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  • Sep 11-17, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 16

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  • Savage Love
  • Dan Savage

    Dan Savage says Bristol Palin can choose whatever her mom tells her to.

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Arts + Culture

  • Ann Verrall's angel
  • Film + TV
  • Ann Verrall's angel

    Ann Verrall’s first feature film, Nonsense Revolution, is about a teenager who returns as an angel after being killed in a car accident.
  • The Scavengers
  • Film + TV
  • The Scavengers

    In Cory Bowles’ short film The Scavengers, three boys discover a washed-up mermaid. Artist Anne Pickard created the washed-up beast.
  • Blindness
  • Film + TV
  • Blindness

    Blindness opens the Atlantic Film Festival. It depicts the brutal restructuring of society after an unexplained epidemic takes away the sight of its nameless citizens.
  • Facing the music
  • Film + TV
  • Facing the music

    Long-retired songwriter Dennis Lambert discovers he’s a star in the Philippines. His son Jody documents the hit-maker’s South Asian comeback in Of All The Things.
  • Bruce LaBruce's gay zombie heaven
  • Film + TV
  • Bruce LaBruce's gay zombie heaven

    Cult filmmaker Bruce LaBruce's "melancholy" gay zombie film, Otto, or, Up with Dead People, tackles consumer politics and generational identity. And there's plenty of zombie sex, too.
  • Film + TV
  • Stray Thoughts

    Back from the Red Carpet Gala; home in my jammies; time to decompress...
  • Cubers' rubrick
  • Film + TV
  • Cubers' rubrick

    A new documentary, Cubers, puts the spotlight on Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts and their quick finger work.


Love the way we bitch

  • We love to hate our students

    I can't be the ONLY one who's noticed what a bad rap students seem to get. I'll admit, there are a more than a fair number of fuckheads and vapid sluts among their numbers, but not every student is a stumbling, binge drinking bag of puke on legs. They're
  • learn the f*cking rules!

    hey you, yeah you, the douche who kept honking his horn at me and then continued to cuss at me profusely when I, on my bike, happened to be in the left-turning lane on the oxford-coburg intersection. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. what, do you expect
  • Useless Cops

    To the cop who told me to "Go to the library and look it up" when I asked him to explain section 87 (1) of the Liquor Control Act when I was handed a fine for public intoxication: Why don't you go look up a treadmill, you fat, useless fuck. Seriously tho
  • Thanks DAL for encouraging me not to be green

    On a recent visit to Dalhousie Campus, I parked my motorcycle near metered parking, four inches from the curb on a non roadway, non foot path, area of wasted pavement. I was impeding no passage, nor was I blocking in any other vehicles. I return five m
  • You're not fucking funny.

    To the group of immature losers at a certain Thursday night trivia contest: just because you are desperate for attention and your parents didn't love you enough, doesn't give you the right to make fun of the 9/11 attacks ON 9/11. I am all for freedom of
  • willow tree heart attack

    Did I ask you to wash my windshield? Did I make some kind of signal? No I did not. I never caught your eye, never beckoned you over, nothing. Why? Because I could not see you. I could not see you until you slammed your squeegee onto my driver side window
  • It's a sidewalk, not a track

    Dear group of 50+ Dalhousie athletes who ran on the sidewalk of South Street on Monday night: my face still hurts from when no less than three of you smacked directly into me. Your coaches should look into more appropriate routes when running in such a
  • Rossmoor Manor Puke

    To whom ever puked in the alleyway to Rossmoor manor, thanks for puking on ALL the stuff people left there from moving in the other day. It may have been garbage (not mine) but I was going to move anyway because it makes everyone who lives there look lik
  • Slick Stevie

    Yo Adams!Where's the fireproof wall you promised or are we to believe that all politicians are just full of expensive gas?
  • Speed Kills!!!

    Dude, STOP driving down Herring Cove road the way you are every day on your motorcycle like a ruptured duck!!! Im tired of your noise !!!Next time you do this it will be recorded and uploaded to u tube for the whole world to see how you plan on getting
  • Can i pick my own canadidate please...

    Dear Coast, It appears that your Steve Kinber and your other clowns writing the articles have your minds made up as to who we should elect. Can you try fucking off about who you would like and try to post shit about ALL parties and try to be somewhat
  • "Everyone in Halifax is a cheap skank"...

    I wonder why not many people give to panhandlers! I walked down the road where this same homeless guy hangs out, begging, this evening. He's always in the same spot, and I've walked past him a few times without giving him anything because I had no chang

  • Peace Officer? Peace of S%!T

    I am SO glad that we have so many great police officers in the city of Halifax. It just makes me feel so safe knowing that the cops are out there catching the REAL criminals! Like... jaywalkers, stoners, speeders... I cant wait till the next time an offi
  • I already paid enough

    Screw you, Windows. I shouldn't have to pay more money to get specific tech support just because Vista is so freaking finicky. If anyone can tell me why not a single PDF file works even though I have AcroReader9, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Bus Bump

    To the girl on the Spring Garden #1 this morning that got bumped by my ample hips as I tried to squeeze by. I want to apologize, I was trying to move to the back of the bus and I said excuse me, but I'm not sure you heard me. I also said sorry as I rea
  • get a job

    To the gangster-esque want to be thugs who come into my mall store numerous times a week to attempt to steal hats, ALL OF OUR HATS NOW HAVE ALARM TAGS!! Your pathetic attempt to look casual while scooping out the staff even caused alarm in my brand new s
  • Acadamy Brats

    To those acadamy brats learb to clean up after your guys and and learn the fucking word thank you. and the same for those swim team bastards and bitches learn some fucking manors when you have practice at the SSS you guys reallllly burn my ass.
  • Not giving it away!

    So I'm trying to sell my car. should be easy right? It's only a couple of years old, great condition, not to many kms on it....WRONG!!I posted it on Kijiji. I posted it on Facebook. I even posted it on freaking dalhousie by and sell on the off cahnce s
  • Black Crown Vic on Harvard

    Your are the biggest jerk off driver I ever saw. So buddy on his bicycle was infront of you and it was not busy or anything and he was over to the side like he was suppose to and you start honking your horn and screaming obcenities then you go around him
  • pedestrians are people too

    To the guy who almost ran me down on the cross walk yesterday, thanks. I really enjoy almost being killed when i have a green light to cross the street. Two steps more and i would probably be dead. You know that ad on tv that goes "need an eye exam?" tha
  • calm down old ladies!

    Ok so I randomly went to play bingo with some friends and we were having a good time and quietly laughing and talking, I noticed a couple of old ladies were giving us dirty looks. Then one of them turned around and said "Shut up, girls!" . Not only that
  • political blowhards at movie premiers

    I have to say I slunk in my seat embarrassed when Bill Dooks took the time to be disinterest and loud at the same time in public at the opening of the Atlantic Film Festival. The appropriate thing to do at an event full of people crazy about the arts is
  • To much of one thing

    Why the hell are people so ignorant? the other day while I was working an older women approached me complaining there was too much milk in a jug than later complained there was to many garbage bags in one box and that she only needed a little bit of each
  • short leash now.........

    Congratulations to bubbles.on your Engagement ....... your on a short leash now i just wished it was me,,,,,,,,,

    When I'm slowing down on a 50 km road to turn into my fucking driveway, I don't expect the idiot in the car behind me to throw up their hands in frustration and start screaming at me. I swear to God if you ever do this to me again, I will not only chase
  • "What goes up must come down, or does it?"

    Dear Exhaulted Seeker of the Truth and Exposer of all that is Filth,Go to http://www. retail_price_chart.aspx (see attached figures) and add oil prices to the chart. Compare the one month and six month view.For the past two wee
  • Same Sh*T diffrent day

    why is it that I can come in on time everyday to my job and my co workers come most of the time at least 30 minutes late but when I need to leave 15 minutes early I'm the one being told that I need to make sure i'm here during the working hours. While th
  • The 10 Commandments (or they should be) of riding the bus

    Thou shalt not bunch at the front of thy bus when thy bus is overcrowdeth.Thou shalt give up thine seat if thou art a young/healthy person to those who needeth the seat such as the elderly and the infirm.Thou shalt bathe/if thou has not bathed thou s
  • Use your Common Sense!

    The park next to Inglis St. Elementry is NOT a dog park. You are NOT aloud to bring your dog there. It is fucking moronic to bring you dog there during lunch hour and let it off it's leash. There are about a hundred kids there! Point Pleasent is five min
  • My Opinion On Biking

    I am sick of hearing or reading peoples bitches about cyclists on the road. You don't want us to bike on the road and you don't want us on the sidewalk either , doesn't leave many options does it? You know what, I say go to hell to anyone who has any com
  • No More Friendly Service

    Do you honestly believe that getting your ugly ass boyfriend to intimidate you into giving you free must feel proud to have a man try to intimidate a woman hunh....BITCH....since I'm here venting here's another one - if a organization has rul
  • Wine by the glass/er was that half a bottle

    What happened to half litres of reasonably priced reasonably good wines? Do I have to buy a 9 dollar plus glass with a seven dollar starter?Check it out-restaurants start their-rather small-glasses of vino tinto at 8.50 and go way up to 12. or more. Th
  • Todays Economy

    You wanna see how our government is so great?Today, oil is being sold at less than $100 a barrel. Where's the government that's supposed to step in and regulate the gas prices. the governnment used the oil prices to jack up the gas, and now they're say
  • zip it

    miracle whip is not mayonnaise. if i wanted whipped dressing, i'd ask for it.
  • Lost my appetite

    As a hospital worker I am so sick of seeing the huge whales that come in and are going for knee replacements and other orthotic replacement! WTF?! You get another knee to have grinded away by your enormous size, that will cost taxpayers $30 000?! If not
  • "Road crew" on Lacewood Dr

    I was driving my pals to work this morning, through Bayer's Lake, Lacewood Dr and then to Bedford. There were NO road work signs ANYWHERE coming from Chainlake Dr to Fairfax. But then when I get to the intersection at Lacewood and Fairfax, lo and behold,
  • Fast food joints

    Am I the only one that gets ticker off by that place with the "golden archers"? I worked at a fast food place in my younger years, and although it's not quite as easy as some people think, it's not rocket science either. Even when they “ring it in” corr
  • All Ages Shows

    I've been realizing lately that a lot of the good bands that play in Halifax only play 19+ shows, which is total bullshit. I'm not nineteen so my only option is to break the law to see my favourite bands play. Now, I don't have a huge problem with that a
  • Nice job getting Lucy fired.

    Maybe next time your reporter might think about how what she is writing is going to affect the person she's writing about. Lucy is amazing. The piece on her was terrible. I heard That Frank magazine is hiring, maybe Holly Gordon wants to apply.
  • Who pissed in your cereals?

    To the librarian working at the Kellogg library, learn how to be fuckin' respectful of other people and get over the fact that people might ask you questions once in a while. Isn't it your job to help people? You are useless at what you do and treated m
  • Quitting means I'm done

    dear company:I quit. a week and a half ago. I gave my notice, it was pleasant and breezy, you wished me luck, no hard feelings.but oh wait what's this? suddenly, you want me to stay LONGER than when I said I was done? oh and you want me available aft
  • kinda... bland...

    why is it that in large bags of chips there seems to be less ketchup flavoring then in a small bag?.. i want flavor people!!!
  • Frustrating Frosh

    I'm a 5th year university student here in Halifax and normally I'm loving September - back to school, seeing old friends, great parties, etc, etc. However, this year I find I'm just pissed and frustrated- specifically at frosh. Who do these barely adult,
  • Everything

    Grammar/WordsIgnorant=lacking in knowledgeIt's= it isIts = the poessessive form of itPoliticsHarper= Not dictatorStalin= DictatorSchools Cell phones= not in them pleaseTeachers= Hell of a jobPrice of gasLow= Last yearMedium= This yearHigh
  • Cheap Customers!

    To the table of four I served the other night:I was friendly, I refilled your drinks, I checked up on how you were doing while you were eating, I got you extra napkins, I gave a sincere apology when I told you we had no nachos and suggested many other
  • Oxford St. car thief

    To you my dear sweet criminal. I hope you fucking choke on all the cd's and money and whatever else you got.. not to mention the half pack of gum. I heard you in my half sleep, but now I'm ready.. come on fucker try it again. Cameras.. on! Bad Karm
  • To the Fuckwad who stole the plate off my car

    Your fucking time on the road is coming to an end, Asshole! The cops are looking for you, and if I were you, I'd be very afraid! I hope they throw the book at you and put you in fucking jail where you belong! You are a totally worthless piece of shit!
  • Our children today

    So, I'm sitting on the 68 on the way home from a grueling night shift, and these two kids behind me are talking loudly with every third word being a vulgarity. "This f***ing guy was f***ing with my girl and so I f***ed his ass up" etc. The last thing I n
  • So No One Can Dance in Halifax?

    Currently watching the joke of an audition episode featuring 1 1/2 hours for Vancouver and a pathetic 1/2 hour for Halifax, and I can't help but wonder: WHERE ARE ALL OF THE TALENTED DANCERS THAT (I KNOW) HALIFAX HAS?
  • You lost my business!

    Okay, so the other night, I realized I was out of toilet paper. I don't live walking distance to any place that sells toilet paper, and it was too late, buses stopped running. I was hungry, and I ordered pizza for delivery. Then I had this idea: Buy a
  • 40 y.o virgin

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the 40 year old birthday boy at a certain large drinking establishement, for turning me off to going out and having fun with my friends... forever. This being the last of several encounters with o
  • Cycling is impossible....

    So last night, I'm out for a ride on my bike, going down the hill towards Sobeys when some kid decides to cross the street. He looks right at me, and appears to be ready to stop in the middle of the street so I can go by, but instead continues on because
  • Pissed at the SPCA

    My boyfriend and I just bought a house, we had always lived in an apartment and already have two cats. We finally had the space for a dog. We've got a huge yard, and very close to parks. We don't want a fucking puppy, we wanted a dog. Short story, we fin
  • thanks ever so much

    thanks oh coworker, for filling the very small office with the long lasting tang of your fishy lunch. just what I wanted wafting around, the pungent aroma of salmon or whatever-the-fuck you just microwaved. our office is small and open concept; have some
  • Cyclists & 4 Way Stops

    Here's a big FUCK YOU to the guy who almost ran into my car this morning (8am Sept. 11) at the intersection of Queen and Morris. It's a 4 way fucking stop asshole! That means you STOP, the other vehicles go and then you proceed. Just because you are o
  • Don't be a sheep

    Sometimes trendy can be a good thing, but sometimes people fall victim to stupid trends that annoy the shit out of me. One such trend is the too-big-for-my-face sunglasses. I remember wearing these in a play when I was a kid, and all of a sudden they are

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