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Best Crafter

Bread and Butter Pottery

Best Crafter

Gold Winner Nicole McInnis, Oh Dina!

Silver Winner Bethany Riordan Butterworth, Bread and Butter Pottery

Bronze Winner Holly Nauss, Promise of a Pearl

Oh Dina!’s Nicole McInnis is shocked to win Best Crafter. “I’ve never even gotten silver or bronze before in this area,” she says, on a break from packing up her popular DIY bachelorette kits bound for a store in New York. She caught the flower-crown wedding trend a few years back (“I’m moving into a more ethereal dry flower phase”), then her Etsy store took off and now she’s swamped. “I came back to Nova Scotia and didn’t think I’d be able to make a living here,” she says. “I was in film for awhile and I didn’t think I could come back and actually do it. I was just trying to drum up business just to live here so I wouldn’t have to leave. And then it actually worked.” Her thanks are of the effusive kind: “I am so, so honoured and surprised. I’m flabbergasted about it, honestly.”