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  • Jul 3-9, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 6

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  • Savage Love

    Dan says don't be jealous of fuckbots...yet.

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  • Wanted

    Revenge of the nerds turns a nobody into a trained killer.
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  • WALL-E

    How seriously can you take an environmental theme from the studio that made Cars?


Love the way we bitch

  • Public Place Piss-Off

    To the man in Star Bucks Clayton Park, Thursday June 3rd telling an older gentleman that all the surrounding seats to him, although empty were taken for a don't reserve a public place jerk, anyone who has enough money to buy a coffee deserv
  • Asshole Drivers

    I would like to thank the assholes who cut us off in Dartmouth Crossing last evening (July 7). As you may or may not be aware -- because you are the perfect driver -- the lane we were in was a straight and turning lane asshole! Did you not notice that
  • the night before

    Listening to Dennis Wilson before I go to sleep. I dread those 8 hours I have to endure tomorrow. They are the least productive moments of my day.At one point I was wildly unhappy, everything I did was a waste of time. I could bitch books full. traffic
  • a passport doesn't make you better than me

    it's that time of year- schools over and gaggles of overpriveleged students or former students migrate to europe, to drink heavily, see some old stuff, and 'find themselves'. well listen: just becuase I have a job, and can't afford to do that right now,
  • Bouncers

    Can anyone agree with me that the three lowest forms of life in Halifax in order of evolution are homeless people, the squigis, and bouncers.
  • To My Inconsiderate Neighbors

    I am SO sick of your loud and obnoxious music and bass knocking my clock off my wall from the vibrations. For the love of god, get a bloody JOB and let the working class sleep for ONE night!! You have neighbors, some of which are in professions that we
  • redundant BBB

    WOndering why Better Business Bureau is for, other than a Bureaucratic Bitch Box.They don't do anything constructive , do they?Better to Bitch on the Coast.
  • rule #1

    can we make a little rule for consumers... on behalf of everyone in the service industry, the cashier, the waitress, the cab driver...everyone who provides you a to us OR talk on your phone. while you are yammering on and on about 'ashley
  • beep....beep....beep...

    FUCKIN fuck!!! its 6 AM. theres something beeping loudly in my building... i cant turn it off... IM TOO HIGH FOR THIS SHIT!
  • $40, 000 G's in debt and nothing BUTT a sore asshole

    Fuck! That is all I have to say, well not really. So I am being a good bunny today, I’m getting shit doneregistering for classes at SMUIt’s my last year!And what awaits me?A big foot up the asshole!Who makes 97% of the 4th year classes from 4:30-
  • the order of Canada goes too...

    It's not the taliban but it should be, it went to a doc who performed not only illegal abortions but regular abortions?! What the fuck! I am now ashamed of this award that Canada gives out and people should be! Why not give it to murderous people in Cana
  • Fix my Elevator!

    To the landlord of a south end apartment building with a popular pizza place downstairs:FIX THE ELEVATOR!It's been broken for honestly over a MONTH now! I can surely walk 4 flights (how about those up on the 9th floor?) But I've been waiting to have a
  • NSP And Reality Don't Mix

    So this year NSP plans on demanding an 11% rate hike for residential customers (while lowering corporate usage rates) and now they want to force the good people of Nova Scotia to foot the bill for a new 60 million dollar HQ on the site of the old power p
  • Blue Tooth Bitch

    To the ignorant bovine on Oxford Street & Quinpool Road yesterday who blew her Jeep's horn repeatedly to change lanes (and using NO signal light to indicate that desire) - if you stopped your fucking jumping jaw for two seconds, you might have clued in t
  • And the order of Canada goes too...

    Holy Fuck someone who kills innocent lives gets the order of Canada, why not give it to Allan Legere who killed dozen's of people on the Miramichi or give it to Charles Manson..oh here you go you killed innocent children because their mothers didn't have
  • We get it...

    You're gay. really, really gay. princing mincing queen comes to mind. It's great. I'm very pleased for you. now go suck some cock or something and STOP reminding me every 15 minutes that you like boys now. There's more to you than this, but if you insist
  • Infuriating Squeegee Kids and Their Poor Dogs

    So it's Canada Day and on my way to the Keith's Brewery to pick up beer (of course I forgot everything else would be closed) I see about 5-6 of these fuckin' clad-in-dark-coloured-rags squeegee kids/punks/atheists/burden-to-society or whatever the fuck t
  • "Indie" doesn't mean Indiana Jones

    The Oxford Theatre is supposed to be an independant theatre that showcases smaller films and offers an alternative to the massive amounts of shitty Hollywood movies that come to the other theatres in town, but lately all they've been playing are the gian
  • Metro TranSHIT

    Yeah. You heard me. Metro TranSHIT. Don't pretend. You know it's true.
  • sickening sickos

    Who the hell are these sickos who tell dead baby jokes? If you were ever hit with the tragedy of losing a child you would understand that it certianly isn't a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves and it is people like you who make me wish stupidity
  • reader's digest SPAM

    tired of being harassed by Reader's Digest. SPAM and Junk Mail. wtf me? 5 million dollars winner?put 5 bucks in the bleeding envelope, I 'd rather take that, then all that bs and scam from Reader's Digest.Makes a fool of the public. Yet no one stops t
  • Jenny vs. Lilac

    I want to see Jenny and Lilac square off some more on here. I like their banter. Jenny kicked Lilac's ass on the breastfeeding thread though.
  • I've still got the charger

    Dear "Oooh, a free camera". To the sticky fingered shit who swiped the camera from the Duncan's Cove parking lot. I was gone for less than the equivalent of one Beatles record. I asked the other hikers. I asked your neighbors. I left my number. I'll find
  • Halifax Bars

    Man what's up with Halifax bars? They're going from bad to worse. I saw nothing bust skanks and ho's downtown the other night. I thought by now, with all the criticism they'd clean up, but for some reason they got dirtier and skankier. I'd never touch an
  • Supporting corporation cafes from now on

    You'd think being a loyal & regular customer for 4 years would earn you respect at a certain cafe in the north end. You are ALWAYS late with my food. I waited 1/2 hour only to find out that you "forgot" the order. This isn't the first time this has happe
  • Plagiarism: Do It Daily

    Last week, there was an excellent bitch posted about the wish for buses to Rainbow Haven beach. It was one of a small few bitches that was almost universally agreed upon. This is all great and good.Monday, I flip through that other free paper and fin
  • I want the sole truth....

    It's summer. my feet hurt. All I want, is a nice, friendly pair of birks. a comfy pair of birkenstock sandals to get me through the hot days of summer with arch support and ease. but no, this city is awash in cheap plastic flip flops, platform slides, ug
  • Why would any young people stay here?????

    Alright, I'm watching TV today and I see the commercial with the two old fucks sitting outside the TD bank complaining about the new hours, the customer service etc...... I'm sure you've all seen it.Well holy fuck, I'm sure that these two are two of the
  • I Blame Car Drivers

    Thank you to whichever smart fellow threw broken glass on the bridge bike lane, thus forcing me to carry my bicycle the multiple kms back home. I can probably thank one of the many stupid, lazy, self-centred or sadly uninformed car-drivers of our fair ci
  • Fuck Halifax

    There is nothing ever going on in this city. I am a Toronto native and I am missing the big city so badly right now. I look through the coast and can never find anything to do, accept for ghost walks. This city is taking the life out of me, can you he
  • Subject: Alien Abduction???

    Dear YOU,If my memory serves me correct, I have face-booked, called and text messaged you this week without hearing a single reply. Obviously you have been captured by aliens and taken away to another planet without phones or computers! Or… you’re try
  • Youtube Lawsuit

    This is not right. (CNN story)I do not want 12 million books worth of data available to a select's a fight worth fighting, unless you don't care who views your IP address and the data linked to it.
    • What is wrong with Halifax?

      As if it were not enough that we on Chebucto Road are loosing our neighborhood-I had to worry about loosing my job when the bus was not properly re-routed this morning due to the tree massacre. Metro Transit, this is why no one will vote on a proposition
  • discrimination by association

    To the bouncer with the asshole goatee: Did ya get some skin from ANY of the "so called" hotties you let in front of me while waiting patiently in line on Canada Day? I got there a little late and the line up was pretty big. I stood at the back of the
  • No more sushi!

    Was there a memo I missed, in which all single 20-some boys were informed the best way to impress a girl on a first date was to take her out for sushi? Listen up: this does NOT make you creative or different or even a big spender because hey, I have no g
  • Do you take the Merchant Copy?!

    Question. How many times have you used your credit card? It doesn't look new to me. The stripe and your signature is faded. SO why the fuck would you take the MERCHANT COPY? Do you not understand by now that the merchant copy is the one you sign and l
  • Seat Hog

    To the people on the bus (namely the # 33 inbound in the morning) who use the seat next to them for cargo storage: MOVE YOUR SHIT! That extra seat is not for your three bags your carry into the city every morning. What is in those bags anyhow? Next t
  • Thanks alot!

    to the piece of festering cunt that stole the money from my wallet tonight at the commons, thanks, that was my last $40 to last me more than a week. what pisses me off is that you were either a street punk, who is gonna make more than i do in a day tomor
  • The doctor is not in!

    im not a phycologist or a counceller.. hell i cant even spell them..But i am married and very happyIts simple.. to 5 of my friends that are unhappy in their relationships...LEAVE... If youre unhappy then leave...Dont wanna leave?? then i dont wan
  • put down the bible and think

    I've had enough of all these right wing, born again, jesus-loves-me-more-than-you-na-na-na-na-boo-boo types. Face it: we live in an open, liberal country where we are not guided by a book only a portion of the population takes as anything more than a wor
  • AIRPORT Renovations Fiasco

    Why are the renovators/builders at Halifax International Airport being allowed to have so little regard for airport users, and for SO LONG? The work on the road has been going on for months. You cannot pick up passengers anywhere near the exits, and dr
  • starbucks

    "regular" is not one of our flavours of coffee. "regular" is *especially* not one of our flavours of coffee when I just fucking told you what coffee we're brewing today.don't put your fucking change on the counter 2cm from my outstreched hand- I'm not
  • Canadian Fucking Tire Fuckwads

    And I ask you Canadian Tire, who the fuck wants to buy an empty propane tank? Sure, maybe I should have realized that it would be extremely stupid to store propane tanks inside but thats why I asked a fucking sales person. This was of course after I wait
  • Politician has gas

    This bitch is dedicated to one of Halifax's most famous politicians, who will remain nameless. However, unlike most of the bitches about politicians, this has absolutely nothing to do with politics.I work in a generally nice, not too busy gas station l
  • Montana's Cookhouse of Lies

    Montana's is absolutely gestapo about not sharing all you can eat ribs. Even giving two ribs of the countless ribs I could get to a family member who ordered a $15 entree for themselves is taboo.However their new advertisement clearly depicts two frien
  • Halifax learn how to WALK!

    I'm sick and tired of getting stuck behind a wall of slow walkers. I'm sick and tired of people walking obliviously (such as typing a text message) and almost running into me. I'm sick and tired of complete idiots who stop right in front of me and almost
  • Rock Off

    To the dumbass on Church St. who insists on playing Rock Band all bloody day and night. PLEASE close your freaking window! Do you have any idea how annoying it is to try and fall asleep and hear "tap, tap, tappity, tap tap, tappity." And so on and so for
  • Call Centres

    Paying for college I played the whole Call Centre game. I noticed that no matter what call centre, no matter the pay, benefits, environment etc its all the same thing you sit on the phone "if you take a heart attack try to finish the phone call we dont c
  • Fireworks Flop

    This past Canada Day, a friend and I decided to watch the fireworks from the Macdonald Bridge. For the most part, we found them to be a real disappointment compared with the displays from other years.Was this because Dartmouth Crossing was sponsering th
  • Phuq Ewe

    Thank you for convincing my girlfriend to dump me. I hope you're happy.
  • I Hate Apartment Hunting

    I'm going back to school in September to start my masters so am looking to find an apartment. I figure that since I'm currently living in the city it wouldn't be too bad to find a place, either a bachelor or someone looking for a roommate. However, it se
  • No propoganda on licence plates!

    Who came up with the "Canada's Ocean Playground" slogan on licence plates in NS. It's stupid. My plate is saying:"Hey you, driving behind me, just in case you didn't know, I live in a playground in Canada. By the ocean."Other person seeing my plate:
  • Nova Scotia Trend

    So I guess it's a trend now to put your life and the lives of others in danger if you're driving in NS.Yesterday afternoon, on HWY 103, a moron was straddling both lanes of traffic at 90km/hr and not letting anyone pass him. There were 3 cars behind hi
  • A simple request to dog owners.

    To the dog owners in the south end who don't clean up after their pets: Please do a better job. I have two dogs that I have out and about each day, I work hard to make sure that nothing is left behind. I have noticed that people aren't cleaning up alon
  • Welfare-It's NOT For Life

    This is for the life long welfare collectors who frequent the establishment I WORK in EVERY DAY. I see you once a month on "cheque day". A few of you are third generation "collectors", family business is it? You get very drunk and blow it all in 48 hours

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