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  • Jun 5-11, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 2

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  • Faux democracy
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  • Faux democracy

    Public consultation is a rigged game, a lie designed to mislead and disenfranchise citizens and give cover for public officials to do what they were going to do anyway.
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  • Savage Love

    Dan says dump her, no matter how far she's moved to be with you.
  • Ride On!
  • Shoptalk
  • Ride On!

    Women/Identified Bike Maintenance and Repair

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  • Summer schooling
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  • Summer schooling

    No need to sweat, there are plenty of new DVD releases that will keep you cool during the season’s hottest days.


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  • For the record

    David Myles' new album, On the Line, reflects an artist who's found his voice.

Love the way we bitch

  • BAD BAD Bus Drivers

    It's called a shoulder check. Drivers are meant to do it BEFORE pulling into traffic. It's the most basic of driving skills, yet, our bus drivers, professional drivers, don't seem to have this concept down. Hell they have great big buses other vehicles c
  • Flower Pickers

    On behalf of the children who attend the daycare on Cunard Street. Thank you so much to the person or persons for picking all of our flowers we planted out of our garden planters in the front of our daycare. It certainly doesn't teach children to respe
  • Rules of the Road are for EVERYBODY

    Dear Cyclists,I know you’re all super-special because you get your special pants and your special headgear and your special smug “I’m-not-polluting-and-getting-a-workout” attitude, and that’s okay. But remember, YOU share the road just the same as the
  • Surprise

    Surprise! I gave you bacon on your Geek Salad, your welcome! Hope you enjoy the flavor of murder! (I Don't actually think that, its just for dramatic effect) How the fuck does Bacon get on a geek salad? ok the flavor was good, but it fuckin grossed me ou
  • No names in Bitches

    That includes names of small businesses. Doesn't matter how many times you try to post it, we're not going to allow it.
  • Dear HRM

    Thanks for tearing up the road in front of both my driveways AND cutting off my hot water! It's not like I had to go to work today or anything. Next time have the courtesy to give me a wrap around before you fuck my day up.
  • Historical Eyesore On Ochterloney St.

    Okay, WHY in the name of God, is Greenvale School STILL standing?! For Cryin' out loud, the place is in such total disrepair,plus the fact that it's taking up valuable space where other more FUNCTIONAL buildings could be...such as new condos! God
  • Check-out

    To the guy that rang me through at a store on Young that will go unnamed I would love to know why you were so rude to me when I came up to pay for the stack of crap I didn't need to buy from your store. I was really excited to finally make it in and I l
  • you are gross

    you are a fat bitch. can you stop plowing food into your face for 5 mins? go figure you cant get a date with a guy. you constantly sweat and you smell like cheese. here's a cpl tips for you... 1/ salt doesnt go on top of pizza, 2/ if you're going to sit
  • yawn city

    ugh, why is halifax such a terminally boring, stagnant shithole of a place??
  • ****

    I think garbage day smells like ****.
  • Flower pickers response

    Sorry I had to respond to comments on the flower pickers here but for some reason cannot get in to comments section. Those two comments were great to receive! To bobbi we would love you to help refurbish the flowers this will teach so much to the child
  • your breakfast is crap

    Went to one of my old favs, a little ol dependable restaurant on Quinpool the other day. You know the old mom and pop type place. Used to love it cause I could go in alone, feel comfortable.. good food and always good service.What in the heck is happ
  • Bitching or Whining

    It time to start bitching about the whiners OR is that whining about there bitching.It takes approx 2 seconds to go from Bitch Mode to Whine Mode and another 1/8 of a second to catch your breath to go from Whine Mode to Bitch Mode. Save your breath a
  • Hammonds Plain Graffiti

    Dear little boys, Destroying somebody else's work is not cool. Hopefully when you grow up, you will realize this. Until then, stop defacing public property!!!!!
  • Common Courtesy

    So when did we stop showing our appreciation to other drivers when they let us into a line of waiting traffic? I cannot count the amount of times I have stopped to let some car go in front of me - when I do not have to - and they do not wave acknowledge
  • Escalate already!

    Alright here's the deal. Why is it that when your going up an escalator you always run into people who stop on it. They're still stairs! Can you not walk? You'll use a stairmaster but then won't even use an actual set of stairs. Do the mechanical specifi
  • Fuck off with the walkmans on the bus already

    Metro Transit really should start enforcing some of the rules that they have printed in their riders guide. I find that lately the volume of other people playing their walkman's is becoming intolerable and the drivers are either oblivious to it or are af
  • Bad Drivers, Bruised knees.

    Too all Metro Transit drivers with lead feet; Please remember that a passanger needs to get past the yellow line, before you hit the gas to venture to your next stop. Otherwise they are unable to hold onto anything, or sit down and consiquently thrown in
  • Sorry

    Whoever you are, you parked close to my car at the mall in Halifax... or so I thought. (One aisle across was my car.) I thought my car was the one you parked beside. (And inches from mind you) So I look and there it is.. a fucking scratch on my nice n
  • Lame-o-rama

    To the woman who swiped a blouse out of my cart while I was in the dressing room trying things on at a local thrift store:That was just lame. You saw me put that red blouse into my cart, then you followed me to the change room. When I went in to try

    If you're going to take the bus, figure out what bus you're taking BEFOREHAND. I am so sick of people stopping the bus just to ask "do you go this way..." There are so many ways you could find this out without inconviencing, not only a bus load of people
  • Matt Mays You Suck

    Being woke up at 3:50 am on a Monday morning by the blaring music of Matt Mays and El Torpedo isn't a very nice way to start the week. To the crew filming the Matt Mays video in the south end . . . have some respect for people that work during the week!!
  • Walkmans

    Just got the paper copy of the Coast and saw the bitch about Walkmans. Maybe the original poster shouldn't have referred to all music players as "Walkmans" but I can't believe the idiotic replies. Even worse, the stupid replies were printed. My MP3 playe
  • Close Parker

    hey, you with the little shitty red golf. You park in the parking lot on seymour street at my building but you don't live here. If you fucking park that close to my car again I am going to do damage! not only did you come within inches of my car but y
  •  Gnocci at Fid, No Comparison

    At DaMaurizio's we Have an elite Chef let's call him A, who has mastered not only pasta perfection and the art of kitchen service but he has THE BEST GNOCCI in town BAR NONE. That shit about the paddle is shit! My Mom who is a good cook recently ate at
  • Dear Crazy Guy

    Please stay the hell out of my store from now on. Your insane ramblings are no longer welcome, it is time to move on.
  • Coast Ads

    Car ads? American Apparel? Cigarettes? Cellphones? The Coast is starting to hurt my eyes (and heart.) Come on, step away from the awful corporate propaganda...
  • Get Out Of My Way!

    Why must groups of people stand in front of the doors on the bus even when there are a million seats available and space to stand in the middle of the bus. I don't really want to have to fight my way through all of you sweaty people to get off the bus.
  • Seriously... get with the times!

    To the city of Halifax and the majority of the people in it! Get with the fucking times! We are so behind in everything it is ridiculous! Stop trying to live in the past and start updating the god for saken city! All the fucking old geezers out there!? S
  • Active Transportation Plan?

    According to this week's "Sustainable City" in the coast, HRM's new Active Transportation Plan includes bike lanes in any new road upgrades. QUESTION: What about the large section of Robie Street they have just torn up? It is one of the main arteries
  • Smelly Bus

    I think its time that Metro Transit goes scent free! This morning I got on the bus and almost gagged to death on the smell of scented products coming off of someone. Which was a surprise to me, as most workplaces have a scent free policy. Another time my
  • It's "share the road" time again...

    Dear Motorist:OK. You don't like me, and I don't like you. I don't mean ALL motorists. Just certain ones. You know who you are. You refuse to acknowledge my right to be on the road, and it eats your guts that the law is on my side. I ride a
  • Stupid People on the bus

    Whenever I am on the bus especially the lower floor buses, I can't stand it when a bunch of people are standing and there is plenty of vacant seats in the back of the bus. Also another thing is stupid people just standing in lower floor area; and when t
  • Slow the Fuck Down!

    I'm driving to work, not much of a morning person, and even tho' I"m doing 10 over the posted speed limit, I invariably have some dick tailgatin' me and roaring past me as soon as he gets the chance. I say he because it's always a guy, usually in some t

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