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  • Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 23

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  • Masked brothers
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  • Masked brothers

    At its heart, Ilan Hatsor's play Masked, about three Palestinian brothers, is a universal story about family. The Coast talks to director Anthony Black.

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Love the way we bitch

  • Your mother put a lot of effort into your name!

    Please stop signing off on your emails using only the first letter of your name. Like you are too busy to type "Tom" but you can squeeze in the "T"?? Ugh, to me it's this wierd paradox of inappropriate familiarity and downright rudeness. What if I have m
  • It's too early !!

    Why the hell does it snow in ontario in OCTOBER! I miss the good ol' Nova-Scotian-no-snow-on-Christmas deal I had going back there.
  • Please stop

    To you and all your homophobic friends. If I hear one more homophobic remark I will explode.Hate doesn't cancel out hate, no.. but when love is ridiculed I just want to scream. And who takes the toll?It certainly isn't you OR your dumb posse. I hope
  • Lidless in Halifax

    Why doesn't anyone sell replacement lids for travel mugs? Is there anyone who doesn't have at least one lidless Tims/Perks/Robins mug in their cupboard? They're all the same size, so you'd think some manufacturer somewhere would step up and fill this n
  • *rolls eyes*

    why does halloween always bring out the whore in everyone? why do women who are usually respectable take Oct 31 as an opportunity to look like a piece of trash and think that it's O.K? seriously people keep your clothes on you look like idiots.
  • Anti-Abortion Protesters

    Keep your views to yourselves and find a new place to protest. How would you feel if I came outside your church with a group of people saying god doesn't exist. That isn't even as near as disrespectful as what you guys are doing. How do you think women f
  • Sonic Concerts Ruin Potentially Brilliant Show

    Great idea by Sonic Concerts: Let's not tell anyone that we'll let people get up and crowd the stage before the Stars appear at the concert at St. Matthews Church. That way, all of those who stood in line in the cold to be able to sit in the pews in ord
  • Wonder if he'll see this...

    To the funny, caring, adventurous, handsome and mysterious guy I got to know over the last month: you wanted it as much as I did. Go get your head checked, because the best thing that could have ever happened to you just walked right out of your life!
  • The Death of the Dream

    Saw you years ago, wanted you, played it coy and cool. Paths cross again, dream reignited. Heart pounding, found out it was not to be as you are deeply enmeshed with someone else. Shit, how do I get over the feeling that there was something electric b
  • Cryin' over what?

    Ok, I am not sure this is a bitch exactly, but a query. I was in Value Village today and there was a woman in her 20s with a newborn, who was crying his head off. You could hear him around the store. The mom just rocked him in the stroller while checking
  • fix your link!

    please fix the link from the mini feed on the homepage!
  • Thanks you for not calling.

    What is up with all these busted ass mother fuckers who ASK for your number and then don't bother to call? It's not like I ran up, gave it to you, and begged you to call me! YOU asked, I obliged. Normally that would mean a person is interested. Look, I'm

    stick to one side of the sidewalk. don't walk right down the fucking middle!! this goes out especially to the morons who walk an inch a minute.also: to the rude and obnoxious university students on the #1 yesterday heading towards mumford - keep your m
  • Yes We McCain!

    Hooray McCain! I'm voting for you! I'm not really, because I'm Canadian, but I'm lending my words to people who would. Beware, Gobama-ers, we thought Bush would lose last time. The media likes Obama more becuase he is a better story, that is all. Nobody
  • my side mirror

    FUCK YOU who ever smashed the side mirror on my car which was parked on bland street. Thanks, now i have yet ANOTHER expense to pay. If you didn't want to wait around you could have at least left a note. Please grow the fuck up and own up to your acciden
  • The Rent Here!!!

    Hei Halifax . . . what the F@#K is up with the prices of your rent!? I just moved here from Edmonton, where I was paying $869 for a one bedroom in a low-rise, 5 minutes from West Edmonton Mall. I'm now here looking for a nice one and the prices are abo
  • Follow up to Bitch about racist remarks from employer

    Hi Coast. I would just like to say that I posted a bitch regarding a former employee at a coffee shop who was the worst boss I ever had who constantly called me nigger and embarrassed me infront of all of scotia square with his remarks for months. I woul
  • rude restaurants

    I am not the only one who is fed up with my once favorite diner because of what must be a change in management. Generally speaking, it's not good to keep your customers waiting 40 minutes for a milkshake or their food, especially when it's not crowded; i
  • Crosswalks are there for a reason

    You dumb blond!! Friday October 24, 3:54 pm...crosswalk just past Sobeys on Windsor (dumb blond!!!) comes barrelling down Windsor Street towards North Street. There was an elderly gentleman already in the crosswalk, you were speeding so fa
  • Hardcore Pizza

    To the man who works at the pizza place....Your carefree discussion can be heard by every customer in the place if you weren't aware...Were not interested in how many drugs you sell or all the "bitches you're banging"...Have some respect and manners for
  • Who do you think you are? Rocky?

    Note to the rude CP Cabbie, do NOT argue or lecture with your customers and then have the guff to expect a big tip. Tips are reserved for GOOD service. You may have mistaken my tiredness for drunkenness (I've been up since 5am), but do not argue with me
  • "It's a wonderful day in the neighbourhood"

    I gave you assholes a weeks notice and some others 2 weeks notice that I was going to have a party for my birthday, and even invited you just to be polite. And to top it off I was going to buy the ones downstairs flowers and wine as a thank you for being
  • i hope a car runs you over...

    to the assholes who couldnt wait 24 fucking hours and smashed all 5 of our pumpkins which we carved yesterday...a big FUCK YOU.COMMON!!! 24 hours and id even give them to you!! going outside this morning with my children to finnish decorating and there
  • #17 Metro Transit Driver

    This is to the jerk who embarrassed me in front of the entire bus today on the #17 at 11:30 from Spring Garden. You asshole! You know me. I'm on your bus on the days when I'm lucky enough to catch it. Usually I get to the intersection and you pull away.
  • Antenna

    To the worthless piece of shit who broke my antenna off my 20 year old car FUCK YOU you are a worthless piece of shit and I hope you get hit by a bus. I have no idea what is so alluring about a 20 year old sedan but whatever I need to move away from this
  • You wonder why you're always short staffed

    Maybe your employee turnover rate would be lower if you treated your staff a little better. Requiring a medical certificate for calling in sick ONE FUCKING TIME is ridiculous. Do you really think I'm going to go pay 5 bucks to get a medical certificate t
  • bottle breaking bastards

    to the asshole who broke the huge wine bottle on the middle of the sidewalk on south bland st.My dog doesn't wear shoes asshole, that goes out for all you bottle breaking bastards as well, douche bags.
  • Why oh why, diddly-de-dye?

    Hellish-ley-hell, I've had the major hots for you forever. Now I find out that you have been with someone forever and a day. Jeepers cripes, can you tone down your 100 watt smile, or gain some weight on your perfectly formed butt? I know I can't have
  • Use Your Indicator Fuckwit!!

    Does nobody in this town know how to use their indicator? It is the ONLY way in which other drivers know what you are doing next! Some days I wish I were a cop, just so I could pull you over, snap the indicator arm off and shove it fair up your arse.!
  • Lying Lil B

    You have the nerve to drop my daughter into a theft charge on Saturday Nov 1st at Mic Mac Mall when it was actually you that did it. You already have a conviction that is why you lied to save your sorry ass . Just remember it will come back to haunt you
  • Smoking Bus Driver

    Today after work my wife and I took the 52 (#937) home from work on Chebucto road.When we got to the Mumford terminal the bus driver stepped out of the bus and lit himself a cigarette. It was raining so he stepped back into the bus to smoke his cigaret
  • cheap ass ratty haired bitch

    in regards to your previous "pretentious hairstylist" bitch. maybe if you weren't such a cheap ass, you would listen to your hairstylist and realize that the products you are using on your hair is shit composed of 90% water and cheap silicone. It IS ruin
  • Grrr...

    I could put it more eloquently, but...Fuck-you Ben McCrea and double fuck-you Armour Group
  • Dearest Coworker..

    -Do not talk to me when i am in the middle of a phone conversation. I don't give a fuck about whatever it is you're yapping about. I know that you're impolite, and just can't keep your effing trap shut, but I'm not listening. So don't even bother.-Pleas
  • You don't run my life!

    To my younger sibling:Hey, if I want to have a few beer by myself when I relax from having a busy day/week, it does not make me a fucking alcoholic! Yes, I have a few drinks alone, BUT on other occasions I drink socially as well! I don't get shitfaced (
  • Fellow Drivers...

    Holding your cell phone away from your ear with the volume turned up while driving still counts
  • Motorcycle Madness

    I doubt that the person, to whom this bitch is for, is even literate enough to be able to read such a fine paper but here goes. You and, probably a bunch of your juvenile friends, decided it would be cool to knock over my motorcycle on Halloween night. I
  • You Suck List: URB, NSP, Leaders of parties, and MLAs

    Where to begin? A big fuck you to the URB for giving NSP the rate hike they asked for earlier this year. Why a big fuck you you may ask? Their fuel costs were predicted when oil at 120+ dollars, it is now at 68 bucks (a 55% drop from its high point).
  • Destructive Construction

    To the construction worker who's task at 1:30 today was to clean the driveway leading out onto University st, next to the clinical research centre: Do you really think using a hose to wash a minute amount of gravel, dirt and a few leaves is an effective
  • Transit Terror

    Last week a bus driver took note of a woman crossing the street while we waited at a red light. He made a comment about her character and then told us to watch as he startled her by taking his foot off the break. That is called violence towards women a
  • knowledgeable hairstylist.

    To this week's bitch targeting pretentious stylists: It is NOT our responsibility to know what the hell Shopper's sells. Their products are NOT suitable for your hair no matter how spectacular their commercials are. Your split ends will remain split e
  • Thanks Metro Transit!

    Special thanks goes out to the bus driver on the #18 for putting my life and hundreds of other lives in danger tonight when he decided to pick up passengers just after smoking a joint in the bus. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness. I wonder if he r
  • All drug dealers who boast about their money

    What i hate is when you are on the bus or walking outside and you hear people bragging about how much crack they sell and how much money they make, and then they complain about people "ratting" on them. If you don't want your business exposed to the poli
  • Shame on you!!

    To the young PREGNANT lady who stands outside on South Park St. to smoke. Shame on you! In this day and age we all know what smoking does to unborn babies. Yet you shamelessly stand outside puffing away like it's perfectly acceptable. How dare you.And s
  • Bite Me

    This Bitch is for the guy in the dark jacket and beige pants who was creeping around like a predator at Bite Me on Halloween night. Do you realize how completely UNCOMFORTABLE and VIOLATED you made my partner and I feel that night? Following us around


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  • Muriel's century

    Halifax prepares to celebrate peace and social justice activist Muriel Duckworth's hundredth birthday.
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    Dan says peeing in the tub, or in a bottle, is fine.
  • Fashioning a scene
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  • Fashioning a scene

    Paris. New York. Milan. Halifax? The east coast has never been recognized for fashion design, but the scene is changing, designers are sticking around, and now there's Atlantic Fashion Week, where local designs will fill the runway.
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    Wars usually have powerful backers, even though most people want peace. So where does that leave peace activism today?

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