Going the way of Sears? | The Coast Halifax

Going the way of Sears?

I went into the major grocery store only to not find stuff where it should be. It was noon on Saturday 21st and shelves were empty and aisles were jammed with carts full of stuff they were moving to another aisle! It was a clusterfuck of the first degree. The store layout is not logical at the best of times. I couldn’t find anything. I left. I’m sure this is how the problems at Sears started. Mismanaged and nobody gives a fuck. The store could be reduced by half if they removed the fluff items. Books and clothes that nobody wants, jeans for infants that sell for $20!The staff at the snack bar are prepared to give you the finger if you ask for more than they are prepared to deliver (which is fuck all!! yay for droids, bring them on). Management simply doesn’t have the means to deal with customer complaints. Can you find somewhere to leave valid complaints? Google it. I guess management is made up of greedy trolls from another planet, no capacity for customer service.

The biggest indicator of mismanagement is that it’s a 24-hour store. They are too stupid or too cheap to do the work after midnight. If you have shares, you might want to bail now. —Pissed Off