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  • Mar 20-26, 2008
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  • L8er, h8ers
  • Lowefiles
  • L8er, h8ers

    Lezlie Lowe would like to speak with the angry people online, but she doesn’t know who they are.

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Love the way we bitch

  • brown water

    Why is it whenever there's construction anywhere in the north end -- which is ALL THE TIME -- my water turns brown? I drink tap water all day, and lazy/incompetent construction workers are fucking up my hydration schedule on a weekly basis. Time to take
  • Minor Hockey

    I am sick and tired of minor hockey "clicks" and all the crap that goes with are put in the best positions because of who the coach likes and/or whose parents the coach owes. My child is fantastic but is left behind because we are not in the c
  • The "cycle" of justice

    snip. "...A cyclist has received two tickets after hitting a pedestrian in Halifax..."Well it's about god damn time!
  • Reminder

    You can bitch at each other all you want in the comment threads, but we're not going to put up fresh bitches with your back-and-forth. It scares off new people.Also, no names in bitches.
  • no one gives a shit about your problems

    you sit there all day. you know who you are. the girl who walks with me every morning. Im getting annoyed about you. you sit there and go on about how your dads a prick. well youre an annoying anti social mother fucker, who seriously needs to stop bitchi
  • another gas bitch

    a dull dy at work led me to do a little informal research. are you aware that at the crude price of $65/barrel, gas in metro halifax was over 1.10/L. Wait a minute - thats the price we are paying now, with crude at over $100/barrel. Hmmmm, why is it that
  • Ring around the Rosie

    I get off the bus at Mumford terminal to wait for my ride. I see an older lady about 2-74 yrs going around a lamp post with her walker. I said what the fuck!! I mean what do you do a) try to help her and figure out if she needs medical help b) do nothing
  • My Lazy Co-Worker

    I'd like to vent about my incredibly lazy co-worker. While the rest of us work hard all day, she surfs the internet reading gossip sites and shopping online. I'd say she does about 2.5 hours of actual work a day, and she makes waaaaaaaaaaaay more money
  • Marquee with a small m

    So if there was an entertainment establishment downtown called, say, The Patio and it had a busted-ass dirty old patio out front, it'd be pretty silly, right? So why does another establishment get away with having a dingy, semi-illuminated marquee on its
  • Fied while on Vacation

    It is not me the person that posted that wants to get back at her co-workers. I am not that low (lame), i just got upset that they did not tell me in my face , but sent a letter to my house. so cut the crap, and stop speculating shit.
  • WTF?

    Can someone please tell me why school was cancelled today? Is the rain outside acidic? Have we lost our fucking minds? There was barely any ice on the ground this morning, and by the time they'd have been let out this afternoon, there'd be nothing but ra
  • Black and White: Two Colors?

    To whom it may concern: For all those involved in the school brawls yesterday, take a good, hard look in the mirror today and say to yourself, 'What the fuck is wrong with me?" and get some help. Last time I checked, black and white are two types of colo
  • Cheap Haligonians

    To those two lovely customers who bought difficult to make lattes and cappuccinos at 6:30am on Saturday. I hope that I made your drink too hot and you burnt your pretty little mouths and you choke on your cinnamon buns. You think that i enjoy waking up o
  • Facebook Rant

    This is for all that know & those that do not....I have several times changed my message on facebook to reflect that I do *** NOT *** want any extra applications, but for some reason many people (and mostly the same ones) continue to send me thes
  • thrown down the rim to pollute!

    Oh so how lovely it is to be in the season of "roll up the rim to win" the streets,bus shelters, benches and really anything else that can be lucky enough to be in the path of those infamous tims cups are littered with them! I'm not sure how long the con
  • Rent a DVD Next Time

    The gaggle of annoying girls near the back at the late showing of Vantage Point on Friday at Park Lane: you insisted on talking at full volume throughout the entire movie, and I then overheard you on the escalator afterwards laughing at how everyone was
  • Accurate Reporting

    I am truly saddened by your March 13 issue and the story regarding the Commonwealth Games bid. While I appreciate Tim’s desire to dig into the specifics of the bid, he did an incredibly bad and unprofessional job of reporting the full and accurate story.
  • Don't think no one noticed

    To the woman in the horn rimmed glasses, yellow rainboots and stupid blue hat who cut in line for Leonard Cohen tickets with no regard for those who'd been standing in line for hours: Perhaps you were born terminally self-important and obnoxious and thos
  • Walk to shame

    HOTEL EMPLOYEES: Judge not yet ye be judged - while walking the walk of shame through the lobby. You wish you were me.
  • Not gonna do it

    You can try to bitch about each other in new posts all day long, but I'm not going to post them, k? Keep it to the comment threads.It's tiresome.
  • Bullshit foisting must end

    I am soooo Fucking Sick of people foisting their bullshit this way! Take fucking responsibility for your actions Don't blame anyone else but yourself. Stop lying and acting like children, don't blame me for your actions! You are all fucking adults. I don
  • The Big Giant Nut is Having An Affair

    The big giant nut who sits beside me is having an affair. It is one thing after another with her, last summer a bunch of us at work complained because of her racist rants and now this! Why do I know my coworker is having an affair, she talks on the phon
  • You Smell

    To the people that smoke disgusting cigarettes and decide to sit next to me on the bus:You stink like gross -- so sit your ass as far away from me as possible. PS: This goes for all you people who don't shower/use deodorant. You smell too. And why t
  • Get your hands out of my pockets!

    All I ask for is to be able to walk up Spring Garden Road on my way to work without being accosted by people who want my money. I see you there on the street, and if I wanted to give you my money, I would. But I don't, so stop asking for it. Is it too mu
  • huh?

    is it just me, or does it seem like people are getting stupider, more self-centered, and more thoughtless lately?
  • Dear EI

    Up until a year ago, I had never been unemployed in my life since I was old enough to work. I paid into UI and then EI continuously for 26 years. I think that's quite an accomplishment considering I have never lived outside Nova Scotia. But last year,
  • Thanks "Mom"

    I had been a victim of a crime recently & i went to my parents for comfort but all my "Mother" could say is that its my fault that it happened. All i asked for was someone to talk to not someone to make me feel like shit. Thanks "Mom" if I wind up dead i
  • dangerous game

    about a week ago, when coming home after a dinner party, i got out of my cab to find a strange orange glow coming from my apartment entrance. it was FIRE. some asshole opened my front door and thew fireworks in and caused a fire. No one heard it or smelt
  • 1-800-PISS-OFF

    Dear Connor, who apparently has a Nubody's membership, please stop giving out my home number as your home number. Did you think these people would never have to contact you? The next time they call, I'm telling them they've hired a liar.

    To the two cars who were racing near a pizzatime in woodside.. you assholes almost killed a woman!!I saw her and stopped at the CROSSWALK she was at.. she got to infront of my vehicle (i was in the left lane)when i notice headlights zooming all over th

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