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  • Apr 10-16, 2008
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  • Spring forward

    Predicting what non-blockbuster movies will make it into Halifax cinemas this season is more an unreliable art than a science.
  • Women's Prison Poetry
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  • Women's Prison Poetry

    Words Without Walls, a book of poetry and drawings from women in Nova Scotian prisons, offers insight into troubled lives and a damaged system.

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Love the way we bitch

  • Move over!

    This is to the asshole who sped up on the bicentennial when I was trying to merge onto the highway. I realize that you have the right away, but I also shouldn't have to come to a complete stop on the merger when it's not busy. You don't sped up so I can'
  • not a hoot!

    I decided to check out a new restaurant in dartmouth, i was told i would have a hooting good time...quite frankly.. i wont be backIt took 45 minutes to get a beer, two hours to get the wrong food order and another hour to get our correct food..The
  • MadMan MacKay

    Who else loves driving over the Pot-Hole Runway" approaching or leaving the Mackay on the Dartmouth side.???
  • squeegeers

    What the fuck is wrong with getting a real job and contributing to society? I'm referring to the squeegee-fucks at the Willow-tree. Just because the goddamn light turns red doesn't mean I want my goddamn window (that I washed 2 days before) scrubbed wi
  • The East Hants Fight Club thing

    Okay. Everyone has to read the story and see these vids. It is sic. Sicccccc! I didn't know hicks like that lived that close to me. I didn't know that kids in our country and especially province were capable of that. I didn't know clothes like that
  • Full page add

    What up with the full page add for smokes in this weeks this common with the coast and have I just been missing it?
  • Smokers

    I am sick and tired of being discriminated agianst because I smoke. Everytime you come on here, read the paper and watch the news its nothing but bad mouthing smokers! Funny thing is i was watching a Crime Stoppers commercial agianst ilegal tabaccoo and
  • Attention Little Caesar's Customers

    To The Customers of Little Caesars;Hi. I'm a supervisor at a Little Caesars in Clayton Park. You see me everyday of the week because you're too damn lazy to make your own food, and you're cheap as balls. I don't care what your day at work was like, you
  • To the Ex

    You know who the fuck you are. Get a life. Your an Ex for a reason. She obviously dumped you because she didn't want to be around you or talk to you, but yet you still feel the need to call and ask her to do things. Find a new girlfriend to harass or are
  • shut up shut up shut up

    To the guy who sits on the other side of the wall from me and spends all day pounding on the floor with your feet: you didn't pay any attention when I asked you a while back to cut it the fuck out.But guess what: I complained to your boss. So did a bun
  • whaaaat?

    Anybody been following the debate over the proposed Bill C-10? Is this a proposal to permit government-initiated censorship, or what?
  • Some Friend

    I got herpes 20 years ago. I told ONE CLOSE FRIEND about it way back when we started work together 15 years ago. Over the years other co-workers have told me, she is not the friend I think she is, but they would never say why. Well now I know, dammit. So
  • Municipal Malfuncation: The Municipal Malfuncation Section.

    I have trouble beleiving that Bloomfield Street is still covered in Ice. I'm not so sure that the West End Mall parking lot has a river flowing from it. Oh my! The protective fencing on the Common is STILL there? To top it off... PORTLAND STREET HAS BEEN
  • Calling all Wal-Mart Employees!

    Can someone please tell me why every employee of Walmart is so fucking retarted? From electronics, to cashiers, and even the ones who attend to the dressing rooms..especially them, standing there with the other sloppy attendant, bitching about thier jobs
  • olympic bitch

    With the amount of media coverage being given to the Olympic torch-er tour and talk of boycotts we now get to listen to a bunch spoiled elitist athletes whine and cry about how the olympics have nothing to do with politics and how unfair it would be if t
  • REALLY though!

    To the apparently half retarded guy on the 1 the other day...I might be hot, but that doesn't give you the right to stare at me the entire bus ride! I don't know who you are, either, so why you waved at me every time I looked over to see if you were stil
  • Freedom? I think not.

    On a starting note, I'm not hateful towards homosexuals, I'm just not a fan of the act itself.That being said, I have to get something off my chest that might stir some echoes.I know you have the right to be who you are and speak your mind, but why i
  • Get off the stage

    To the two girls in the rap group making everyone at the bar cringe last weekend. I know you're an upper-class, university student scenester. I know that when you wear trucker hats, you're wearing it "differently" from real truckers, and I know that when
  • Why?

    Why do some Canadians feel the need to go to other countries, instigate problems, get caught, go on death row, and then complain and want to be saved after doing what they did, fully knowing the consequences? If you go to Saudi Arabia, knowing that it'
  • fuck u

    i'm an asthmatic! I don't appreciate smokers smoking in bus stops, around enterances to business/gov property. I have to breath the same fucking air you pollute with your smoking. I appreciate the smokers who do care but for those who don't who gave you
  • Legal

    prostitution should be legal...
  • Smoking Ads!

    What the hell is up with you guys? 1> Isn;t tobacco advertising illegal and even if it isn't why are you taking the ads? Don't you have any sort of ethics policy? Your reputation is seriously tarnished with me and don't expect me to help with your l
  • We Want AC/DC for Halifax

    How are we able to entice AC/DC to come to Halifax instead of Sir Paul McCartney? I mean come on, if a band can top the Stones, then it has to be AC/DC. There is a group on Facebook who want them to come too, its not too late!
  • Sure you are!

    This is for all the guys who bitch and cry about how girls never give "nice guys"a chance. This is always followed by, "Stupid bitches." I have heard so many guys say that they are the nicest guy you would ever want to meet, that they would treat a woma
  • What is up with the hobos with dogs??

    I know it is meant as a tear-jerker so that people will give more money, but it is cruelty to the dogs, because they don't get to live a happy and healthy lives! "Money for the dog" -- bullshit! "Money so I can buy some booze, smoke some pot, and snort
  • Grow up and leave

    this is for the person that lives on my floor that is slightly older than everyone else. PLEASE GROW THE FUCK UP. Honestly you piss everyone off and no one likes you, you're rude and you're fat and you talk shit about all your friends. When I first met y
  • Calgary Beef

    This bitch goes out to the ugly, profoundly stupid, Calgarian woman in my Caribbean History class at DAL. You come to class every day about 15 minutes early with your Calgary Flames jersey and cowboy hat, with your fucking OBNOXIOUS upside-down glasses
  • Open Mic My ASS!

    Well, I can't mention the name of the downtown club that reaps profits when the "open mic" sign goes up. Nor can I mention the organization hosting said 'open mic night' but the players in this town should know what they're in for. Hell, as a non-partici
  • Long board

    To the guy that tried to take my long board from me, saying I was too small for it and I looked stupid...I apologize for being so dumbfounded by your statement. I didn't know that crossing an intersection and carrying my board meant that I can't ride.
  • Metro Transit: less to bitch about lately.

    For a while now I've been making regular calls to the city to complain about the behaviour of the transit drivers along one or another of my regular routes. Although I'm a big fan of public transit and I respect what must be a largely thankless job, I've
  • Share The Air

    I have nothing against smokers, your body your decision, but when your polluting the air that you share with non-smokers it gets to be just a tad annoying. To walk/or run by Northwood Senior's Living Complex on Gottingen St, is disgusting and hard on the
  • I've been accosted by the smoking Nazi's!!!

    Smoking isn't very elegant these days, and I certainly understand the need of parents or grandparents or other concerned citizens to protect their children from the dangers of cigarette smoking. That is a given.On the other hand, in our free society, t
  • Semartics (get it?)

    OK dudes, seriously, I know there's a lot of people with an unfounded hate on for this institution, but could you please start showing what is essentially the cultural hub of Atlantic Canada a little respect by spelling it correctly? NSCAD, NSCAD, NSCAD!
  • Fat Bitches

    I was reading through the archives the other day when I came across a bitch about pets and small apartments. Someone commented it’s such a shame that people with small apartments have pets. Think about this for a moment and if you agree that it’s wrong o
  • CFL vs NFL

    Why do so many people in the maritimes not like the CFL? Seriously? It is far better than the NFL -- the field is bigger, the balls are bigger, and there are fewer downs, making it an all around more exciting game! It takes skill to play in the CFL, w
  • Stop Fibbing Ralph's

    Ralph's Adult Entertainment has started advertising itself as the best adult entertainment east of Montreal. This is not true. Ralph's offers the worst adult entertainment east of Montreal. The MC constantly badgers the patrons reminding them to tip t
  • time's a-wastin'

    To all you people who stand at the ATM, after you've finished your transaction, and slooowly read your receipt, or rummage throughy our purse, or dial your phone: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! You're finished with the ATM, make way for the next person!
  • this is for you

    for all the academic scholars who are not yet of age and clad in tacky lululemon outfits and collar popped american eagle polos:please go to the mall or the movies or the gym to socialize. the university library is not the place. please please pleaaaaa
  • Striving to look cancer orange.

    You ladies sound kind of dumb when you are defending how tanning beds are so great, prevent you from burning, have a base for tanning down south, that it's safer than the sun, etc That's such a load of crap. Tanning beds thin your skin and your skin gets
  • Homo vs Fags

    From one Homo to a group of fags! When I was kind enough to have a gathering at my house and I said my roommate could invite a couple of "friends" over as well, Thanks for a being a great guest and stealing my iPod on the way out. It was a gift to me as
  • Dear Mr. Drug dealer

    Ahhhh....spring. Don't you just love the tweeting of the little birdies, the bloomin' 'o the daffodils and the yearly return 'o the neighborhood drug dealer. I am amazed at your stand out in the parking lot of the building next to mine..
  • Bug-eyed freaks!

    To all you out there with ridiculously big sunglasses on, you look like fools! You swagger around convinced you look like some indie rockstar or glamour diva when in reality you look like giant eyed insects! Big sunglasses look good on no one! especially
  • Pffft!!!

    What a sorry bunch of fuckin' whiners here.I wish I had that much time to sit around and post some of the crap I've seen. These are usually the people who like to hear themselves talk or think everything should stop when they enter the room. The funnie
  • Gym Ettiquette

    There are signs all over the gym that say, "please return weights to the rack". Why is it so hard to do that? I realize it takes an extra thirty seconds or so to remove those plated from the Smith machine and put them away, but it's not just housekeepi
  • Can I help you , Hun?

    Why is is that wokrers is coffee places and clothing stores started addressing their customers as , HUN/Honey? Is this an attempt at being the cool truck stop waitress? Enough already, it's insulting to people with class!
  • untouchable or what

    Every single day,7 days a week, deals are being made.Whether it is in the boardrooms or a simple handshake to agree to terms of an arrangments.This is what business is all about,right! Then there are these people(sellers & buyers),they are doing this wi
  • Yellow Cab

    Isn't it nice to see that Yellow Cabs care about the handicapped. Why, just this morning, Tuesday- April 8, at 10:30 AM a Yellow Cab sat waiting for a fare in the handicapped parking zone in front of the Dalhousie Student Union Building. I thought he mi
  • Lawrence Street

    To the porn store bitch for our dream ruined everything, you soppy cunt. I can't believe the way you took the dreams of a couple young girls, and just stomped them out. that house was supposed to be ours, but you lied and handed no forms to th
  • high heals/pumps/boots

    Women.. if you cannot walk in them DO NOT WEAR THEM..You look like you have a pickle up your ass!!
  • ri-fucking-diculous

    To the barely-legal drunk girls who got the #7 bus on Saturday outside the Split Crow, it was bad enough that we had to listen to at least three drunk phone calls and twenty minutes of puking into a plastic bag (although watching you fall out of your sea
  • Thanks for chasing us all away

    I used to post on here all the time, because im very shy and i dont like intense confrontation that you sometimes get from people who dont like to accept other's ideas. i liked bitching on here because i could have my voice heard in some way, by someone
  • Tom Lukiwski

    OK fine. What Tom said isn't the greatest thing anyone has ever said. But it was 16 years ago, he was at an office party and he'd been drinking. I hate booze and everything to do with it so I don't want to defend someone who was drinking and said somethi
  • get a life

    im so sick of people who think they know everything and are better than everybody else. people who try to control situations they have nothing to do with and know nothing about. get a life for god sakes, and stay out of mine!!!!
  • Hesitant

    Can I bitch about the Coast's own bitch forum? I've been reading it, and an awful lot of it is people bitching about each other, or attacking each other is maybe more accurate. I mean almost the whole recent comments section along the side there is taken

    Why in the fuck should the public continue to house and feed unrepentent murderers and child molesters for decades? Give them the mercy they gave their victims. Fuck the seal cull, let's have a scum cull instead. I'd take a front row seat.
  • flyer dude

    To the asshole that walks Spring Garden Rd. ripping flyers off the the telephone polls;I have witnessed you doing this on at least 10 seperate occasions and when i confronted you about about it you told me off , treatened me and then condoned your action
  • Attention Dal Girls From Toronto

    This is just a little FYI: none of you are Sienna Miller, Ok? Ok. And you're not Kate Moss either. So please (for the love of God) stop wearing leotards/stockings/leggings in place of pants. They don't call them "magic pants", and frankly that's what it
  • Car Vandalism

    What is it with people of Halifax that think it's "ok" to vandalize cars - especially cars owned by people they don't even know?!You don't know me, nor do you know how hard I have worked to have a nice car. The funny part is - I don't drive anything


  • Ghost Bees
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  • Ghost Bees

    Ghost Bees, led by twins Romy and Sari Lightman, perform strange, spirited and often spooky folk music, inspired by their family ancestry. "Even as kids we always had this fascination with death and the supernatural," says Sari.
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