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  • Jul 17-23, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 8

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  • Savage Love

    Dan Savage says just go ahead and have sex, you dorks.
  • Carbon Tax
  • Environment
  • Carbon Tax

    Death or taxes: Bluenosers pick the former, Canadians pick the latter.

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  • Feature
  • Here, there and everywhere.

    Looking to concert-hop between the weekend's two summer-themed big-ticket events? Of course you are. Here are the deets you need to succeed. (Have a read.)
  • Black Keys to the city
  • Feature
  • Black Keys to the city

    The Black Keys are ready to shake off the White Stripes comparisons and attack Halifax as part of the city's rockingest weekend ever. They just wish a 1971-era Ozzy was here to do it with them.
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  • Hot pandamonium!
  • Feature
  • Hot pandamonium!

    Yet another awesome band in town this weekend: Edmonton's Hot Panda play Summerfunfest.

Love the way we bitch

  • Deerhoof 'Moshing'

    Saturday night at the Deerhoof show two inconsiderate males unapologetically threw their bodies into other people around them making many people miserable. Miserable enough in fact to cause AT LEAST four of them leave. What’s worse for me personally is
  • Clean up after yourself

    There is this thing called a garbage shoot. I know this is a new contraption to someone who lives on the same floor in my apartment building. You take your trash to the garbage room, you just have to open the little trap door and throw it down. Why are y
  • C'est la vie

    Thanks to the heartless asshat that pulled a hit and run on my Civic in the Superstore parking lot on Quinpool on Friday. Now it will cost me hundreds of dollars to fix despite me not even being in the car when it happened. Karma's a bitch, and I hope it
  • The Coast: A Great Read

    dear coast, can you make your publication shorter or less enjoyable so that my boss will spend less time on the toilet reading
  • Save me from Quinpool Road!!

    It's 2pm on Saturday and instead of being able to relax and listen to some soothing music such as Sigur Ros, Quinpool Road seems to be overtaken by some band. While I am all for independent local bands, perhaps one playing this loud, at this location, sh
  • RAP music

    I don't understand it when parents of older teens say things like - my daughter/son listens to that really hard heavy metal (said with an indulgent smile) but not RAP thank god. k wait. does that mean .... if they're listening to megadeth, rammstein
  • Summersonic

    So i went to summersonic, simply to see the Black Keys, and was shock and appalled to see that not only did they play first (opening for wintersleep, basically) but there were at least 3 times the people crowding the stage for wintersleep as there were f
  • So that's what democracy is all about!

    So I decided to take a little time and research this whole "Democracy 250" thing, until I came across the story on how it started, through this link: can read the full story there but there are a couple o
  • Craving Some Green!!

    So, my sister, nephew and I were taking it easy on the grass in the public gardens the other day when low and behold, some dude drives up right next to us, over the grass on a four-wheeler and tells us that we're not allowed to be sitting on the grass! W
  • Attack of the Giant sunglasses...

    What is with this trend of chicks wearing these collosal framed sunglasses that take up half of your know the kind Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham all wear (cos heaven knows they are so cool!!) Seriously, you look like reta
  • Unintelligent Design

    I can't believe that Ben Stein has made a movie (Expelled) that promotes intelligent design. His basic argument is that "big science" is censoring new science that "reveals" the truth of intelligent design. The only real question the film inspires is W
  • Canada Post Morons

    To the illiterate imbecile that "delivers" the mail in my neighborhood:Are you stupid and lazy or just fucking stupid? There is only one real part of delivering the mail that is important, and that is the part where you put the RIGHT envelope in the RIG
  • dear pissed off lez

    first let me begin with saying stop blaming others for your sorry excuse of a pathetic life.*jumps around like a lil child* im a 32 year old woman im 32 im 32* asks myself how old are you again oh year your 32 maybe you should get a job hold it for more
  • To the pub crawl promoter

    You billed this as a record breaking pub crawl. The only records it broke was for being the shittiest, most unorganized event I have ever participated in. My hard-earned $25 bought me a $2 tshirt and the right to wander around aimlessly downtown – becaus
  • Vending Machine

    Why do you mock me....sitting there with all your goodies. You tell me you want $1.75 for a Coke. I give you the $1.75 the Coke. I hit the button quickly as I am thirsty and tired of your teasing. What's that? A new message.... you need another $0.10???
  • Don't Judge A Movie By It's Dead Actor!

    To the person who thought The Dark Knight was only getting good reviews because Heath Ledger is dead. It's 3:16 am and I just got back from the midnight viewing of the newest Batman movie.. and YOU ARE WRONG! Mr. Ledgers character has brought me joy I
  • So... where are all the Alberta Dream Jobs?

    Ok - Everyone talks about how there is so much money to be made in Alberta, it's the place to be. In fact, everyone talks about how anywhere but Atlantic Canada is the place to be to make money. Here is my question: how the hell do people find these job
  • Elton John SOLO: Only in ATL CDA

    Why does Elton John play all over the rest of Canada and the world with a FULL BAND, but when he comes to Atlantic Canada its just Elton SOLO with NO BAND..???Ticket prices are the same right across Canada: $150 for good seats or $100 for shitty seats..
  • tell her in person

    PSST is 10 bucks a shot in the papers, right?so why would someone pay 10 bucks to tell some guy or galhe just had the greater hard-onbeing served by her in a bar,etc?or worse, someone announcing to his gf what a great shack she was last night.why no
  • Smokers have no respect!!!!

    I am sick and tired of waiting at the bus terminal and constantly have smoke blowing in my face!!!! You cannot walk anywhere at the bus terminals without walking into cigarette smoke!YUCK!!! And why do smokers think they have the right to smoke inside t
  • Loud Mouth Bitches

    To My Loud Mouth Neighbours on Walnut. Why do you feel the need to go outside and night and have your loud ass conversations with one another? Has it ever occured to you that its fucking summer and people have their windows open and yes, those same peopl
  • Dear Pissed off Les

    You're a phony feminist, and a fake all around. You lie and you're abusive. Your girlfriend left YOU, we didn't convince her - we only helped her. Your girlfriend knows the fear that you will soon learn. So, fuck Hugh.
  • Bumbling Beazley

    Is it just me, or does our HRM police chief (Beazley) share an uncanny likeness to Clancy Wiggum... you know, that dim witted and grossly incompetent police chief on The Simpsons?
  • Fiz Leltham Has No Taste

    I have read food reviews in this paper that I disagree with but after this week's I could stay silent no longer. I visited "Leorge and Gito's" despite warnings from friends about the food. I ordered the tortellini which was not nearly as tasty as the c
  • Getting The Point

    My 1st bitch here, but after trolling the bitches, and reading all and I mean all of the comments, I can't hold back any longer. Why do you folks, namely Querty, Miles ( from home ), Jammie et all, you know the click Im yakking about, find it necessary t

    I saw you last night around supper time- a group of young people sharing a joint in the parking lot of the apartment building next to mine. What the fuck is wrong with you? It was broad daylight!!!! IT IS STLL AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!!!! Not to mention that
  • Street and Intersection changes

    I went into a City Hall meeting a couple of years ago and proposed Quinpool Rd be set up with the same lane changing signage as on the Herring and Purcell's Cove Rd. 3 lanes up in the morning and 3 lanes down at night. To no avail. Now they have changed
  • Glad when fall/winter comes again

    I don't like this heat we're having. Too much of a good thing. I be glad when fall/winter comes again at least I'll be able to get a decent night's sleep.
  • Non Profit Blues

    I work for a non profit organization. We help people live. Why isn't there more breaks for us as employees of non profits. We do jobs that int eh "for profit" world would make two, three four times as much as we make now, we pay horrible rape taxes on

    This is more advice than a bitch. People, if you're standing at a customer service counter and there is a little bell for service and you don't see anyone around, please ring the bell. We are probably out back folding napkins or washing the ceilings or s
  • Get With It Already

    What seems to be the problem with old men in hats who drive. Wait, let me re phrase that, who can't drive. It seems that they are always driving below the posted speed limit, not using their turn indicators " blinkers for the rest of you ". When they fu
  • Butt-heads...

    Hi assholes. Not smokers in general, but those douches that throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Fuck you. Whenever I am out I see a bunch of people do it. The next time you are walking around, look at the ground. Almost everywhere you look there a
  • Hatred of fat people: Enough already

    Why is it still socially acceptable to make fun of fat people? I read the bitches and I notice the language....stop this and learn some respect for fellow human beings with feelings.
  • House-Selling Bitch-Tooth

    This is going out to the rudest fucking skinny capp who comes into the cafe I work at every single morning with your fucking cellphone glued to your ear. It is fucking impossible to determine if you are yelling at one of your clients on the other line, o
  • Dear Pissed off Les

    You're a phony feminist, and a fake all around. You're a liar and abusive. Your girlfriend broke up with YOU, we didn't convince her - we helped her. Are you familiar with Karma, shes a bitch. Oh yeah, phuq Hugh.
  • Phone message recorders

    They lack a delete-whenever-you-want function. I've already sat through All The Details of some stinkin Offer from a putrid Call Center a few times, recorded in full by my stab-me-in-the-back message recorder, not to mention the calls that go on and on f
  • Dump Shifters

    To my esteemed colleagues on the office floor below, and you know who you are, I shouldn't have to tell you this but I guess I do.When you have to take a dump, use the washroom on your own fucking floor.You come up here, stink the place up, then go bac
  • full of shit?

    They find that there are elevated levels of e-coli at Lake Banook this week and close it until further notice, advising people not to swim there. The news report shows footage of sewage trucks driving around on the beach, they've been there for a few da
  • NS Sucks

    Can someone please tell me what NS has to offer?! Aside from Nature (that sometimes you can't even access) that you get everywhere else?!
  • Why aren't restaurants recycling??

    I went to a popular local Cafe on Robie St. for the first time the other day and I was shocked to see all the empty water bottles and pop cans going in the garbage!! Does this actually still happen in 2008?? Is it that hard to put out a big blue bin to
  • coast..who the fuck does your web page

    who on earth does the web page for the coast, somebody from the community college on a freebie work term? you are making a good profit from the adverts, for crying out loud, hire a pro, it's 2008 for crying out loud
  • To the brilliant Homophobe

    Hmm...what clued you in that we were "lesbos"? I suspect it was because we were holding hands and frankly don't care what you or anyone esle thinks. I'm glad you yelled what you did so that other heteros can see how there are still fuckers like you out t
  • that's my desk!

    listen up upper management: there's a simple math equation you may have missed. more people require more space. not the same amount of space! yes, you've hired new people as we've grown adn that's wonderful- but where did you think we were going to put t
  • Crapy apartment building

    Hy everyone. Stay away from my placet. It might look good on the outside, but the apartments are shit. Not only did they not finish rebuilding from the last tenant, but we dont even have a working fridge. What the hell??They told us 3 separate move-in
  • facebook false cosmo

    i find sites like facebook a kind of an irony. many of these ppl only want an audience so they put their photos on it, like airing dirty laundry.yet they won't reply to you or meet you for a beer. even if they live in the same someone told me,
  • Why is it so hard to find work

    I am wondering why is it so hard to find work in Halifax that isn't in fast food.I am just looking for full time work that is within the Halifax area (southend, west end or north end). I have an undergraduate degree and I am working towards a masters.
  • How about a link on Prospect Rd.

    On the subject of busses and lack there of, how about running a bus out to Exhibition Park. I have never seen such a grossly under bussed city in my life. Here is a spot where there is an event every weekend and I see people walking and hitch hiking ther
  • Paperboy... er... man

    You know who you are. Others know who you are. You take your car to deliver the paper, and idle it while walking up to everyone's house to deliver it. Unacceptable. First, I want my paper around 7, preferrably earlier. Not 9, when I've already left. Also
  • Lower Deck stinkers.

    To all the men at the lower deck who stink of axe and other colgne so bad i can taste it in my mouth.What are you?Sissy boys?Are you not embarrased to walk into a bar smelling like an 80 yr old woman at the bingo hall on a saturday nite?I would be.Its sc
  • Dear "T",

    In my "Butt-heads..." bitch posted on July 11, in which I talked about smokers throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, you commented:--"Show respect for the environment?" You make it sound like they are littering, aka polluting. Listen up, wise-a
  • rogers wireless

    Unfortunately worst customer service i have ever had. -On hold for more than 45 min. for a request that was easily a yes we can, or no we cant.- called a "toll-free" number and was charged.-no one could figure out why and while i was being charged for
  • Beer And Porn Are For Women Too!

    I am sick of all the beer ads with half naked women. For once I would like to see a commercial with half naked men lathered in honey, promoting beer for women. What woman would say no to a bug camp full of gorgeous men? I enjoy a cool beer after work jus
  • fuck you:

    to the useless, waste of life homophobe who insulted my friend and co-worker by not letting him serve your coffee at the Chapter's Starbucks 20/07/08, yah, I suppose I'd feel a bit jaded if no one welcomed me to the 21st century too... no reason to adver
  • fresh cut crap

    are there any hairdressers in cole harbour/dartmouth who can trim long hair on a guy without cutting 3 inches passes where i asked for and not make it look like you put a bowl on my head and cut around it
  • Not Getting the Point

    Bitching about bitches bitching about Bitches. It's just so meta-something. And begging for the comments to "pile up". It's just so textbook "troll".
  • Headphones keep me from going postal!

    To everyone on the bus who gets annoyed if they can hear someone's music playing through their headphones while they are listening to their mp3 players/discman...I have a question for you...If I have to listen to your annoying fucking loud conversations,
  • Assault with intent to flash

    Buddy - great that you decided to rock your Canon DSLR and 580EXII at the Music Room's Elton John tribute show, but you broke a concert shooters #1 rule: NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! You spent almost 2 hours blinding the rhs of the audience every time you we
  • where are your pants?

    leggings are not pants. they don't count. they're underwear- meant to be worn under something else. a skirt, a long shirt if you're daring, shorts, whatever- not on their own. you look like a sausage.
  • Smoking Nightmare

    I'm so sick and tired of smokers in this city. Why does anyone have to tell you not to smoke in busy public areas? There's a plume of reek 20 feet around you. Half a block behind you there's a wake of stink. Everywhere you look there's a carpet of filthy
  • Tip the Bartender!!

    Just because your artistic lazy, rich, or out of Country doesn't mean you don't know how to tip. Remember The bartender is there as a service to you and you should take Notice of the great service they give you. Kudos to those of us who tip Already!!!

    There is a certain apartment in downtown Halifax a very nice one I might add, that requires a security deposit cheque before you even agree to renting the apartment. They say it is because they only want serious renters and need to do a credit check on y
  • Deerhoof

    Tomorrow night Deerhoof plays halifax, I emailed deerhoof back in January and asked them to play halifax sometime and now they are, I wonder I wonder. I'm bitching because they aren't playing tonight and I have to wait. Im actually on The Coast on frid
  • Thorn in my side

    This bitch goes out to that extremely annoying woman who does the Thursday "whats happening in Halifax" on Information Morning on CBC AND who also does art reports in the Coast. Anyone else find her annoying and conceded?Every week she talks about the
  • Puppy Blackmail

    How fucking stupid are these idiots running this municipality. They set up a new by-law for animals called A-300 and I don't think anyone read it. This new law charges a $50 license fee for a dog that's not fixed and $15 for a dog that is fixed. I agre

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