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  • Jul 24-30, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 9

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  • <i>Just Buried</i> treasure
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  • Just Buried treasure

    Two years after being shot here in Halifax, Chaz Thorne's directorial debut is finally hitting theatres

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Love the way we bitch

  • Tired of people bitching about culture

    I am sick and tired of hearing people bitch about how there is no culture in Halifax.Honestly you look around and see people of all diffrent backrounds, shapes, sizes, colors etc. We are one of the proud provinces to celebrate "Pride week" and have nume
  • Fuck you Paddy Brogan

    I just got finished reading the Chronicle Herald's story on Paddy Brogan in Sydney. This fucking monster was just set free from any responsibility for the death of a little boy when he was admittedly impaired while driving. How the fuck is this possible?
  • from bad to worse

    To the two guys that pulled a knife on me to steal my backpack and wallet on the corner of Summer st. and Sackville st. at 10pm Thursday evening, I hope you shit heads enjoy listening to Bowie while reading my book and wearing the cardigan you took from
  • Bus Stop Vandals

    I wish to God I knew who all you little fuckers were that keep defacing and damaging the bus shelters in this city. We fight constantly to have better bus service but Metro transit and the city have to continually spend to clean up and repair these buste
  • Enough!

    Nova Scotia is truly a beautiful province. There are wonderful vistas and picture postcard towns around every turn. We truly are blessed that our government proudly promotes our natural resources worldwide as a tourist destination. If those tourists k
  • to slowly slipping downwards...

    shut the fuck up you miserable loser what the hell is that about ? too much trouble to do something different ! your sick of homeless people i'm fuckin sick of you and people like you get off your ass and make something do something awww no good
  • Homophobe Stories

    Since I am in such a horrible monday morning mood, I am goign to take out some bitching frustration on my homophobic experiences in Halifax... being post-pride week and all. I seriously think the coast should look into doing an article on how there is s

    While I would LOVE to mention the name of the bank I'm bitching about, I'll play nice. But you know who you are.You just lost my business, you fucking idiots. I make enough money for you to call me 50 times a day and for you to throw high-interest cre
  • noise pollution

    ugh, you pathetic attention-seeking assholes who cruise up/down my street, in your pimped-out shitbox cars, blasting insolent NOISE (cuz it's definitely not fucking music!) over a trunk full of subwoofers that are loud enough to wake the dead. you know
  • Get abreast of the times bub!

    To the asshole driving up chebucto rd on saturday who yelled to me to put a bra on, My tits were covered asshole! Who the hell are you to say I or any woman should wear a bra? As long as my tits are covered, what is to you? you don't like it, don't look!
  • What's Next?

    Man living here has given me nothing but bad luck and headaches. You can't even meet nice people. The more I go out, the more I realize how rude they are here. Not to mention no class what so ever. I can't believe people associate Martini's with status.
  • Who's holding the red pen?

    To whom to may concern at the Coast:Who, exactly is editing the Bitches for "grammar and spelling"? Because they need to be disciplined for not doing their job.
  • fireworks ban

    yeah sure, in keeping with HRM's propensity for asinine bylaws & bans... we should just impose bans on EVERYTHING... hell, let's have a moratorium on fun in general!lord almighty this city's got no soul, and its councillors are a bunch of incompetent n
  • road rage

    what is wrong with halifax drivers now a days, you people dont know or just dont respect what a cross walk is, im sick of everyday i try to take my puppy for a walk i get drivers speeding up to beat me to crosswalks, cars reving thier engines when im pa
  • Bed Bugs

    I just moved into ocean towers. I'm from Ontario and was totally oblivious to any bed bug problem. I have been here for a month now, I've had the apartment sprayed 3 times to try to solve the problem. And still my apartment is infested, I'm still finding
  • to my ex drunk bastered boyfriend

    hey you think you can come to my house last night, say shut up to me. Go ahead YOUR FUCKING CRAZY . you never get any my pussy ever again , i found Someone Else, YOU want to use my as your drunk fist punching bag. even through I screamed for you to s
  • concert on the hell

    I couldn't afford to go to last weeks' concert on the hill and was sad to be missing the Black Keys, a band I love. So I went down to the event on my bike in the rain on sunday afternoon, hoping to at least hear them from the edge of the event. I thought
  • A peaceful walk

    I recently went for a Sunday stroll in our lovely downtown/waterfront area. I had planned for myself and my companion to enjoy a nice walk and a good conversation. DIDNT HAPPEN. I understand panhandling is a way of life for some people and I gladly help
  • ugh yuck!

    wtf is that horrific stench in the air?! halifax smells like a goddamn shithole!
  • oh boy

    So i keep tryin but I can't help I hate this fucking city and everyone in it! You people keep saying your friendly maritimers but I find friendlier people in Toronto. Your all a bunch of ignorant cunts .P.S. you also have the worst transit system I've e
  • Lazy Journalism

    To all the 'journalists' who are making it their personal agenda to slam the new local group 'Citizens For Halifax' : How about you get off your lazy ass and go to a couple of their meetings, or even call them to do some basic fact-checking? Reporting pe
  • Thread hi-jackers!!!

    I'm tired of the assholes on here that hi-jack the various threads and can't stay on topic. Fuck you Miles, Qwerty, et al....stay on topic and don't take this thread off topic!!!
  • You Piss Me Off!

    To drivers on Inglis st: How fucking hard is it to stop at the crosswalk between Bland and South Bland streets? Whenever I'm about to cross on that crosswalk, I frequently have to wait for a break in traffic because 95% of you won't STOP for me! Okay, th
  • Worst of Food

    I have to say that I was disgusted by the pile of crap that was printed in the most recent Best of Food. What a complete load of shit. There were multiple awards printed in this supposed "voted best" issue that left me thinking I must be going to a diffe
  • irony

    one definition of IRONY from merriam websters online: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning from the princess bride: "you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it me
  • I'm sad.

    There's nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No money to spend. It looks as though it may rain but probably never actually will. No good TV to watch. No good books that I haven't already read. No one to talk to about something interesting. I've run out of music
  • Hold your bird.

    What is it with the morons i work with, who are constantly interrupting my conversations? Oh, you have a question for me? Cool, how about waiting for 10 fucking seconds while i finish talking to this other person here, and then i can help you. I know you
  • response to puppy blackmail

    hey idiot, they also sent out reports saying that people had a certain time to get any unnuetered dogs licensed for 10$. and you cannot get a dog neutered before 6 months so puppies still go for the same price. and if you cant put out a measly 50 $ f
  • This is for Town Pride

    I approve of your campaign, positive yet political. if you ever want to sell a teeshirt with one of those crows on it, I'd buy it.
  • greedy landlords

    and while i'm at it (bitching that is, oh the joy), what's with all the GREEDY landlords and management companies gouging tenants in this city?? halifax isn't even in the same league as world-class cities like toronto or vancouver, at least in terms of
  • Eff U eHarmony

    I'm tired of being reminded of how miserable my life is because I have no one to share it with....thanks to eHarmony with your suppertime ads that remind me even moreso....guess I can't find happiness without love....guess my life is worthless....or so y
  • Kind of not a bitch....

    Well, this isn't really a "bicth" per se, just a "life" is a bitch.My uncle found out last Wed. he has lung cancer that's already spread to his liver and bones, and his doctor gave him one week to live. Think this doesn't really happen?? I guess it d
  • This is not Compton!

    Welcome to Nova Scotia- please leave your baggage at the door. If you are not already aware Nova Scotia and Halifax are filled with VERY friendly, courteous and well mannered people. You will not find the same anywhere else. This is small town country. T
  • Tabloid Journalism

    What the hell has happened to the only remaining Halifax daily???Ever since the Daily News died, the other daily has printed an endless series of ill-informed tabloid articles that were clearly intended only to stir up shit among readers. They've gone
  • Beach Balls Smart

    Beach balls are too hard, and hurt when hit with them. I think they should be outlawed. If you attack me with a beach ball that is assault with a deadly weapon, and I reserve the right to shoot....idiot
  • How to be a decent customer...

    1) If the line is long and there is a menu board, look at it and decide what you want BEFORE you get to the front of the line, instead of holding up everyone behind you.2) Do not talk on your cell phone while ordering, as the server will not think that
  • Lick Me Raise

    Wooooo I should be sooooooooooooo happy... I should be forever in debt to my employer. In fact, I am not worthy of being in their presence. They so gratiously and generously offered me a 2500 dollar a year raise. Wow... I am speachless. After taxes t
  • Princess

    To the "princess" who lives in my apartment building.I know who you are, your name, where you grew up, I know your dad and step mom, I know your step brother, and with your simple empty head you seem to not know who I am - we were formally introduced a
  • Why can't people read?

    Response to “response to puppy blackmail” and kate“Hey idiot” right back at ya rpb. Can neither of you read nor calculate? A300 came into force in April 2008. If my puppy is 4 months old then chances are, unless I rescued my adorable puppy from his
  • I'll smoke til I die

    Why dont we have a little more respect for you? Smokers are a minority that is most discrimiated against in some places, and w take your shit sitting down. We aren't even allowed to smoke indoors anymore. Geezus fuck, why dont places put in rooms like Ti
  • Do Something People. Anything.

    As I bike to work following the recycling truck, a street kid/homeless dude walks by and says "Pretty shitty job?" to the man throwing a bag in. He replies "It's not a bad job at all". Fuck Ya!
  • eff you wallet-hoarding whore

    to the asshole that stole my wallet from the women's locker room at dalplex on monday night (between 7-9pm) and then spent $800+ on my mastercard- eff you. i hope you bought something REEEAALLY eff-ing important with that $800 dollars, soooo important th
  • why I love my coworkers

    thanks, office mate. really. I needed this drippy nose and headache. and that pleghm? oh yeah that's good stuff.You look disgusting. You feel disgusting. WHY do you come to work? What's more, why do you come to work and infect others?Just wait. Next
  • Learn to accept a compliment

    To the girl at Peddler's on Saturday, when I said you were pretty, I meant it. Instead of saying thank you or even smiling, you tell me to fuck off. Fuck you, I take it back
  • stunned?? the people from this town aren't

    The Brogan's are arrogant scum with power and influence. You don't f$#@ with the Brogan's and get away with it. You see Paddy's bother Nash is a criminal lawyer too ....sorta the Joel Pink of Cape Breton. They have a rep for being violent, hard partyi
  • get a personality!!!!

    To the idiot at work that has NO personality. You run around the store saying hi everytime you walk by us. You sit in the staff room and stare at us while we eat and chat. Why don't you get some sort of a personality crack a smile or say something usef
  • Biggotty bigots

    I need a shower. seriously. 20 minute conversation with someone who firmly believed that Pride Events are evil and shouldn't be allowed to happen because they influence children to experiement and get involved in a dangerous subversive lifestyle they oth
  • to Hedgyhog

    There are tons of goths who are environmentally conscious and hip to social issues. What better to be depressed about than the state of the world? I think a goth and an emo would not provide you too much entertainment, after one swat they would sort of g
  • stankin' and rankin' all you fuckers who literally BATHE in cologne, perfume and "axe body spray"....please, fuck off. there are certain people who seem to follow this smelly faux shower trend, though i wont specify who those certain people are, but 9/10 times its
  • Kudzu get yer shit together?

    Hey haligardeners, I know you love your plants and want to get the most out of yer crummy front growing spaces, but get those fuckers off the sidewalk. Its a sidewalk, not yer fuckin garden. Im stompin all plants that are in my way, but there actually so
  • why all the fences?

    why are there FENCES erected around all the water fountains? jesus h christ HRM, stop treating us like little children!
  • Just trying to See, and you knew it!

    So "AL" When we first spoke about the .25ct Diamond and 18kt gold ring I was selling , you first grilled me about Authenticity because I was only asking $150, I told you I broke my glasses and I would even throw in a .33ct Diamond and white gold Necklace
  • Spare some change

    It's bad enough that there are homeless people EVERYWHERE in this city, but more than half of them don't even bother asking for change. They just shake their cup at you as you go by. It's bad enough they're begging, but they can't even bother to ask? And
  • awful establishment

    dear 'best' new restaurant,you fucking suck. everyone that works at this place doesn't know what the hell they are doing.also, where do you guys get off saying that you support local and organic food and use them in your restaurant, when you order yo
  • Newspaper Voyuers.

    To all the people who sit in public places and loudly and openly discuss and make comments about people they read about in the paper. Next time you decide to speak aloud and rudely about the people who's actions make the news, remind yourself that thos
  • WTF with Gas Prices?????

    Why is it that when world gas prices go up by a dollar or two it affects us at the pump by almost 5 or six cents per litre but when it goes down almost $16.00 in the last two weeks it only moves down by a cent or two???????? Just asking!
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Balls?

    I noticed recently in my local 'Dirty Bird' a sign advertising their new "Taste of Asia" meal. Mystified, I asked myself: Could they be turning over a new leaf? Are they now serving bok choy, sushi, and nice curry perhaps? I admit, I'm a little naive abo
  • still out there

    I mentioned this about week before pride week. My girlfriend and I were walking down Barrington when someone yelled "LESBOS". We were holding hands. I thought he must be one of the more intelligent redneck, inbred, homophobes out there for figuring that
  • Traded in for a younger girl

    Why did he have to leave me for a younger girl I miss him so much. I cry alot even tho a while since he left. I have tried dat9ing again. But I am so lonely n sad. I wish he still lovd me. I wish I could be young and pretty again. And our little
  • squeegie kids....

    ok so this is to the squeegie kids that loitter (sp) in that lil nook at the QE highschool. you guys beg for respect from the community for your lifestyle choices. how bout giving your community some respect yourself and CLEAN THE FUCK UP AFTER YOURSEL
  • Tired of pride week.

    So, when is the straight pride parade? When do I get to hold up traffic so that I can proclaim my sexuality to the masses? When do I get to walk down the street, hand in hand with a woman, like it's a huge deal?
  • more than company

    I can't stand it when waiters/cashiers/taxi drivers eavesdrop on my conversations and try to join in. I know you're just trying to be friendly, but it really creeps me out. I don't know you. You're not my friend.
  • How's it feel?

    To the former panner skrag who used to work the Willow-tree intersection, who's now camped on the grand parade steps: Feeling the pay cut now, sweetness? Tough titty. I know it was you I saw stealing sick people's shit at the hospital, so my only regret
  • Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

    Dear “guy in the building next to me.”Please, oh dear god please stop playing your bad music ridiculously loud at 5 & 6pm.It’s not the ridiculously loud part that sucks balls.It’s your music. I just don’t know how much more I can take.Seriously, I wi
  • minimum wage

    being paid MINIMUM wage is an employer's way of saying, "hey buddy, i'd pay you even LESS, but it's against the law.'
  • Lost my faith in humanity~

    This goes out to several people whom I've encountered the past week. First I would like to thank the man who refused to have me serve him a coffee at my place of work, Starbucks. Sorry I'm gay, you piece of shit.Second goes out to the driver of the 5
  • Constructing rage

    why oh why must you make me wait so long? I see you with your little sign, you orange vested wannabe demigod, weilding your sign about. just turn the god damn thing over and let me go! There's a line of cars behind me, and none coming the other way...wh


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  • Evolve Music Festival

    July 25, 26, 27, at the Evolve venue, Heatherton, Antigonish County, $120 in advance. 423-0909 (includes camping and parking charges).
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    Maybe I'll be there to shake your hand, maybe I'll be there for Share the band?
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  • Savage Love

    Dan says campfire rules still apply, scumbag.

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  • Halifax Pride Week 2008: Pride moves forward

    As part of a series of inter-generational conversations making The Coast's 15th anniversary, three LGBT activists from across the decades discuss where the movement has been and where it's going. With audio wextras!

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