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  • May 8-14, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 50

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  • Underdog
  • Sports
  • Underdog

    An improbable contender, the Slovenian national hockey team brings spunk, humour and whole lot of drama to the ice
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  • Bus blues
  • Transit
  • Bus blues

    Halifax can't keep up with its transit needs, and the province is no help at all

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  • Stand-in city
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  • Stand-in city

    Thanks to a busy summer of film shooting, Halifax will become Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sunnydale trailer park.
  • Painting the past
  • Theatre
  • Painting the past

    Luna/Sea Theatre Company's production, To Capture Light, reveals an underappreciated female Nova Scotian artist.
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Love the way we bitch

  • Fighting Fools

    To the couple on the #4 Downtown Thursday night: save your domestic disputes for home. If this is the way you act on a bus full of strangers, I'd hate to see you around your kids. And lady, if heads turn when you walk into a room, what the hell kind of r
  • Please stop bitching about gas prices.

    To the drivers that constantly complain about the price of gas, stop. It might not be you that is the cause of the high price of gas, but it has to be almost everyone else you know. On my way to work today, i passed 9 Tim Horton's, 3 McDonalds, and two
  • Enough!!!

    This bitch is to my completely annoying co-worker.You are the biggest hypochondriac I have ever met in my life. How can one person possibly have so many things wrong with them. When it's not your bad knees it's your bronchitis. Or your insomnia. Or
  • Work Ethic

    I work in a call center. I don't like it, and I don't plan on doing it longer than I need to. I probably won't even put it on my resume. However, I believe that whatever job you find yourself doing, you have an obligation to do it to the best of your
  • Can The Coast Tell Time?

    A date. A time. People normally consider these two different things but computers know they are one in the same. So, why can't The Coast list recent stories in chronological order ALL the time instead of only some of the time?Hint, in a computing envir
  • mothers day? huh?

    thanks to my wonderful husband for ABSOLULTY NOTHING.. no card, no "happy mothers day" no nothing other then " why is the floor sticky right here?"fuck you asshole.. leave me with both kids while you leave at 9am to do god knows what...and no.. he di
  • Where's my free fucking B-day dinner?

    All year round I see ads in the paper, or in resurant windows boasting off FREE meals on your birthday...well its my fucking Birthday and nobody wants to dish out my free food! Although many places offer free dessert and to embarass the shit out of me th
  • Her Royal Majesty's Garbage Dump

    Nice try HRM. You know those garbage cans that have three different sections, marked "recyclables", "garbage" and "organics"? Just the other day I watched as one of HRM's garbagepeople dumped them all into the same 'ol truck. Lookin' good, but thanks
  • Health Crunch

    I recently attended a local emergency room b/c my knee was swollen so i couldn't get my jeans on and it hurt like hell. There were three otherpoor souls waiting as well. i could hear the doc in the background saying cold compress, advil, tylenol, wait th
  • I do own the road

    This is a preemptive strike against all those who don't like cyclists. I do own the road, I am faster and stronger than your smoke machines. This is notification that the revolution has begun. I will not be intimidated.Pass me too closely again and I
  • Bitch bitching here

    You guys have been remarkably well behaved. But if you feel the need, here's the place to be overly rude to each other.
  • Slow, Bad and Crappy

    Goodbye old work, you don't train anyone properly, you make us pretend to be experts on travel (when we're not) and then some of the product you sell place HOLDs of hundreds of dollars on peoples credit cards! Then when they call ME to get these holds re
  • long pole

    To all the employees at the store in Mic Mac Mall:I don’t know if it is in the company manual that states you all have to act like pompous assholes but you all succeed at it brilliantly. I dread having to go in there every month for I know I will have
  • Repairing (?) the Sinkhole...

    Opposite 1636 Walnut Street there is a sinkhole--the result of a botched job last summer to cover up a water main repair. Two weeks ago CBC "Information Morning" did a story on the 16" sinkhole that had opened up. To "resolve" the matter, HRM sent out
  • tired of idiots on the road

    to the fucking idiots that think driving 10-20 kms under the speed limit is safe. you are the reason the other fucking idiots get frustrated and try to pass when it is not safe causing the deadly head on collisions. when you drive below the speed limit p
  • Best of Food

    Where the hell is the Best of Food survey 2008?! We've been on The Coast web site for the past friggin' hour looking for the survey that, according to the cover of this week's issue, is available on line. We went out of our way to get to a computer bec
  • discrimination in PEI

    I've been on the "island" as a PEI resident for years now and I continue to be appalled by the discriminating actions that I receive based on my last name. I am Canadian, but do not have an Anglo-Saxon type name. Continually, I'm treated suspiciously. Mu
  • camera phones

    ok i know i'm overweight i'm actually trying to better myself by walking and eating healthier..what stops me is young fucks with camera phones trying to snap me when i am walking, at the gym, eating better by going to subway instead of mcdonalds. this is
  • Canada's Multiculturalism is broken

    I've always thought multiculturalism is a good idea; different cultures integrate together to add all kinds of different flavours to the Canadian culture.What's happening now though is people are immigrating in, setting up little enclaves, and expectin
  • Practice safe safe for f-sakes

    To the chicky and her older hubby who post on POF on a regular basis under "Intimate Encounters"- never once have I seen you mention safe sex in your ad....if you are going to be such a big and obvious slut as you seem to be...please do the world a favor
  • Losing Faith

    I have been doing some work for a Church in Dartmouth and I would like to say thanks to the pukes who broke in and stole all of my tools. Thanks to some good people who are allowing me the use of their tools, I will get the job done. Start praying that
  • I had no idea this was happening!

    So apparantly a certain radio station had a morning show about hospitality staff and tips.I listened a bit while driving to work and from what I gathered, we have by far the worst restaurant owners in the world.A lot of wait staff called in about thi
  • Stay Open Late - Make Money

    It's a long time since many of us had to rise at 5:30 in the morning to pull our nets and traps. Why then can't a restaurant serve food past 9:00 even on a Saturday night. Many maritimers enjoy eating a late meal on the weekend. We don't all go to bed at
  • I saw you

    Hey dude on the Burnside bus, monday morning at roughly 8am. You sure did think you were slick when you stuck your dirty finger up your nostril, pulled it out, peeked at your little treasure and then casually stuck it in your mouth. Have a good chew? Nic
  • To my dear former employer

    You fucking suck. I hope you and everyone who works for you rot in some terrible hell for all eternity. You would think after being taken to court and having the labour board informed of your stupidity you might smarten up and stop trying to rob your emp
  • worlds shittiest friends and family

    To all the people I "love" who can't even bother to be there for me when I do the thing I have been dreaming of for most of my adult life....fuck you. No more birthdays, babysitting, get well cards, errands, sympathetic ears, donations of time, effort or
  • Hey artwank:

    It's not necessary to refer to artists as "woman painters." It's not the 50s. If it would somehow actually be important for me to know the artist's gender, I'm pretty sure I'd figure it out when you tell me her name.
  • nobody cares about kings

    i don't care about all the books you have read this year in fyp. i read lots of books too, congrats you can read books with big words. just because you cannot accept that high school is OVER and needed another year of feeling close to others, does not ma
  • Scammers on Kijiji

    I heard the story recently about the single mom that got scammed out of $600.00 on Kijiji. The scam was a puppy for sale and the seller was in Cameroon Africa. I notice today that there is someone selling and African grey for $300.00. BEWARE and always a
  • Bar Problems.

    When the worlds largest pub crawl happened a couple of weeks ago, My friends and I hit all the bars.One of my friends recently had gotten back from the UK. She is a really sweet person whom I have known since I was a child, but she tends to get looks a
  • Come On, Coast.

    When I saw the issue about the 3 buddies on the Mooseheads I thought, "I never thought of The Coast as being very sports-orientated, but it's a decent story, so whatevs."Then, a month or two later, I see the Hockey Championships/Latvians issue and thin
  • It's easier than going around

    Whoever keeps "repairing" the fence on the Chebucto Lain trail which connects to the quinpool superstore, please fuck off. All you are doing at this point is wasting your own time and money. Do you not see that no matter how many times you "fix" it, i
  • Dumb Hotel Management

    To my idiot manager (of a certain Halifax Hotel) who thinks she can push her banquet staff around and threaten us with "a private meeting"... Get over your power trip and start doing your job properly! There is more to managing than flitting around err
  • Online Personals - not so friendly

    For everyone who has used internet sites to meet people (for friendship to intimate dates) - Isn't it frustrating when people on there won't be upfront and real? You know who I mean: "Hi, nice profile, I am [blah blah blah...] maybe we can get to kn
  • Dear, Mr. I Have No Talent.

    It's not my fault you have no talent as a tattoo artist, and got fired. But piss off, and stop asking me to do your dirty work. I love the people at the shop and I'm not going behind there backs and telling you everything they tell me. If they wanted you
  • Racist

    To the receptionist of a certain salon/spa':stop being so ignorant, delusional and RACIST. really though, you are a disgrace to mankind, especially in this day and age. i see the looks you give certain types of people, and its disgusting. go to hell.
  • Absent HRM Professionalism

    What's wrong with the "professionals" in this region? I research the company, apply for a job I qualify well for, etc. Several email and phone calls later I'm invited for a 90 fucking minute interview then never hear from anybody again. Never a "thank yo
  • loser at winners

    Dear asshole,This bitch has been a long time coming. Last year, when I was at Winners, some shit-for-brains twat nearly ran me over to get a spot close to the entrance because she was irritated at the time I was taking to BUCKLE MY 18MONTH OLD SON into
  • Environment

    It's funny now everywhere you go, everything you see, somehow is associated to global warming and the environment. I'm not saying you should recycle or take care of the environment or anything like that, but don't you realize that it's your government th
  • Find a Fucking Track

    We'll stick with last week's theme on joggers. I have no problem with joggers whatsoever, hell I jog myself, however, why on earth some of these jackasses choose to jog down Spring Garden Road, on a Saturday, on a warm day, at 3 pm, is fucking beyond an

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