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  • Mar 27 - Apr 2, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 44

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  • Independent means

    Ottawa filmmaker Penny McCann takes part in this year’s Halifax International Film Festival.
  • Elizabeth Hay
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  • Elizabeth Hay

    For Giller winner Elizabeth Hay “the present really doesn’t come alive unless it’s connected with the past."

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Love the way we bitch

  • Joggers and cars don't mix

    I'm sick and tierd of getting dirty looks from joggers in this city who think it is OK to block traffic on the roads. To all the joggers out there, the roads were built for cars not for your whole troop of 6-8 people who jog down Young shoulder to shoul
  • Stupid HRM

    Why not instead of building a new bridge or tunnell to cut down on traffic, why don't the offer a commuter rail, like a Go Train. That would take cars off the roads, genius!
  • Butt Out, Beluga

    To the whale-looking lady who was at the bus stop near Public Gardens today: Yes, it was snowing out, and yes, I understand your URGENT need to fill you lungs with shit, but you dont have to stand under the shelter and force everyone else to breathe in t
  • maybe we should walk...

    off the job...what if all of us second class citizens who live off the peninsula just didn't show up for work? yeah, then you'd see this wannabe world-class city grind right to a halt. all in favour, raise your coffee cup.
  • Another Scum Bag Cheater

    I know this guy who is cheating on his wife...she has cancer...and he is still cheating on her...Man oh man I really hope what goes around comes around.
  • American Pricing

    For all of those people who think it's their right to treat employees of various stores like shit because the company they work for charges Canadian Pricing when two or three prices are listed- GET A FUCKING LIFE AND START LEARNING ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR
  • move that search button

    ok.. so.. i write a big rant about people who have absolutly no manners and are chomping and slurping and being rude while eating..and i go and hit "submit" and hit "search" losing my whole now im bitching about that search button .. is it po
  • Why?

    I have this friend who complains that he is 'a crippled" his words not mine. He was hit by a car X number of years ago and has knee probs now. I broke my f-ing pelvic bone 3X so far. It hurts somedays but I get by. I work full time. This friend of m
  • Drunk at a bar?

    After a couple drinks at home, we head out to a bar to see an old local band. We pay our $20 cover charge - crazy, I know - I drink one beer, and head outside for a smoke. And when I go back in the guy at the door tells me I'm "swaying a bit" and won'
  • Total Creeper

    To the ass that came to my house and had other intentions then to just have a couple of drinks with me and some friends. Where do you come off? How old are you again.....37 OH YA!!! You invited me to have some drinks with you and another co-worker at his
  • Lights out at the Casino

    Has anyone noticed the brightest billboard on the East coast has gone dark? After giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that they probably couldnt afford the light bill. They also seem to be the only place not hiring for the tourist season.

    So, I read the Q104 bitch, and I totally agree.However, they are not the only ones guilty of repetitious tripe.HAL is just as bad. Seriously, you are guaranteed to hear at least 3 Tom Cochrane AND 3 Def Leppard songs every day. WTF?The unfortunate
  • puppies in coffee shops

    to the snooty soccer mom and her spoiled daughter...there is no good reason for u to bring ur drooling, sweater wearing pug into starbucks,dart, other than ur lack of self control, inability to parent and make a wise pet buying obvisously
  • Cross the road before I run you over

    Ok I'm a commuter. I admit it. I drive a car. all the time. I wouldn't if I didn't have to for my job and I hate my daily commute to work. I love being a pedestrian in this city. BUT I HATE FUCKING PEDESTRAINS WHEN i'M BEHIND THE WHEEL! where the hell do
  • Old Pigs

    To the two old men at Economy Shoe Shop the other night:Don't eye-fuck me, I'm a quarter of your age.I wore that dress for my boyfriend, not for you. Don't stare. And don't think you're being smooth growling "beautiful dress" behind me, an inch from my
  • Little girl

    I'd like to send a message to the girl on the #1 heading to Dartmouth on Wednesday morning, March 26th. You sat in your seat, laughing at the physically/mentally disabled man who got on at the bottom of North St. Did it ever occur to you that several peo
  • Dear sandi vaginas

    I too had sand in my vagina the other day. Turns out a good shower works better than bitching. Thought I would pass on the good news. Good luck
  • for God's sake hire a maintenance crew

    To the person who manages the Bay parkade along Chebucto Road...have you even thought of cleaning up the moss growing on this monstrosity and maybe cutting back the overgrown foliage? No?
  • condoms

    To the people who use the Eastern Passage waterfront to have a fuck session in their cars -- keep your prophylactics to yourselves! My dog almost ate a used condom someone obviously tossed out their door. Get a garbage bag or get a room. I go for walks t
  • Is NA interfering with your sales?

    Oh what a wonderful world we live in...I was standing in line the other day at a drugstore in Cole Harbour the other day watching some man and his son checking out waiting for my turn, he was yacking on the phone like some big shot, covered in gold chain
  • going off on the wind

    I hate these stupid fucking air currents!wtf? As is artificially lowering the temperature in the middle of the god-damn cold winter isn't enough, you just moved some really important papers that I left unattended on the ground for like TWO SECONDS, can'
  • Sorry

    To the guy riding the bike around University Avenue Wed night. I am so sorry I amost hit you. I really didn't see you. With the snow and all of the pedestrians, I honestly didn't see you until you were in front of my face, and again I apologise for scari
  • Suggestion...

    Is it possible to get more comment feeds down the right hand colum? That would be AWESOME!
  • Skinny bitches

    I am not pregnant...i am fat. Leave me the hell alone!
  • Bitches

    I can't STAND 2-faced people that pretend they're interested and caring and then turn around and screw you over at the first chance..and it's not that they intend this...they just don't give a shit about you. Bold faced lying bitches!!!! Don't want em...
  • 8.5 million *flush*

    Where is the thunderingly loud public outcry for all of our tax money that was wasted on the idea of the Commonwealth Games? While most of us are scrounging for bus fare, these good ol' boys were travelling all over the world, eating at the best restaur
  • Give it a rest Halifax

    I wouldn't normally write this, but after receiving my ninth invitation to an Ellen Page based group on FaceBook today I felt it was time. What is it with Nova Scotians (mostly Haligonians) feeling the need to tell everyone how they know or met Ellen Pag
  • Reminder

    No names in bitches. That includes names of businesses. When you make a criminal allegation against a business--- e.g., a bar letting in under-age drinkers, a health club stealing membership money, a vet purposely killing animals, etc.-- we'd have to inv
  • to a certain girl

    To the girl who stole my car among other thing your nothing but a fat piece of greasy white trash. I'm sick of seeing you at school and sick of your threats. Nobody thinks your pretty you talk like a man and your face would require three tubes of clearsi
  • Walk among ZOMBIES!?!?!

    What the hell is wrong with the cab co's in this city that there is no staff number to call?I have to get out of bed at 3 or 4 am often to go and walk my girlfriend home so she doesn't get raped or beaten by the abundance of drunken, arrogant, coke h
  • I am one of you

    I am one of those stupid girls. Resist as I may, its inherent. Gross.
  • Thanks Bouncer Jerk

    This is a thank you for the bouncers of a local bar who pelted me as I walked home from work at 10:30 pm. Thank you for making me feel more unsafe to walk home, and for the red marks from the snowballs.It must make you feel all important to pelt female
  • To the Incompetent driver thursday ngiht on windmill road

    way to almost kill me! i was walking in a cross walk and you almost smoked me! in fact you smoked my bag and i fell into traffic practicly on another car! and what do you do? drive a way you prick! you didnt even ask if i was alright seeing how i was so
  • Beer

    Garrison tastes like sulfur. I say the move was a good idea...go propellor!
  • Why even bother?

    I have a friend who often has relationship problems. Being her friend, i hear about it all, and it's always the same story: Her boyfriend is too clingy/needy, and anytime she tries to do anything on her own, or with a friend, he goes apeshit and starts a
  • Bar

    At a certain ulternative lifestyles bar/club I was called a homosexual name which was extremely ironic, as well kind of funny by a bouncer who which may or may not be a larger male/female.
  • First Accident was a doosie, Thanks to this Douchebag

    I'm backing up in a parking lot, and by accident (obviously) I backed into another car.. The only damage was on MY car, a small scratch on the side... I left a LITTLE bit of MY paint on his bumber (which was wiped off).... The other driver jumps out of h
  • Slow Poeple

    So i;m new to this whole Bitch blog and I must say im impressed that i now can vent about this without anyone taking it personally!I HATE slow poeple. This incluldes slow drivers who insist on going like way under the speed limit when its not necessary.

    To the person who "tagged" the stone lion outside the chinese church on Windsor - YOU SUCK. Please stick to tagging your sketchbook until you learn some tagging "etiquette."
  • You have every thing

    Stop bitching. You have so much. I just came from living in africa, trying but failing to make a differance. Waste your time trying to hate on walmart workers and grumpy bus drivers, or get out there and make a differance in your community or somone els
  • Monster Mash

    Leave them alone Halifax, it's not their fault that they're ghosts, zombies, vampires, or other creatures of the night. It's time to lay down the ghost buster gear, the shot guns, the crosses and garlic and accept this well manoured beings as your equals
  • I'm canadian, not from mars.

    The next person who uses the term "come from away" in my presence will get an earful on how unfunny this term actually is. Sure, YOU might think it's charming or endearing but it's divisive and ignorant. Especially when being one of those "come from
  • To my IDIOT Hillbilly neighbours:

    If you are going to move to the suburbs, work full-time and proceed to have 3 small children under the age of 8, here is some suburban etiquette for you:1. DON'T buy a labrador puppy if your idea of puppy care is to boot him outside at 5 a.m. and let hi
  • why oh why

    Dear Mr. Kelloggs,Is it so hard to glue the bottom of the cereal bag to the bottom of the box? Why is it that every time I want to sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of Froot Loops, all I get is bag instead of cereal in my bowl!?
  • was there a full moon last night?

    ok on my left an asshole talking loudly at bingo in front of me two people teasing the asshole talking loudly at bingo! HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO PLAY?! Next time stay in your kindergarten class rather than going to the forum. Oh and real mature t
  • I'm tired of your assumptions.

    I'm sick of your attitude. You're an older person who works customer service in a retail environment. For some reason you seem to hate every woman who is younger/prettier/thinner than you, god forbid they be all three. Let me tell you something: I'm n
  • Bus bitch

    To the bitch on bus 1079 the #10 to Westphal, sit the fuck down. Maybe you don't care about your own safety but the rest of us would like to arrive at our destination in one piece. You standing by the driver, talking to him is distracting- besides you w
  • Skinny Girls Are Mean

    I am fat. I'm fat because I ate too much and didn't move enough for a long time. The reasons I made those bad choices are not important. I am making better choices now. So to the two skinny girls on the treadmills behind me: I could hear you gigglin
  • Stupid Girl

    That stupid girl is not lacking self confidence at all. She simply does extremely stupid things. I love how good women felt it necessary to think she's bringing all the good women down. Please.
  • itchey forehead

    my forehead is all itchey and peeling, it's also very dry.
  • Pick one!!

    Dear Roommate-Boy;grow up. seriously. would it hurt you to be nice to my bf when he's over? We're just starting out here, and you're pretty much shoving him out the door, and lighting his ass on fire so he goes faster. I'm not saying become his bestest


  • Sky high
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  • Sky high

    The year belongs to Wintersleep and Welcome to the Night Sky. Nominated for every prize out there, and winner of six Best of Music awards, nothing, not even member departures, has stopped Wintersleep from becoming the country’s favourite bands.

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  • ABA League fatigue

    Halifax’s Rainmen and the ABA part ways, leaving local basketball fans wondering about next season.
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