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  • Sep 4-10, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 15

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  • Bitter Sweet Basil
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  • Bitter Sweet Basil

    A landmark Halifax restaurant closes its doors as a victim to the latest downtown development proposal.
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  • Savage Love

    Dan says love the one you're with...and others, if needed.
  • Bloghorn
  • Medea Redux

    "It's interesting how things work out", says a pretty-in- pink young woman seated at a plain basic table; a glass of water near her right hand ; a piece of paper and pen before her. No kidding. In a beautifully, emotionally nuanced performance, actor Mary Fay Coady brings to stunning life American fimmaker and playwright Neil LaBute's reworking of Euripedes' classic story of "jealousy and revenge of a woman betrayed by her husband" who dumps her and their two children to free himself up to marry a woman he figures ideal to uplift him romantically and in societal prestige. Wounded

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  • Traitor

    Don Cheadle gives meat to the bones of this thriller.


  • VirgoFest
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  • VirgoFest

    Sure Thing : w/The Caravan, The Nightowls, Mary Grace Koile, The Missing City Starlight, Heavy Meadows
  • Husband and Knife's edge
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  • Husband and Knife's edge

    KC Spidle writes challenging, dark songs because "even if I'm happy, I still don't want to play happy music."

Love the way we bitch


  • Whiny women

    To all the whiny-piny women out there who cry, fret, whine, whatever you want to call it, over the men who aren't interested in you, get over it already! If he doesn't call you, email you, or see you in person, he doesn't like you as more than friends (i
  • out in the cold

    Thanks for taking winter coat from the gay bar on Friday night. It was really nice to walk home in the cold, and have to rely on my roommate to be home because my keys were in the pocket. Oh. my ID was in the pocket as well, so if you are done with my co
  • murderer

    To the fucking douchbag piece of shit who ran over my baby on chebucto Rd the evening of Sept 4th. Fuck you asshole, you could have slowed the fuck down seeing as it was 1 in the morning and the chance of a milticar pile up was...impossible. Fucking mu
  • Bus Blunders

    To the bus # 1090 and the driver that decided to stop at McDoalds for breakfast, read the paper & saunter back to the bus with your greasy bag and violation pop cup!!! I am pissed because I have been turned away from buses in the rain if I had those cup
  • Pave it or save it

    An ugly muddy war-zone looking mess. The strong smell of urine for 5 days and counting. (that's 24 hours a day for those of us living next to the Commons) NOT WORTH IT.
  • smell free bus rides!

    Ok all I ask is if you are going on the bus wear some deoderant if you smell like ass!! riding the bus sucks enough let alone smelling someones nasty body odour and wanting to gag. Oh yeah and could people please tone down on the perfume/cologne... you d
  • Indie Girls - the new Plastics?

    Is it just me or have the stereotypical ditzy, popular girls been replaced by indie/scene girls? They're exactly the same, only the uniform has changed. Think about it.
  • Bus Driver....Go drive your bus for fuck sake!

    To the bus driver who was so quick to bear false witness on Dal campass! Fuck YOU ASSHOLE! Learn the rules before trying to apply them find out the facts instead of assuming you know what has went down. First of all I wasn't yelling at the Dal truck oper
  • Un-reported Sketch in Sketchville

    Why is it that so many sketchy things go down in our city that NEVER get reported.... even in the daily police blotter. A few days ago I was riding motorcycle on Spring Garden Road and saw a man walking with his shirt covered in blood, blood gushing o
  • To my old work

    Wow, way to tell me I was fired. Way to call me back, after you had said you would. Way to be up and out of your way to let me know to not walk the 40 minutes it takes to get there this afternoon. Good on you. You're my heros.
  • Fireworks

    Why does the city hire a fireworks company from Montreal when there is a perfectly good fireworks company based out of the valley . Their fireworks are always remembered to be better. The city needs to think more about who matters instead of just taking
  • Stair Hoppers

    To the group of people who bounce around on the stairs leading up to the town clock. I feel embarassed watching the tourists trying to navigate around you Xtreme dudes. Instead of doing the crabwalk up a flight of stairs, you could at least do something
  • Taxis

    WTF is up with cabs in Halifax? How the fuck am I supposed to be able to find an available taxi when they don't turn their lights off when they have a passenger?
  • Little Idiots

    Monday evening, on the #80...the 3 young chicks sitting in the front with the little girl- WTF were you on??? I felt sooo bad for that little child, because she was easily the most mature one of you all! Bouncing on a seat like a toddler, when you're at
  • spare some change?

    I'm sick and tired of walking down the street minding my own business and having a cup shoved in my face. I see you on the side walk it's hard not to if I want to give you money than I will but I don't so get a job like the rest of society! I can't feed
  • Time out!

    Okay, over the past day I've received maybe a dozen bitches with you all bitching at each other. You're welcome to bitch at each other in the comment threads all you want, but it just doesn't make interesting reading for people not caught up with your in
  • Fair reviewing "flies the coop"

    Well done Liz Feltham for going once again beyond the call of duty to attempt to ruin the business of a popular and successful restaurant!Congratulations on showing us all one more time what little respect you have for servers and how petty you really a
  • walk the bike lane

    Thanks to the city for the new bike lanes on South Park street. As a cyclist it is an appreciated step in a good direction. I am however baffled by the number of pedestrians who use the lanes as an extension of the sidewalk to saunter down or stand in to
  • It's like a giant, soulless snail...

    I wish I had someone in particular to bitch at, I really do, but my monster is the faceless medical establishment. Currently, I'm in the position of waiting a week or more for them to fax (that's right, fax) my immunization records to my doctor and watch
  • Hear Hear For A Fat Tax

    That's right, you tubs of lard out food joints should have to charge a fat tax to cover the medical expenses of those fat, sloppy pigs who trough this shit daily. Why should the rest of us have to pay for their preventable conditions like d
  • Just US! Forget the little guy!

    So I stopped by IDEALBIKES the other day and it was sweltering in there. I asked the guys why it was so hot and they explained that the hot AC exhaust from just us would blow directly into their window if they were to open it. Apparently Just Us has bee
  • Queen of Passive Aggresive

    To my one of my bosses this year I want you to know that we ALL HATED YOU SO fucking much. You think you're all kind and innocent but in reality no. You're pretty much the worst most evil deceiving bitch we have ever had the misfortune to meet. And in ca
  • pizza shop gauging its customers

    To anyone who visited the pizza place near the Commons on saturday night, i hope you were as digusted as I was about the blatant way in which it upped its prices to the tune of $4 slices, as the 'Keith Urban Special". its sad to think a once decent spot
  • Dear tropical fruit inspired nameless hair salon,

    Thank-you for forcing me to boycott a local, enviro-friendly, independently owned business. When I asked how much a service would cost, and then was charged more than double that amount, I was understandably annoyed. Rather than make a fuss, and happy wi
  • I'm glad I'm single women are too hard to figure out

    I'm glad I'm single women are too hard to figure out. I think the thing that really turned me off to them is their mood swings. One minute they're nice as pie and the next out come the claws. Is there a stable non-psycho one of them to be found? I seriuo
  • the Commons Carpet

    well, there goes another $100,000 wasted, on a 'Commons Carpet' of all things! and that doesn't even include the cost of the clean-up & repair to a significant area of the common (again) - which is now a muddy swamp of very expensive astroturf (which was
  • hypocrits.

    This is to the bus driver of the 2 Wedgewood, Monday March 4th. We had just arrived into wedgewood, it was around 4:35, perhaps a bit later.You walked off the bus, lit a cigarette and stood inside the bus shelter. You think that of all the people who s
  • Sandel Vandels.

    I cannot help but feel the need to puke in my mouth a little bit, when I see people who wear open toed shoes, or sandals and have unkempt feet. I cannot stress how important it is to a daily regiment of personal hygiene. A person doesent walk out the doo
  • People who are "regular" at work

    There is nothing more annoying than going to the bathroom to take a leak, than to walk into the thick stench of a ripe bowel movement. There are several people with whom I work, that have various fixtures they carry with them like custom drinking mugs, e
  • Test

    testtestJust ignore this, if you will. Better yet, use it as a "Bitch at each other" thread.
  • Rules of the Road

    Before you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, do yourself and everyone a favour and know the rules of the god damn road. Case in point--last Monday my car got T-boned by a douchebag who decided to turn left because some assclown was being a good Samar
  • I hate long line-ups!

    Why must I stand in line for so long to get a fucking coffee on campus? It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day it is, there's always about 15-30 other students in the line-up! It must be because it's the first few days of school. OMG, I can't wai
  • I just want my bed

    To a certain used furniture shop:fuck you and your stupid logo with something hard and sandpapery! I bought I bed from you, I paid the delivery charge, you said it would be there sometime this afternoon, I said no problem, I may be at work but someone
  • Dumb Ass Driver

    This is to the transit driver on the #9 at 1230 on Sept.5. Why the fucking hell did your toothless boyfriend tell my wife where to sit and then have the nerve to block the doorway when a blind woman was getting on the bus.ALL TRANSIT DRIVERS WHO HAVE TO
  • Taxi drivers are assholes

    For some reason, taxi drivers assume they have the right of way always.. well fuck you. Just because someone's sitting in your backseat doesn't mean you can't stop for 5 seconds to let someone cross the street, asshole, and to proceed to give me a dirty
  • Take a frakkin' number.

    Listen. I know, you think you're important. You have places to go, people to see, things to do. Unfortunately, just because you huff and puff and drum your fingers and give me dirty looks for making you wait your turn to see my boss, I will not sudden
  • Uniforms

    If you see somebody with a work uniform on and they are not at/in their respective place of employment, leave them alone! Do you really think we want to talk about what we do at work all day on the way home or while we're? No. So please stop or I'll hit
  • Too dumb to use doorbell

    There's these guy living next door in an apartment building whose friend and girlfriend are either too dumb to use the doorbell, or he's too cheap to get an extra key made.Every night they come by screaming "tony! tony!" so he can climb down to let them
  • Horse Manure Free

    Ok so you browse through the free section on the internet classifieds and see Free Horse Manure! You load it and haul it yourself. What the fuck! Don't these people have a method for dealing with their horse shit?! That was just plain fucking disgusting
  • dear fellow transit riders,

    there is nothing to fear beyond those two steps leading to the back of the bus. there's just more bus back there. so when it's standing room only, please, please move to the back of the bus instead of bunching up in the front until the driver has to herd
  • Yard Sale Signs

    For a progressive city such as HRM, we often take pride in how "clean" our city can be. For the ones who want to make a quick buck during summer yard sales, for god sakes, don't tack up your neon posters advertising the event if you are not willing to t
  • Gottingen Street

    So am I the only one who has noticed that over the past few months Gottingen Street has become wose. Maybe its the summer weather that brings all the crazies out but wow. I have lived in Vancouver and have seen East Hastings in the day and the night.
  • Fenwick Street Laundry Dummies

    There is ONE washer and ONE dryer in our building people. And we ALL have to use it. So, in case your mother never taught you manners, it is wildly insensitive to A: do your laundry after the posted "Do not operate machines" time frame. B: leave your clo
  • Whose job is it to promote live music

    Since when are bar owners incapable of driving traffic into their own establishments?There was a time when Halifax bars actually a) paid their bands an actual rate instead of "the door", and b) advertised to get people in the bar. These days, bars that
  • Horny or what

    To the metro transit driver on the #9 bus that left Munford at 925 am on September 8, it doesnt good to be kissing your girlfriend in front of everybody right on the bus and then leaving late.
  • Support the cure, not the disease!

    Good job all you Dal frosh standing on the corners collecting donations for a worthy cause. NOW STOP SAYING YOU'RE SUPPORTING CYSTIC FIBROSIS!!! You're supporting the cure, not the disease. That's a really important distinction. The disease is doing

    To the writers of the coastLOL at 'Mouldylox' playing at Antic! You mis-spelled the Dj's name! It's 'Moldylox'.. lolit's printed in the Events By Day section, under September 6th.
  • girlfriends go home

    To all the metro transit drivers out there please leave your girlfriends at home when you go to work. It is distracting and dangerous. I am tired of getting on the bus only to have to try and get by her because she is blocking the aisle and acting like a
  • Shitty Bus Service

    To wait for the 20 Downtown on Lancaster Drive is to take a gamble. Sometimes the bus shows up fifteen minutes early and sometimes it doesn’t show up at all. Either way, you miss the bus and get to class or work half an hour late. I’m sick and tired o
  • tell ya what FREAKS ME OUT -

    Cyclists actin' like they are cars.!do dee do! la la la. When I am in my car - strangely enough -I DONT WANT TO HIT YOU !!COME ON!- steal a little look at the car, is it turning? are YOU turning?OR ZIPPIN UP BESIDE ME WHEN I AM TURNING?? SHEESH! H
  • toilet abuse.

    Thank you for failing to close the lid of the toilet once you have finished with your business. I don't enjoy getting your bodily secreations on my fingers while pulling down the seat so I can pee. It's bad enough you have that stupid habit, but is it re
  • Get. The fuck. Out. Of my. Way.

    There is nothing in this world that pisses me off more than trying to move around hurdles of people to catch my bus in the morning. Every morning i get off on one bus at the dartmouth terminal, and get on another one that is waiting on the other end of t
  • Vacation Time denied

    What can you do when you have vacation time availble to you, but everytime you apply for a vacation day off, your supervisor denies it? What good is vacation when you can't use it??
  • The encouragement of binge drinking?

    I noticed in this weeks Coast that there are a number ads. for bargain basement drinks....doubles, triples, picthers, I know the bars want to make money....but aren't there better ways of doing it??? Does this not encourage people to over-indu
  • Dr. Asshole PhD

    To the professor who has for many years been teaching your students how to skim profits and evade taxation. You tell them to make sure they take a fixed amout of cash everyday to establish a trend of lower revenue. Seems to me that is both unethical and
  • Apparently theres no crime in Halifax.

    a few days ago i was in my appartment, when i saw police lights out the window. i went to check it out. there was 2 cop cars that had one car pulled over. one officer went to the car that had a women driving it. shortly after 2 more cops came over to the

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