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  • Local artist Peter Diamond probably used recycled organic soy-based inks for his drawing of the Green Reaper, and definitely used electrons to build
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  • Mar 6-12, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 41

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  • Wealthy tax cuts

    Coast Exclusive: taxes on expensive properties will be cut, middle-class property taxes will be raised.

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  • Eels

    Meet the Eels Vol. 1, Useless Trinkets

Love the way we bitch

  • an-nun-ci-ate

    I do not know if this is somewhat of a bothersome issue with others, or some sort of local pride, however it just bugs the fuck out of me. I am not Nova Scotian, my husband is, and we moved here some six months ago. I work in retail and have to listen to
  • Snooze

    To the neighbour in my apartment building who likes to let their alarm beep very loudly for 2 hours, starting at 5:30am: FUCK OFF!!!
  • High School censorship

    To who ever is in charge of the computers and their annoying censorship program that blocks everything. I'm tired of looking at the "HRSB This website has been blocked as journals and blogs, hate speech, course language ect. I can understand blocking por
  • Just tie yourself a noose already.

    You probably don't read the coast. Given the way you present yourself in public, i'd have a hard time believing that you even have the attention span/brain power it requires to read at all. This morning, myself and several other people stood in the sport
  • Turn, dammit!

    People who drive... listen up... it is LEGAL to turn left from from the left hand lane of a one way street onto a one way street!!! LEGAL! I promise. Look it up! I get stuck behind people at Duke and Hollis constantly. And why won't the city post some si
  • Healthy Street Beggars Can Screw Off

    Yep, I'll say it. I hate them. It bothers me that some people have mental issues that can place them in these positions, etc and I do believe they need help but the rest of you can f*ck right off. I almost hate to say it but GET A F*CKING JOB! When
  • thieves on the bridge

    what gives with the dudes working on the Macdonald bridge? the other day I went to retrieve change from the coin return and a dude working for the bridge comes yelling at to give it to him! what the eff? that's stealing, right?
  • one step leads to another... fuckup

    so... fuck. midterm worth 40% of an entire term mark. Two questions... second question: 6 steps, each step builds up from the last. second step: forgot the goddamn fucking piece of cuntlicking square root! there goes my fucking term. TWO QUESTIONS, worth
  • Q = 1 'ol bore

    I remember now why I bailed on the local rock station. My painful reminder came today when I changed over to the former self proclaimed "Rock of the Atlantic". To enjoy a few afternoon tunes at work. Sadly, I can not access internet radio here. I u
  • Greed Bag!

    Ok Barrington Superstore, we get it. You're putting on some good PR by replacing plastic bags with the reusable "green bags". Sounds great! But where the hell do you get off charging people a dollar for this? If you really gave a damn about the environme
  • Clinic Purgatory

    With every doctor’s visit I increasingly question the rational behind making an appointment. You arrive on time, yet end up waiting hours before you reach your position in the cue. So what’s the point in making an appointment anyway?!!? The fact that the
  • Dear Blue Bag Pirates

    I see you trolling my neighborhood at 6 AM, your stolen grocery carts laden with envirobooty. And while I used to applaude your industriousness, I'll be fucked in the ear with a pointy stick before you get any more of my recyclables. It's not that I mi
  • Atlantic Superhypocrite

    If the superstore really cared about the environment, they'd start using closed-door refrigerators. The power that is wasted to operate an open refrigerator is astronomical compared to the closed type. So, stop going on about your "green bags" and star
  • Obesity - even though I know we're all sick of it...

    Ok, I know this may be an unpopular thread given the back and forth regarding obesity on other threads, but I'm so mad I have to vent. My grandmother is 84 years old, has terrible osteoporosis, and is in dire need of a hip replacement. But the waiting
  • Night nurses from hell

    I work as a housekeeper for Capital Health. I am sick and tired of nurses looking down on us because we are “housekeepers,” worthless, invisible, except when we’re needed to assist one of you evil trolls. Some of us are in SCHOOL, working at this crap-as
  • Annoying classmate!

    To the annoying, unprofessional woman in my class:I am so sick of listening to you whine and complain about it NEVER being your fault! I have to put up with your f***ing bullshit every single day! You misplace something, but oh, it's not your fault.
  • some friend

    Am I crazy to think that it's a dick-head move to bail on plans with someone (without telling them) to hang out with other mutual friends but not invite that person either? You could have just told me you couldn't go out with me- it's not like I would ha
  • Watch out for buses

    So with all the talk about how dangerous it is to drive while talking on a cell phone, what the hell is my Metro Transit bus driver doing on his phone? The entire time from Penhorn Mall to Barrington he was chatting away on his cell phone. Not only was h
  • WTF? i don't get it

    Im just one of MANY Nova Scotian's that only have a high school education (that are actually TRYING to go back to school) and HOLY FUCK the government makes it so HARD to go to BACK to school............. first My dad Makes TOO MUCH money for me to get a
  • T'aint the Season

    To every single person in Halifax who still has a Christmas wreath up on their front door, steps, garage, whatever. TAKE IT THE FUCK DOWN ALREADY! Its March you know...and leaving these things up for 3-6 months of the year tells people one of two thing
  • Get some damn sense!

    To my neighbours with the black lab: I hope that dog eats your face off someday. All you fucking do is put the poor dog outside (at night, mid day and even morning). If you have no room for a big dog GIVE IT THE FUCK AWAY! I wish that someone would put y
  • tap, tap, tapping

    Hey guy sitting across from me doing the crossword while listening to your iPod. Nobody wants to hear the incessant tapping of your pen as you ponder five across. This is a cafe, people come here to study and relax, perhaps engage in quiet conversation.
  • Customer Service

    Dear douchebag who works at a certain CD store on Barrington (not the one beside Pogue Fado):I was in your store last night looking to buy some local music to support our wonderful local music scene. Not only did you respond to my request for informati
  • Canada's Gone to Hell

    Watching the news now makes me fucking sick. What the hell has this country become? We are taxed to death on everything. As if the rising price of gas isn't the price of milk goes up AGAIN??. The government has us by the BALLS...taxing neces
  • Rental Bitches

    Love the way you gave our apartment to someone else the day after approving our application! Esp. loved that I had to call your fat asses to find this out! You didn't even have the balls to inform us about it. Saggy tits you are!!
  • Hate myself for saying this....

    Happy almost spring everyone!Ok, I don't want to sound like an ignorant asshole.... I really don't, but something has been bothering me and I would like to make a observation and then ask a few questions regarding Halifax's blossoming Lesbian community.
  • Superstore enviro-whore

    Good job Superstore!You've taken the "green" fad and capitalized on it.I would not have a problem if you supplanted plastic bags with cloth ones, or if you sold the cloth ones at cost, but it is clear you are making a profit from the moral panic of g
  • Panhandler Wannabees

    To all the school kids that think they can make a quick buck on Spring Garden, the gig is up. You're pathetic and transparent. I know the regulars on the street and you just don't make it believable.Get an education and stop leaching off the hard workin
  • 7 Minutes

    To the EFFING company I am leaving soon: I think it might be a human rights issue that you have decided not to pay us for the time we have to use the bathroom. I know that some people abused the 7 minute grace time, but now we feel like we are going to b
  • The Last Taboo

    I would like to officially ask the women of this world to stop vilifying me for being attracted woman who are thin/athletic. I know women ( and Men ) come in all shapes and sizes. I know for every body shape a woman has there are tons of guys out there
  • Things I Am Sofa King Sick of Hearing:

    - "At the end of the day"- "That being said"- "Intuitive"- "On a going forward basis" etc etcPeople, PLEASE stop using these overused words/ phrases and just let the DIE already!!
  • To that crazy obsessive ex girlfriend of his

    Seriously, why are you so crazy? He broke up with you almost a year ago, so why don't you move on? Stop parking in his driveway at night, don't break into his house, stop calling and harassing him and his new girlfriend. He broke up with you because y
  • MSI cards

    Hello there Halifax, As a person who works in the health care industry with patients I ask you to please bring your health card to every visit when you know you are coming to a hospital, we are required to ask for it (every visit) and check it to make s
  • how big is reallllllly big? size 10 , 3 inch?

    Can't help to notice that the most response are about OP and what people wear.Are you gals and guys so obsessed with size? If so, here's one for your pleasure. Why does it have to be 12 inch to satisfy your desire. 3 inches is too small, 7 inches is goo
  • Don't like what someone looks like then don't look

    I'm sick of all the fucking bitches that bitch about someones, weight, their nose booger, their hair, their eyes, their crocs, their pj pants etc. If you don't fucking like what that person has on or looks like then don't fucking look! We are all made d
  • Mr Dixon charged with threatening Community Service Minister

    It is a sad state of affairs when an ordinary person like myself, sides with the criminals. I would advise to go the election route, but this department of provincial government needs reform , big time.They treat the people they are suppose to care for l
  • Metro Transit

    Metro Transit is absolutely amazing. I have never come across a company so devoted to hiring incompetent assholes to run a business.Metro Transit bus drivers know some really neat tricks. Showing up late? Showing up early? Child's play! Metro Tran
  • New Brunswick Drivers

    What is up with New Brunswick drivers? They are honestly some of the worst drivers I have ever seen!Like most people who will be reading this, I live in Halifax. So why is it that almost every time I nearly get run over in a marked crosswalk, see a c
  • rat bastard.

    Being a tattle tale in your mid 40s is really quite something. Especially when you tell on someone that is one of your ONLY friends left at work. I even bought you a little something when you were gonna be away for a while. Boy, was I a sucker. Everyone
  • A shitty situation

    On Thursday, August 17, 2006, I was shopping in a grocery store, in the bakery department, when I noticed what I thought were mouse droppings on the shelves with bread, rolls and other baked goods. I was disgusted!!!On Sunday, August 20, again, I was i
  • Bullshit

    Sick of people foisting their bullshit this way...take responsibility for your actions....don't blame anyone else but yourself. Stop lying and acting like children, don't blame me for your actions you are all fucking adults. I don't force people into mak
  • @!$% on the bus

    The two morons on the bus friday morning that couldn't stop swearing every second word, your so tought that you have to curse as you talk about girls like they are objects. Grow up and learn more words
  • Sure sign of Spring...

    Sigh, the end of winter. The snow is beginning to melt (except for the freezing rain part). Grass will soon be struggling to reach the sun. Or at least it would if it weren't for ALL THE FUCKING 'ROLL UP THE RIM' COFFEE CUPS LITTERED ALL OVER THE FUCKING

    The state of the health care system is so fucked, I can't even put my rage into words other than, FUCK!! My cousin has a brain tumor, but they can't do the surgery to put one shunt, oops sorry now two becasue of how much time has passed, to relieve the p

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