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  • Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 18

News + Opinion

  • Downtown's four-way fracas
  • City
  • Downtown's four-way fracas

    The downtown Halifax council election heats up in District 12, with the incumbent facing the young scion of an old political family, a student and an environmental consultant.
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  • Savage Love

    Dan Savage feebly suggests "putting the dog in the bathtub."

Food + Drink

  • Tough tofu biz
  • Food + Drink Feature
  • Tough tofu biz

    Acadiana Soy struggles to deliver fresh tofu despite CFIA regulations and retail problems. (File-Test, not import script)

Arts + Culture

  • Dance dance evolution
  • Dance
  • Dance dance evolution

    Halifax is home to Canada's only international flamenco company, thanks to Maria Osende's passion for the musical tradition.
  • Empty frames
  • Film + TV
  • Empty frames

    After 13 years of animating nine shows and 90 hours of cartoons, Collideascope Digital Productions is closing its doors.
  • Hannah's moving pictures
  • Visual Art
  • Hannah's moving pictures

    Hannah's Minzloff brings her photos of international subway travel to Halifax Metro Transit buses, as part of this year's Photopolis festival


  • Being <i>Here</i>
  • Feature
  • Being Here

    Jason Collett is back on the road, touring his 1970's-vibing album, Here's to Being Here.
  • Feature
  • Mall man

    B.A. Johnston returns to Halifax in a pool of sweat and with a new album, Stairway to Hamilton. (File-Test, not import script)
  • Peter Allen's brainstorm
  • Feature
  • Peter Allen's brainstorm

    Composer and pianist Peter Allen struggled with the challenges of creating Hurricane Juan Concerto, a five-part work marking the storm's fifth anniversary and kicking off Symphony Nova Scotia's 25th season.

Love the way we bitch

  • Cyclist = Pedestrian?

    So I read in the paper this morning that a 14-year old boy was hit by a car yesterday morning, while riding his bicycle. The incident happened at a crosswalk on North Park Street, and the driver was issued a ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian.
  • Greatly Disappointed

    I went to the hedley concert tonight, and well i didnt even get to see them, because ppl cannot stand in a crowed area without getting snotty and rude and pushy.Its a pop punk band and there is gonna be touching and pushing, just chill the fuck out, your
  • bouncer bitch

    It's pretty fucking disgraceful when a straight girl can flirt their way into one of the only gay bars in the city with an expired ID card of over 10 months and her very gay looking friend didn't even get a second glance with only one month expiry on her
  • Why is it so hard to find an apartment in Toronto

    Moving to Toronto - Nuff of this place.. I will pay my high rent in a bigger city thank you.... (waits to be mobbed by the hippy happening anti toronto halagonians and dodges the tomatoes). Anyways, why is it so hard to find something there, every aprtm
  • the not so green party

    Ms. May graced our presence in Halifax recently arriving in a 22 car special election train in order to greet 80 supporters. I hope she threw in a train food lunch for them and offered pillows and blankies... my color wheel looks a lot different appare
  • Common Sense

    Listen people, I know how annoying it is to be on a mission to get something/go somewhere in a store or on the street and someone is in your way and doesn't realize it. But there are two little words that you say - EXCUSE ME. You don't stand there sile
  • keith urban

    this has probably already been bitched about but it needs to be repeated. STOP RUINING THE COMMONS with your CRAPPY concerts. its disgraceful that the city of halifax spends their art budget on super star top 40 'artists' to ruin public space, giving
  • "Homeless" People with Dogs

    What is the fucking deal with these bums who beg and bother people for money and own dogs!!!! They "supposedly" don't have money for food and or shelter but have the privilege to take care of living being. Is this not animal cruelty or some shit? Ditch t
  • Free Hedley? Free Jerks!

    I was stoked when I found out that Hedley was headlining a free concert on the Grand Parade on Saturday night. I even went down there early and listened to some okay artists, in support of democracy, just so I could get a decent spot near the stage. Howe
  • Yuppies, Yuppies everywhere

    As I'm sure some of you have noticed, there has been a sharp rise in the local yuppie quotient recently. To be fair, that's a pat descriptor. I'm not trying to paint all young urban professionals with the same brush, I'm just talking about a certain sub-
  • crazy drivers

    To the crazy bitch that almost killed me and my 18 month old son in a Bayers Rd crosswalk yesterday, FUCK YOU!!! As i got half way across the street i noticed you speeding down the hill so i turned back and you sped through the red light and smashed into
  • What then?

    This is a open question to all Harper haters. Who you will bitch at once the NDP wins the election, and Obama ousts Bush and his Palin McCain crew in Washington? I'm betting you will find someone to complain about.
  • a real WTF? moment

    Anyone else think the 'Horton hears a Who' domestic violence joke in Family Guy tonight was disgusting, or is it just me?I consder myself a fan of the show and can normally laugh at the questionable or cringeworthy stuff because its usually couched in a
  • ah must be quota time

    to the asshole cop who pulled me over and issued a ginormous ticket by the airport the other day: fuck. you. when you approached my window and asked for my license and registration, I clearly told you I had sold the car, and was actually signing it ove
  • It's a turning lane dumbass

    See that thing? Yeah, that big line in the middle of the road? It's not there to tell you where to put your car, or a convienent guide for staying straight on the road.It's the line marking two lanes, dumbass.Yes, it's narrow right there (North Stree
  • Nothing Burns Me More...

    What I REALLY HATE is when retail workers put those stick-forever price tags directly on the product you are buying...If you are really lucky and the product is fresh, it might be just a simple peel and toss, but that is the rare instance...So when I b
  • So much for self esteem

    Thanks for pointing out that my friends smaller then me. Like I didn't know that already asshole.
  • wrong name wrong place

    To whoever scrawled the following message: "Dear Peter, go fuck yourself. Thanks for putting a nice scratch in my brand new used guitar you pothead peice [sic] of shit. Grow the fuck-up [sic]."on my green bin, I would like to point out that nobody by
  • Petro Pass

    To the mutant pawning Canadian Tire visa's on Quinpool Rd : I would rather pay 10 cents a liter more every time I fill my tank than to listen to your lame speel about visa benifits. You might also want to button up your shirt because your the sight of yo
  • Just sayin....

    I know that there is already a bitch about facebook and kids, but a completely separate issue has caught my attention. I'm a 'live-and-let-die', I don't get my panties in a bunch over people's slutty photos or the stupid kiss face because i think Faceboo
  • I hate World of Warcraft!!

    Why the hell would you want to play an online game for 6-12 hours a day, or some I am sure play this stupid game longer!! I have a bf who is in his twenties and a brother who is in his thirties who play this game all the time. It's like they have no lif
  • Kids these days

    To the bratty, loud, obnoxious teenage girls on the bus this saturday, who decided to fight each other while the bus waited at the bridge terminal: because of you, the bus left 20 minutes later than it should have. Thanks, I appreciate not being able to
  • Media bitch

    I'm bitching to the Canadian media for not covering what is probably the most important event since the confederation. THE AMERICAN UNION!!!!! please, please, someone grow some balls and do some REAL reporting!
  • Rain Again

    The weekend is here and apparently the rain will be too....... I wonder if China will lend us their weather changing thingy that they used for the Olympics????
  • I am BLUE

    I cannot understand why it is so difficult to get in touch with the appropriate governmental department(s) when you have a complaint and/or question. I began my search today and have just ended a call with the TENTH person I've asked for help regarding t
  • Make a difference Tom

    Hey Tom Bousquet. Shouldn't you be out in the real world reporting the news instead of posting dumb comments here?
  • Getting sick of it!

    I'm getting tired of my friend using my computer for his gay/and trans-porn...and asking me and my boyfriend what gay friendly spots to hit in your trip to montreal (where you say to your girlfriend its a business trip) You are always bugging us to come
  • yellow vested stalkers

    listen all you red-cross-amnesty-international-whatever-the-cause-of-the-day cretins: I. Do. Not. Care. I do not care the first time you ask me for just a moment of my time.I do not care the second time.and the third time I really do not care!for
  • Reflections Double ID Take

    "The Mayor says so" was all the bouncer would say. Two pieces of ID needed to get into Reflections. In about two minutes, a dozen people turned away on Friday night! The government issues one piece of legal ID, a driver's license or identification car
  • prick on someone your own size

    to the person and their penis who wrote 'urine' in what I assume is urine on my car - what great talent you have. If I had a penis and knew who you were I would come and write something as equally as insightful on something that belongs to you...try and
  • Cry baby Americans!

    As far as it goes for me, Im friggin glad the American economy is failing.Why? Because theve all been a country of make believe fortune!This is what you get when to many houses, to many cars, to many companies are created and no one is buying. Its not
  • Elevator woes.

    What is with the elevators at the QEII? I was trapped on one for 20 minutes at the New Halifax infirmary. I was told by the security that the technician was notified and that they have no idea when he would get there. After 3 more calls about 5 minutes a
  • Exactly my point!!!!

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a bitch about being at a wedding being targeted by the RCMP for seatbelt violations. I was pretty pissed off and well........ fuck it, I'm still furious over it, but life goes on I guess.I was reading the paper today and
  • Just want to get in and get off!

    to a certain lesbionic bookshop with a dildo wall......when I come in to buy aforementioned dildo, I do NOT want to talk to you! just because I'm in your store doesn't mean I am a hippy bisexual lesbian who wants to eat granola off my tattooed girlfriend
  • Are there laws in Halifax?

    Sat night, I was downtown on my way to a concert. There were cops everywhere, probably because of the Grand Parade concert and Elton John concert. And of course, there were many bums begging. I have no problem with someone asking for a little help, but f
  • Democracy 250 Is A Steaming Pile of Expensive Excrement

    So we taxpayers are $10 million plus in the hole to celebrate 250 years of democracy for white male landowners. Women did not get the vote until after World War I and Aboriginals didn't until the goddamn 60s. We all should be outraged by this celebrati
  • HRM's Finest?

    Is the Halifax Regional Police seriously understaffed? Or are they having a having a 'racist-alcoholic-sexist-incompetent cop' recruitment drive??The other day, I'm sipping on my dark roast, flipping through my morning Herald when I come across a story
  • I knew Alberta was bad, just didn't know it was that bad!!!

    So I'm reading the paper today and an article caught my attention, which I'm sure some of you are aware of it by now.A trucker, East Indian descent, who lived in ON for 6 years after marrying, and still married, to a Canadian, decided to work in AB. Wh
  • Sally Anne Thieves

    What a bunch of maggots we have in this town, stealing used goods from a charity organization. Using fishing rods and kids held by the ankles, you bunch of cunts have sunk to a new low. You fuckheads must be so proud of yourself for ripping off stuff fr
  • The same telemaketer every fockin' night

    Every night around supper time I get the same call: "Hello, we are calling about your credit card. Although there is not a problem with the interest rate you are currently paying..." When I press the 1 button to talk to the call centre flunky I get cut o
  • MOVE .......... please

    MOVE , why won’t people move out of the way when I’m jogging. And I’m not talking about busy streets, its usually just you and me on the sidewalk pal. You stand side by side and force me to run into places screaming “come on roll your ankle”. I want to d
  • Gloomy Biker

    To the goth girl riding her bicycle on the crowded sidewalk of Brenton Street, Friday evening, September 19th:Thanks so much for the hysterical beginning to our evening. Even though you were in the wrong by being on the sidewalk in the first place AND
  • Crack-berry Whore

    I went to the Elton John concert on Friday night... it was phenomenal! Sir Elton is a classic and is still in VERY fine form. His voice, scrumptious... his piano playing, brilliant!As we were thoroughly enjoying the show, my sister nudges me to show me
  • Ugh

    To the queer guys who do their thing in the window, can you get some drapes? My gf gets off on it WAY too much
  • suck it sony!

    why can't things just get along? I have a mac, I have final cut (editing suite for mac) and I have a brand new super awesome hd harddrive camcorder from sony. should all be great, right? BUT NO! apparently sony decided that THIS incarnation of their came
  • Picture whores

    This is for all you picture whores out there, stop fucking taking 300 pictures of yourself daily and then pissing yourself to get home and upload them to the internet. Also stop fucking taking pctures of yourself looking up at the sky, puckering your lip
  • Parking in the South End

    My street has has construction for THREE months now, and we have been out of a driveway. The notice we got saying there will be construction came one week after it started (yea like i didn't notie your tractors digging up my road dumb fucks) anywaayyy, t
  • no big deal

    To the stuttering asshole that goes to NSCAD and likes to try and hump as much leg as he possibly can: you aren't good in bed. You're awful. Your penis is nothing but average at best and what you can do with it, well, not a whole lot. Get a clue, girls d
  • limo lame-os

    to the immature ignoramuses driving in what seemed to be a circle around the metro centre during the elton john concert on saturday. grow the bloody hell up, i understand you're young and you're in a limo, but come on, yelling obscene remarks at me while
  • 'Sensitive' ears

    The next time some pansy ass painter, or anyone for that matter, tells me to watch my language on a CONSTRUCTION SITE, when I only let ONE FUCK fly, I am gonna kick you right where it hurts. We are on a job site, there is NO ONE else around, with the exc
  • snot cool

    This is directed to the female who spreads her boogers on the public bathroom stall walls in the Brewery Market building. Could you stop please? Maybe you think it's funny, or you're trying to "stick it to the man", but I'm tired of looking at your mucus
  • Shut the fuck up already.

    Yeah, i got tickets to the Elton John concert. I was lucky enough to be logged into at the proper time, and therefore was able to purchase them. So please don't try and pull a pathetic fucking guilt trip on me just because you weren't a
  • asshole security guards.

    To select security guards working the big show a few weeks back:I hope someone makes you feel as shitty someday as the several patrons you belittled that night.Just because you're a HIRED security guard doesn't give you the right to be a fucking douc
  • Shut up small people!

    listen, I respect your choice to spawn. more power to you you baby factories you.but why must you inflict them on the rest of us? long trips on public transport (train plane or automobile I don't care) are not the places to teach your kids manners or a
  • dont pull it!!!

    why do ppl pull the string on the bus when coming up to a major bus terminal, like sportsplex or say...mumford. i dont understand. they stop there anyways!!!
  • My Wish...

    I like the Coast. I really do. I read it faithfully every week. I derive plenty of giggles from Love the Way we Bitch. I just wish the Coast didn’t have to be soooooooooooooo lefty all the time. Not everyone who reads the Coast is a cycling-vegetari
  • can the nice guy bullshit

    alright i've fucking had it, i'm sick and tired of every woman i have ever met calling me a "nice guy". you are all fucking stupid, i don't want to be your "advice friend" i don't want to be your crying shoulder. so piss off with the misleading shit, and
  • I'm poor too.

    I am sympathetic to the people on the streets asking for change, and I know they will probably never read this bitch (unless it is published in paper form).I also know said people can't TELL I'm poor, but it really bothers me when someone asks me for m
  • Ca you afford to vote for Harper?

    So I'm seeing all these anti Dion adds, I thought I'd try one...Stephen Harper wants to allow 16 clean lakes to be turned into toxic waste dumps..Stephen Harper wants to give as many of Canada's natural resources as he can...Stephen Harper doesn't ca
  • Metal Show Meltdown

    Dear tiny girl bouncer who works at the basement metal venue in the North End: Just because I have blonde, trendy hair and no metal protruding from my face does not mean I'm not a big metal fan. The next time you grab my arm and ask for my bracelet after
  • I know where you live

    to the dumb c*nt who dumped his 3 BAGS of trash on Lawrencetown Beach last week. your pay stub was in there, the trusty crows hauled it out, and it blew right into my hand... I dont plan on reporting you, however, i do have your name and address, so if i
  • Keith's fest is a crock of shit

    So this year unlike any other year the only way to enjoy what used to be free music (or a small cover) you now have to win ticket's or get a pin code and that's the only way your getting in, it's nice to know that a somewhat local celebration i've been g
  • train pain

    so I took the train recently. and now my back hurts. WHY? because the designer of said train decided that clearly no one would want to sleep on a train unless they paid the extra money for a sleeper car. oh how wrong. and just like in so many airports wh
  • Racist and sexist

    I'd like to know who would go to see a band whose members are openly racist and sexist. I was at a party for two of my friends and a local band was there (bday boy's roommate's band), and all I heard from the lead singer was n-bombs and jokes about Jewis

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