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  • Aug 21-27, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 13

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  • Various environmental issues

    Local foodThe local food movement is growing by leaps and bounds, as our news story this week attests. But I want to draw extra attention to the province-wide "Incredible Picnic" mentioned in this week's Shoptalk, the local version of which will be held this Sunday on the Common from 11am to 3pm. It's worth stopping by to support a good cause and see the wide range of local food available. Eating local food is very literally the best way we can reduce our carbon footprint. I once calculated that changing our eating habits such as to prevent just one truck

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  • Steve Coogan: a star reborn
  • Film + TV
  • Steve Coogan: a star reborn

    He's big in England for playing the asshole's asshole. Now Steve Coogan is poised for a North American breakthrough in Hamlet 2, as the washed-up actor who plays a hot Jesus.
  • Film + TV
  • Mirrors

    This horror flick should be seen on the big screen.


  • Minks kick out the fun
  • Feature
  • Minks kick out the fun

    With a new album High Kicks and a 10-week continental tour ahead, The Stolen Minks make noise outside the garage.

Love the way we bitch


    ...the people who smoke are generally more disgusting than the average person. I am not talking about the actual habbit of somking itself being gross or the related side affects of smokin like yellow teeth or leather like skin etc... Ii just mean the o
  • Thanks for the allergy attack asshole.

    I'm just wondering why people feel it is absolutely necessary to put on 3 pounds of perfume before going to work in the morning. I thought a lot of offices were scent free. You know, people could be a little more considerate of people who might possibly
  • Thr truth IS out there.

    What does it take for a normal 40 something man to meet a normal 40 something woman through a dating site? Tell me what words have to be spoken. What has to be conveyed? They claim to want the truth from men (NO HEAD GAMES PLEASE) but truth from a man do
  • Ladies - Be Careful

    To the drunk girl we escorted through the commons at 11:30 at night who could barely stand: your friends suck for letting you walk home alone like that and some VERY bad things could've happened to you if we hadnt been there.To the douche who SPED up a
  • gas thief

    To the stand-up person who stole the can of gas off of my balcony last night: I know that you were one of my neighbours. No one else could have seen the gas unless they were sitting on your balcony. I hope you used it in your car. It's dirty as hell. W
  • Spring Garden Hazards

    Just because Nova Scotia is oblivious to the needs of people in wheelchairs doesn't mean I have to tolerate life threatening ineptitude when I venture out. On Spring Garden Road there are many inconveniences, but three would earn gold at the Olympics o
  • Do they clean the streets in Halifax anymore?

    Every summer I used to see the students with their brooms and dust-pans sweeping up the crud on the side walks....they seem to be awol this year....I have never seen the streets as dirty as they are....what gives???
  • clean your nether regions somewhere else dude

    So were in the Queen Elizabeth II hospital and have to use a public washroom. Great. So the place is populated and one of the hacks is dude, an employee, uniformed and displaying a QEII id. Finished his business I supposed and heads to the washbasins.
  • Driving with cell Phones

    We've done it for years. The new law is some political bs!!! Go fuck your self you scared little bitch. You should be scared of me not an ipod!
  • Buy fresh local produce or compost ?

    Howdy neighborsI read your article on buying local fruit and veggies and I couldn't agree with you more. My wife and I took a drive to the beautiful Annapolis Valley and stayed overnight at a B&B around the middle of August and the next day on the way h
  • Why do Electric Paper Towel and Taps mock me?

    Why can't you give me enough freaking paper towel or water to get the job done right the first time. Why do you spit out a second of water then stop, until I fully remove my hands, get the vanity soaking wet then return them for another second of water.
  • Awful customers

    To all the awful customers out there who take out their bad day on students just trying to live-I'm a human being, I do my best, when I handle you in your awful mood... still with a smile and kindness you have no right to treat me like your personal sla
  • Pot Smoking Cabbie

    I cannot believe the sheer irresponsibility of the moronic cabbie who had the absolute nerve to accept a passenger while holding a lighter and a baggie. Your ass should be immediately terminated for driving impaired. How dare you risk the lives of othe
  • Nasty Lips

    To the girl asking random guys in front of pogue fado if you could kiss them and get a picture of the lipstick mark on their cheeks. What the hell do you think you are? Your friends looked horrified to even be in the same city as you. I'm sure if the you
  • Beijing Belly

    When you are sick with the flu, just stay home. Do not go to work and spread it around. But no. You had to show us all what a great team player you are by insisting to go to work, when you are clearly still contagious. Now I am sick too. Thanks for that
  • It's A Gas

    It could very well be me and my poor navigational skills, but it seems like there are precious few gas stations that stay open past 10:30 PM. Now before y'all start throwing phrases like "carbon footprint" and "blood oil" at me, let me assure you that yo
  • holier then thou 'friend'

    Ever had a friend who made you feel like shit for non intentional acts you commited in the name of love/insanity? Then they act like they would NEVER commit such an attrocity. Then they secretely contact the person who dumped you because that was the per
  • Pissed off

    To the guy on the football team (blue jerseys) playing at the Wanderers grounds last Sunday that was pissing on the fence.We were walking by on the sidewalk & saw you there,USE a public washroom or Johnny on the spot.Little kids that can'thold it ,I can
  • why not me?

    You always go for random girls, and you know you have a good girl waiting for you here. We've been friends for so long and I know you care about me, and you know how I feel about you, so why is it so hard for you to be with me? Are you embarassed because
  • Ignorance is NOT Bliss

    If you didn't like country music would you go to a place like the Rodeo or Cheers on a Saturday night. Most intelligent people would avoid such places. However on Saturday August 23, 2008 a genius decided to go to Reflections in spite of his hate for
  • folk music toilet turds

    Lukewarm beige turds of formulaic fag-folk are just oozing out by the toilet load lately. Seems like every time I turn around there’s a ragtag band of ne’er-do-wells in anachronistic thrift-store costumes armed with banjos and a dusty Dillards LP scraped
  • for the hospital ball washer

    for the uniformed and ID'd staff guy in the public washroom at our major hospital. granted, a lot of people don't wash their hands when they should, infection control and all, but hauling your frank and beans to a sink and having at them was a little ov
  • why can't the boys get jobs

    i love the show trailer park boys. it's the best Canadian show on T.V.but my bitch is why can't they get real jobs on the show if you had a job you can have the shit you want, all the shows are the same. what's up with bubbles why does have fucking c
  • Cell Phone Signalling & Smoke Fumes

    Maybe we can come up with a signal to alert the driver behind someone that is suddenly pulling over to use a cell phone.It's great that "some"people caught on that cell phone while driving is illegal,but abrubtley pulling off to the side of the road with
  • Can we raise the bar?

    I never feel smarter than when I read the comments people leave on news stories on a certain Halifax news papers ( wink wink ) website.Seriously, is everyone in Nova Scotia mildly racist, near illiterate and knee jerkish morons that like to sum up comp
  • mammels

    we have a sanitary digital existance with swept floors and bleech and all the creature comforts, but im SORRY human beings need to piss, shit eat and sleep. Im tired of hearing that its unacceptable to piss on the side of a highway or in the bushes when
  • Bouncers

    Yea, yea, yea, we get that you hate bouncers. But if you want to accuse specific bouncers working in specifically named businesses of doing bad or illegal shit, you ain't gonna do it here.
  • just roll them around, thats it...

    Well I thought I had seen just about everything in my time, but nada, not quite.. Picture this, the QEII hospital and men's washroom...for the squeamish, turn away, for the interested, you turn away too.. Dude, an employee, ID displayed and striped uni
  • swimmin wit da fishes

    heh Forget swimming in the harbour, I'd like to see (insert publicity hounding official here) eat a nice yummy mollusk out of the gussied up cess-pool.

    I know you're all proud as punch that you managed to make a baby, but the rest of your coworkers and/ or friends are probably mildly interested at best. it'd be nice if all conversations after you have a kid don't lead to a conversation about poop/cart
  • Shallow Fucks!

    Do the single guys in this city have to be so picky? The other day, I met up with a guy I met online. We didn't exchange pics previously but he took my word that I was attractive, and vice-versa.I met at a coffee place, pleased with what I saw. But a
  • A certain computer store.

    I bought a custom made computer from ***** located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In under 3 months I had it back in the shop for repairs. The 1st time some cable were dangling outside my tower, and several cable weren't connected either. And I needed a new
  • sober now saying sorry

    i've was drunk as fuck and said some things i should've said the shit i did , i was high and drunk. my stpuid freinds egged me on, truth is we wrote shit about everyone, bubbles i'am sorry no disrepect to you,
  • Moulin Rouge at the Alfresco Film Festo

    To the two obsessed Moulin Rouge fans at the Alfresco Film Festo.You totally annoyed everyone within earshot by singing every breath of every song.If that wasn't annoying enough, you also said all the lines a few seconds before the actors did! It's
  • Cape Breton Rip-Off

    I have travelled to that fucking welfare rock for the last time. Every restaurant I went to over the week I was there (from Port Shitberry to Sydney via the Cabot Trail Borefest was a complete rip-off. The restaurants were dirty, the food complete crap

    this is not a bitch but a thank you Halifax. for THE best Avril lavignee show i've ever been first trip to the concert. and nothing to complain about except the stupid kids always moving around in front of me, other then that. thanks Halifax
  • That Horrible Stink

    What in the hell has happened to the new sewage treatment plant off of Barrington that went online earlier this year. I guess it was working fine, but something has seemingly gone terribly wrong at some point. The stench coming out of that thing is enoug
  • Pot smoking Cab driver!?

    Good for him how else would you pass the time!!! Fuck you, risk the lives of others, shit woman GET OVER YOURSELF!!!
  • driving dolt

    To the loudmouth driver cursing bicyclists at the corner of Brunswick and Sackville streets Aug. 21 at 5 p.m.Let me get this straight, the world is heating up at an alarming rate due, largely, to carbon emissions from cars driven by knuckle draggers lik
  • I want my jacket back

    To the jerk who stole the white and green polka-dotted jacket from Ouro Preto Cafe Tuesday afternoon, please return it ASAP. It's very recognizable so you won't be able to wear around here anyway, plus it's my very favorite jacket. So if you believe in K
  • re: Nasty Lips

    I don't know... in a city full of art students and young artists is it possible she was working on an art piece????
  • soory to the gang...

    I"am typing this little note to THE family i've could've hurt. i was stoned and saying a lot of shit that could hurt a lot of people . like Bubbles Family man what was i fucking thinking , i"am sorry and i hang my sober head in shame,
  • Stadacona Shitheads

    Thanks for waking up the neighbourhood at 7am on a SUNDAY morning!The TRASHY hiphop music/noise was especially appreciated, ASSHOLES!Oh yeah and to the lame ass fool SCREAMING "Good Morning Vietnam" over a PA system, did that make you feel special?
  • Hope it was worth it....

    4 1/2 years of a good thing...Sure, we had problems. Who doesn't, but you got rid of all our problems the second you picked up and fucked some guy in our home while I was away..In our KITCHEN!! Problem solved...Here's one guy you'll never have to lie t
  • damn drivers

    once again, at the commons playground i was about to cross the street, i press the button and the signal goes off. i step to begin to cross. the car parked in front of me, zipped right past me. and then so did two other on coming cars.a jogger sees thi
  • One bitch at a time

    Seriously, if you want to respond to someone's bitch, do it in the comments and don't submit a new bitch. That'd just confuse everyone. And I'm not posting them besides.
  • Get Out Of Your Truck and Ring the Damn Doorbell

    I know a lot of construction workers and tradespeople start work at 7AM. But when you stop by my bar at 4 o'clock in the afternoon for your after-work beer, my day is just starting. So I don't appreciate you sitting in the parking lot of my apartment b
  • Gin

    Please Die, you ruin lives.
  • gum and respect

    thank you to the fucking genius in clayton park who decided to spread gum across the cross walk button that i need to press every morning on my way to work. and way to be respectful of a memorial site two feet away. you are a fucking idiot.
  • "" RIP BUBBLES'''

    to the late great bubbles. of the show trailer park boys. .. was killed last night. in a car accident not released info yet. suspect drinking driving. is the cause. what shame he was a good acter, the show won't be hte same without him rip mike
  • Steam power- 1800s technology tommorow!

    So on Friday Steve and his party decided to axe the Joint Support Ship program (JSS), to replace the two supply ships we have (one per coast). You can read the story here on CBC;

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