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  • Graveyard Traffic Light; Another Halifax Landmark Lost!

    It seems to me that the ongoing construction on Robie street is going to include new traffic lights at the intersection of Robie and Jubilee, has anyone else noticed this?? Dose anyone else realize that this is widly believed to be the only Graveyard w
  • Raw Fish

    The Coast's excuse for a food guide lacks something...could it be a clue?Nice list of cuisines you have. You list Sushi as a cuisine. Last I heard it was a paticular dish like, mashed potatos or grilled steak. What you should list is JAPANESE instead of
  • Spare some manners?

    To all of the pan handlers littering the street of Halifax, would it be so hard when you stick your hand out and ask for some spare change to add a "Please?" You may actually be surprised of how far manners will get you.
  • more like an apology

    Tuesday June 10,to the person driving in the black car, I think on South Park Street (or somewhere near there) where there was construction going on.I was in a small SUV, I stopped at my stop sign and for some reason thought it was a 4-way so I started
  • My poor IQ

    I feel dumber since moving here. Right is not synonymous with "very." The past tense of "come" is not "come" - it's came. And please, learn how to spell. Stupid Haligonians....
  • Empire theaters

    I was super excited to go see kung fu panda i am in line getting pop corn (yay) i get to the counter and they asked me if i wanted butter on my popcorn i agreed so then you charged me! you have a little scam set up because i could have walked behind me t
  • Tag, you it.

    I am getting sick and tired seeing these little rat fucks tags. On Bayer's Rd. it is really sickening, right across the from the RCMP Building, and isn't me, isn't shop owners building owners to get rid of it, cuz that smelly bastard at Bayer's Rd. conve
  • NS Drivers

    NS drivers have to be among the most addled in the country. The 3 cardinal sins that make my blood boil:- slowing down in the merge lane of a highway (speed up and merge morons)- slowing down on the highway before exiting (slow down on the exit ramp t
  • A few more reasons why this city SUX

    The Clippers round the world race was here in halifax and they all left thursday morning, June 12. I never heard anything about it except from my gf, who heard it from someone else. No radio, tv, or any media outlet to be spotted on the waterfront. We ch
  • Why do certain drivers do this?

    So sunday evening, around the waterfront area, nice weather, sun finally came out and the girlfriend and I decided to go for a stroll. We drove to downtown halifax, found a parking spot. another person had been waiting for that spot, then we realized the
  • The Friends you Keep?

    Is your young wavy-haired young female friend a gardener? Did she recently just plant an orange Potentilla (P. 'Orangeade'), a dwarf little-leaf rhododendron (R. 'Manitau'), a unique dark purple primula (P. capitata), 3 dwarf Monkshood, a silver lace vi
  • Coworker

    Fresh out of school and into the big industry of your choice! A few problems however, YOU SUCK! Not only do you have ZERO initiative and leech off of your co-workers, you smell terrible! Like, people have gas, but WTF is your problem? We deal with the pu
  • It's a mad, mad Mad Max world!!!!

    Gasoline at a $1.36/litre. Food- meat and bread going up, up, up....The politicians tell us everything is cool though and not to worry...everything will be back to normal by 2010. Umm, yeah....this is it folks. The end game is here. If you have kids pray
  • Free Metro??

    when are they going to stop making us take one of these free papers?? i thought at first it was just was a promotional thing, but how long has it been?? i know these papers are already printed, but ppl leave them everywhere as garbage on the bus, and li
  • mediocre patisserie

    i live in the hydrostone neighbourhood and have been to the acclaimed Julien's Patisserie on several be brutally honest, i have found their baked goods to be over-rated & over-priced, the taste/quality is somewhat mediocre.compared to an
  • Put the fucking seat down!

    Yo Sandra, Pam and all the other agents arranging pics of houses to buy. Ask or demand that your clients or photographers put the toilet seat down in the pics of the bathrooms and for chrissakes, have them make the beds.Jesus christ, do I really want to
  • Not paying for it

    I am not paying 1.42 for gas. My car is on a quarter tank and once I drive home from work it's staying parked. I live in halifax and work in burnside. It's 9KM's tomorrow on a fixed gear bicycle or the bus depending on the weather. (rain for the week app
  • Red car driver

    To the asshole in the red car who carved me up outside my son's daycare,Just because you have a new red car doesn't mean you get to go whenever you like at four way stops. There's a procedure for those things you know, and we were ALL there before you
  • getting hitched

    to the asshole that i hit!...yeah i hit him, but i hit his tail hitch and it didn't do any damage to his car but fucked up my vechile, and i din't claim it because i didn't want to pay a higher rate, but since you filed a $200 suit for what you CUNT and
  • I wish I could buy books from the Dawgfather

    Thanks DAL bookstore. Thanks for exploiting the fact that you are the only place students have to purchase the necessary books for classes. Thanks for making returns absolutely impossible. Thanks for making the student poverty rate even higher due to you
  • Spoiled Little Brats

    I work as a Sales Reresentative for a cell phone company. i make barely over mimimum wage plus commission. I HATE when customers come in for the stupidest reasons. HELLO? Have you heard of the internet or the phone? Most times you can handle this issue y
  • People in public places with children

    why are their so many bitches on here about people being out in public with children? people have children and they cant just leave them in the car. It is realy hard to find a babysitter.
  • Advice for a waitress.

    To a certain un-named waitress at an ever popular destination for wings on Thursdays. Get some class and learn HOW to waitress. You dont hit on/touch or eye peoples boyfriends. Not only is it disrespectful but it makes you look really bad. I am as everyo
  • hey rubber necks!

    Ok, we all are a tad interested in seeing damage from the forest fire.I ask you please.. on the 107.. if you would like to gawk at the burnt trees.,. pull the hell over!! i took a drive to my cottage in musquodoboit today and almost witnessed many accid
  • Bus-ted idiots.

    To the 5 idiots on the bus today:When an 80 year old woman walks onto the bus and you see she has trouble moving quickly, get out of the fucking seats that are reserved for people with limited mobility. You all just sat there and stared at her like she
  • 10am and waiting

    I wait everyday. I want to scream, …I do. I want to smash the computer… I did. I have no idea what I'm waiting for. It just keeps ticking away and I keep watching it tick. All the wasted shit thats ripping around my skull is driving me nuts. Who's really
  • Hey Moron!!

    I am trying to work at my job at the VG and for the past 3 hours have had to listen to your dog bark and howl non-stop in your car. Luckily it was not a very hot day but I am sure your dog did not appreciate being locked up in a car that long. I hope so
  • Miley cy-wrong

    For all you parents or people that have kids, STOP letting your kids watch Hannah Montana! I hate to be mean to people, but she's a slut! If you are perverted enough (I was), search her up! She has done some really nasty stuff! I think she might have sig
  • to my inlaws!

    I have to add to the poster title world's shittiest friends and family... to my dearest inlaws you fucking well need to grow up and get a fucking life. stop ignoring your eldest son and catering to your two adult children. they already got you in shit by
  • voluntary destruction.

    Late night on Monday. How to resolve this feeling of hope with feelings of resignation. It provides an opportunity for Joe Q. Citizen to be a star for a moment in the sky of opinions about how to do things should be done right. Witnessing the process
  • they paved paradise... to put up a parking lot

    Why does much of HRM look like a sprawling parking lot?The car culture here is outrageous, and everywhere ya look, giant parking lots and car dealerships are at every turn, making the city look ugly and uninviting.And evidently, pedestrians and cycli
  • Parking Lot Cunt

    I hope you end up in a wheelchair someday, Blondie CUNT in the Caravan by MacPhee's who SPED UP to cut me and my two girls off while crossing a parking lot! That is where my daughter almost ended up, because of your insanely aggressive driving, and you l
  • Get a life!

    To all those Jerry-Springer-Guests--Waiting-to-happen who stood outside screaming at Suzanne Boudreau. Everyone agrees that a young girl being murdered is awful. And murderers do deserve to be punished. Especially when they kill kids. But at this point,
  • The Air Conditioner

    It's above my head as we speak blowing the most disgusting artificial air down into my office, if I close the door I could start packing meat on the side. Terrible headaches, cold cold feet and hands (I have good circulation) and a lump in my throat. It'
  • Are you Happy now?

    regarding Panhandles and squegee kids ->illegal as of today june 1st everyone who has bitched about these kids and complained you got what you wanted they are now ilegal!
  • Dear Bleeding Ears Murphy

    Obviously you don't have kids, and hopefully you never will. Most parents would like to go to a family restaurant, other than McDonald's once in a while. And if their child decides to scream while they are there....OH WELL! Next time you take your partne
  • Thief! Thief!

    To the jerk off who stole my bike from Citadel High on the 13th: FUCK YOU! Just because it's not locked up, doesn't mean it's yours. I hope karma anal rapes you.
  • Mean Feats

    There's a guy who asks the same question to a million Haligonians every day from his post by the Second Cup on Spring Garden. That question is: "Excuse me, sir/madam, would you be interested in purchasing a copy of Street Feat?" Only once in my five ye
  • what no messages?

    is it my imagination or that doctors, specialist, etc... do not allow patients to leave voice mails ? does anyone know a family doctor or specialist who can afford a voice mail? I need to know, as I sure won't want a doctor who doesn't take voice mails
  • buses

    Have you ridden metro transit lately? 2.00 and all the abuse you can handle. people will even spit on you and the other riders tell you to suck it up. Well suck this up all you wimps. I didn't pay to be abused i get enough of that of work. Maybe Peter
  • Waterfront Attraction Come and Gone

    The Clippers set sail this morning after having spend nearly a week docked at our Halifax waterfront. FYI - The Clippers are a group of 68' Sailing yachts that are competing in the Round-the-World Race...Halifax is one of the last stops before the race
  • TP for my Bung-hole

    OK, so who's brainiac idea was it to design these ginormous toilet paper dispensers in public washrooms? I can respect the fact that they save money and have to be resupplied less frequently...but why can't a fella get the TP off in a nice neat fold? I
  • SUV Bully

    This is to the guy in a black SUV on Quinpool Rd, Tuesday June 10. You had your designer dog in the back. You pulled in beside me from Quinpool vet., rather than behind me to cut me off. Your 2 brats in backseat laughed and stuck their tongues out as you
  • NS Dept of Health

    I am beginning to think the NS department of health only exists in the form of a website and automated voices.I have been trying to talk to someone there regarding the "Smoke Free Places Act" for 2 weeks now...but I keep getting an answering machine or
  • Birthday suckness

    Hey Halifax, how about throwing me an effin bone here and giving me something to do on my birthday. June 20th is a friday in the middle of the first month of summer and you meen to tell me that halifax's famous bar district can't scrounge together anythi
  • I think that guy was right

    But he seems just a little square. I enjoy reading the bitch as much as anyone, but lately its been less of a guilty pleasure and more of an annoying time waster to read. People are just whining about stuff. Id even rather have nothing than something els
  • Sub-Par Sandwich maker

    To the douchebag working at the "submarine sandwich" fast food chain on Argyle st: Put on a damn gas mask if you can't handle a little colgne. I understand people have allergies to scents, but if you plan on working in the public sector, expect to deal w
  • unauthorized possession of shopping carts

    to those people who are taking shopping carts from the businesses in Downtown Dart and leaving them in front of apartment buildings and on the streets get a life you friggin lazy irresposible assholes. Have you ever heard of the N-300 nusinence by- law
  • White Stripe Exhibit

    Now this is "Bitchin'" i just found out that Locas Billiards (A recent host to a White Stripes Secret Show) in Halifax has put up an in house exhibit which surrounds the entire room - which includes some 43 framed articles, used guitar pick, T- shirts,
  • What country are we in?

    Well 2 topics that I'd like to mention.First one i read in the paper was about the RCMP uncovering a Terrorist training camp here in ON.That's what the headline said. As I read the article, and realized how misleading the title can be, I started to r
  • a few things to bitch about

    1. Why the hell is it so damn hard to find a full time summer job in this city? I've been applying to places like crazy but everyone informs me they can only offer 15 hours a week. I'm a student, I need more than that!2. To the bitch and her family JAY
  • To the kind Taxi driver on Seymour

    Just last week I was driving down a street in the HRM slow enough to notice a group of young students, all with worried looks on their faces. I pulled up behind a taxi driver that seemed to be waiting for a fare, but he got out, opened his door and mad
  • little Mz Muffet

    why oh why do you chew your water bottle? Why?why oh why do you waste your food? Why?why oh why do you ignore your salt stone? Why?We rescued you from the pet store nearly a year ago. You were a little orphan and we love you so.You get only the b
  • Young women...pull-up yer effin pants

    We don't need to see that shit...thongs and lately no thongs...what r-u ho's???? How much will you expose for the attention you so obviously crave?
  • Bitch at each other here

    And not in other threads. I'll delete the name calling, etc., in other threads. That's not to say you can't disagree, of course. Just keep it civil.I'll put up the occasional "bitch at each other" bitch to satisfy your insatiable urges.Seems the best
  • Tipping ain't easy.

    A lot of people work in the bar/restaurant business. I've never been a server or bartender, but I know it has to be a tough job. Remembering all the orders, smiling to mean customers, being on your feet for 8 hours... I probably wouldn't be able to do
  • Picture

    To the guy who took my picture today at Stayner's Wharf: I'd like a copy of it please and thanks.
  • Grammer Natzi's

    The bitch section has become ridiculous and almost not worth reading. Everything that get's posted if they have 1 spelling error the comments are filled with people ridiculing each other.To the Grammer Natzi's out there fuck off this is an online fourm
  • Not one cent more for Tim Horton's

    I am appalled by this organisation. Not one, but two vulgar examples of their greed and their contempt for the poor. They treat their employees like shit and they treat the homeless like shit. With seeming impunity.I for one will not spend another cent
  • Cookie-Cutter Generation

    WTF is up! Everwhere I turn I see the same "gangster" type of wardrobe being worn by the young crowd these days. You know, the extra long T-shirts (which by the way look like "Moo-moo's"), sagging pants/shorts/capris, I don't really know what it is, all
  • Unbelievable...

    I have been reading the Bitch section and I actually agree with a lot of the Bitches. My Bitch is to the people who cannot spell properly and do not know how to use proper grammar. Posting a valid Bitch with misspelled words and no punctuation makes yo
  • Potholes

    Has anyone noticed that this year seems to be an exceptionally bad year for potholes, or is it just me who feels this way?Christ almighty, for the amount of taxes we pay on every litre of gas and diesel, you'd think the roads would be paved in gold!
  • CLR makes me barf

    OK, this magic goo can clean anything but please stop showing me a piss and shit stained toilet during the evening. That before and after shot is just grim. I know some set dec made it look like a dorm toilet but FUCK, that is gross, over and over again.
  • New Brunswick sucks

    Nova Scotia sucks because New Brunswick sucks.World-class commerce does not have a domain in Nova Scotia because nobody wants to drive through the wasteland that is New Brunswick.No good bands come to Halifax because, again, New Brunswick is in the w
  • Salad/Sandwich & Hold the Screaming Children

    So you want to go out for lunch/dinner but you don't want to listen to someone's screaming kids in the restaurant. TIP: ask the server "Could you please seat us away from any children?" Works every time! Enjoy your meal in peace and save your ears.
  • Cigarette ad

    What the schwack is with the ad for Players cigarettes in the Coast this week?! Isn't that supposed to be illegal in Canada?
  • missing threads

    I am pissed about losing my favorite sweater, but this isn't so much a rant, as a plea. I lost it the night of Rockin' the Gayborhood at Hell's Kitchen- huge hood, wide elbow length sleeves, long ties that wrap around the hips and a neutral plum/grey co
  • summer school blues

    why does Dal completely disregard the fact that plenty of students are there during the summer?1) give us a bus pass2) dont let tim hortons close3) killam hours should be the same, we have exams too!just an fyi...WE ARE PAYING THE SAME AMOUNT AS FALL
  • No Passing Lane

    Construction on the 102 between Enfield and Miller Lake has traffic at a standstill most of the time. I understand the need for road construction. My bitch is for all of those drivers who INSIST on passing AFTER the NO PASSING sign!! You speed ahead in t
  • Babies

    Heres a tip for all the idiots out there : Stop having babies!!! I am tired of getting on the bus and seeing these people that are younger then me (I'm 30) with 2-4 kids. I understand that things can happen when you are younger, and maybe pregnancies can
  • You Little Mother effers, Lucky I didnt catch up to you

    To the little mother fuckers in Sambro who stole my 350 dollar motorcycle helmet during the 5 minutes i was away form my bike... i hope you crash, burn and die. I SAW YOU, i have seen you int he area before and I WILL see you again and it won't be fucki


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