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Love the way we bitch

  • SPam..

    So I just signed up here so I could write a bitch.. and all of a sudden I have 17 spam in my yahoo mailbox. I didn't sign up for that
  • The Drunk The Horny and The Ugly

    Well that sums it up. Go ahead Take my cab, your clearly only looking at her ass getting in that cab because the rest screams painful urination. I usually go home when "they" come out. The Dome The Palace my roommate always goes, shes dumb as bricks too.
  • Judas Panty Waste

    So, someone who see's conspiracy around them all the time can’t be reached. Like seriously, how more patient can a person fucking be?? So grow your sorry ass up, and stop coming after a guy who stuck up for you when other people kept saying they wanted y
  • To the BITCH meter maid that wrote me a ticket

    You saw me walking back to my car by the Cohn at around 2:30pm -- Hell, I was RIGHT THERE. Previous to that however, you saw me put money in the meter as you sat on your fat ass doing nothing. I watched, as I approached my car, you get up off of your f
  • screw all you landlords.

    to all the landlords, in halifax charging outrageous prices for shitty hole in the wall apartments and wont accept good paying tenants who have dogs, Fuck you and your no pet policy. All I want is to live in a good apartment with my 13yr old dog, who's b
  • No Guts.

    "the police around here don't do nothing. "I ain't sayin who did it"whose not doing what? Grow some god damn balls. I sat infront of a court and pointed out a man to his dirty face once, it felt great. Meanwhile his wife says, he didn't mean to kick me
  • The Source Security?

    So why is there a security guard on Spring Garden Road being friends with the homeless people there instead of doing their jobs; getting rid of them. I have many friends who live in the area and more who work there, and the situation is getting worse. Pe
  • Tall tales

    To the local celeb who thinks its ok to string along a girl for a few months and then break up with her for no reason at all. If all you wanted was some ass then why take her to meet your parents and then meet her parents. She wasn't expecting a relation
  • KIDS

    i wish new parents would realize that most people don't care that you made a baby( something dogs and rats can do).Also most people would like to take their partner out for a nice meal that doesn't involve your screaming 2 year old who is being ignored
  • Cold hearted Murderer

    To the cold hearted fucks that thinks they got away with it. Turn your asses in allready so the little girl you murdered can RIP !!!
  • Stop Bitching about Hobo Bitchers

    Why are there so many people bitching to Bitchers who want to complain about hobos? So fucking what if homeless people won't read their bitch because it's online, they're still allowed to vent. This is called "Love the Way We Bitch", not "Write A Bitch
  • Moved

    Despite what you may think, I worked very hard to buy a house in your neighbourhood. And I love my new home and my new neighbourhood. But, I have no love for you. If you need a door mat, a garbage can, a plant...go buy your own!Perhaps with some hard wor
  • Not sexy in the city

    First, let me state that I am more then a little overweight myself so this isnt slamming anyone who is. So it just grosses me out to see women and men walking around the city with exposed belly flab hanging over their pant waist and under their shirts.
  • Garden Trash

    First things first, I'm not bitching at smokers for smoking. Do what you want outside, whatever. So if you smoke, don't bitch back at me for being anti-smoking because you'll look like an idiot.Anyway, I was sitting in the Public Gardens today on one o
  • Why does this always happen to me?!?!!

    To the roommate who can't seem to keep from getting in to financial obligations which are above his means. You love to skate so much and yet you just HAD to get that thing. It's your business what you do with your money, that said, since that time I've
  • Plant thief in black

    So I’m having a smoke on my deck Monday night and I saw you in my driveway. I said hey, how’s it goin? cuz I figured you were a bottler, but you quickly got up and mumbled something about plants and took off down my driveway with a big pot. You left a
  • Halifax sucks

    The rant begins with an HRM employed jackhammer hammering away on my street at 7 am. I think that perhaps I should complain. Then I have to ask myself which of the multitude of representatives at the most absurd, inept and ineffectual city hall in Cana
  • Wanted some wings

    To the useless/crack-whore looking waitress at the Dartmouth Hooters. My co-workers and I were there for supper one Saturday night. We sat down at 7pm. It took you at lest 10 minutes to get to our table, 20 more minutes to come back and tell me they didn
  • "Grown-ups" who segregate children

    I recently read a bitch on here that I feel sadly reflects a great deal of Haligonian’s opinions, in general. I think that a lot of people once they reach the age of majority and beyond forget that they themselves were once children and they also frequen
  • Dumbass Bots On Kijijiji

    Why is it when i post a legit add under "Casual Encounters" on Kijiji there either deleated OR i get bullshit spam in my inbox from a dating service! Stop with the bullshit allready !! I want to hear from a real lady not some dumbass BOT filling up my in

    On Sunday the 18th of May at the Scratch Bastid show,two of my marionnette puppets were taken from the back room of the Marqee. I built these puppets myself over eight years ago. They have been with me on many adventures and have put smiles on a lot of f
  • Recycling Fodder

    Transcontinental Media - Stop DUMPING your real estate rag (Transaction) on my front porch every week. It goes straight into the recycling bin and is such a fuckin' waste of paper and ink.
  • Merge, People, Merge!

    To anyone who crosses the Mackay Bridge during morning rush hour headed to Halifax...people need to learn how to merge. Every morning I see cars clinging to the bumper in front of them, determined not to let anyone merge in front of them. thin
  • Stupid School

    Well, I just died a little bit inside. My favourite band's cd comes out on the first effing day of school. what the hell man? so much for getting it when the store opens. how unfair is that? whatever happened to school opening on the 5th?
  • bitch

    Places like this are great to vent anger, but really shouldn't there be a Yin to this Yang? why not have a Praise column were you can pay thanks to that stranger or small business for helping you out. Talk about something good. I'd really like to see tha
  • Gelseat

    To the jackass who stole the gelseat off my bike: I don't really mind. I was getting ready to buy a new one anyway. That one was getting a little flat, and plus it's full of three years worth of ass sweat. Hope you enjoy it.

    Bitch Please.My computer couldn't pick up a wireless signal if the signal was drunk and passed out in the room, all lights flash Go!.
  • Sub-par supervisor

    You became my supervisor 5 years ago (during oddly the week of hurricane Jaun). When I was first introduced to you, your first words to me were "happy to be part of the team"....I thought...oh, we go. Ever since you became my supevisor I have
  • use-less-ness-oganza '08,The Blog VS The Bum

    Why are people bitching about panhandlers and bums on the coast website? do you think that bum has wireless in his grocery cart???Even if your amazing critic of these social fuck ups makes it into print, I dont see many of them reading.We all dislike
  • Spew one-oh-bore and Hellefem

    Why the fuck do DJs feel the need to talk over the beginning of a song until the vocalist begins? Shut the fuck up already!!! I'm listening to the radio for the music not for your grade school toilet humour. Do you think you're cool that you talk right u
  • Bad Condom dealers

    Did you know:If you buy a new box of condoms....and use can't return the rest for a refund....even if you cannot use the rest due to a fluke allergic reaction?!?!I bought a new condom brand, and it turns out my girlfriend is SUPER allergic
  • Unfriendly C.S.R's

    To all of those C.S.R's who look at me blankly/stupidly when I say hello to you when I walk up to your counter....the correct response back is hello, how may I assist you or something similar. I am sure you were taught this during new employee training.
  • there's no need

    if you see something gross there's no reason to tell other people about it. you're worse than the nose picker.he was just being gross if front of a bus load of people but you had to go and be gross then bother an entire city.
  • It's no walk in the park...

    I understand how fortunate I am, as a Haligonian, to have the Public Gardens. They are a great feature of the city and I frequent them as much as I am able. I even understand many of the rules they have instated over the years, due to the high volume o
  • speed limit

    i am a commuter who is sick of having to do less than the speed limit on the highway. there is always some a-hole driver (male, female, old, young- i've seen it all) who is in the passing lane going less than the limit or just, to pass someone going 1km
  • The Cab Company that Rhymes with Fellow

    YOU FUKING SUCK and for that matter MOST of the cab companies in this city SUCK SHIT....I waited yesterday for a taxi for 45 mins outside the establishment that I called the cab to, I am very understanding of rush hour etc, so I patiently waited....after
  • Sick & Tired of Stupid Pet Owners

    I have been a dog owner for a long time, and have prided myself on being an anal-retentive poo picker upper. But I must say, that nothing drives me more insane than stupid dog owners who do not pick up after their dog. It ruins it for everyone else. The
  • F'N SEARCH!!

  • To all landlords/building owners in HRM

    I hate how Haligonians like to think that this is a dog friendly city. I used to think that too, until I got a dog. Sure we have some great dog stores, like Bark and Fitz, Willows, and the Naughty Dog. Yes, we have some great off leash parks (hi to ev
  • all of it…

    I'm tired of all of it. 9 to 5 through the city, I hate most of all. I hate everyones face. I hate idling, i hate my car I hate my job and I hate myself. I hate dead ends. My gf always gets lost, but always finds dead ends, god bess her. I hate banks, mo
  • Have you heard of the GARBAGE CAN?

    To the three girls in the black honda civic driving down the Bedford Highway Friday, May 30th at 8:30pm throwing garbage out your window. I couldn't believe my eyes. That is so uncool.
  • Here it goes

    My bitch about a lot of things:I understand your gay (I have no problem with it) but do you have to ask so friggin gay? I'm female and I don't act like that.You are not a gangster. You live in the martimes. Pull up your pants, stop talking like than,
  • Horror/Comedy?

    Ok. So I went to see The Strangers on Saturday at Bayers Lake and holy shit, I know the movie was only rated 14 (which almost stopped me from going) but the maturity level of most the the people there was maybe 3. I know, I know, that guy looking through
  • Bad Girlfriend

    I work my ass off. All you do is lay around the house. When you do go out it's to drink with other people. I caught you. You can't be at one persons house, then anothers and have the same home number. You have some nerve. Fuck you, I don't need you. I'm
  • STOP

    Stop emailing and calling me. You know who you are. You decided to look me up on facebook and write my friends to tell tall tales. Because of you, I have deleted my account, got an unlisted number and bought curtains. Yes, there are women stalkers a
  • red car bitch

    fred are you the type that pulls around a stopped car you only know that the person was backing up how in the hell would you ever know that there wasnt someone hit on the street in front of the stopped car wait now i know because you as well as the lady
  • Moron Drivers in Spryfield

    Who the hell gave you drivers licences? We have cross walks there for a reason, not for you heavy footed assholes to fly thru the crosswalks and ignoring the person thats walking thru them!


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