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  • Oct 23-29, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 22

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  • Savage Love

    Dan says don't trust a smoker.
  • Damaged goods
  • Editorial
  • Damaged goods

    Canadian Border Services don't just search and destroy, they charge you for this pleasure.

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  • Film + TV
  • W.

    All hail Oliver Stone's treatment of the world's most prominent cretin.


  • Pop Explosion: Numbers Game
  • Feature
  • Pop Explosion: Numbers Game

    Even if you failed math, it's clear that 125 bands in five days and 15 venues is way too much for one rock soldier. So here are 10 Pop Explosion picks that add up perfectly.
  • Sure Thing: Goo!
  • Feature
  • Sure Thing: Goo!

    Go ahead, giggle, but our friends Goo! fill jazz fans with giddy excitement.
  • Bringing down the house
  • Feature
  • Bringing down the house

    Residents of 6015 Willow were always the arty kids on the block. But a new music DVD shot in the house, makes even more noise with performances by 20 local indie bands - many of whom lived in the house.

Love the way we bitch

  • Thanks for the 44 dollar theft.

    Ok. To "Teenie" (who ordered first) and your two short haired blonde friends who sat in a booth at a very popular, busy pub on Spring Garden between 7-8pm on Fri, Oct.17. You asked me for a Ten Penny. You ordered a club w/fries, chicken fingers w/baked p

    This is to Dr. Dickhead driving westbound on Bayer's in your fancy Volvo.... If I had taken the time to fully read your plate it would have read Dr. something that nobody cares about you conceited piece of shit......Here you are taking up 2 lanes of traf
  • Are you mentally ill?

    This is a bitch to my female cousin:What the fuck is the matter with you? We have been living together for 2 months... I have a boyfriend and we have sex fairly often in my room, and we aren't very discreet about it either! Um... are you listening in
  • Anti-War, more like lets not support the troops.

    What the fuck is up with these anti-war retards that have been going around lately. Congratulations you nut jobs, no one likes war... You are so self absorbed in what other countries are doing over there you don't have a fucking clue what the Canadian
  • The Smoke Nazis Are At It Again

    The talk about banning smoking in apartment buildings makes my fucking blood boil. It is my residence and I will do what the fuck I want, especially to the tune of $850 bucks a month. I am so goddamn sick and tired of you non-smoking cunts dictating my

    You nasty selfish B wanting me to cancel my plans so you can have a day off so you can take your child trick or treating and you take all her candy you fat a$$ed B this is my first day I have had off since June I will now do everything in my power to ge
  • Turn Your Lights Down Low...

    What is with everyone driving with their headlights blaring on high beams? Please leave your lights on the regular setting so I can keep my eyesite intact.
  • If you don't know, don't use it

    I heart those self serve check out thingeys at a certain store that is super. What I hate is when people with huge orders go through them, or people who can't even use a personal comptuter let a computer with a barcode reader and cash machine attached t
  • Security

    To the dick and his ego at that security company. Last night I was probally the oldest person at the T-Pain Concert. You check my bag and throw out my tennis grip. I KNOW it's not a huge deal but when I tried to explain to you what it was you looke
  • WTF, Metro Transit? WTF?

    Yesterday morning my daughter got on the #52 with several other kids on their way to Halifax West High School. After all the kids got on, the bus driver apparently decided the bus was too full. "You guys have to get off." He said to the last few kids.
  • ummmmmm

    Where the hell are the oct 23 bitches? It's after 6 pm and no new bitches! You can't tell me no one posted ANYTHING today! I know I did and it's STILL not up yet! Someone dropped the ball...
  • Turn it down!

    To all of you obnoxious kids on the bus:I am sick and tired of hearing your gangsta-rap bullshit coming out of your headphones, your cellphones, and your other annoying audio devices. Don't pretend like I can't hear you. It's annoying, and it has got t
  • Leny and your arm

    WOW - What a great concert Lenny K put on. Would have been even better if you had left your fucking arm out of my face for more than a minute. Ya, you in Sec 21, seat 13. FUCK! Everyone was laughing at you. Did you not grab a clue when I hit you sev
  • Make-up Metro Transit!

    I wrote a letter to Metro Transit on September 24th, 2008 at 10:22 am and a month afterwards, have not receive any response, other than confirmation that my letter was received. The situation described in my letter has not improved and the fact that the
  • none

    why must people insist on putting their napkins, gum wrappers, sugar packets and sometimes strangly weird things into a still half full cup of coffee?, yes it makes less mess on the table but anyone would much rather have to clean the table than to dig y
  • Pet Peeve

    Can someone please tell me why some people feel it nessecary to practically lean up against the person ahead of them in the checkout line? Listen, we're all waiting in the same lineup. It isn't going to move along any faster if you stand on top of me, an
  • the dollar drinks

    the city of hrm and the province say $1 drinks bring more crime and drunkiness to the downtown.well either find a way to impose some kind of bar tax to go toward paying for more police charged to all liquire places only like $1500.00/month to stop those
  • Psst Bitch

    To whom wrote 'Duffy' the in the psst this week. OBVIOUSLY, you are not as over this person as you say you are. Otherwise you wouldn't have to write in The Coast to rub it in their face. There's a saying, "The best revenge is living a good life" no where
  • To Pretentious Hairstylists

    Stop acting like you have no knowledge of hair products sold at the drugstore. I know you're probably making commission off what you're selling, but would it be too much to ask of you to pick up on my non-verbal cues that this is irritating. I'm not spen
  • shed whore..

    i Hate trailer trash fucking shed whore, GO fuck yourself
  • Backwards City

    Ok, let me get this straight: City Council voted against a guy from developing his property on Lower Water St, probably a sizeable financial expenditure on his part and at the same time the city and the province are looking to spend public money on a new
  • To the Stoners at the Lenny Kravitz concert

    Nothing against pot. Smoke it if you want too, I couldn't give a fuck. BUT SMOKE IT THE HELL OUTSIDE! You were fucking choking everyone on the stench in section 17 at the concert!! How inconsiderate was that? And yes I fucking waved the cops over--you th
  • Speeders

    To the many morons who speed past my child's stopped schoolbus on the Bedford Highway EVERYDAY, can you not see the the huge yellow bus parked in front of you? Can you not see the flashing red lights? Or the stop sign? Or the line of five year olds pouri
  • grr, my bitch isn't showing

    this is annoying, I can't submit my bitch.. where did it go? I even signed up for an account and everythingWith my luck this one will probably show.. great.
  • Spare us your banter

    This one goes out to the two obnoxious twits in Craft & Design History -- I paid my tuition so that I could come to class and listen to the professor talk, not your mindless chattering twice weekly. I showed up over an hour early on the day of the midter
  • Trinity Church gone?

    You have got to be kidding. They tore down that beautiful old church to replace it with what????? F*ck this city is uglier by the minute.
  • Are you happy now?

    I remember when Brian Mulroney negotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement twenty years ago. The Conservatives won an election on the Free Trade platform in 1988. The people had spoken. The anti-free trade camp accused Mulroney of have sold Can
  • to GAIL

    to GAIL who didn't agree with the former nubodys menmber,as a current member i do agree with'em.after consulting with a few trainers in that gym,they do assure me thats its cheaper and better to invest slowly in a home gym since most machines now come wi
  • Bus Etiquette

    I've noticed in the last year or so that if I'm sitting in the "window seat" and need to get off, the person on the "aisle seat" just moves their legs into the aisle. What?! GET UP. It is rude to just move your legs, not to mention you make it difficult
  • No one wants to hear it

    I'm tired of hearing the same old, self woefulness. Everyday I have to hear about how someone elses life is so unfair, and the world is so terrible. Well get over it, everybodys life is miserable at sometime, and most likely there's a more miserable pers
  • new dumbass employee

    Listen, you damn greasy ginge! you suck, period! so quit! you cant get ahold of the work, your old, and WTF is up with your fingernails? you think by your age you would learn to not act like a fucking child! all we want you to do is answer the bloody pho
  • Noise

    So the guy upstairs has the right to do his business...but WTF?! I pay $1000/month for my "sound-proof" apt and listen to him shit and fart as I brush my teeth every morning.
  • bagel bitch

    Every day i go into a certain purveyor of coffee and baked goods (rhymes with 'Dimmies', which adequately describes the staff) and ask for a bagel with cream cheese on both sides of the bagel. for years, this request has been met with blatant eye-rolling

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