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  • Aug 14-20, 2008
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  • Savage Love

    Dan says if you want to give, you must first be willing to receive.
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  • "otaku"

    There is a name for people like us
  • Silver!
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  • Silver!

    Canucks short but proud relationship with the bouncy bed.
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  • Get out of our van!
  • Feature
  • Get out of our van!

    Recent notable rip offs of touring band's sound gear show musicians make ideal targets for a quick theft.
  • Fall Music Preview
  • Feature
  • Fall Music Preview

    Meet (and listen to) your new musical obsessions. The cool season kicks into high gear with over 30 album releases from local acts.
  • Meaghan Smith's Shooting Star
  • Feature
  • Meaghan Smith's Shooting Star

    The world belongs to Halifax's Meaghan Smith. She had tea with Rick Rubin. There were turned down private jet invitations and then a major record deal; not to mention a song appearance on a little show called Grey's Anatomy.

Love the way we bitch

  • West End Dope Fiend...

    First off all I would like to say, if you choose to do drugs, drink, smoke, whatever, that's fine. We as human beings have that ability to make our own choices. I smoke the herb DO NOT sit in a busy parking lot, West End Mall @ Access
  • The Armdale Rotary

    To all you asses that come into the rotary, and are waiting to get into the circle, you know that WHOEVER is in the circle has the RIGHT OF WAY. Stop speeding into the circle trying to beat the car coming throught it. You're the idiots that will cause an
  • Holy Mother of God Long Rant

    I work in a call center. I'm not bitching about it. I don't hate it. I'm a student, and it's actually a pretty good gig. Decent wage for a part time job, flexible hours, and a fair bit of down time that can be used for studying, reading, even writing
  • young st. Superstore

    you ignant pig, in a Jeep Laredo, Aug l3 4:30 you were stopped in a x-walk to let a senior walk, then had the nerve to toot at him, to hurry, then had more nerve to jump out and yell "walk faster you ol'bastard"just because you were in a hurry to get t
  • NO JOE?

    Why is it that there is nothing open in downtown Halifax before 7 am. I want a decent cup of coffee ( see: NOT tims ) before 7 am i have to go to Macdonald's of all places on SGR.i would much rather give my money to a local mom and pop than a corporat
  • different is great

    So i go to my doctors apt today and in the waiting room was me, my son and my daughter, then two other ladies each with their daughters.The kids are playing when one of the little girls who i think was Autistic began, shaking her fists, her head and ba
  • STFU Suzie!

    grrrrrr! that trite suzie mcneil song is stalking me. every friggin time i turn on the tube, there's that IRRITATING Aliant commercial, playing over 'n over, ad nauseam.'if you just belieeeve, you can move mountains with dreeeams...'AHHHHH NO, damni
  • The Kitten is OK!

    Mad Dog: This isn't a bitch just a way for me to say that I took your kitten. You were passed out drunk in front of The Granite and I unhooked her from the leash and brought her home. She was hungry dirty and crying, I've fed her and took her to the vet
  • Controlling landlords.

    Please keep in mind, I live in a building in Clayton Park. My landlord is really starting to piss me off. Here's a rundown of what hapened so far:When we moved in, they gave us thre separate move in dates, claiming they weren't ready for us. They gave
  • I don't want a tan!!!

    I'm tired of everyone telling me i'd look 'better' with a tan... Do you not notice i have red hair!! That means i'm pigmently impaired, and even if i wasn't, i probably still wouldn't want to tan. Perhaps maybe it's why everyone thinks i'm 22, when i'm a
  • You Stink, Asshat!

    Yep you, in Tim Horton's QEII. I couldn't even smell the coffee for your putrid hair gel or pit juice. Jaysus guy, you think yer gonna attract a mate with tha? Sheeit, the roofing tar smeeled better! Give it up're ruder..smelling up
  • drivers sulk the devil

    To bikers, truck and car drivers who wave back when I smile thanks after crossing the lights, hats off to you all.To those who drive by or smirk when I do that: Is your face that frozen ? Your sulk scares even the devil.
  • No Sympathy for the Stupid

    To all you dumb asses that buy expensive shit like lawn mowers, pressure washers and the like, and then throw away your receipts; Please stop calling the customer service center and demanding that the company replace your faulty product for free. The f
  • Breast cancer fund-raisin' middle-aged hags

    Yeah, you know who you are. Descending upon my tranquility.It took me twice as long to the coffee shop because of you bitches.Jammin' up the sidewalk with those stupid baloons and your fat asses(and your look-at-us, aren't-we-wonderful, do-gooding smu
  • all cars cost one brain

    there are a lot of complaints from runners, bikers, joggers, and walkers because drivers are inattentive, inconsiderate selfish shits. and every time somebody posts one, car people reply saying that "pedestrians have to look both ways"! sure we do, but t

    Why no updates to the TVCoast page, it has a lot of potential and I know there's a ton of videos tagged on Youtube that would spice up the channel tremendously. What Gives Coast, fix your shit!
  • What's your fucking problem with me anyway?

    Sis: I know deep down you care for me and vice-versa, BUT why do you treat me like shit almost all the time? I'm nice, civil, and always doing favours for you, and you still are bitchy with me! You boss me around, and you question and criticize everythin
  • To the men in blue

    I challenge you to up your professionalism just a notch. While "protecting" our city please refrain from allowing the intoxicated females at the Alehouse from hanging off of you. Rain or no rain at least wait until you're off duty. Reconsider your priori
  • When will you learn??

    I've been reading The Coast for years in the paper and online.The articles change as well as the stiories but 1 thing that doesn;t is the Bitches. Wake the F@*k up people,I think the whole city is tired of hearing someone stole something from you,robbed
  • Quiet Down!

    Hey, roommate: Must you and your boyfriend be so loud when you're getting it on??? I can crank my T.V. or my music really loud and plug my ears at the same time, but I can still HEAR you! Do it at HIS place, is all I'm asking, I've asked you several time
  • fucking morons.

    Living in an apartment building right off of Quinpool is lovely, and convenient, yet almost not worth it in comparison to dealing with the fucking crazies outside your window at all hours of the night, EVERY night.The parking lot always has some doucheb
  • Why aren't cellphone laws being enforced?

    This morning on the way to work I have seen so may people using their cellphones while driving.You would have thought by now that people would know its illegal. You would have thought by now that people would know its dangerous.And you would have t
  • Poison Pot

    I hope you guys realize just how BAD the pot is here. Seriously, NS weed is hands down the worst SHIT we have ever smoked, no offense.It doesn't burn clean, probably because it's been grown in way too many toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, etc, a
  • GUYS....Doncha know.....

    dumping a bottle of smelly hair product or underarm on your sorry pimply self is a definite turn-off! When I can't even smell the coffee in Tim Horton's over your stench in a line up and you call ME rude?????? STFU!
  • re: TV Coast Sucks

    Until this test update, they're hadn't been one since Nov 28 07. My understanding is that one doesn't upload directly to TVCoast, you post your video to youtube, and tag it "TVCoast", the Coast will then upload those tagged videos to the TVCoast page. T
  • Competitive Compensation

    There is NOTHING, and I repeat N O T H I N G competitive about $30,000 dollars a year in Nova Scotia. That is poverty level salary. That is pure disrespect for thsoe of us who worked out asses off on university and put ourselves so far into financial r
  • Penis Extenders

    No matter how loud your car or bike is, you will always have a tiny little penis. At least learn how to use what you have so the rest of don't have to listen to your embarrassing attempt to increase it's size.
  • opening ceremony

    wow, what a dramatic and visually stunning opening ceremony!it must've been a breathtaking experience to actually be there in the bird's nest stadium... i get goosebumps just watching it on TV.way to go CHINA!on the other hand, the $40 billion doll
  • Rude Rude Businessmen Nova Scotians

    Heads up! When somebody works for you, free or not, THANK them for it! It's just basic human politeness or don't Mommy's teach that here in the East? Why is this such a left-field concept for so many of you? ("friendly" Nova Scotians? MY ASS!!!)If I pr
  • Accident report

    Will whoever just submitted a bitch about a car accident please contact me at I can't post this until I confirm the details... got a police agency or other info? Thanx.
  • A different kind of homeless bitch

    I feel bad about homeless people and the situation they're in. I'd like to give them money, but it brings up such an internal conflict.You hear stories about "homeless" guys who live in condos and drive a new car. You see and hear about homeless peop
  • Three Strikes Your Out...

    To the thoughtless, lazy bastard who rather steal than get a job, karma will get you!!!!! You broke into my car twice from my downtown apartment. I will catch you one of these times. Try to hotwire it again, you won't get far!!!!!!!!!
  • Barbeque Bandits

    I have to admit, your quite brazen morning theft of my girlfriends barbeque was quite amazing. How you got down the street with a giant grill has me shaking my head. Despite that, I can rest well at night knowing that I will soon find out who you are, by
  • wifi makes me sAD

    i hate you wifi. sometimes you work..sometimes you dont. i hate you. i hate you.
  • $$$

    I woke up, checked my email and found out that I was accepted into a programme at school. This is a huge relief and I'm incredibly excited!!!However, I then learned that I am expected to pay over $5,000 by Friday.ARE YOU SHITING ME? Where the fuck am
  • I cannot believe people like this really exist....

    I have a friend who is married to a control freak. She is expected to look like she stepped out of a magazine every moment of the day, to diet constantly and is never able to let her hair down for one second. He has told her that if she gains weight o
  • Ever feel like someone's watching you?

    I'm pretty sick of hearing that Canadians are the most polite people around. Yes, we hold the doors open for eachother, we say please and thank you and we stand for seniors on the bus. We can give ourselves a pat on the back for that. But recently I've n
  • Dont hate

    To the FUCKTARD, bitchy, angry tattoo artist:Fuck you, you fucking fuck...YES I saw your hate filled "sorry facebooker but your tattoos are terrible" group, and YES I was part of it. I made it a point to look at your work and you're not exactly spectac
  • Do You Suffer From Runner Blindness?

    Are driving Haligonians actually unable to see pedestrians moving faster than those doing the adolescent shuffle? Is this a genetic/evolutionary trait, or can they just not imagine why anyone would run anywhere if there wasn't a cop chasing them? More t
  • Driving me crazy!!

    The roads were made for cars bitches!!! Props for getting some exercise but stay in the parks, you bike riding fags.!
  • Stop the Noise Complaints!

    Hey - 408! please stop the noise complaints to the Supers!I am watching a movie/tv/play a game at a VERY reasonable leavel - Were my tv any quieter I would be forced to enable subtitles.I have moved my speakers further from the wall, and have placed

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