Best Live Music Venue

The Seahorse Tavern

Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner The Seahorse Tavern

Silver Winner The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

Bronze Winner The Marquee Ballroom

“We try and cater to everyone and because of that, it’s very open as to what I can book. It’s almost like the wild wild west of booking,” says Jeff Pineau, the man responsible for everything you see on stage at The Seahorse and its sibling venue, The Marquee. “At the end of the day, we try to present shows that appeal to a large variety of communities throughout Halifax.” Rounding up this year’s highlight reel is a near impossible task, since a large portion of the city’s best shows went down below ground on Gottingen Street—from HPX, to cover bands, album releases and killer DJs—but Pineau says two sold-out nights with Wintersleep at The Marquee take the cake. “When I first moved to Halifax, those guys were the only people I knew, so 15 years later being able to book them and have the shows sell out in the first bar I ever went to in Halifax was pretty special.”