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  • Jul 31 - Aug 6, 2008
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  • Step Brothers

    The insanity of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly trying to act normal gives this comedy its edge.

Love the way we bitch

  • Flower Stealer(s)

    To Whoever stole the flowers hanging from my house on Queen Street on Thursday morning July 24th. How can you possibly enjoy their beauty when your heart is a black stink hole? I tended those flowers every morning. Thanks for making me cry.
  • hair butchery

    I hate my hair cut. you chopped it off, so now it looks like a butch mushroom cut, a curly bowl, a fuzzy afro of mom hair. I hate it. at the time, surrounded by you telling me how cute it was while you carefully moused it, I didn't say anything. I though
  • TOO HOT!!!

    To all the beautiful women that work at the cosmetics store.....STOP LOOKING SO GODDAMN HOT!!! I find myself going to the mall now just to have a peek at all you gorgeous ladies! My girlfriend gets mad at me because I am constantly bugging her to pop in
  • pervin at the nude beach

    To the overly suntanned older rebuenesque man who is a regular at the crystal crescent nude beach. I am a mid twenties female who was enjoying her time, going to to the nude beach on a hot sunny day. As far as I am concerned, clothing should be optiona
  • Not-so-legal-aid

    To the law office that sent me a notice in the mail in an UNSEALED ENVELOPE:I commend you on your complete and utter lack of diligence in ensuring the privacy rights of all those that you mail your notices to. I understand the letter you sent me; it i
  • What a SAD place this is

    So this evening, being a nice night & all, my buddies & I decided to head over to citadel hill and grab a patch of grass to chill and smoke a J, take in the view and shit, you know, relax, hangout a bit and chat.Anyway, everything was nice & peaceful f
  • you call that a parade???

    is that it???a parade of stinky cars, trucks and minivans *advertising* their shitplus the requisite shriners and bagpipes?ummm, if you're gonna have a parade, at least put some EFFORT into it, it should be a *spectacle* and about having FUN. what
  • Traffic Idiots

    Two things:1. If you are on a bicycle - you are part of traffic and need to obey traffic rules. That means don't fucking run a stop sign and give me the finger when I have to slam on my breaks so I don't cream you.2. To the driver(s) honking behind me
  • Keep it down!

    Neighbor, why must you make me hate you?I know it's summer. I know it's hot. You like to be outside, I like to have my windows open so I don't boil to death in my apartment. But what baffles me is your insane need to break the sound barrior in your back
  • Quitting

    Don't corner someone into doing something they're not ready for.It just makes them bitter and spiteful.
  • man capri's

    when did guys start wearing capri's? did I miss the metrosexual bat signal here? Knee length shorts- wonderful. far better than short shorts or the dreaded banana hamock (extra gross points if you wear light coloured shorts too tight with no underwear. w
  • Thief!

    Don't roll your eyes and shake your head at me! "I'm appauled by that Security Guard, does he think we'd steal with a BABY?!"FUCK off, lady. You walked right by me through the checkout without paying with a huge box sticking out of your baby carriage
  • Power savings....power shmavings.....

    So the Province wants to save 3 million a year by making us silly servants work 10 hour days and have a 4 day work week.....let me be the first to say f*ck that. The 7.5 hours that I put in a day at this sh*thole are quite enuff thanks....
  • Manners and Retail? What an idea!

    I don't really care how important you think you are, you will never reserve the right to SNAP AT ME while I am working just because you want my attention. Doesn't work that way by any means; if you want to speak with me, alert as if I am a human being an
  • Racists and Hate Mongers

    I am disgusted by all of the media attention that Reverend Fells is receiving. I lived in Digby for over 20 years and grew up there with the Fells family. The Fells are the most racist people I know. They think that every white person is out to get th
  • Hit and Run

    Thanks a lot to the inconsiderate bitch in the Jetta who hit my car while parked at College and Martello on Friday, July 25 at noon. Thankfully, someone more honest than you left me your car info - say hello to the police!!
  • Honour the Bitching Hour!

    1. Thou shalt stay On Topic. Unless the original Bitch is lame. Or you have something funny to say. Or somebody else goes Off Topic first. Then all bets are off.2. Thou shalt not bitch about other people going Off Topic. For the OnTopic Police ar
  • Movie Mom Madness

    Ok, went to see the X-Files movie on Sunday ( Great movie BTW) and just as the plot was getting thicker and more suspensful, out of the darkness came a little voice asking if 'that man is dead' - Come on people - leave the kiddies home when you go see a
  • Salt the damn driveway

    For whoever is responsible for salting the driveway of 218 bedford highway:PLEASE JUST FUCKING PAY FOR THE SALT. 3 times I have slid into traffic down that hill of a driveway - INTO THE BEDFORD HIGHWAY where I've been lucky enough that oncoming traffic
  • So shoot us if we just want to VENT!

    To all you self-righteous people who bash us "bitchers" for complaining about trivial things: Just because we complain about trivial problems/situations/incidents in everyday life, it does not mean we hate our lives and that we're not grateful for the g
  • My green light

    Damn you for blocking the intersection and making IMPOSSIBLE for me to get through MY green light. God forbid you DON'T try and make it through the yellow light even though there are already half a dozen cars ALREADY blocking me. No. you have to go. Even
  • Apt above me

    Listen, I know it's hot and I am really sorry I had to ask the landlord for you to take down your AC. Only problem is it keeps LEAKING into my living room window. Not just a drippy drop, but a river. This morning I woke up to a lake on my living room f
  • Subbing

    dear bitch at the sub shop, i am sorry that i changed my order from a six inch to a footlong. but that doesnt give you the fucking right to role your fucking little eyes at me. ITS YOUR FUCKING JOB TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH BITCH.
  • Intersection Etiquette

    To the lady who stopped on Lacewood Drive yesterday to allow me to make a left turn on my bike - and to all similarly considerate drivers: Thank you. I know you mean well, and I appreciate the thought. However, traffic flows more smoothly if those who
  • Maybe you should think twice about your hippie props

    i went to evolve this weekend because some of my favourite bands were playing. i was shocked at the lack of respect other festival goers had in regards to what they chose to bring along with them. Inappropriate were...1) Kites. kites are dangerous in
  • Beware of flying rats in Halifax!

    This is a different post for me. Not so much a bitch, but an apology. Last night I discovered a rat in my apartment. Using my cunning hunting skills I baited him with some sugar and trapped the lil prick in a laundry basket. I quickly ran outside to my
  • StupidmotherfuckingEIbitches

    FUCK YOU E.I.!!! I have been paying into you for 10 years! Now I get sick, have to apply for benefits through you and you give me a lousy $120 a week! WTF is that? That doesn't even cover rent and bills! Not to mention groceries, medications, and bus tr
  • U properties what is the profit margin

    what is the profit margin on operating a non licensed drugstore without a sign on bayers rd. your tenants apparently dont count for squat but we deal with the bogus clients with the dark windowed cars and stereos all day on weekends and often into the
  • A switch from Bitch

    Today, my birthday, I woke up to a beautiful collection of songs being played on the bagpipe. Somewhere near my house lately, we've been able to hear someone practicing on the bagpipe, and this morning, they chose a lovely selection to play. It got me up
  • The real atlantic pick-up

    Guy! Just because Conan said it's a pick-up joint doesn't mean you can try to fondle me while I'm inspecting my peaches. And in the checkout line, when I'm byiung gatorade, bacon and a Cheech & Chong movie...let me have this day! Find another location,
  • Allan street LPs

    to whoever put out the box of records out on Allan street on sunday. You made my week! after ill be done going through them, i will pass them on to other vinyl aficionados.that find made a nice wrap up to a week of having my bike stolen, health problems
  • Ass-holes at Alderney

    Now I don't see a problem with crowd-surfing if you're relatively light and the atmosphere at a concert is right for it, but those crowd-surfers at the Joel Plaskett Emergency show on August 1st at Alderney Landing needed a swift kick in the ass.Not onl
  • The nicest people?

    I dont get this. Here in the Halifax, people defend the hell out of this city and say the nicest people exist here. The minute anyone says a negative word or makes a comparison, people turn snarky and say things like, "well go back there then" or they in
  • Litterbutts

    Why aren't smokers fined for littering? Do we think that tossing butts onto the sidewalk or street is ok and isn't trash? These people have to be penalized . We have two downtown Barrington offices and we can't have our clients wading through this kin
  • I'm hot and smart... why am I single?

    This is fucking bullshit! I am a 27-year-old smoking hot woman who hasn't had sex since May of 1999! Between 1999 and 2003, I was in university earning a Bachelor of Science with a double major in chemistry and biology. So I dedicated all my time earning
  • Rose Stealer(s)

    To Whoever stole the three roses growing in front of my house on Queen Street on Thursday morning July 31st. Yesterday at least twelve people had stopped by and admired their beauty. Now, there is nothing but a cut stem. Roses are red, you are a jerk, I
  • A Walk Down Stinky Halls

    To all you disgusting people who think it's ok to let one rip in public indoor areas: NO ONE WANTS TO SMELL YOUR INSIDES! All I want is to be able to walk in a mall, store or public area without having my nostrils assaulted by someone's colon stench. Yo
  • not the real thing.

    To the crepe shack on the waterfront: why does your menu have "maple syrup " printed on it when you are using no name aunt jemima?
  • Watch Where You're Going!!

    To the girl who drives her bike around downtown halifax up the wrong side of the street, and then veers across into oncoming traffic WITHOUT EVEN TURNING YOUR FUCKING HEAD... you're going to die. My friend missed running you over with a half ton truck b
  • Stupid Construction

    To the fuckheads who are doing construction on St.Maragarets Bay Rd. Would you fucking stop already? My neighbourhood use to be quiet and peicefull until you ppl came along. Whatever machine makes the dink dink dink noise from 7am til 6pm, could you st
  • East Coast Notes

    A person is great, but people are stupid. That pretty much sums it up. Let's see how random I can be.Guys... when did it become cool to stop acting like a man? This dress shirt, wing tip wearing shit when you go out anywhere is rediculous. Enough with
  • You stink!

    People always complain about strong perfume and cologne, but I'd rather those heavily-scented individuals intoxicate me with those smells than stand, or sit, next to people who haven't washed their hair in two weeks! I'm talking about some of the smelly
  • Why must you sneeze on me?

    First off, were on a bus.. theres 50 other seats to choose from and of course you sit right next to me. Why in the world, when you know for a fact that your sick since I can tell just by looking at you.. WHY would you sit by me? what the fuck is wrong w
  • Council -or lack thereof

    God, I hope to hell we get rid of some of those idiot councilors come next election. One from the downtown is nothing but a friggin' idiot (you just happen to carry magic anti-grafitti paint in your car, "just-in-case"? Do you really think we're as stupi
  • Children in stores.

    I love children. I hope to have some one day. I don't however like children who can't behave. No, I don't believe in the 'Kids wil be kids' saying. Raised with discipline and knowing who's boss (read: Parents) children can behave themselves in most child
  • Jobs Jobs Jobs.. where the frig are you

    Where is the prospering Nova Scotia economy? I look on teh job sites and I see so many jobs at fast food, retail etc that don't pay enough to live. I have a job that "pays well" according to most people yet once I pay student debt (min payments, not
  • an itch I can't scratch

    contacts suck. I want them because I look goofy with glasses. I need them so I can see. but they itch my eyes, they scratch my lids, and I hate having to touch my eyeballs to put them in or take them out. it feels like I'm peeling skin off my eyeballs, a
  • I deserve more money!

    To the company I work for: I've been working at the same job for 6 years and I'm making only a few cents (5,10,20 cents) an hour more than other employees who have only worked -1 year to 2 years! Why? I know it's not the store manager's or any of my shif
  • Smoking Daycare Daddy

    What in the fuck is with this world?I pull up to daycare with my son only to be met by a fat dude smoking standing behind his silver CRV, in the parking spot that is open. Oh well, asshole is proving us with a cloud while we get out and head to the door
  • Holier Than Thou?

    Grow a pair of balls and stop yelling at people as they walk by your apartment. I frequent the downtown-area and while I have been lucky enough not to be the brunt of your jeers (which resemble that of a bunch of thirteen year-old girls at a boy/girl dan
  • Dying for an affordable, decent curry fix.

    I need to bitch about the lack of curry houses in this city. I think there are two, one is very expensive and doesn't do take-out, the other isn't all that great and you can only choose one topping to go with your poppadoms, the rest they charge extra f
  • WTF??? The Ecology Action Centre bashing electric cars???

    Did anyone hear Scott of the ECA saying we shouldn't have electric cars on NS roads because we generate electricity with coal?? Come ON, Scott! We generate with wind, solar and water too! AND individuals can do this at their homes! Are you trying to
  • Meditate on this...jackass

    I'm not saying that the owner of the business is racist but perhaps he should make the time to respond to customer complaints to assure non-white customers that he isn't a complete bigot. I witnessed the whole event - you were walking all around the sto


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  • Tattoo you?

    Barbers and interior designers must meet exacting professional standards, but no regulations govern tattoo artists
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  • Life in the bike lane

    Bicycle czarina Hanita Koblents has big plans to grow a culture of biking here that will leave the auto 'infrastructure deficit' in the dust.

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  • Local versus organic

    What's for dinner: Greenhouse gas emissions from organic flood flown around the globe or pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from "conventional" food grown by a local farmer? Is that the only choice?
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