. “It’s cool to see younger people requesting ‘classic’ tunes and even more want to hear ’80s music, which is one of our specialties.”

First runner up: The Sorrys

Second runner up: The Joel Plaskett Emergency