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  • Aug 7-13, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 11

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  • Savage Love

    This week's column: Dan says that even if a cure for HIV is discovered, we shouldn't just run out and stick our asses in the air.
  • Lincolnville dumped on again
  • Environment
  • Lincolnville dumped on again

    As residents next to provincial dump can't seem to air concerns to any level of government, the stink of environmental racism grows stronger.
  • MIA
  • Sports
  • MIA

    Or, the guilty confessions of a fairweather fan.
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  • Sports
  • Half Time

    How they gonna beat the blonde ambition?
  • A City in Transit
  • Transit
  • A City in Transit

    Every politician supports better mass transit - just ask them. But will candidates for regional council commit to real action to create a transit-friendly city?

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  • Swing Vote

    It's not plausible, but hey, it's a great idea for a movie.


  • Olivier Jarda's smart talk
  • Feature
  • Olivier Jarda's smart talk

    Musician and Rhodes Scholar Olivier Jarda returns home to the maritimes from Oxford, home of Radiohead, and a, uh, big university.

Love the way we bitch

  • Pedestrian Flow

    There needs to be a class taught in school, a 'Pedestrian Education' day, or big fluorescent street signs that direct sidewalk traffic because my fellow walkers in Halifax don't seem to understand how sidewalks work. Like the road, it is customary for tr
  • Hard to find work

    Why is it so difficult to find work in this city? I'm a College grad, yet no one in my field wants me. Even the non-experience retail/lacky jobs won't hire me.Sometimes I think companies want you to come our of College and magically have 3-5 years exper

    I have a twenty minute wait for my connecting bus at the sportsplex, twice a day. you ever stand around for twenty minutes hoping your bus is on time? There are two or three wooden benches that are usually totally occupied and upwards of fifty people
  • To you creepy old men.

    To the creepy old men of the northend of dartmouth, I am a 17 year old girl and I'm sick of walking down the street and having 40 year old men stare at me and say "Hey.". Like GO, what make you think I'm interested in you? Your old. And I hate when peopl
  • Toilet Trouble

    On a nice, bright sunny afternoon, I decide to head out for a walk and realized about 2 hours into my walk, that I was having technical "plumbing" problems and needed a bathroon urgently. I see a convenience store up ahead, where I am a frequent customer
  • Recycle this

    I try to do the right thing, recycle right etc. Return the beer cans for the travel fund, do a buddy a solid and leave beer cans to the shopping cart pickers. So what happens? Some asshole picks out the milk cartons and other non refundables and dumps th
  • Get a real job

    To the woman working the McDonalds drive through last week. All I asked for was some more napkins and you rolled your eyes and acted like I was asking you to run a 20k marathon. Go fuck yourself! It's not my fault you're 25 years old and working at McDon
  • scared of chebucto

    thank you so much to those in power who decided that the chebucto road widening was a good idea. first you take people's property, then you create more traffic in an attempt to fix a problem we didn't really have (this is halifax, when has anyone ever be
  • Right Hemianopsia.

    To the idiot that squeezed me between her car and the sidewalk while I was riding last week-end beside lake banook. One day you will kill someone if you keep ignoring to share the road with cyclists.And if your point was that I should have been on the b
  • way to go, hippie...

    ok, so im a bit of a conservative and sometimes i catch myself "hating" on the NSCAD and indie kids and feel guity. i shouldn't stereotype. but then i hear things like i overheard yesterday and realize these people leave themselves ripe for parody. I get
  • To the PATHETIC COWARD who wont say anything to her face.

    You need to get a life, none of her staff talk badly about her.. they actually all like her! =) So before you go an make assumtions about a woman you dont even know.. I suggest you get to know her. She is actually a wonderful woman! Yes, sometimes people
  • Eff You University

    Why did you ever convince me that you were the right choice for a better life? Why do you have so many of your recruiters out there influencing people like me when they are young and easy to persuade. Why do you convince bright high school students tha
  • Info on Teach in Korea

    Ok, like everything good, once it becoems a little popular, google searches turn up thousands of stupid irrellevant or useless hits when I search for "Teach English in Korea" jobs. My partner and I want to look into teaching in Korea for a year or two s
  • meat meat pizza

    severely disappointed in the lack of cheese and/or veggie to-go slices in the pizza joints in bedford on a horrible hangover day! bbq chicken, meat lovers, pepperoni?! BARF.

    To all the guys who are speeding around Burnside in company trucks/vans. I would like to officially tell you that growing a shitty goatee and driving around like assholes is not the cool thing to do. slow down, lose the chip on your shoulder, stop yell
  • To all coffee finatics, lovers and general consumers.

    If I'm asking if you want your coffee "for here" or "to go" I don't care if you stay, I simply want to know if you want paper or ceramic. If it's not Tim Hortons, I could care less if you want anything but black. If it's not Starbucks, please speak engli
  • Feminists

    This goes out to all my feminist friends. I've read my share of feminist literature- Steinem, Klein, even Camille Paglia (controversial and sadistic-you go Grrrrl!) I've even taken a Women's Studies course or two.My question is this: Why do you think th
  • If I had left you a dime, it would have been a dime over

    So this one goes out to the lovely waitress with the hack of a hair dye job who waited on my friend and I. I don't know what kind of shit you're dealing with at home lady, but you can't just dish it out on us like we're worthless. And just because you'v
  • Jealous or what?

    Alright, I'm walking down the street on my way to work (Robie st. almost by the corner of North).. wearing.. yes maybe a bit see thru but who gives a fuck.. white leggins & a LONG t-shirt covering half of my bum...this chick drives by STARING at me like
  • Computer user

    To the person who was at the computer in the far corner of the computer lab at Alderney Gate Library, you seriously need to grow the fuck up. I don't care how homophobic you are, you have NO right to call me a "homo" or "fagboy" everytime you see me, sim
  • Sickos!

    To my parents: My brand-new king-size bed is not for you guys to have a romp in the sack! Don't think that I don't know you've been banging in my bed! That's fucking sick! Four times in the past 2 weeks, both of you would come up from downstairs where my
  • Encouraging Poor Behaviour

    Crazy, rude, irrational customer - I was frustrated by your name calling and embarrassing behaviour. Now I realize the store is just as complicit as you, in encouraging the worst possible behaviour. If it didn't want such behaviour, it would allow it's
  • A slice of tomato costs 73 cents!

    I wanted to let you know about the lunch I had today. I asked for a half sandwich and soup, which I have had quite often and enjoyed. Today I asked for a tuna sandwich, which was made. It included lettuce and mayo. I asked if I could have some tomato
  • bouncers back off!

    just had a night out which was partly ruined by agro heavyweights. we're tired of lame-o bouncers trying to look cool by appearing to be tough. after you messed up with the math, we were calm and walked. you'll probably never forget how dumb you looked.
  • le

    to a certain spring garden buissness with a french name...this morning i walked by your buissness entrance to see a security guard standing in front of your door refusing to a let an obviously homeless person in.I noticed this blatent act of discriminati
  • crime of opportunity

    So, I locked my lovely bicycle on my friend's front porch on Harvard Street last night instead of taking it with me to Gus' Pub, thinking that it would be safer there, under the watchful eyes of her parents. Unfortunately, I returned to retrieve it tonig
  • The Living Argument Against Inbreeding

    I'll post this link so you know what I'm talking about first. I feel that I have to say WTF???What does Westboro hope to prove by this? That t
  • I've got your dirty secrets, scumbag.

    You'd think that people would be nicer to the poor soul who has to clean up after them, after all I may use your toothbrush to scrub the toilet or put all your pubes on the bathroom floor in your bed.But people who stay in hotels rarely tip.I have to c
  • Nosey Neighbours in the Hydrostone

    Wow. You really are a bunch of uptight bitches and dickwads. Yes, I admit -- I was a bit noisy the other night. However, it was the first time I ever kept it going until that time. Did it really offend that much? Did you truly need to go about, form
  • PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals)

    I recently just came across an adervisement by PETA; an organization dedicated to animals rights... blah blah blah. The ad was actually mocking the horrible death of Tim Mclean, I find it completly disgusting and disrespectful to his family not to mentio
  • Pub Grub

    So I was at the pub the other night with my girlfriend having a couple drinks and waiting for my order when a small army of screaming children and old men and women troll in. They are seated, and they order. My fucking food comes almost 50 minutes later,

    Who voted this guy in again and did they get a smack in the head? So oil is at an all time low and has been steadily decreasing for the past month so why the hell are we still paying crazy prices? New Brunswick's government stepped in and lowered taxes o
  • sick of it

    I walk to work and home again almost every day - I'm sick of the gum wads, garbage and dog shit. I'm sick of the people who feel it neccessary to hork up their hairballs and spit it out on the sidewalk in front of me, beside me, behind me. I'm sick o
  • Attn: Lacewood Dr. Home Depot

    It's 4:30 am and I'm listening to Avril Lavigne's "When I'm Gone". Not only do I hate Avril, but I especially hate her at 4:30 in the morning after a night out on a holiday weekend in the comfort of my apartment. It's bad enough that I have to hear you
  • Dear Bicycle Thief

    You stole my bike out of the hallway of my apartment building on Canada Day. It was entirely my fault. It's not a secure building, and the bike wasn't locked up. The fact that I've been storing my bike in that spot for almost ten years without inciden
  • Fuck noisy people

    To the people residing in an apartment building who talk really loud and laugh about stupid shit: That's great, but close your fucking windows! Some of you are loud as fuck when some of us are trying to sleep! And some of you are really loud during sex a
  • Thanks for the Shiner

    To the douchbag that jumped me at 4 am in the pouring rain. Thanks for fucking up my face. It was awesome to explain to every person I met the past week that I am not, in fact, in an abusive relationship nor am I a professional boxer. Hope you got that
  • Thanks for ruining the concert

    To the family in the frontmost left pew at the Steve Earle concert: thank you for being the most obnoxious concert goers I've ever witnessed. It baffles me how you were capable of showing up at 8:30 and remain stupid-drunk (without drinking anything) fo
  • Something to grit my teeth over

    I'm saying this as tactful as I possibly can about annoying customers.Today, I served this old lady (I'm a cashier), and she happened to be using a reusable Sobeys bag. There's this rule here that we only use Superstore bags for customers to earn PC poi
  • HRM Grinds My Gears

    Dear HRM,Yes it is Natal Day thanks but if you are going to close the bridge and have buses delayed while on holiday schedule dont you think the buses should run on a regular schedule?People work on holidays!

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