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  • Oct 2-8, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 19

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  • All chewed up
  • Canada
  • All chewed up

    Did Peter MacKay look a little unprotected in his debate against Elizabeth May last night?
  • Peninsular Politics
  • City
  • Peninsular Politics

    Development and transportation dominate three council races in urban Halifax districts 11, 13 and 14.
  • Savage Love

    Dan Savage says pay up or shut up, Cake Fart Fetishist.
  • Debate debacles
  • Editorial
  • Debate debacles

    Kimber watches the Presidential debates with a bunch of Harvard wonks and thinks Canadians need to take their politics a little more seriously.

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  • Lagwagon
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  • Lagwagon

    I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon

Love the way we bitch

  • Elton - the good, the bad

    Saw the show Friday night and loved it! The GoodHe hasn't lost any of his amazing piano chops, though he had the audience fill in some of the high vocal runs.He played for almost three hours - definitely got my moneys worth.The BadStanding up
  • Nonsence Revolution

    It was, apparently, in the film festival. Me and my friends were the extras in the rave scene and we want to see the freakin' movie, but haven't heard anything about it other then was I previously stated.I've looked, and looked, and looked...I want to b
  • pace cars

    pace cars be FUCKED... the only people allowed to police me are THE POLICE! I'll pass your slow ass if I decide you're HOLDING UP TRAFFIC. And if I can't pass you, you'll never hear the end of my horn for as long as I'm behind you. Hopefully the level o
  • tasers

    ban tasers, 'nuff said.
  • Pissing on houses

    To the stupid asshole with a mohawk who pissed on the brick house on the corner of Portland and Brunswick on Sept. 10th- Just for your information, I have seen bigger cocks. Thanks.
  • At the Bus Stop

    Outside the shelter: several people enjoying cigarettes. Inside the shelter: several people wearing enough perfume to choke a horse. Not sure which is worse. I guess I hate them all equally. Of course the diesel exhaust stinks too, but somehow not
  • Tip Or I Take It

    If you insist on remaining in the establishment for my entire shift jamming money in VLT machines, winning & buying rounds of drinks- never tipping, ordering free glasses of tap water every 15 minutes, winning $999.95 a ticket and taking even the last 5

    What, why?Why is it more important to play Wow or any other mmorpg than to live a normal every day existence. Why are so many smart individuals wasting their lives in front of a computer. Losing jobs, relationships, friendships....
  • Fucking immature bitches

    Yeah, so I'm on the bus after a busy shift, I sit in front of this bitch with a fuckin attitude. And she says out loud "This one's stinkin'. Smellin' like spaghetti!' I came out from working in a kitchen for 6 hours! Yah, even though I normally smell goo
  • Little litter is STILL litter

    Can one of you smokers please explain to me why you have to flick your butts on the ground? I know, I know, there are no ashtrays. But you know what? If I am walking along enjoying a snack or treat of some sort, and there is no garbage can right there
  • Gotta Love an Election

    To the jerk who went down my entire street and ripped out all of the NDP lawn signs (including mine): Could you BE are more childish? Or maybe a better question is based on bitterness. Bitter that the NDP has a lock on this riding and always will have, h
  • Every Palace has it's Royal Meathead

    I get that any job near the door of any palatial hip-hop show is probably one of the most challenging jobs on earth. But to the 5 doormen and seven cops who jumped all over one fellow who commented on the search he was submitting himself to.... do you th
  • C*#ed out dudes!

    To the obnoxious collared shirts partying onstage at Steve Aoki: the only thing you have in common with this guy is that you're both filthy rich. If you're not there to dance, don't get up on the stage and start texting your friends. Better yet, go back
  • Amazing

    Awesome. Reading the last few posts, I'm lead to believe that 5 years old kids. " he he I said "little cock"". Are you serious?!.. "tee hee, he said "eat out"". Can you get anymore immature.A Physics teacher, not a prof, at a university? what are you i
  • Yeah, thats right, I'm riding up the centre white lane.

    Yep, thats me. Rather than 'ride curbside' there I am going up between dozens of cars standing perfectly still.Why, you might ask? And of course you might also wonder, isn't that illegal?a) The curbside is hugged by cars, they'd rather rub a tire on
  • Ignorance Is NOT A Job...

    Here's a bitch that might strike a chord...Metro Transit can burn in hell. I have been on so many buses where the driver just goes right past someone. It has happened to me before, but it doesn't piss me off as much as a driver speeding right past an e
  • Politics

    I am so sick of all the politics on tv, for god sake get it over with. then of course they will bitch about for months after so there's no getting away from it
  • Slumlord for president

    Why the fuck did my landlord who is running for the conservative party in my district just slap a campaign sign on the front yard of a house we are renting without even asking. He also did it to every property he owns. I see typical student dwellings, sl
  • List o ' Bitches

    Here is a list of things that have pissed me off this week: 1 - people who dont say thank you or look you in the eye and nod when you do them the courtesy of holding a door open for them2 - recently put in a wheelchair to leave the hospital due to a ba
  • Babybook

    So I realize I’m at an age where many of my friends and peers are having children. I love kids, and can’t wait to have them someday. However, what really pisses me off is these bright, intelligent women who have completely lost their sense of self just
  • Pissed about my job!

    I'm a chef and I'm getting fucking pissed off to the point I'm about to rip the nuts off the fucking people who the owner hires. They have not a clue about food and the safety of it. Everything is going to complete shit around here and I'm about to fucki
  • Elevator etiquette

    Here is a quick rundown of elevator etiquette for those who obviously don't know:1. Wait for the people to get off before getting on. Also, do not look annoyed when people are getting off while you stand in their way.2. If you are the person farthest
  • Eyes on The Herald

    The Chronicle Herald needs someone to keep an eye on them! Harold is that someone.
  • Can't a busker earn a living here?

    At 7 pm on a weekday, on the grassy knoll just across from the Spring Garden Starbucks, a young man was busking. He was playing Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night on his guitar, and he was playing it well. As we got closer we noticed two cops go up
  • Sean Flinn

    Hey Sean Your Review Of Garrett Mason's new cd was expected (because of the total lack of support that the coast has shown Garrett's career) But also shown how grossly uninformed you are ... Pink Flamingo's sounds nothing like anything Stevie ray ever
  • Good night...sleep tight

    You dirty fuckers...not only for giving us BED BUGS, but also for DENYING it. We moved from your dirty apartment building into a brand new home we've been saving almost 10 years to buy. Now we've thrown out 90% of our furniture and our first home will
  • butting into lineups

    To the two women who butted into the lineup on Friday night in front of many others who were waiting to see Naomi Klein at Dal - you have a lot of nerve. Imagine getting out og a car and cutting into a lineup to join your friend, when about 60 people are
  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    To the fucker putting up posters of some benefit show on Quinpool, I but only nicely asked you to stop putting your posters over mine and yet you still proceeded to staple a 5th poster on the same pole over mine. Where do you think you are, Toronto? Ther
  • Hey Dumb Fuck!

    You sit in class everyday and complain that the world is unfair to you.You have to comment on everything, yet you don't know shit about anything.I guess the best way to put it is "You're a fucking idiot"
  • Bums

    No, you can't have my spare change. And fuck no, you can't have my left overs.What makes you think I'm going to give you the money I work hard to get? After I pay rent and bills, I barely have enough money to buy myself groceries, let alone give you mo
  • ashamed

    For the last few days as I've walked by the VG on South Park st there have been a 1/2 dozen pro life protesters standing out outside the parking lot entrance praying and holding signs. It makes me so angry that they think that its okay and so moral to h
  • Rubuttal! Water Wasters

    Take a look at the name of the hotel next time you see someone spraying water to eliminate every leaf, butt and trash on the sidewalk. I think you'll find it is the Marriott Residence Inn - not The Prince George!
  • Win Cancer!

    What's up with a halifax radio station offering unlimited tanning for 2 months as a "fabulous prize"? Winning an all-inclusive vacation... COOL! Winning a trip to a local spa... Awesome! Winning a 55 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma..
  • Chebucto Road

    I'm fairly certain that no one has mentioned the cruelty that the homeowners of Chebucto Road are experiencing in watching their front yards get removed so that HRM can not only encourage MORE vehicles to be on the road, but also build a MERIDIAN in the
  • Economy my ass, nothing but a cover-up

    So the Economy is crashing. I don't think it is, I just think it's going back to what it should be, less than a $1 a liter of gas, Affordable home heating oil, affordable utilities, affordable living expenses.Why you might ask it's a cover-up? Well so
  • Shameless Politicking

    So, during the holiest season of the year, I return home to find a card in my mail wishing me a happy new year from one of the candidates running in the Federal election. I'm still processing the gesture, but it strikes me as shameless politicking and I
  • Stung by an unthoughtful bee.

    We know you stole a microphone from Tribeca several months ago. Now we hear that you tried to steal a microphone from The Seahorse a few nights ago. It somehow ended up in your purse by accident? Sure it did. May you never sing again, and believe me
  • Get your ass outa my way, door-fucking-holder.

    Real simple - If you're standing in the doorway holding it open, You're in my fucking way !! while you "pass it along" . Get outa the fucking way . . . if I had a cane, I'd use it on you !! - not Thank you for blocking my life. You're like the dumbfu
  • Serving does not imply stupidity

    Hey all of you Haligonians who eat out:After explaining something stupid to your server, don't be surprised if he or she pauses before responding or asks you to repeat what you said. He or she is not pausing or wishing to hear your stupid words again b
  • Don't See Blindness

    To who made the film 'Blindness' and the braindead organizers who opened this years' Atlantic Film Festival with this piece of shit film, wake up! Women and men who love women do not want to see eight woman gang raped. Repeatedly. Would the filmmakers
  • u bitch & U BITCH & U BITCH ABOUT SHIT

    THIS! is what matters, SOY plantations chokin the rainforest!!, PALM TREES extintin our ORANUTAN brothers!!, SHRIMP farms & LOGGERS gettin rich off the near EXTINCTION of the BOREAL!!, that's what real!!, but ur 2 busy working & paying WAY 2 HIGH TAXES
  • Put some pants on!

    For those of you who don't seem to understand....TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS! I hope you freeze your asses off in two months when its -40.
  • A Green Light Doesn't Always Mean Go!

    Why do people think that when the have a green light that they can go?? Take a look ahead of you - is there room for your vehicle? Will you be stuck sitting there when the lights change, leaving you to sit there and block traffic for those who have a g

    I have to agree with Bonnie on the bedbug issue and the rotten stinky fucking people in this city. WASH.

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