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  • Aug 28 - Sep 3, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 14

News + Opinion

  • Savage Love

    Dan says they should show Bend over Boyfriend at all frathouses all the time.
  • Going for gold
  • Lowefiles
  • Going for gold

    Scandals, photoshopped fireworks, ugly girl non-singers, whatever - we were enthralled with the Olympics.

Food + Drink

Arts + Culture

  • Film + TV
  • Hamlet 2

    The filmmakers know exactly who the joke is on - do you?
  • Sign of the times
  • Theatre
  • Sign of the times

    Actor Shawn Duggan returns to school to learn how to interpret theatre for the deaf.


  • Full metal racket
  • Feature
  • Full metal racket

    Thrashfest, the two-day metal festival, descends on Halifax with a loud fury. We talk with local fave, Thy Flesh Consumed.

Love the way we bitch

  • Break up on Barkton

    To the loud mouthed bitch on Barkton Lane--shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear your annoying, shrill voice, throughout the night as you pontificate about how you're not compatible with you boyfriend. By all accounts, you did him a favor--because, you
  • We Open at 12

    It's pretty common that most stores open at noon on sundays, exceptions to walmart and grocery stores that I can think of. So why are you waiting in the parking lot of my store at 10 when I get there to start opening? The hours are displayed very clea
  • Curb your Apes

    So, I'm in a local coffee shop, getting some work done online, when an urban goddess enters with her three untrained yard apes. She proceeds to yap with another DG, with two kids of her own. These three "hope for our future" proceed to rearrange the fur
  • Priorities

    Isn't it strange when our national news spends 10 minutes covering impending doom to North America over hurricanes and preparedness (or lack thereof) and then, almost as an after thought, mentions 10 Million people newly homeless as a result of fl
  • Your car is bigger than my bike...

    All it took was two consecutive days of near fatal bicycle incidents to prompt this, Bitch.Pulling out from your stop sign into oncoming traffic (moi) on Coburg forcing a cyclist to grind majestically across the pavement to an abrupt, not to mention pai
  • That Horrible Stink

    What in the hell is going on with the new sewage treatment plant that went on line earlier this year on Barrington St.. Something must have gone terribly wrong. It seemd to work fine in the beginning, but now It's creating the most unholy stink imaginabl
  • Candy Store Leaves Bad Taste

    What's with the hiring practices at a local candy shop? They hire 3 or 4 people, pick one to keep and fire the rest after just 3 or 4 shifts. Is this legal? Moral? Or just poor business practice? And further evidence of their lack of class, they fir
  • Pre-emptive Bitch

    Concert go-ers; should it rain on Saturday please do everyone a favour and leave your umbrella at home. It's damn near impossible to see the stage through a sea of umbrellas.Buy a dollar store poncho, bring a raincoat, wear a hat, bring a damn garbage
  • Big Corporation Landlords have no heart

    To a particular staff member at the apartment building with the big K on it...big poofy brown hair girl we shall call her: Stop power tripping and being a complete and utter bitch to me and my room mate. You accused us of something we did not do and pr
  • Don't shoot the messenger

    For the next little while, the cashiers are to ask the customers if they want to donate $2.00 for the IWK. Today, I saw as one of the cashiers ask a customer this, and the woman sighed wearily and said "No, I ALREADY donated. Everytime I pay for my thing

    ok...HOLY FUCKER....driving by the rules will avoid accidents. Sure people all have different places to be at different times. The roads are a labrynth of peoples prioities. HOWEVER use your fucking turning signals, check your fucking blindspots, driv
  • Cut the Crap - please

    You keep writing letters but you dont leave a last name or a phone number. You call yourself 'Sandra' but you leave no contact details. You are hurting my parents very much and I dont know why. They already lost their sonPLEASE stop doing this.
  • it's getting hot in here

    To all the women out there who wear next to nothing and think we are pigs when we "check" you out if you don't want guys looking at your ass than cover it up! but thanks for the free show
  • Going Postal

    What the fuck is it with you assholes who push over the mailbox outside my building? Pushing over a mailbox is a federal offense. I've made it a point to start calling the cops as soon as I hear the tell-tale smash, just a word of warning.
  • wtf whore

    You are into me one night and then my ex the next. do you enjoy slutting around with whoever you can?
  • Your Life Isn't Worthless

    I would like to remind all you transit user-types that catching the bus is not worth your life. You've probably seen it, a passenger sees a bus they want and they're on the wrong side of the street. This usually sane person will then run across moving
  • A big THANK-YOU to my loving relatives

    I just want to send out a big THANK-YOU to my loving relatives. Since my Dad died in 97 I haven't heard a peep from any of you. I mean you were at his funeral, but that was the last time. No Christmas cards, no phone calls, nada....When my my died in 200
  • Memoires of a Mental Patient

    I went to your hospital to get well, not to be treated like an animal. One day, because I "seemed agitated," you threw me in a locked cell for 9 days and 9 nights, with nothing but a filty piss-stained mattress and disturbing graffitti to keep me compan
  • hate cab drivers

    to the cab company with the awful cab driver: you pulled in my DRIVEWAY waved and aknowledged me, it was pouring rain and I was trying to lock my door. When you beeped the horn at me I couldn't believe when after showing up an hour after I called you all
  • Dear Co-Workers: I'm Not Sick!

    Please, for god sakes, stop telling me that I "don't sound too good" every other morning when I come to work. My voice is raspy when I get up, I can't help it. I am not getting up two hours earlier so I don't sound raspy in the morning, nor will I do v
  • Girls with losers

    Whats the deal with the girls who are perfect? Beautiful, smart and fun, but date total douchebags. Sure they are nice looking, but care not for their beautiful girl friends. Lack of respect, personality and love is stupid. I wish you could see how stupi
  • Disgusted!

    To a former Boss: You shit-bag! I cannot believe the way you treat your employees like they are orc peons! You wonder why people come and go from this fucking job. Believe me, my pay check isn't worth putting up with your "my shit don't stink" attitude.
  • serious question

    what CAN this city do right?? we all know what it can't do. But there has got to be some things Halifax is right on the money about?anyone?
  • music as torture

    ok, i'm gonna preface this rant by saying i support the idea of attracting big name acts to play in halifax, using my tax dollars to increase tourism and local business is an acceptable idea, and i have nothing against the acts that played on the commons
  • Metro Transit smoking

    I've read lots of bitches and replies regarding smoking at Metro Transit bus terminals.I'd like to add a thought: we can't expect people to follow the "No smoking" directive when the transit drivers themselves are setting the example by stepping off th
  • stop fuckin' shining you annoying non-diamonds

    I am sick of shinerama. What's it been, like 50 million years since someone came up with socially sanctioned panhandling as a means of introducing the city to it's fresh crop of fresh-faced, fresh smelling frosh and making a few pennies for cystic fibros
  • Better hope I don't find you!

    To the mother fucking SOB who broke into my car last night on Trillium Court in Dartmouth and stole my corroded battery. You didn't have to break the window you dumb fuck. As the doors were unlocked. Better hope I don't find out who you are! You will be
  • Metro Madness

    Can someone tell me why it's acceptable practice to have 2/3 of the metro centre sold (all floor and lower bowl) for a concert when you are first in line for tickets? What kind of bullshit operation is this!!?
  • Trans-globe

    you are the worse company i have every delt with! you act like your low trashy bed bug infrsted apt are condos. You take forever to approve your applications. You also breach outside of the tentant board to search informationand you leave people homele
  • Car alarms

    Hey you assholes with car alarms - do you really think everybody needs to hear your horns incessantly blaring for no good reason while you're doing whatever shitheads like yourselves do when you're away from your cars? If I ever saw one of your vehicles
  • The Waiting Game

    To a certain cab company who's name is synonymous with gambling: thanks for leaving me stranded in Bayer's Lake for over AN HOUR AND A HALF on a Sunday night. I even called back and politely asked when the car might show up and was told "I was at the top
  • Thanks

    Thanks students. Thanks for returning. Thanks for your loud parties that last all night and thanks for waking us up at 4am just by talking. (Silly me, I thought you would have class on a Tuesday morning. Must not be that important.) Thanks for leaving yo
  • Don't you people listen to CBC Radio?

    OK, so a lot of people have been bitching about the North is Freedom sculpture. Dude already said, when he was interviewed on Mainstreet, that it'll be rusty for a couple of years, then it'll harden into a sexy tough knobbly metal finish. Patience, peo
  • updated my resume

    Hey guys, Do me a favor and check out my revised cover letter and let me know what you think. Im having a hard time finding work.To Whom it may concern,My name is Mike. I am a man that really needs a job. I know my resume is shitty but Im an awesome
  • Prost-A-Tots

    Ok so heres the deal .........I'm walking through the mall and what do i get ASS in the face some lil PROST-A-TOT bent over an the jewelry counter with her ASS on blast WTF is that sh**!!! I mean really it seems that those 16 something girls out there ha
  • Bed Bugs Infested Me

    Someone needs to do something about the Halifax bed bug infestation. I don't care who, I don't care how. Ocean Towers sucks, I'm now furnitureless, and broke. And they don't do shit about it! How can they allow people to move into these conditions with n
  • The Asshole Syndrome

    first, we were co-workers. second, we were friends. third, we were roommates. and finally, i've had enough. i can admit that i was taken advantage of. a year and a half ago when we signed that lease (your first place at 21 yrs of age), you were harm
  • A Mighty Wind

    I'm curious why I never see anybody enjoying the deck on their apartment. Seriously, I never see people hanging out enjoying a summer day on their balcony. Now that it's in my mind it seems I notice it even more. I dream about kicking the front
  • Do not rent from TransGlobe!!!

    I live in an apartment building owned by TransGlobe in Dartmouth. I had bought all my furniture in the last 6 months. And yet, I have been bitten by bed bugs about 20 times a day for 4 months before I realized there has been an outbreak in the building f

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  • Coping strategies
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  • Coping strategies

    Starting school is a chaotic and confusing time for students. It can be traumatizing. If you're looking for help, most of Halifax's schools offer a variety of resources and referrals, counselling and psychological services.
  • Jaywalking to justice
  • Back To School
  • Jaywalking to justice

    New to Halifax, a student walks across the street, ignoring an officer of the law. Then came a week-end in jail, more than a year of his life and thousands of dollars to clear his name.
  • Remedial roommates
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  • Remedial roommates

    Our reporters show how to avoid horror at home by examining the pitfalls of communicating by note and living with a friend who has more stuff than you do.
  • Tower of wobble
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  • Tower of wobble

    Fenwick Towers, the south end monstrosity, maybe in its final year as a student residence. It's had a troubled past, but for 400 students a year, it's home.
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  • Sex, lies and later
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  • Sex, lies and later

    You may shoot and you may score, but are you ready for the potential consequences? Time to examine the one-night stand and the morning after.
  • Popular Diversions
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  • Popular Diversions

    Halifax probably has a different recycling and composting system than where you're from. Here's a primer for how best to use it.
  • Come on, teacher!
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  • Come on, teacher!

    Lucy DeCoutere is one of the stars of a very popular, slightly outrageous, locally shot TV show The Trailer Park Boys. Now she's an educator, too.
  • School of hard knocks
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  • School of hard knocks

    Former and current students in Halifax have hit the town, gained the weight, gone to the parties, landed in jails and survived. Learn from their triumphs and mistakes.
  • Cold comfort
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  • Cold comfort

    The price of heating oil has been climbing for years and has doubled since 2007. You'll need to be smart and resourceful to survive the cold and pay the bills.
  • itune, I am
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  • itune, I am

    Your digital library says a lot about you. Here's the key to maintaining eternal musical cool.
  • Green grade
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  • Green grade

    You're a university student with an ecological conscience, but you're curious about what your school is doing to save the planet. We go digging for answers on campus.
  • Important phone numbers
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  • Important phone numbers

    Go beyond 911 with phone numbers to program into your cell, write in your daytimer or just clip and affix to your fridge with a handy magnet.

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  • Inside Haliwood
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  • Inside Haliwood

    Hollywood has been coming to Atlantic Canada to make movies for years, but the best movies made in Nova Scotia are made by the people who live here.

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