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  • Jul 10-16, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 7

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  • Savage Love

    Dan says not all exhibitionists are flashers.
  • Car Share
  • Shoptalk
  • Car Share

    Nothing says automobile share like the astronomical price of gas and rising environmental concerns. Three business partners - Peter Zimmer of the Ecology Action Centre, Mike Velemirovich, general manager of Hillcrest VW and KIA and Pam Cooley, former Haligonian and current CEO of Vancouver's Choosethical Ventures Inc, have teamed up to create CarShareHFX."If you own a car, 85% of your annual costs are must-pay bills that keep on coming like that energizer bunny even if you drive only 20 or 50 km a week," says Zimmer. "But it's the cost of gas at the pumps every week or so
  • Uranium mania
  • Editorial
  • Uranium mania

    Rodney MacDonald's government considers lifting the lid on uranium mining in Nova Scotia

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  • Hancock

    Wins second place for best first-half-of-a-movie of the year.


  • A renewed Erin Costelo
  • Feature
  • A renewed Erin Costelo

    As she prepares to wow us with a cabaret-style set at the Jazz Fest and an in-the-works sophomore album, this piano-playing songstress reflects on moving back to Nova Scotia and her secret lover---whiskey.

Love the way we bitch

  • What ever happened to good ol' fashioned money?

    Each time somebody hands me a plastic card to pay for their one, small coffee, or anything under $20 for that matter, part of me dies. Why has everyone become such slaves to electronics? Is it laziness?? Go to the fucking bank and get some real fucking m
  • cell phone whores

    Attention all cell phone whores: Can you just put the thing down for the duration of a car journey??? Nine times out of ten, whenever i see someone near miss our car on a turn or nearly run a red, it is because they are on their fucking cell phones!!!!!
  • Mean Girls

    Its no wonder I am gay. Some or alot of you girls are such bitches. Ya all are so scary. No wonder I have barely any girlfriends.I am such a nice guy and some of you want me to be friends and hang out sometimes but man you girls arn't even nice to each
  • ATV-Gate

    What is with the secret sponsers who "gave back" $230K for the ill-fated ATV's for kids fiasco...Who gives away that amount of money and does not expect something of greater value in return?If there is a requirement for political donations to be public
  • Beach Fuks

    To the guys in the piece of shit red car today at Rainbow Haven Beach, who asked me so nicely "What the fuck am I looking at?"...well I was looking at a bunch of losers in a red car, that's what I was looking at. Is your dick that small that you have to
  • Park Lame

    To the similac-loving douche-bags at Park Lane mall on tuesday the 24th who complained about me breastfeeding my baby boy.. what do you think we have breasts for? When he's f-ing hungry, I'll f-ing feed him. And to the dickhead security guard who asked m
  • To my fucking inlaws

    You moved that friday, after your son was trying to re-establish a mangled relationship with his mother, she decides not to tell him she is moving! We find out after we get there to find all her stuff gone. After talking to the neighbors we find that yo
  • Blister in the Sun

    What the fuck?!?! This city sucks so fucking bad in the summer. They have a FREE bus that rides to LIMITED downtown areas that you could WALK to essentially if you needed to or if you really didn't want to pay the TWO DOLLAR FARE to get to but there ar
  • Friend...

    To my friend who loves to get intoxicated and then drive, it's not just your life you risk asshole.
  • The Dark Knight

    I can't help but notice all the publicity that "The Dark Knight" is getting because of Heath Ledger. Hands down he is a great actor and his death was tragic but I cant help but wonder if there would be this much Oscar buzz and publicity if he hadn't died
  • Cry babies

    To the anonymous people who come online to to leave angry comments: Get a fucking life! Instead of waiting til your safely back in your home, why not make it a point to do something about it! Do you think there will be a revolution starting
  • Web site nazi sounds off

    My bitch is about people who post the exact same bitches twice in a row, or three or four or five times in a row because they can't figure out the bitches must be approved by someone. Also, those who don't check to see that their bitch was posted over a
  • Come back down to earth

    To the ladies of Halifax going through everyday life looking even too dressed up for high school prom: Leave your high heels at fact, don't even have them there. They pretty much never look good. Get some cute little flats or some nice flat-sol
  • Flame OFF

    Thanks a lot to the store across the street being rebuilt. I am sure that everyone around you wants to share in a bit of "your lightning" as the fire marshall put it last night as he was putting the fire out after the attempt to set our home on fire. You
  • Pete's!

    Hey Pete's! Turn off your ugly-ass trucks while they're stopped for a delivery and give me my plastic bags for free!
  • you are not anarchists

    To the herd of hippies living in the corner of the commons by robie and quinpool- you stink. literally in this case. You are NOT actually homeless, are you? you're mec bags, abundance of booze and cigarettes, and oh-so-alternatively-bad-ass ripped fishne
  • I wanna go to the Beach!

    Rainbow Haven is 6.5km past the end of the bus route# 61. Why can't Metro Transit extend that route by 6 lousy km so people without cars can get to the beach once in a while? Not even all year. Maybe just from Canada Day to Labour Day. It wouldn't ev
  • Government stupidity

    The Magazine hill has road sign's stating that our hard earned gas tax dollars are being used to fund the Median project.I think this is very funny.Just fix the roads and do it fast .What a bunch of idiots.The money that was used to create this si

    I suggest if you ever *speak* to anyone else like that again, you limit yourself to those that have either come out of, or have a season pass to your va-jayjay. I'm not your emotional tampon.
  • Chocolate Ashtray

    So I took my ten-month-old to Chocolate Lake for his first swim a couple of days ago. The water was fun (though chlorinated? WTF, HRM? That's another Bitch, though), but when we were back on the beach, he spent his time toddling around trying to pick up
  • Grocery

    Portland St Superstore, Saturday July 5, I have a full cart of groceries worth $150 +/- ready to go to the checkout... I check my shopping list and realize I forgot to get coffee cream... So back I go to the back of the store.. There are a bunch of pall
  • Plotting scheming furniture...

    offical notifaction to my desk chair: I've caught on to your fiendish plan to destroy me. you can plot with the coffee maker all you like, but you will not succeed in your plan to decapitate me, trip me, or otherwise toss me onto the floor. you will succ
  • A safe way home? don't think so

    To the cabdriver who kept my roommate locked in your car for over an hour, feeling her up, and taking advantage when she was intoxicated and needed a safe way home. FUCK YOU, EAT SHIT, choke and DIE!! you should feel safe that she doesn't remember what c
  • Canada's Ocean Gay Ground?

    You need a note from your doctor to get an 'accessibility' place.You need veterans papers to get a 'Veterans' plate.You pay a donation fee for a 'conservation' plate (species at risk)What are the requirements to get an 'Oceans Gay Ground' plate?Serio
  • there should be a ban

    where are the webmasters here? the same few people clog up this site week after week with their shit! some should be banned so everyone can be heard instead of just a few peopel with dumb names and dumber things to say. the harbours almost clean- why can
  • noberry like a NSberry

    It's strawberry season in Nova Scotia; time for some homegrown heady goodness! I went to the grocery store, hoping to score some sweet treats, only to find California strawberries! Will somebody tell me what the #$%* is going on!!?? Not at one store,
  • Metro Paper = Recycle?

    The Metro Newspaper is handed to Halifax/ Dartmouth Ferry riders. Most of them seem to be recycling them on the other side of the trip! This means that all that paper, ink, etc are being used for about a ten minute read and then recycled! Maybe there sho
  • no pita for you!

    Just flipping the bird to the pita hole nazi downtown who bitched at my wife for using the washroom when she "wasn't a paying customer" - I was the one who placed my order with HER money! What a dipshit. No wonder the place was empty...or why there wer
  • Horror Scene I Only Read About…Until Now

    This is to the stupid fucks who thought it would be a good idea to take their young girl to Lawrencetown Beach on Sunday along with their three medium sized dogs plus one 3-legged German Shepherd mix. Nice enough scene, quite a family oriented outing. BU
  • Bitch about shuttles...

    With all the bitches about the lack of buses to beaches lately, I just wanted to add one about the lack of ANY kind of transportation to Keji (besides renting a car of course.) I thought camping would be the cheapest way to go but almost $400 for a car f
  • bugs

    will the bedbugs ever go away?
  • i hate people

    someone please tell me whos braniac idea it was to give the source bouncers handcuffs? their fucking fat heads are enough to keep people out of the doorway theyre guarding, do you really need to handcuff non-violent crying females to prove a point? i hav
  • I missed my must pay...

    while waiting in line at the airport to get coffee before a flight recently, I had the wonderful exprierence of watching over parenting in action. despite the fact there was a line ahead of them (giving ample time for food selection and a thourogh rehear
  • Drunk tank

    HRM police are a joke they took me in the drunk tank because they were pissed at me for questioning authority because they searched my friends purse . I had four beers over 3 hours. Anyways the main bitch is. to that fucking over weight prick I met who t
  • Long Lake Fire Flakes

    To the guys who left their large, still-flaming bon-fire going Wednesday night at Long Lake: what the f**k were you thinking?! Did you some how miss hearing about the recent huge forest fire, the need for rain, and basic bon-fire ettiquette? The increasi
  • NS-Fed Offshore Deal

    How is it that the province can claim a victory in a new revenue sharing deal where NS gets $870 million over 15 years... Last year the province claimed our share was worth $1.8 billion and now we've accepted less than half of that? I have not seen anyw
  • chebucto widening

    sneaky, underhanded thoughtless council who re-voted on a closed subject and now there are people losing their homes, their trees, their bit of just breaks the heart. On what freaking city model does widening actually work????
  • segue to pedestrians

    Remember segueing me into traffic while three of you took up the sidewalk? Call me a Luddite but -- well maybe you can "call me" on your advertised cellphone plan. Thanks.
  • Bucking Fackwards......

    WHY is it that the less work you do, the more money you make??? I fucking HATE it when all the precious "bosses" come around with their 6 figure salaries and sit on their fat asses and tell us what we're doing wrong. News flash ass holes -- if you just
  • Not-so-Tasty

    to a certain pizza place on main st. what kinda shit show are you running there, everytime you fuck up my order. i should come down there and take your jobs
  • Poopy bag tree decorators at Long Lake

    To Long Lake Provincial Park Visitors, PLEASE stop putting your dogs poop in a plastic bag and tying it to a tree and leaving it there for someone else to pick up. There is NO someone else and no one wants to pick up your dogs crap. Kick the poop into th
  • Apartments behind the times

    My apartment building does not compost, nor does the super show interest in being involved with the practice. So now, I have to use a bin in my kitchen and dump it in a green bin at a friend's house once a week. Another friend's building composts, but do
  • better brown-nose bedford

    why do they cut down trees to widen chebucto?to let bedford drive faster to halifax.halifax no longer counts. why?bedford has all the money and the politicians know that.pass over halifax, money talks, and the spineless politicians drive from bedford
  • Enjoy Your Ticket!!!

    I am so happy that my apartment building is FINALLY giving out tickets to those who park in the fire lane and others parking spots. I was so F***in tired of seeing people parked in the firelane KNOWING that they would get away with it, because our supers
  • To the Blonde Bitch in the BMW

    Thanks a lot for letting your shopping cart roll into my car and dent the passenger side door in the parking lot of the Panavista Sobeys on Tuesday evening and then jumping in your car without at least acknowledging it or, heaven help us, apologizing. I
  • Why Why Why do you do this....

    Ok here it is...WHY is all I want to know are you always telling me you want to be with me and you have to see me....REALITY CHECK...YOU have a WOMEN ! How many times can I tell you until she is gone I won't be around. I play "the other women" for NOBOD
  • turn it down!

    to all you annoying fuckheads who cruise around town, especially late at night, blasting trailer-trash hip-hop/noise on a set of subwoofers that cost more than the shitbox car you're driving... do you attention-seeking losers have any idea how pathetic y
  • a bad banana with a greasy black peel

    Since when is a banana art? Since when does a full time art instructor deserve a grant to go out and shop for color-complementary bananas??? Ship this exhibit to the Banana Republic with the rest of the over-priced garbage!

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