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  • Sep 18-24, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 17

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  • Savage Love

    Dan says shit is a known known.
  • Green biz
  • Environment
  • Green biz

    Local entrepreneurs are finding that it pays to be sustainable.

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Arts + Culture

  • Martin Belanger's body talks
  • Dance
  • Martin Belanger's body talks

    Martin Belanger's contemporary dance Grande Theorie unifiee mixes cheerleading, hip-hop and spoken word in a collage of movement.
  • Film + TV
  • The End...

    The Hillary Awards, Thank-Yous, and Plans for the Future
  • Film + TV
  • Burn After Reading

    It's ok, no one else understands what's happening in the new Coen Brother movie, either.
  • Ojingogo ink
  • Visual Art
  • Ojingogo ink

    Matthew Forsythe's debut graphic novel Ojingogo is inspired by Korean cartoon culture.


Love the way we bitch

  • Cough....COUGHHHH.

    Why do SO many people in this city SMOKE! and WHY do they have to blow their smoke right in my FACE. You have the right to destroy your health, but not to destroy mine. Be considerate!
  • ARSE-CMP in Bridgewater

    First of all I know that technically I was in the wrong here but come the fuck on! You knew that there was a wedding going on and chose to start pulling cars over for fucking seatbelt violations. Half of the people that were supposed to go and be in pic
  • Water wasteres

    Every day, the Prince George Hotel has someone spray water at every leaf, cigarette butt, and bit of trash on the sidewalk. They continue spraying until the "offender" has reach the gutter. The water wasted is offensive. Please try a broom!
  • i only sell them.

    When you are shopping for shoes (or anything else) and the sales person informs you that they do not have your size THIS MEANS THEY DONT HAVE YOUR SIZE. We want your money plain and simple and if we could sell you something we would.. Bitching to me abou
  • Wishing for some Cricketts

    How the fuck do people raise reptiles in this city? I live in the South End and use to travel to Aqua Creations for cricketts but now they're closing for renovations and I have to go all the way to Bayer's Lake! WHAT THE HELL!!!
  • no apartments for dog owners!

    a big FUCK YOU to all the landlords who make a blanket statement of no dogs in their apartments. just like tenants often need references, a pet can have references to support my assertion that my dog is clean, quiet, and well-behaved. (some) students a
  • Fucking Downtown Leeches

    Has anyone noticed that the bums downtown have tripled over the last while? Have you also noticed they are all able-bodied white males and most of them smoke? You can't walk anywhere downtown without one of those goddamn leeches rattling a Tim's cup un
  • Vacation Pay

    Thanks to my former work place at very small 'university'. I really didn't need my almost $1000 of vacation pay on time at all- especially since you know my EI claim hasn't been processed since you STILL have not processed my ROE more than 2 weeks afte
  • To the lovely 5 dollar bitch

    Where in the hell do you get off treating someone at a local store like that? You present a $5 dollar bill ... only half there. The girl kindly explained that she couldn't take it... and you LOST it.. holy fuck. I only hope you're not in customer rel
  • Don't You Know Who I Am?

    To a certain gay danceclub: If you're gonna change the standards and force people to have 2 peices of ID you're gonna have to advertise it better because finding out while standing in line is not cool. I've been going to your bar for over 10 years and a
  • Hard to Paint in the Rain

    To my neighbours who are sniffing with distaste because the paint job's not finished:Remember August? And the end of July? That's right, it was raining. It rained every day and/or every night. And maybe you aren't aware of this -- maybe you don't hav
  • Your mother should be proud

    To the cab driver who waited while I let myself into my front door last night - thank you.To the rest of you who have dropped me off late at night after a long work day and can't wait the 30 seconds it takes me to unlock my door and get safely inside -
  • Get over yourselves, AFF!

    If I have to watch the Atlantic Film Festival staff pat themselves on the back one more time, I am going to puke (and not because of the one free drink ticket). Seriously, you guys can be as self-congratulatory as you like behind the scenes, but not in p
  • The COASTal Blues

    ok its not bad enough that we now have to "log in" to reply to a bitch. Despite the fact that anyone, whether logged in or from the planet Neptune can POST a bitch. But now, when i try like bloody mad to "register" a name and email with this stupid syst
  • Animal Cruelty

    Why are there so many stories in the news these days involving severe cruelty to animals? Cat in the microwave. Cat set on fire with lighter fluid. Most of these acts appear to be caused by children. What kind of values are parents and teachers instillin
  • Wyse Road Save Easy

    HelloI would love it if The Coast did a story on the Save Easy on Wyse Road. They are owned by the Superstore but they charge more for the same product. Examples PC granola bars are $1.99 at a Superstore but $2.19 at the Save Easy, PC Chicago Deep Dish
  • Shitty campaigns

    It pisses me off that with all the fucking lackies working for the candidates in the up coming election, wether paid or volunteer, there is not enough intelligence among them to create a decent campaign ad that DOESN'T just bash the other candidates. Wha
  • Not so considerate Nova Scotians

    Having moved back home from Ontario I’ve noticed something. Cars will stop for pedestrians to let them jaywalk pretty much anywhere, but the majority of people on buses are hugely inconsiderate.Bus etiquette:• Give up your seat to the elderly, pregnant
  • pisses me off

    people at work and other places who pisses me off. some people do it deliberately i think
  • no more cheers please

    working in retail is a good fit for me for the most part. I like to see the variety of people in the world. But enough with the overuse of the word cheers. If you say it once, whatever. If you say it twice, it's annoying. If you say it three times o
  • stroller on the bus.

    Yes i know i have a stroller on the bus and maybe my child might be in the way of your fat ass trying to get on, but dont make a stupid comment loud enough so that i can hear it about how i shouldnt be bring my baby out and how i shouldnt be allowed to
  • You suck

    Hey dicklock, I heard all about you puking all over my neighbour's apartment, getting more beer, drinking more, and then puking some more (again, missing the buckets), and then after being told by my neighbour to maybe go home, mouthing off to him like a
  • To the person in the crosswalk...

    You can't just push the button for the flashy lights and then walk out into the crosswalk of a 4 lane road at rush hour without looking. I honked because you appeared out of nowhere, out of instinct- Not because I couldn't stop in time. For clarity, I
  • No way we can get this done in six hours.

    This is to my fucking boss who thought we can get five changing rooms done in six hours with the swing machine, plus the regular work we need to get done that night. You will probably yell at us and say we were slacking off. So you know what FUCK YOU. No
  • Here's to the little people ... again

    So I've seen a lot of the people here for the Atlantic Film Festival, I've been an extra on films, and taken part on an ad aired in the Atlantic provinces.. I've met actors at my bar.... man/woman... why are they so small? I've realized Hollywood and Ca
  • Tim's lineup

    Why is it in the Tim Hortons line up people stand back 5 feet from the counter waiting for their's not a bank lineup people, move up already!
  • To you

    Bumper tumper temper teen, is all I have to say to you haters out there in this city.
  • Bike People

    I know that it is great to save the environment, and save money on gas, parking, insurance and repairs...but remember you are a delicate egg in front of tonnes of 60kmph metal. One thought should be in all of your minds the second your ambitous ass hits
  • Intelivote Attack

    To the talentless hack at the Coast who compared - with obviously no research done - Intelivote to Diebold. You dont have a clue! This is left wing fear-mongering at its worst. If you did some research on the technology you'd quickly realize you are comp
  • To the group known as the NSAO

    Now that I have time to respond to your lovely little post on the, I am going to do so. I don't know if it was one of your current members or a previous member, but someone was trying to basically tell me to die. I have not bothered with the NSA

    This morning as I walked to work down Titus and Dutch Village to Bayers Rd, traffic was bumper to bumper, barely moving, with mere inches between cars. And every single crosswalk, at every intersection, had a car sitting on top of it. It's bad enough t
  • Crosswalk safety

    First, let me spread the love...I love cyclists, I love pedestrians. Clearly, they are doing the right thing, the green thing, the thing I wish I was doing. But I'm not. At least, not all the time. However, when I'm not, I really have no intention to run
  • Please take out the trash

    I want to give a shout out to the dirty garbage truck driver who gave a shout out his window to me and my sister down on Quinpool on Monday. First let me give everybody a quick lesson on using a vehicle horn: You'll want to honk this horn when there is a
  • Local Celebrity Schooled

    Oh come on now, before we feel too sorry for our trailer park heroine. How "smart, intellectual and well travelled" can this woman really be? Enough to know that the climate for teaching positions in this province is extremely competative? She had hersel

    Sure you can get better prices on line, but nothing beats the face-to-face transaction when you are buying something.
  • Seahorse's Shite Soundtech

    Unbelievable. First it was embarrassing when you were snarky on the house system with the humble, gentle, talented musicians at soundcheck on the 20th. Then, after Petunia and the Loons consciously rose above your deliberately awful sound and delivered
  • to the fuck whips.

    thanks for letting me go after two days of employment i'am sorry if ican't do the same level of cleaning that you fucks can do. i 'am sorry go fuck yourselves...............
  • I'm allowed to turn!

    So here's to the asshole guy in the crosswalk on South Park and Spring Garden the other day: Yes, I have a right to turn. Yes, I know I'm in a car. This apparently makes me an evil motorist or something , clearly, a state of affairs you tried to prove wi
  • Democracy 250.1

    I recently found out that the HRM councillor in my district will be uncontested in the upcoming municipal election. To say the least, this is a disappointment. Had I known this was going to happen, I might have thrown my hat in the ring, just to create s
  • What?!

    So reading this section, and going from post to post, i noticed a trend of the same people posting the same replies to most of the posts. Mainly meaningless and useless non-political crap. Like the don't pull it!! post.I wonder if you all act the same
  • Bitch bitch

    Even though The Coast is full of biased crap issues mainly of interest to the staff aka best friends for life, I still pick it up to read the bitches. This week, you cut off a bitch. I mean, if you are going to hire your friends, please ensure their edi
  • Small Man Syndrome

    Hi. You may not remember me, but I remember you. The tiny man who so senselessly insulted me as I made my way into a certain bar on Saturday night. "You're too tall to be here". What does that even mean? Yes, I'm 5'11, no I don't wear heels (I don't need
  • I Hope You Enjoyed That Power Trip

    You NEED to have you receipt for a return ANYWHERE. I am not permitted to do a return without one. That's where my manager comes in. Why would you NOT save your reciept? Perhaps you didn't actually PAY for them? I'm so sorry that apparently your daughter
  • wannabe women

    to the guys at the lower deck wearing so much colugne and axe that you all smell like a bunch of 80 yr old women at a saturday nite bingo hall.on the other hand we are having a good laugh at your expense,lol.are we desparate to attract women or what?

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