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  • Jun 26 - Jul 2, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 5

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  • Savage Love

    Dan salutes gay Boy Scouts everywhere.

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Love the way we bitch

  • Bitching on Bitches

    I like reading the Bitches...they're usually entertaining. The "holier-than-thou" comments on the Bitches, however, that's another story. I see the same few names pop up week after week (you know who you are). You post a comment on a Bitch, sometimes to
  • whhyy

    im sick of being all alone in this :big: city. i hope things pick up in september so i can meet some decent people and have a social life again : (
  • Bus drivers

    I am tired of bus drivers. Many are nice or at least civil, but recently I have become tired of being and seeing people treated like crap. And not only that, the treatment is incongruent. Last week I was on the bus and a young black man trying to use an

    There is a certain trio of dusky-colored high-rise apartment buildings in Halifax that are, and have always been, swarming with bedbugs.Since these infested buildings have been gentrified and rented out to the oft-mobile university student population,
  • I SEE RED!!

    I Have two friends that happen to be gay, and their looking to adopt a puppy. They talked to a yellow Lab breader in New Glascow, Pictou County, who denied them adoption of a puppy because they we're gay. He said that he did not want his puppies around s
  • waa waa waa

    I'm sick of all the whining about how "you can't have a business in downtown Halifax." Bullshit. Plenty of us are running thriving businesses downtown.You just have to offer good products and good service, and you can do just fine. Quit your crying, a
  • pee stairwell the guy peeing in the "pee stairwell" joining market street (now abermerle?) and brunswick street yesterday after the fireworks ended- yuck! seriously- please find a washroom and stop using this short cut as a toilet. please pass the message on t
  • Income Taxe

    I know I know. and I pay my taxes but I don't see why it's required by law. We pay taxes on everything, really why does income taxe need to be paid? "Believe it or not, we are still paying income taxes under the Income War Tax Act of 1917. Legally, we
  • Idiots

    To all the drunk idiot skivs who smash bottles on the Commons Skatepark, what the hell is your problem? Sure it might seem really 'punk rock' and 'hardxcore' to smash bottles but people fucking skate there! Falling on to hard concrete and ashfault is bad
  • Airporter Mismanagement

    I took the Airporter shuttle from the Halifax International Airport to my downtown home early last Thursday morning (June 12th). I bought my ticket and was told the next shuttle would be leaving in fifteen minutes, so I went outside to wait. I realiz
  • Do I look like I have spare change?

    It's because I have a JOB. Try getting one.And I really wish someone would do something about the guy who walks up and down quinpool all day asking everyone for "Just one quarter". When I walked by you on my way to work this morning, and I didnt have a
  • police harassment sucks

    what the fuck is wrong with this stupid ass city, with the real crime going on here on a daily basis the cops here are out harassing kids trying to get some exercise, in the one place we've been shoved into, so we would be out of the public eye, and now
  • Idiot grey van cab driver

    To the maniac cab driver with the grey van with dented front left fender who tried to Dukes of Hazard me on Quinpool Monday night, I hope my email to your company results in you getting your slimeball ass fired. It sure looked like Casino roof light 882.
  • Downplaying violence, are we?

    I witnessed a horrifying scene at the Halifax waterfront yesterday. Three men chased down a fourth, began to beat him and then broke a beer bottle, intending to stab him, and the glass went flying into a nearby infant's stroller. a passing tourist attemp
  • Can someone tell me what's the point of a carbon tax?

    Stéphane Dion and his Liberals have proposed a carbon tax. A tax that the Conservatives say will be a tax on all of us. Can someone tell me why the need for this tax? The market right now with oil @ $140.00 and gas @ $1.42 should accomplish the same thin
  • To Dartmouth Drivers

    To all you motherfucker Dartmouth drivers who ignore crosswalks throughout this city: If I kick your car as you cut me off mid-stride through the lines, please, consider that my invitiation to stop, get out, chat and have me kick your idiot ass. And to

    this site is really slow. Your killing my bandwidth, I think.
  • Lint Trap Chronicles

    Ok, I saw a post regarding lint trap common sense.. To my roomate: Stop being such a brain dead idiot. Take your freakin pad off your panties before washing them.. this is sick.. I found your pad (cleaned of course) stuck (more so baked) to the inside
  • Deadly Stupidity

    Enough is enough! Five minutes ago I was nearly killed on the Bedford Highway by a moron flatbed trucker who swerved across a double yellow line and into my lane to avoid somebody on a bike. (Not a motor bike...that's a different rant)Look, I'm all f
  • Opting out of vaccinations

    To the nosy bitch who claimed to call child services, the police and the health department on me because I advertised wanting to find a chicken pox party for my child, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I refuse to vaccinate my child against things that you can cat
  • get a life

    after looking through the bitches i noticed that most of the comments are made by the same 4 or 5 people and they can't just leave it at one comment per bitch, no, they comment like half a dozen times on the same bitch....don't you have anything better t
  • You make me sick!

    To the two sad excuses for parents in the WalMart McDonalds on Mumford Road June 25 at 8-ish:You do not deserve a child. I honestly cannot believe the things that you were saying to your child. HOW on earth do you justify looking at a child and saying:
  • Artsy my fartsy doesnt stink

    I couldnt help but notice that all these people wanting to make the world a better place in halifax are in fact making it worse with their attitudes and lifestyle. "we're so humble and love each other but hate everyone who hates the world, that loves the
  • Grove with it...

    Is it just me or is it the times I live in? More and more people seem to be doing or trying to do whatever tehy can get away with to be obnoxious, loud or just plain in your face. Metro Transit buses are a prime example of this. Everyone seems to want to
  • HRM Lawn Mover Moron

    Today my boyfriend and I took our lunch break in a local park near our jobs... We were sitting at the far end of the park on a bench at 12:30 when a truck pulls up and starts up two industrial lawn mowers. We only have a short lunch break so decided to s
  • Smash this

    to the worthless little children who broke into my car on Allan street Friday night: I hope everything you ever own, ever, breaks just as you're starting to enjoy it and/or at just the moment you need it and can't afford to replace it. I hope every singl
  • 4-way Flashers

    Since when does turning on your hazard lights give you the right to park illegally. Do you think a cop won't give you a ticket because you 4-ways are on. Find a fucking parking spot just like the resty of us have to and stop blocking the alrady too narro
  • Another bicyclist Bitch...sorry

    yes I know..."not ANOTHER bitch about cyclists."well this one is just for the two "racing" cyclists cruising down Gottingen street today. F.Y.I: at a four way stop, cyclists must also stop. As i waited at Russell st to turn left, i saw you from a mile
  • Asshole in the tan Toyota

    To the asshole who blocked traffic on the corner of Hollis and South:We don't care who had the right of way - you had no right to call that guy a "piece of shit immigrant." Especially with your small child in the back seat watching you. What kind of exa
  • pleasure me NOT

    vibrator, oh vibrator, why do you suck? I spent all that money on you, you've got the power, you're a buzzy little champ and then..what's this? a burning on my down-there parts. who's the idiot who designed a vibrator with an engine that overheats when u
  • Wake up call

    I am so sick of this stupid fucking province. You "gangsters" need to realize you live in the FUCKING maritimes. Get the fuck over yourselves already. And all this bullshit about Nova Scotia's lobsters, PEI has the Goddamn lobsters!!!! And the we are fis
  • The grass isn't any greener.

    You go into work everyday at the factory, the store, the mill, etcetera. You do back-breaking work all day that leaves you too physically drained to play softball in the evening. Your boss doesn't listen to you when you say a machine needs maintenance,
  • Done and done!

    I'm taking some advice and getting my own bitch: I hate when people use "quotation marks" when they're not actually "quoting" anything.Plus, the improper use of "apostrophe's" drive me a bit crazy too.(No, I don't have anything better to do.)
  • blow 'em up cowboy

    I am shocked reading about the sex show daycare today in the newspaper, but I'm not surprised anymore to see it happened in Texas. I think that place must be fictional, if not, it needs to be blown off the map!
  • Dear Asshole Tailgaters

    Listen up, asspipes. If I am going the speed limit, it does not entitle you to drive right up my ass. I am not going to speed up because you're so fucking impatient. Suck it up, you bastards. I am not going to break the law so you can get somewhere 3
  • shove it up your ass and light it

    Yes, I realize it's canada day soon. this does NOT mean you get to set off fireworks now! Most fireworks displays are organized and safe; and most people who buy their own for private use have the common sense to set them off in a field or over water or
  • Concert line jumping pigs

    The July 26 Jose Gonzalez show at St. Matthews church was just wonderful. What sucked was all the asshole line jumpers. I went an hour before doors opened so I could get a good seat. When I landed, there were about 6 people in front of us and long li
  • Mysteriously Absent

    To a certain free publication: Its not bad enough that you are putting out a poorly proof-read, badly written and terribly crappy free publication. Its not bad enough that outside my office, the only other competition to you has taken their machine away
  • Don't trip on your garbage!

    To the two grown men who live in our building, there is no excuse you cannot take out your garbage every two weeks. Instead you leave it in OUR backyard for the animals to feast on and our children to play near. You are both sad excuses for men and hope
  • What a relief!

    A bitch with a resolution! I'm sick and tired of seeing our playgrounds, public parks and other areas ruined by graffitti, vandalism and 14 year old phony gangster bravado. So last weekend when I was at a local playground (at 4pm) with my 4 year old
  • Garbage guy

    To the asshole garbage truck driver who almost ran me down in the crosswalk this morning; It seems you need a reminder on the way crosswalks work. So.. if the light at the crosswalk has a picture of a little man walking lit up, it means for the pedestria
  • What you can't have

    I fucking hate the humans have to always want what they can't have. Do I really want those things, or am I intrigued by the challenge? I will forever be unsatisfied.
  • water... please...

    dear city... pubic gardens is open... and yet no water is in the fountain on the commons... the summer solstice has come and gone... and still no water in the fountain... and no canada day has come and ends .. but still no water in the fountain on the co
  • Lint Trap

    Clean them after you use a dryer. It is easy. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were never taught. It is not that hard at all. 1) Lift and remove the lint trap after the drying cycle is complete. (careful not to inhale too much du
  • Bad Bar Boys

    I really thought you weren't like every other asshole bartender there is, but apparently you're not man enough to make up your own mind and instead rely on the gossiping, backstabbing lies of your barmates. Next time ask me. Too were so cute!
  • Reference to Subway Staff Member

    First of all, the employee no longer works for the company. Reasons that he was left go was due to the terrible customer service he gave. I am the Operations Manager for Halifax Subways and we do not hire, keep or accept people like this within our resta

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