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  • Oct 9-15, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 20

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  • Wheaton's world

    With his name attached to some of this year's most popular Atlantic Film Festival shorts, Jeff Wheaton is Halifax's short film king.

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Love the way we bitch

  • the music is too loud

    to every single person who complains about the music being too loud while you are swimming...SHUT UP. by the time you wander in around 8 or 9 for you're lovely morning swim I will have already been at the pool for 3 hours and have another 5 to go...and i
  • The

    This search engine on this site is worse than the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I can consistently never find what I want.
  • Blow your smoke somewhere else!

    It's disgusting to be bathed in you cig smoke while you walk. Not only did it set off my asthma attack which made me late for class but also bathed me in the disgusting scent. Stop and have your cigarette somewhere. Sure your walkig to save time when ru
  • Join the adult world...please

    I am fucking sick to death of the inane, bullshit games you selfish, whiny, immature cunts decide to play. Grow the fuck up, learn how do deal with life as functioning adults rather than dragging things out and being wishy-washy little cockteases. Or ste
  • Sick of cell phones

    This bitch is to the 2 twins that drive for Metro Transit,PLEASE leave your cell phone at HOME. All you 2 do is yak on the phone while driving the bus.
  • cable t.v. washout

    Just wondering what happened to our cable t.v. service. It seems we have a twenty-four shopping channel, a twenty four hour infomercial channel, two music video channles that seem to never have music videos , but have lots of bad movies and reality show
  • attempted murder

    dear crazy chick driving a grey toyota echo Friday morning, ~8:15am at the corner of Maple and Ochterloney Street who hit the gas while I was in the crosswalk:I will be able to recognize your face in the future. I feel I'm pretty lucky for jumping and
  • Scotty-Don't...

    I have no "blood family" left. Not since my divorce. Apparently, the FIRST in my family's history- NOT- but given their reaction you'd think so. And need I say; no "by-marrige-family" left either. I am so mad ' I can barely 1 finger type you A BITCH
  • Stay on the Topic!

    What I find annoying on LTWWB is that in the comments, instead of comments about the original bitch, it's posters having conversations with one another about shit not related to the bitch! I'm sick of seeing a bitch with 20-30 comments, and clicking on i
  • Bikemania

    Okay, i get it. Biking is great. I bike, i don't drive or take the bus even... but don't you think it's a little much to turn a simple mode of transportation into some sort of protest movement. Noone is against bicycles, don't act as if its some artistic
  • Who's ass and what way?

    O.k., I don;t mind if you ARE a little bit in my way if your holding the door open for me (see 'Get your ass outta my way), and some days it DOES seem like everyone is challenging you...but the most baffling behavior is people walking directly at you on
  • not sure what's up

    you seem to be acting so weird lately, and i'm not sure why. maybe it's jealousy or maybe you're going through a weird phase. i hope it's not because of something i said or did, or something i didn't say or do that's pissed you off and has you treating m
  • "Fox" it

    You always give me a dirty look when I buy FOX magazine (the dirtiest porno mag hell YEAAH!), and not share it with you. It gross, man. Buy your own porno. I need a new roommate.
  • Q104 ad with the fat guy is shameful

    Does anyone else think the Q104 ad. on tv is an INSULT to obese people everywhere? It is supposed to be fun I guess.....hurtful....wonder if the guy that did the ad. has any self-esteem??? A buck is a buck....I guess
  • Gas Station not Lotto depot.

    First, the the Bitch at the GAS station the other morning that, after wasting the cashiers time checking your ticket, you then proceed to stand there and chit chat about some new lottery game and blah blah blah. Now normally with 2 cashiers an
  • Why do some women appear to be afraid of men?

    Why do some women appear to be afraid of men? I have had women refuse to get on an elevator with me! Do I smell? (checks 'pit...nope clean)....Did I leer at them??? Wtf is it with them anyway??? Some seem to have an outright fear of us and I just can't f
  • Website Snafu

    A graphic is hiding the intro to the online version of "The brawl for city hall article."It should be easy to fix, but it's unbecoming.
  • TransGlobe No Heat (Broken Boiler) 2006-07

    I had lived in the Ocean Towers (TRANSGLOBE) on Brunswick St. in Halifax N.S. from 2004-2007. I moved out in the spring of 2007 when I finished school. I had numerous problems with my apartment, from bed bugs, mice, poor maintenance, rents rising with no
  • Distribution of issues

    The Coast needs to better stock the box outside the Killam instead of the one inside. Seriously. Do they think I have time to go into the library as I rush between classes on Friday morning?
  • Message to the People

    To all new students. Do NOT rent from Trans Globe.3 years in court with them, 34 ant infestations, approx 92 hours on the phone, 4 rent hikes, 1 counter sue and deteriorating health.Get out while you can.
  • to who ever broke my car mirror on Sunday night

    fuck you your drunk piece of shit. If I ever find out who you are I will take my broken mirror and cut your balls off with it so you cant contaminate the gene pool with your stupidity.I cant understand why anyone would get a kick out of vandalizing som
  • Grow. Up.

    You know, I used to like you, but I can't really recall why right now. How DARE you tell me that while I'VE spent 2 years since graduating fromt he same program you JUST FINISHED working that you've 'worked too hard and achieved too much' to take one o
  • WTF - up yours family practice.

    I have been so pleased with my family doctor. She was one of those rare ones who ACTUALLY CARED about me and gave me the best service I can ever remember receiving, and I might add, respecting my decisions for alternative methods of healing and she neve
  • To vote or not to vote

    According to the EC website, in order to vote I simply need to provide my government issued photo ID. Off I go to my local voting station, license in tow. I register to vote, as I'm new to the city and was not on "the list". Once registered I'm on my
  • A nice rant

    While I do enjoy reading the slightly controverssial bitches that come in, I wanted to submit one with a different tone. A thank-you bitch to my cousin and her husband. These are two of the most amazing people - not just because I am related to them! Th
  • Bus Buddies

    Transit Drivers: leave your friends at home! I absolutely hate having to sit behind you and wait for you and your friend/spouse to stop talking, so that I can ask you a question. They stand there, blocking the front exit and just yack the whole way. I'
  • american idle

    I live in a building just across the street from the Metro Centre. Kerri Underwood's tour bus has been parked and idling since 8:00am. It's now 4:30pm and it's still sitting there idling away. As if a visit from another plastic formulated star wasn't
  • Rude Stuck-up Bitch

    To my former friend whom I'd TRIED to get back in touch with on Facebook:Hey, remember me? We used to be friends a couple of years ago, we lost touch (but not on bad terms), but then I found you on Facebook and added you. You confirmed me immediately.
  • Fun on the #1

    Thank you. You put up with some really stupid shit from that moron who blocked your way on Mumford road.For the Moron who ran across traffic to hold up a bus and bitch about a transfer. Thanks for the laugh, that's what everyone on that bus thought of
  • Horses Downtown – It’s Not The 1800’s

    To the Halifax tour company that uses two overworked horses to pull fat tourists around the downtown core – hurry the fuck up! Traffic downtown is slow enough as it is, we don’t need your overgrown carriage lumbering down a main artery at 20km/hr. I’m si
  • Relationships

    What is it with people? Why is it so hard for some people to understand something that you want in a relationship. If you need to be alone for a while to get your life back together shouldn't your partner support you?
  • triple bitch

    1) Okay, thanks Ted Larsen for basically writing of the crowd within 10 minutes of the debate @ Dal. Pompus lil' punk, you can see in your pamphlet that your 5'4" head is piss-poor photoshopped onto someone else's 6'5" foot ass. Can't you people be hones
  • Pick that shit up

    I'd like to issue a formal "Fuck You" to the asshole who let their dog take a dump on South Bland St. If you don't have a baggie, don't walk your damn dog on my street. That goes for the rest of you douchebags with dogs who won't stoop & scoop, too.
  • Sorry sorry

    any apology that is followed by a "but" is not an apology.
  • Red Lip Stick

    Ladies red lip stick is not recommended for everyone unless your Gwen Stephanie you shouldnt be wearing it. The reason for this is because it looks bad!
  • THE Shit House

    To those asshole doormen at the "unnamed nightclub at the bottom of Citadel Hill that rhymes with" Male Mouse",asking me for identification: you are the very definition of a "douche". I'm pretty sure that half the people that go into that fucking dump ar
  • Cooking with cheese

    Damn its hard to move out of my moms apartment and get a job because she keeps cooking with cheese and i'll miss her cooking too much. I guess it doesn't help that i post on the coast ads 24 hours a day with lame repetitive replies that are only funny to
  • biased election coverage

    I personally just LOVE how our indy media (read: The Coast), loves to root for the underdog. Except they dont seem to root for THE underdog.Case and point: the omission of Tony Seed from the eco-candidates article. He is also running, and he is far from
  • Web site whoring

    Dude, I let you whore your shitty web site here once, but that's it, OK? Stop trying to post the same thing every day-- it ain't going in.
  • I really can't think of anything for a title

    I have a real problem with flamboyant gays. Not because they are gay, but because of how they choose to express it. Please don't get on the bus with your fake boobs on, mini skirt, thong showing, tube top on, 2 day stubble, stumbling in your high heels.
  • Where are all the bitches?

    Come on everyone, I want to see some good bitchin' here. I have noticed that not only the quantity has gone down, but so has the quality. Kudos to the girl with the stinky hairy box bitch though, that shit made me smile for a couple of days, wether it wa
  • i do not care.

    to my two idiot "friends"you guys are so annoying. i am disappointed in myself because of the fact that i have wasted so much time and energy on you two dumb fucks over the course of the last year. i have spent hour upon hour listening to you drag on a
  • Fuck, men can be PIGS!

    Here's how it all started: I met this guy thru this online dating site, we went on a couple of dates. We got along great. Eventually, we had sex. It was NOT very good at all. But I took it as him having an 'off' night, maybe he was just nervous, you know
  • butta

    You're nothing 'butta' moron.
  • Shove it up your ass

    Thanks to the person who had the nerve to steal my store's sign last weekend. I hope you are proud of yourself for really helping out a local small business. You are an idiot and I hope someone steals $120 from you.
  • To Severly Abuse and not Protect.

    I was driving with my girlfriend over the weekend, going back to the city from Tantallon. Halfway between Sobeys and Superstore towards the end of Hammonds plains road, there was a police check with 3 morons checking license plates and inspection.One wa
  • bully boss wasting your tax dollars

    My boss schedules all us full-time hospital employees to work all the holidays. Won't mention the name for fear of further punishment. This means that we get time and a half or doubletime plus a day off with pay. Can't complain if you want the money, how
  • Bad postering tactics

    I am a musician passing through town and went to your lovely market on Saturday. There were two women postering, the younger was putting up posters for the Symphony among other things, I watched her look for spots and take down stuff that was done. Then
  • This should be common sense by now.

    At one time, it may well have been considered 'honourable' to drag your sorry, coughing, sneezing, wheezing sick ass into work. This is no longer the case. You will not be commended for your perseverence. You are not a martyr. You are selfish and irrespo


  • MacGregor goes down
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  • MacGregor goes down

    Thurston Moore collaborator Andrew MacGregor lives quietly in Nova Scotia. The experiemental guitarist is playing a Halifax show.

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  • The brawl for city hall
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  • The brawl for city hall

    Peter Kelly wants to keep his job as Halifax's mayor. Sheila Fougere wants to replace him. Both give a handful of policy reasons why you should vote for one over the other, but really it all comes down to a matter of vision.
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  • Tom surfs and protects
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  • Tom surfs and protects

    Nova Scotian beaches are increasingly locked off to the public. One of the world's best known surfers wants to do something about it.

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