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  • Nov 13-19, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 25

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  • Equality for all
  • Editorial
  • Equality for all

    Don't worry Ontario - you're now part of a long, respectable history of collecting equalization pogey.
  • Power politics
  • Nova Scotia
  • Power politics

    Electricity rates keep going up, but the government refuses to help those who need it and isn't acting to prevent more rate increases.
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Arts + Culture

  • Film + TV
  • Soul Men

    Even the late, great Bernie Mac can't shake the dust off this one.
  • Mondo metal
  • Film + TV
  • Mondo metal

    Global Metal, a new documentary released this week, moshes with the universality of heavy metal.
  • True crime
  • Film + TV
  • True crime

    A Halifax film crew is trailed while shooting a cybercrime doc. It's no surprise to hacker mafiaboy.
  • Photo finish
  • Visual Art
  • Photo finish

    Repixx artists charged with the task of interpreting Chr!s Sm!th's shots of Nova Scotian musicians.


  • The Maynards' date with destiny
  • Feature
  • The Maynards' date with destiny

    They don't want to be big, but after three albums and almost 10 years of dance parties, The Maynards rule the dance floor and our indie music hearts.

Love the way we bitch

  • Clear umbrellas

    I'm sick and tired of these stupid clear umbrellas. Am I really the only one who has had to dodge past these ignorami because they can't see where they're walking since they've stuck their head up side the umbrella thinking "it's clear, I'll be able to s
  • The World is Not Your Nanny

    Wednesday morning I was shopping at Dollarama in Halifax Shopping Center. I wandered around, not particularly alert. I don't know what prevented me from trampling on the unattended toddler in my path, since he was completely hidden from my sight by my
  • Hypocritical Mass

    Fuck you Critical Mass. You acted like a old Trucker Convoy, a whole goddamn mob of you guys blowing through the red lights. I was held up at the intersection for 10 minutes, wondering what the hell your deal was. So, I checked your website:"There is n
  • Wait on THIS!

    Okay folks, I thought this was common sense/decency but apparently I was wrong. If you go out to eat in a restaurant please PLEASE give your server a decent tip! I know there are many folks out there who don't care what kind of service they provide, bu
  • Metro Transit Stroller Brigade

    If I have to attempt to climb aboard a bus again, to go to work, and can't get past the driver because there are THREE large strollers in the way, I'm going to start biffing little kids out the doorway. Get a small, umbrella stroller, strap your baby to

    why cant they use the one they used to when my husband worked there and a could enter now u cant do it on line because it isnt real
  • Your frigging ring will not "gay you up"

    I am sick and tired of people coming in to get pierced and asking my what the "gay" side is. THERE IS NO GAY SIDE. Knock it off with the fucking outdated homophobia and put the goddamn thing where you want it. I'm also simultaneously impressed and fr
  • Early AM Stinkbomb

    To the douchebag who gets on the 20 first thing in the morning: Take a fucking bath instead of covering up your BO with tons of perfume! Yeah, YOU!
  • grammar and spelling 101

    Please, please, please stop using apostrophes in plurals. Plurals are not possessives.There's no apostrophe is theirs; there is no apostrophe in the words "washers" or "dryers". The word "washers" is the plural form of "washer". Please capitalise the f
  • Bike lanes are for Bikes, not cars

    Driving along the bedford highway into town this morning, I don't remember how many cars drove for a quarter of a km (or longer!)in the BIKE Lane to get around the traffic. Now if the Bedford highway needs another lane, it needs another lane. But you do
  • Kids at movies

    I'm so sick of going to a movie rated 14A/R and sitting around a bunch of children who are with their parents. Parents, act responsibly and leave your children at home. There is a reason these ratings are in place - because the material is inappropriat
  • Dogs on Remembrance Day

    Who the fuck brings barking dogs to the Grand Parade on Remembrance Day? Would you bring your mutts to a funeral? Show some respect.
  • Police traffic infraction???

    Date: November 14, 2008Time: 1:03 pmLocation: Corner of Queen and Spring GardenWho: 3 Fully uniformed On-duty Halifax Police Officers. All over-weight, with BMI's over 23, one stuffing her face with remnants of some greasy snack.What: Violation o
  • Clipped

    To the asshole who hit the cyclist crossing Robie St. earlier this week and kept going: I hope someone takes a shit in your drivers seat and urinates in your coffee. Isn't it time we start looking at the serious issues brought about by the overwhelmin
  • thank you, not a bitch

    I want to say thanks to the 2 people who found my grandpa who had fallen, outside on the ground somewhere around the Westmount / Chebucto area. We have no idea who you are & my grandfather remembers nothing, but if you read this please know that it mean
  • failing grade for schools

    Okay, I know my kid brother is trouble. We adopted him and all the baggage that he comes with. My mother and I hate the behaviours and the syndromes, but we love the child and with therapy (real therapy) we hope to shape him into a productive member of s
  • Broken Bottles

    Smashing glass bottles ANYWHERE downtown should be illegal. And punishable by the insertion of glass shards into the sole of your foot.I have a puppy. I took said puppy for a walk downtown today and she ended up with glass in three of her paws. WHY THE
  • Remembrance Day

    It's November 6th and the amount of people that I see not wearing poppies, astounds me. From the immaculately dressed to the casually dressed to the freakishly dressed, those not wearing poppies piss me off. My grandfather, his brother. my next-door ne

    You're so funny "headliner" guy at Ginger's stand-up night last Sunday. Making fun of women is really hilarious and so original! Also, alienating half your audience to make the other half laugh is a GREAT strategy, especially when there are like, 12 peop
  • Crosswalk

    So yet again yesterday, I watch a car blow through a crosswalk, forcing the pedestrian in his way to jump back.And as usual, the police in the car immediately behind him do absolutely nothing about it.At least the pedestrian didn't get killed this ti
  • BYOB

    come on Nova Scotia, get with it. Port of Wines is in a perfect location for BYOB / BYOW. To restaurants, we'll eat at least 10 dollars more and more often I promise.
  • Some people never change...

    This is a huge FUCK YOU to the douchebag former high school mates who humiliated me in front of everyone. I ran into an old high school friend who I haven't seen in 10 years, grade 12. She invited me to this event that was being held, it was a high scho
  • #80 Bus

    Here is my applause to the trash theatre on the 80. I'm glad you and your friends can still drink, smoke and do drugs till your hearts content and that having two babies doesn't slow you down from picking up men on the bus. I just really don't want to he
  • I just don't get it!

    To an old acquaintance/ friend:Is there a reason you don't want me as a Facebook friend? I added you and eventually realized that you didn't confirm me (when I noticed that you recently became my sister's fb friend, who also added you around the same ti
  • Pump it along

    Dear 20-something fit guy;Are you illiterate or something? Miss the orientation I know you had to go through to join? Because it looks like your ass is glued to the circuit machine I'm trying to use. SO GET UP.You fucking well know that you're not s
  • Meow!

    Catwoman is a fucking slut... BOTTOM LINE!
  • Smoking at bus stops

    It's been almost 2 years since the by-law went into effect and everyday there are still lots of smokers standing at the bus stops blowing their bad habit into my face. Now there are some who try to stand down wind but there are many more that are lightin
  • Miss my old smelly shoes

    After splitting from a certain awesome downtown pub last night, I left my drenched black flats outside the door of my boyfriend's apartment rather than bringing them in to spread their potent reek. When I got up at 6 a.m. to head home, there they weren't
  • Where Have People's Manners Gone??

    I'm wondering if people have forgotten what manners actually are. "You're welcome" and "Thank you" seem to have become extinct. If I am walking through a door and someone is behind me, I will hold it open for that person. If someone holds it open for
  • Dogs at Remembrance Ceremonies

    Sure there are hero dogs who helped the Allied cause during both wars. They were working dogs, not pets. Leave 'em at home and remember those who gave up their lives for the freedom we have today.
  • Bussy Basterds

    To all the bus drives that drive away when someone is less than 4 meters from reaching the bus stop, while running, Especially when its piss poor raining, and you condescendingly shake your head at us as if we should have done better. Well what about the
  • Nose blowers

    I can't stand when I am sitting in class and all I can hear the whole time is the person beside me blowing their nose. If you are so sick that you have to CONSTANTLY blow your nose all class- stay home! And it's even worse when you are sitting behind som
  • Toronto by the Sea

    "It was in the Spring this year of grace with new life pushing through, that I looked from the Citadel down to the narrows and asked what its coming to. I saw upper Canadian concrete and glass right down to the waterline and I heard an old song down on F
  • Stinky Picnicface

    Okay, you special, special Picnicface fan-girl. It's time for a reality check. You were at the Tuesday show @ Yuk Yuks, and you smelled like a pail of smoked shit, stored in a damp laundry hamper full of your moldy, yellowed exercise shorts. No, it wasn
  • Arsehole driving on Kearney Lake Road

    Hey lady, I've driven behind you a few times on the way home and I see you frequently (and I mean frequently) whipping your head around to look at the child that is obviously in the back seat. Keep your fucking eyes on the road. You spend more time looki
  • She-Men of Nova Scotia

    Okay, I’m not from around here. I grew up in Western Canada where the advice on how to be a lady revolves around grace, beauty and all things sweet or nurturing (not to be confused with get-it-done business woman). I understand beauty is in the eye of th
  • Bitch

    People use this Bitch section to vent. What's up with all the shut-down comments that follow the op? Person obviously just wanted to get something off their chest-- the pettiness of a complaint shouldn't be relevant. What is this thing for any way?
  • beep beep

    okay, i just moved to downtown halifax. All i can hear every single day including sundays is "beep beep" constantly. It doesn't stop. I feel like I am going to go mad. I can't sleep. I assume its a delivery truck or construction but can they be backing
  • WhyAre Some Women So Fucking Stoopid?

    Just reading in one of the other posts about this woman who spent $40 on hand creme. She is but one of millions of women yearly who hand over their cash for expensive moisterizers (hand, face, eyes. This last one kills me because the more you rub anyt
  • for the food court employees at scotia square

    okay, not the greatest place to eat, but the indian place is great and the korean, how about this. saturday the people picking up trays and stray debris toss dirty trays onto the same cart as the she passes she says to herself
  • Clueless Shoppers

    Does anyone out there realize that there is a mass of hard working people who secretly judge you on a daily basis? These people are known as retailers. Are you the person who can clearly see a top comes in black or white but asks if there is any in yell
  • Student Lounge Thief

    Whoever is the scumbag who stole from our student lounge, please put the freaking balls back! Because you are such a moron, every one of us is being punished! Shame on you!
  • Do it. click vote this is a bitch on MTV i hate MTV but this guy could make it worth watching.. just syain
  • Rotary

    This is to all the ASSHOLES in the left lane from Quinpool Road to the Rotary..And Yes you KNOW who you are!..You are those ASSHOLES who switch lanes to the right WITHOUT seeing if there is a a car IN the lane already!..It is a god damn LANE CHANGE if yo
  • Bundles of Joy on Buses.

    To every parent who lets their toddler sit on a seat on an over-full bus, that kid can sit on your fucking lap! To every mother who indulges herself in buying a MASSIVE baby carriage for a TINY baby…To every mother who brings said behemoth carraige o
  • Metro Manners

    Thank-you, for allowing me to sit only on the very edge of the bus seat. After a long day it was a pleasure to have people push past me, bending my portfolio case and all my hard work. The only thing I care about was that your precious bag was comfy.
  • Websites

    Why is it that some websites make commenting on content harder than it should be?! Is it difficult to have clear comment dividers, or poster reply buttons? I mean, clear reply threads are old hat for most websites, why aren't certain websites on board
  • Senseless breaking stuff

    If you are old enough to sign a lease, you should be old enough to perhaps not break things such as washing machine's, especially knowing how the landlord doesn't really fix things such as that. Case in point. At some time over the weekend, an immature p
  • Perhaps you should mind your own fucking business

    To the bitch on the bus on Friday that turned around and shook her head when I opened up a jar of hand cream: fuck off! I know you were shaking your head because it's a "scented product"....ONLY IT WASN'T. It was unscented. You only knew I was putting an
  • Nomination for New Best-of Category

    I checked out your Best of Halifax issue this week and felt a potent mixture of fury and sadness upon reading the category "Best Pick-up Bar". I'd like to propose a new category and nominate this establishment (and others) as "Most likely Spot to be Dru
  • All women in HRM

    This both a bitch and a warning. Both of which are directly related to the HRP.( I am in the process of making a formal complaint) I recently had a run in with a guy who is twice my size, and quite possibly, twice my strength. The fucker ripped me off, a
  • Why did they even bother?

    The other day, I ordered a veggie burger in a Dartmouth mall food court.Now, the vegetarians have kicked up such a fuss, that there's now (thank god) a new veggie burger in town.However, after placing my order, the lady tells me that the burger's cooke

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