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  • Oct 16-22, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 21

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  • No more cops
  • Justice
  • No more cops

    The man hired to study halifax's violence problem outlines a broad agenda of social activism for the city.

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Arts + Culture

  • Film + TV
  • Sex Drive

    This movie has no sense of humour or irony about itself.
  • Gross' war words
  • Film + TV
  • Gross' war words

    After 13 years of filming and financing, Paul Gross' epic Passchendaele finally hits theatres.
  • Nocturne: all work and lots of play
  • Visual Art
  • Nocturne: all work and lots of play

    The first Nocturne: Art at Night festival will transform Halifax into a giant art party. Sue Carter Flinn asked artists from around town for a sneak peek of the fun to come.
  • Nocturne: sight night
  • Visual Art
  • Nocturne: sight night

    With more than 50 free art installations and gallery shows across the city, there are lots of ways to experience Halifax's first Nocturne: art at night festival. Here's one route to travel.
  • Rust and rescue
  • Arts News
  • Rust and rescue

    A year after dedication, the north end library sculpture appeared neglected. Doug Bamford speaks about recent improvements.


  • Land of Lanois
  • Feature
  • Land of Lanois

    Daniel Lanois contemplates life and creativity on his seventh solo album, Here is What is.
  • Pop eyes
  • Feature
  • Pop eyes

    We've got our sights on this year's Halifax Pop Explosion, which kicks off with a boom on Tuesday. Here's a sneak peek at some of the week's early highlights. by Mark Black and Alison Lang

Love the way we bitch

  • (un) Reliable Metro Transit

    What is up with Metro transit's Go Time system? And the schedule, buses are SO rarely on time. Too many times have I made it to the bus stop with 5 minutes to spare and the bus has already gone by. So I have to wait for another 30 minutes. Argh. What's m

    What is it with people who just whisper and refuse to speak up when I ask you to. I have a hearing loss and thats why I asked for you to speak up.
  • Use a leash, duhhhhh!!!

    For the people who think they are too cool to walk their dogs on leashes, especially pitbulls/mastiffs/rotties... Please stop this shit! I know you are intending to be intimidating and threatening looking, but it is really super scary to other dog walker
  • a thankful Nocturne bitch

    I know this isn't a 'bitch' bitch but hey, sometimes there's people who deserve a shout-out.To all the artists and organizers who made Nocturne possible: thanks for the fantastic night! And thanks for proving Harper wrong.
  • Fuck

    Fuck you for being a fucking bitch sometimes. Stop complaining about everything. fuck!
  • Please stay home (or at least away from my gym)

    This is to all the old guys who "workout" at my gym. Please realize that I do not think you are cool because you are old and yet still go to the gym. Please stop your intense, beseeching eye contact with me. I do not want to talk, joke, or flirt with
  • Trash dumpers

    whoever the fuck dumped their 3 bags of recycles that had fucking food in them & 2 bags of ripped open trash bags infront of my house.. first of all who the fuck do you think you are? you have no right to dump your garbage infront of my house cause you d
  • Who doesn't love arsenic?

    Hello Dal smokers, If you're going to suck down toxic chemicals and slowly kill yourselves, kindly do it in an area not on campus. I must be weird or something because I don't really enjoy breathing in the toxic fumes and you blow in my face as I walk
  • To The Dumb Ass on Kline St.

    Thanks to the drunken Idiot that scared the hell out of my wife... trashed my bbq...tossed all the plants off our 3rd floor balcony on Kline street this past Thurs. at 3:00am. Your only reply to "WTF are you doing?" from me was "what's the address here?"
  • My son won't move out

    You'd think after living at home for 2 decades, he'd get a job. I work my butt off all day only to come home and find my son on the internet posting on the coast ads in hopes to boost his self confidence because nobody in the real world thinks he's enter
  • Intersection Woes

    As I approached the yellow light at the intersection where I intended to make a left turn, I looked back over my shoulder. I saw you about 70-80 m behind me. Plenty of time for me to change lanes in order to make my turn. I signaled, and moved careful
  • Dear Asshole

    Someday I'd love to hear about how it feels to be so universally loathed by your coworkers and acquaintances and clients. I'm guessing you have a different theory about your employability that doesn't involve your brother owning the company. I'm guessi
  • Canada has Electoral Dysfunction

    Dear Canada,Quit bitching. Sure, more conservatives in Ottawas is complete bogus but if don't like it, then maybe its time to take a Political science 101 class and realize there other ways of going about democracy. It's called Proportional representati
  • 10 cents saved isn't my incentive

    Taking my travel mug over to Tim Horton's is starting to feel like an empty act of civic responsibility when I ask for a medium and the counter person fills up a medium cup, pours it into my mug, and then DISPOSES of the cup. Do you not get the idea behi
  • He won't move out

    My son won't move out of my apartment. He has no gf, no job and all he does is sit in front of the computer drooling on chatboards posting 30 times a day with lame replies that only he thinks are funny and uses different aliases so it looks like he has a
  • cock rock

    Would it be possible for the radio stations here to stop playing Phil Collins and OZZY every ten seconds?
  • Why.

    I bought a TV recently for $287 without tax. I notice now from looking at the receipt that I was charged an NS "eco-fee," of $25, which is meant to go toward funding gov't electronics disposal depots. Fine. But my question is why did they apply the HST o
  • Overbooked Pop Explosion

    So there are a number of Halifax Pop Explosion shows playing this year at St.Matthews church on Barrington.Lovely place, the acoustics are fantastic..But these shows are being oversold - You cannot see anything from 50% of these seats. (80% of which be
  • Ignorant Thug Bitch

    I have seen a lot of bitches about people wearing too much smelly stuff on the buses. I have allergies but deal with this. They think they smell nice so let them. HOWEVER to the ignorant thug bitch on the bus last night thanks a fucking lot for not just
  • Can someone explain this to me?

    Following up on politics and various arguments, it seems that Harper has offended some people when he said something about the arts profession. If my memory serves me right, the main issue was the funding and that Harper is cutting it, is that true?If
  • honesty is the best policy

    Earlier I was talking to an ex. He says within thirty seconds, "Let's go have sex" and I said "What the hell is the matter with you?" I have hardly talked to him for weeks, and out of the blue he says this. But then he said something which applies to mos
  • Move to the back

    Please people, move to the back of the bus. I always see the bus become crowded at the front as a person in the middle doesn't bother moving back when people get off. He just stands there like a moron as everyone looks back hoping he'll move. I'm goin
  • Dog walkers hogging the sidewalk

    It is super annoying to try to walk/run/jog/exist on the sidewalk when people hog it while walking rambunctious or poorly trained dogs!!! I am sorry, I love dogs, but really...why can't you either hold them back or make room when others are coming toward
  • CAPA makes me sad

    I'm sure there are tons of university students who have felt the dreaded agony from a certain math and science program known as CAPA. You are an annoying, time consuming, useless assignment that does not help further my understanding of physics. You pop
  • J-walkers at Dal

    Hey listen MF's, if you arent at a crosswalk, don't expect me to slow down! This bitch-jest goes out to the dumb POS that jumped out in front of my car last week on university ave at DAL, from behind a parked car, listening to his music on HEADPHONES. I
  • District 2 is now hell

    I just heard Barry Dalrymple beat Krista Snow in District 2. oH JOY. now a childish satan can frolic in fall river and watch the district time forgot fall ever closer to utter despair...or sackville. whichever comes first.
  • I don't let people smoke in my home

    To the woman Smoking at the top of Cornwallis Street Wednesday afternoon (waiting for the Community Cruiser, I'm guessing you work with the project based on your sweater) : Don't smoke in front on my window on a nice day. I can't enjoy fresh air while
  • the Chronicle Herald

    If you read the Herald,you need the Harold
  • sign B.S.

    I just read Dawn Sloane's verbal diahrrea in the paper complaining about everyone putting their signs everywhere. Uh, yeah...ask her about her little adventure in Park Vic when Downey caught her red-handed ripping his pamphlets off. What a scum-dog thing
  • Asshole Driver

    To the asshole driver on Dutch Village Rad yesterday right by the sight of the old halifax high school. You were in a turqouise colored car. WTF??? You couldn't wait for the red light to turn green and all the other cars in front of you to move? You deci
  • You littering bastard

    To the dipshit construction worker who threw that Godforsaken Tim Horton's cup over a fence onto the ground the other day over by the queen st. sobeys...what the fuck do you think you're doing? Decorating the it a sip of your shitty water
  • You in the orange and white dress

    To the woman at Daniel Lanois show on Sat nite: if the music at a show is too loud for you to talk over, consider not trying. Consider that people actually came to soak up a sublime performance, not cause they wanted to listen to you shrieking about your
  • Double Standards

    I told you I wanted an open relationship right from the beginning and you said no... so I only had sex with you, and then you cheated on me a year later and lied to me about it. Then I forgave you, we moved in together and a year later you fucked someone
  • Pumpkin Thief on Williams St

    To the asshole that stole my 5 year olds pumpkins and also my neighbours kids pumpkins:MAY YOU ROT IN HELL! He took 2 trips to the valley to pick those from a pumpkin patch himself and he woke up this morning saw that 2 of them were gone. He wonders why
  • Obama....yes please....

    why, oh why can't we have a candidate with one ounce of the personality that Obama has. Our election is an absolute grim-out for those 20 somethings. We need a leader in Canada with a bit a grit, a bit touch of reality, and someone that can string togeth
  • Blue Bag Collectors

    I really don't mind having sometimes creepy people in my front yard digging through my blue bags for the refundable containers but coming home to an orange sticker on my other blue bag because you combined my non-refundable containers with my cardboard i
  • code red..... blank the mission

    somebody please go and protest the protesters. they are a waste of air . seriously I'm all for free speech but if I was headed in there with my girlfriend and they as much as looked my way those signs would be folded around their faces. I'm all for fr
  • WTF Tattoo ban?

    What the fuck, a friend just told me they were barely let into a club downtown with a oceanic themed name because suddenly, if you have visible ink on hands, necks or forearms, you can't come in(I would LOVE confirmation on this). Fuck it if they're d
  • I Dislike Cowardly People

    to the fucking coward who keyed my truck on maple street last night...DIE DIE DIE. there is no bigger piece of shit than you...very brave to skulk around under cover of darkness. i hope u wake up tomorrow with ebola, on top of a case of necrotizing fa
  • Hobo Junction

    Is it just me or is the hobo population expanding? And not only that, but they're getting pretty fucking rude too, not only do I have to say "no, sorry I don't have any" once a block, but I get fucking attitude! Now they're interupting me when I'm home s
  • It's an Odd One

    My bitch is an odd one as a single woman in her 30's.I have a great dating life and am not looking to settle down with anyone just yet. My bitch is about the men I seem to be attracting or finding. After 3 dates they think they are my signifigant oth
  • Pogue Fado men wearing perfume

    I like to inhale the women at the pogue.Almost all dont wear perfume,its great.So why are the men wearing it?Whats with the ton of axe?If you guys want to be a woman so bad why not just get a sex change?Smelling like a french hooker on a saturday nite te
  • Clubhouse & a coke

    To the two assholes who come into my pub every single day at lunch and order a clubhouse with no tomato, no cheese, no coleslaw and no pickle and a coke...... GO FUCK YOURSELF. You see, I have to tip out which means it actually costs me money to serve y
  • Pssst section

    Is it just me or has the Pssst section gotten either SUPER creepy ("I saw you on the bus and really want to smell your hair") or just plain mean spirited? ("You broke up with me so I got double teamed by your 2 best friends...sorry)For serious people.

    Why does METRO TRANSIT allow strollers on buses? They block the aisles with them and when I ask the mother to move the stroller so I can get by, I am given a dirty look.
  • Seriously

    To the person who messed up my order in the BK Drive Thru: It wasn't bad enough that I drove all the way home, parked my car, went all the way to my third floor apartment before realizing that someone had messed up my, I had to go all the way b
  • bad coffee

    why does coffee from a certain franchise that rhymes with "Jimmie's" have to taste like absolute shit?
  • Wanna Do Something About Transit?

    You complain about transit, but do you know what the other side is like? Maybe you hate your job and want something different. You know you're curious to see exactly what this place is like, or why drivers seem to be early/late. You want to put your m

    I HATE YOU.There I said it.And you stop making me the middle of your drama, you have to learn enough is enough.And you, you're a bitch.
  • nubodys clayton pk

    when after many complants will you tune down the radio.people are in for a work-out not ear pop-out!And one more thing,a healthy gym will refuse to have promos for an un healthy pizza joint sitting in the newspaper rack,maybe this time you'll get it!
  • Listen here you fucking morons

    Death threats ain't going into The Coast. I don't give a shit if it's only a joke or whatever.You fucking morons. Yea OK, the people hitting you up for quarters on the street are the worst fucking thing in your otherwise perfect universe, I get it. But
  • Throw That Anchorman an Anchor

    Steve Murphy you ought to be ashamed of yourself...You are a disgrace to the profession of journalism. You are an embarrassment to the Atlantic Region... Your decision to air the Dion outtakes and the wishy-washy rationale for doing so, only serve to co
  • Economizing on Service

    The Economy Shoeshop has a nice atmosphere, and I respect Victor Syperek as an astute local entrepreneur but the service at the Shoeshop is mindblowingly awful. I recently took an out of town friend there for those famous nachos and some beers and he was

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