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  • Jun 19-25, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 4

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  • Savage Love

    Dans says declining a marriage proposal can do lasting harm to a relationship

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  • Comic blog hero

    Rachelle Goguen's blog Living Between Wednesdays has become so popular she'll appear in Batman Strikes this summer.


Love the way we bitch

  • Yay Alison

    Alison is on here a lot. Which keeps me amused at work. We need more people making more topics and comments to help me get through the day
  • Proactive Agricola Mommy

    Quoth (more or less) a door a few blocks away from my home, on NEON STATIONERY:Childbirth is a tiring process. Mommy and baby need their rest and privacy. So please:1. Call before visiting for any reason. 2. Make your visits brief.3. Make your off
  • Don't Adverise what you Can't (legally) provide

    A leisurly stroll downtown on Saturday chanced my friend and I pon two young females giving out coupons for a new "pay by the weight" stir fry grill near Reflections. They asked us if we wanted free apptizers... since I can barely afford a litre of gas
  • Selfish Jerks

    I swear, the majority of you that ride Metro Transit are self absorbed jerks. Is it so difficult for you to offer a seat to a woman that is 7 months pregnant? Sure you'll offer a seat to the 40 year old woman standing in front of me who obviously didn't
  • Stupid Comments

    Here it is, one of the greatest conversations that I have ever had the pleasure of over hearingLast year, on a foggy and damp summer day, I was at a local bus shelter waiting patiently for my bus to take me home. There were two overweight-mars bars-eati
  • Camera Whores

    This is in reference to all the women who can't stop taking pictures of themselves. Your obsession with your painted face is one thing but you ladies have to come up with a new face or pose. If you go on facebook to one of these camera whores, 99/100 pi
  • Common sense

    if everyone around you thinks you are a crazy bitch, you are probably a crazy bitch.shut the hell up already.
  • Knock, knock

    To the girl in apartment 810, turn your music down. The next time we phone the police you'll be issued a ticket.
  • Canada Is Suppose To Be Free....

    Are you just as tired as I am with all the stupid laws that governments are throwing down our throats?As far as I'm concerned,the only laws that should be applied (in order to be a free Democracy country),are the Ten Commandments and the Seven Deadly S
  • Halifax Traffic

    Why can't more of our city's traffic lights offer a few measly seconds for left-turns during peak traffic? And some of the lights that do have a left-turn signal don't have them activated half the time... what gives?It's downright dangerous to proceed
  • Be kind to the person looking at your account

    It always amazes me how ignorant some people can be. I always chuckle to myself when I see some self aggrandizing asshole try bite the head off some utility cashier because they didn't like their bill... You know, the person with the delete button that
  • Shut the f%*k Up

    I wonder what everyone did before they had cellphones. God forbid you should sit in silence on the bus for a few minutes, or even (gasp) read a book. I am so tired of seeing people with these things attached to their heads everywhere I go. We are on the
  • Smoking in halifax?

    Ha! Not anymore. Our city's smokers are being rounded up and shot.First was making people smoke 16 meters from any intake window or door of a public place. I can understand this, yes.But the bars and pubs? Now it's getting to be so smokers dont have
  • Everything

    Big middle finger to all the jerks who almost run me over daily in Metro's crosswalks. A huge bitch to all the ignorant a-holes who can't say thank you, you're welcome. A huge bitch to the dumb girls who can't walk in their shoes (you so don't look cut
  • Watering the Fucking Sidewalk

    What is it with bozo boy and his hose watering down Hollis and Prince Streets? If he was doing it for two minutes, that would be one thing but I watched this guy spray the fucking sidewalk for nearly a half hour. What a total waste of water for somethi
  • coffee shops aren't for kids

    to the three sets of parents who took their twelve collective small children out to Just Us for a coffee and a chat at 3pm last monday...good call. Kids under five totally love coffee and samosas! And tiny coffee shop tables are uniquely suited for hu
  • Drama Queen from Hell

    I recently heard about what you did to my gf almost a year ago. She went through complete hell. Lost her job breifly all because she took the advise of a house inspector and didn't but your piece of shit house. You are one cruel and mean fag. I feel sorr
  • Appropriate response to "Thank You"

    I am tired of going into Tim Hortons, Walmart, Sobeys, etc and feeling like crap when I leave. I buy my stuff and give them my money, when the transaction is completed, I say Thank You. 9 times out of ten, the person at the counter either says nothing or
  • Lets actually do something!

    To everyone jumping on the band wagon on "we have to conserve resources because fossil fuel prices keep climbing...therefore, food prices, electricity prices, travel prices,... go up too" . . . Here's some food for thought:• Yes, times are changing a
  • Dear Dumb Bitch Yakking on Your Cell

    'A Halifax woman was handed three tickets after three children and an adult were struck at a city crosswalk Friday morning.Police said a car lurched into an intersection at Hollis and George streets, hitting two 12-year-olds, an 11-year-old and a paren
  • Where is Customer Service?

    Why is there no customer service happening in today's society?If I was to have acted the way most establishments(including government agency's)20 years ago,you can bet your ass that I would have been fired.There are so many people out there looking for
  • WTF?

    On what planet exactly is it ok for employers to require employees to work mandatory overtime, for which they will not be paid or compensated, including weekends and holidays (even holidays where others would normally get time and a half)? I understand t
  • What goes around comes around - YES!!!

    Saturday night my husband and I were out for walk downtown and we saw a big group of teenagers skateboarding down a street. They were out skateboarding and having fun, minding their own business - until these 2 drunk, 20-something guys decided to grab o
  • Gangs

    Wtf is up with all these little kiddy gangs harassing people and acting "gangster" sure a few of them have legit ties to REAL crime but wtf, I felt a hell of a lot safer in Halifax when the H's Angels clubhouse was still in Fairview. If you look at the s
  • Damage Deposit

    GIVE IT TO ME! God Dammit, I was suppose to get it 3 days after I moved out, it's over a month now. You first tried to say I didn't give you one, I had to go to the bank to get year old bank records to prove it. Now its proven give me my fuckin money, wh
  • Down the Tubes

    I know a lot of people think the menstrual cycle is dirty and gross. So why, ladies, must I constantly be reminded as I walk on any beach that the overwhelming choice of feminine product is the tampon? It is incredible the number of applicators on the
  • texting

    to all of 16 year old girls who can't seem to pry their phones from their hands: fuck off and stop texting for two minutes.can you not actually carry on a real conversation?when you walk down spring garden road with your friend and your head is bent
  • Police Wasting Tax Payer's Dollars

    Hey cops at pizza corner, (probably rookies) how about you don't harrass people who didn't do anything illegal. Just because you're the law and you can get FREE SLICES FROM SICILLION PIZZA doesn't mean anyone sober isn't watching you LOUDSPEAKER HARASS
  • its a bus-stop pervert

    This is for all the dirty old men who are looking for some afternoon delight for a fee as the pass down windmill rd. I'm not a freakin hooker it not my falult that the stock bus company wants to use that corner. I'm waitting for my kid to get home from
  • the customer is always right

    but learning to shop in places like walmart is not.please stop rummaging thru things you have no clue about and learn to be SERVED! sp and dont complain about "made in china" if you refuse to pay the right amount for canadian made...nobody here in can
  • your "weird mood" is old news

    don't say that the reason for being "anti social" is due to your new found "weird mood". sorry s but you have been in a "weird mood" since september.....a "weird mood" that cost us our friendship bitch
  • All-encompassing music review section

    I'm writing to say that I am unimpressed by the current music review structure of the Coast.Currently, the Coast reviews 4 or 5 discs a week, and only 1 or 2 are of local acts; those local acts almost certainly pertain to the indie-hipster demographic.
  • Helmet Scmelmet

    Hey Halifax Regional Police! Thanks for tackling the city's crime problem by cracking down on skateboarders (some of which are grown men) who choose to not wear a helmet. You now are setting up stings to bust these criminals. What a great way to build a
  • Foreigners

    To ALL the foreigners in my beautiful country. Respect our customs, respect our people and STOP WEARING SO MUCH FUCKING COLOGNE.
  • You need a muzzle

    Dear obnoxious neighbor chick:are you deaf? are you hearing impaired in some way? I wonder as I have absolutly no clue why the rest of the very small building should be subjected to your intense volume at all hours unless you are other-wise abled in so

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  • Skateboard city

    The epicenter of the Halifax local skateboard scene is the Halifax Common Skatepark, but if you have a deck in the summer, the city is your park.

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