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  • Mar 13-19, 2008
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  • Please spell right

    Have you ever read Kijiji? People spell Couch with Coach. Coach is a person who is a head of a team. A couch is something you sit on. I know I am not the greatest grammarian, but at least if you are going to post an ad please spell the item right!
  • Wallet Woes

    To the person who stole my wallet from my book bag on Wednesday morning at the a certain restaurant in Purdy's wharf, thanks a lot asshole! I hope you enjoy the eight fucking dollars, the only money I had to last me until pay day. I'm a poor student w
  • girls these days

    in response to 'shut up and dress up', i totally agree. girls are so obsessed with being paris hilton or the girls from the hills, they forget that there is more to life than boys and shopping. SOME of us have more depth and that doesnt make us ugly. im
  • Bitchen@ the bitchers

    Bitchers,Why you bitchen all the time?.At5:30Am in the morning when i get up for work i thank the fuck I am alive.Fuck you all.Live life please.Who gives a fuck.the less bitchen you do, the longer you live.
  • Coast

    Why does the Coast's online edition suck so much? Nothing ever works, it looks like shit, new issues are not even up until late on Thursday and regular sections like Cinema Palermo and ShopTalk are all weirdly split up and hard to read. Why should th
  • Protesting the seal protest

    Seal hunting time once again. Probably my least favorite time of year as every single day I have to read about and hear about more misguided, ignorant, anti-sealing protestors in the news. Unless you have a legitimate reason to protest, such as being a
  • Parking Enforcers

    To all of the goddamn useless piece of shit people that become parking enforces - go fuck yourself and get a real job that has a real purpose. You are pathetic. And yes, I am just mad because I got a ticket (in front of my own fucking house where I shoul
  • Cops on Cell phones

    Okay I am slow but I get it... holding a mobile phone, and driving is dangerous. The stats suggest this behaviour causes as many accidents as drinking while driving.So why the fuck do I keep seeing HRM police officers driving around talking on cell pho
  • To the dirty old fuck in the dirtly old pawn shop

    I would think that some people that would read this would know who I refer to. That stupid old fuck and his son that run a certain Dartmouth pawn shop. That miserable old bastard is a sorry excuse for a human being. Rude to customers and can't even keep
  • Food not fuel

    Is anyone else really upset about the price of bread/flower which has shot through the roof as of late? They tell us that it has to do with increased demand by developing countries and that farmers are growing less wheat in order to grow more corn to mak
  • Fishy situation

    Thanks so much for giving me that goldfish and fishbowl. Goldfish are not meant to be kept in bowls, but you didn't bother to find that out before you bought it, did you? Now I have to deal with the B.S. of keeping a large tank for this boring ass fish.
  • Would You Shut Up Already!!

    This is to the egotistical little turd who sits to my right. Do you have Turrette's Syndrome? No? Well stop your goddamn humming!!! I have never in my life met anyone more desperate for attention than you!! Whatever you're feeling, whether it's discomfo
  • Stupid Hick

    To the old fart down in Liverpool: go fuck yourself, If you can still get it up.I am oh so sorry that you felt your ass was too wide to walk between my car and yours.But, shutting my car door on me? Nice. You are so very lucky you didn't manage to shut
  • Drinks in Glass Bottles

    There are several dispensers with pictures of drinks, small pictures only, but no direct views. Some of those drinks (the LIPTON ones) are actually in glass bottles. They did not seem to break though. I am wondering if it is actually safe to bump glass
  • Spare Change Arsehole

    My wife and I are sitting down eating breakfast when some "Dude" walks up to us and has the gonads to ask us for spare change. I say Sorry. He leaves only to return one minute later to come in to the establishment and order food. I've had it! Panhandling
  • People who live on Agricola Street

    You know who you are! You may also live in the area and not directly on Agricola St, but you're all the exact fucking God damn same!In no particular order of importance:You all either currently attend NSCAD or have in the past, or did several years
  • cut out the arrogance

    This bitch is for two groups, to which ironically, I belong to. some, (not all mind you), ultimate players and cyclists seem to think participating in these activities gives them a bumptious superiority to those not involved. Cyclists are loathed by mos
  • Abolish Abandonment

    To the ASSHOLES who left 6 puppies in a sealed cardboard box on the highway to DIE - you should go to hell!! If you'd pay the two-hundred dollars to have your animal fixed, this wouldn't happen and don't give me the excuse that you can't afford it and i
  • profound

    He whose tongue would not know wine, Who would sloth in a hotel chamber With wife and television, Whilst fellow men made merry, Toasting to good life and hard rugby. He who would prey others to bed, Tearing the entrails of our celebration For the
  • Incompetent Transit Drivers and some who ride the bus

    Yeah yeah yeah. Same old rant about transit drivers. Some are good. Some are plain shitty! I can't believe someone who drives a bus can power trip on their job but telling me a transfer I got no more than 20 minutes ago isn't valid when it clearly is....
  • Timmy's aahh.... Idle-thru's?

    To the morning coffee drinker/commuters:Man, do I feel your pain. In the morning, there is nothing better than a nice, hot coffee and it sure is convenient that you can drive through to get one. But really, when I'm on my way to school it's really frust
  • News Numpty

    To the "announcer" on a certain news/talk/sports station this morning...LEARN TO TALK! People can only take so much gibberish before changing the station. If I wanted to hear stuttering, I'd listen to Peter Kelly.
  • Silver Car - HSC Parking Lot

    To the spineless prick who backed/front into the side of my new silver car in the parkade at Halifax Shopping Centre - Karmas a bitch. I got my car out of the shop in August for the same damage (another spineless prick like yourself didnt leave a note) t
  • Until we meet again

    I can only hope this gets published and you read it next thursday, you fucking loser. When we agreed that I would pay your FULL ASKING price for the turntable and that I would be back at 1 O'clock the next day, I assumed ( oh silly me) that we had a dea
  • Gym Etiquette for Dummies

    Dear guy in the white muscle shirt at the MSVU gym; Some grunting while lifting heavy weights is unavoidable, but you are completely over the top. Also, smashing weights around, dropping them onto the rack, and generally making as much noise and drawin
  • Seriously

    You really think we're going to publish death threats? Er, think again.
  • gimme some space

    i'm so sick and tired of sitting on the bus beside some fat fuck who insists on holding her purse, and her knapsack, AND her nylon lunchbag in her lap -- causing her arms to stick out at right angles, either jabbing into my ribs or hanging there in front
  • we need welfare restrictions!!!!

    so i have this friend who had a child at the age of 19 (she was no naive teenager, she was an ADULT), who went on welfare. thats cool, no problem, everybody needs a hand from time to time, but now shes 25, and her kid hasnt lived with her in 3 years!!!!!
  • Wicked Witch of the

    Why is my boyfriends best friend (female) writing on her (blog at that) nasty nasty things about me?I can't help that you are jelous.Tell me dear readers, what do I do?I've confronted her, she all out attacked me and well pinned me against MY boyfr
  • Some Rules of the ROAD

    ok.. you'd think this stuff would be simple... but apparently not...That little switch on the left side of your wheel, it moves up and down... thats for when you decide to make a turn!! Turn the Lever UP to go right, DOWN to go Left! Soooooo tired
  • Clothing and sizes

    Clothes are generally cut for the ultra-skinny, which is an "ideal" but it really, really doesn't fit many people. So if you've got another "ideal" like height or a rack D and above, shouldn't it be EASY to find clothes? Why do I gotta cram my tits into
  • Shut up and dress up

    To the girls who dress like skanks - you are skanks. Don't give me this empowerment bullshit. Empowerment is education not skin. Empowerment is equal rights, not sex. Fuck off with your "If he can sleep with 20 girls why can't I sleep with 20 guys?" You
  • 25 going on 13.

    To the jackass in by Dairyqueen on southpark. Bet you think you're a laugh a minute. You're what? 25? Isn't that a bit old to be making a jackass of yourself by leaping out in front of strangers and screaming in their faces? Grow up. I hope the next pers
  • Close your mouth while I'm talking to you!

    I work in a call centre and nothing is more disgusting as someone who smacks food in your ear while your working. Here is a novel idea, FINISH EATING BEFORE YOU FUCKING CALL. I don't need to hear your molars pulpify the swill your eating. FUCK!
  • Must be nice to have a MLA for a father!

    It is 3:30 in the morning and I am listening to crappy Fucking music and hooting and hollering but since daddy is an MLA nothing ever seems to be done about it.
  • School Segregation

    Not so much of a bitch and more of a question; With all the recent talk about having Afrocentric schools so that the culture is passed on, my question is what common culture is there? There are dozens of seperate cultures in Africa which are all differe
  • re t'isn't the season

    (couldn't find it in the archive to comment there): Who says all wreaths are CHRISTMAS wreaths? Do you think Jesus invented evergreens or something? Please try thinking just a little bit outside the box. "There's a whole world out there that isn't what y
  • Making it impossible to live without a car

    It is unbelievable that if I want to leave my car parked somewhere and take a bus or train in to Halifax from New Glasgow or Truro, that there are no "park and rides" anywhere in those areas. In fact, upon phoning Acadian Lines, I was told in no uncerta
  • Money is all you need to stay Health in Nova Scotia

    Cant believe Ive beem calling around this morning trying to find $750 to GET AN OPERATION AT THE FUCKING HOSPITAL!!!!Ive had pain on the side of my face for months, so I decided to go to the dentist, sure enough, Ive got to get my wisdom teeth out, so
  • Leave the trees out of it

    To the dumb fuck who spray painted a Circle-A on the tree in the Old Burial Grounds. What the fuck was the point of that? Is that tree apart of the capitalist system you oppose? I don't give a shit what your political views are, just don't plaster them o
  • Nip it in the Bud!

    This is terrible! Please, Coast, change the new layout of LTWWB back to how it was! Please... I keep starting to read the comments on a bitch and then get confused... "why is this not making sense?" "oh ya, the last comment made is posted at the top i
  • Where The FUCK is my Bitch!?!

    What is the process for my bitch appearing online?I WANT FEEEDBACK from the great readers of the Coast ONLINE!!!!
  • $73.50/ hr is Rodney MacDonald’s wage?

    $73.50/ hr is Rodney MacDonald’s wage? Does he pay taxes? How much? (I know, I could search for the answer by googling). I think the highest hourly rates should have been gone to Metro/LINK bus drivers/mechanics and garbage-related works. What do
  • You Cheap Bastards

    To a certain downtown restaurant - a friend of mine was eating lunch at your establishment when he came across a small metal ball in his food - you cheap, rotten cunts charged him half price for a meal that he wouldn't touch - if I had of been there, the


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