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  • SAWS!

    Lake Major Watershed, source of Dartmouth’s drinking water, is being logged. It's the
centre of a battle over water safety.
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  • Re-schooled

    Cancelling Four-Plus by the Halifax Regional School Board is a decision a four-year-old wouldn't make
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Love the way we bitch

  • retail bitch

    to that bitch, that said I didn't know what I was doing when asked about advil and arthritis, first of all I am technician I can't counsell you jack ass, Why is there so many unpleasant assholes in this city? Anyone who works with people knows that its a
  • Deceptive Roomate

    I’m submitting my bitchery not only because I’m frustrated beyond imaginable, but because I think future roommates can benefit from my past naivety. Not only was I screwed out of my damage deposit (the apartment was immaculate when I left it), but my roo
  • Print my bitch

    I wrote a pretty good bitch about the how the extreme leftist stance of the Coast exists solely to attract a demographic for advertising purposes.Of course, it doesn't get published....Did I strike a nerve?
  • Oye gringo

    Mexico has the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world with more than twice as many as the second largest Spanish-speaking country. Almost a third of all Spanish native speakers in the world live in Mexico
  • Woodbury Animal Butchery

    To anyone thinking of getting their puppy spayed at the Woodbury Animal Clinic on Robie St., Don't. My 10 month old puppy's stitches ripped open. I brought her back in, and they stapled her stomach together without putting her under, or freezing her woun
  • Just SHUT UP!

    It’s all about you. There is no ifs or buts you act like you care but once someone bitches to you, you have to bitch right back with something worse that makes people bad for you. Do you like the attention? Do you think this is the only way you can get
  • Movies. Oh Movies. Wherefore art thou?

    After Empire Theatres killed Famous Players a few years back, the amount of diverse movies coming to Halifax has decreased in a dramatic way. I have been waiting months to see The Signal and Diary of the Dead but they never came, and probably never will,
  • lol lol

    where the fck is lol?this bitch is full of lol
  • Goodbye Nova Scotia

    According to an article in the Gazette, the Nova Scotia government currently does not seem to think that reducing the insane tuition increases for professional students is an important topic. It's to the point where student loans do not cover the entiret
  • UP YOURS you cranky shit!

    OK , I think I got your attention here. This is how most of you answer a bitch. For F#ck sake, Ginger's a moron. au contraire, "assholes" , it's not about Ginger,it's about a bitch. You're all over the place with nothing but name calling the others. He
  • Animal over lovers

    Alright, I am normally a calm... Wait, I can't even say that with a straight face, I am fucking pissed off most of the time. Recently I've been reading all the hoopla regarding 'seals' and to a lesser extent animal rights. I laugh my balls silly afte
  • Marquee

    Dear Marquee Bouncers,you are not cops or even close to being cops, and your authority is miinimal. please remeber this when you go on raging power trips and decide to cast your angry, depressed, repressed, jealous, wrath upon innocent people. i know y
  • The Coast awards

    Why is it that every year it's the same people winning the "best of" awards with the Coast? Same bands, same restaurants, etc. There doesn't seem to be any credibility to it when it's the same people that win all the time. In fact, wouldn't it be easy
  • vrrrrroooommmmm wtf??

    Yesterday, I was waiting for my bus I get EVERY SINGLE DAY, same bat time, same bat place...the number 17 on bayers road. I was CLEARLY standing in front of the bus shelter in perfect view of the driver. As the bus came closer I steped up to wait for it
  • Makes Me Vomit

    To all you fucking assholes out there who drive by in your cars or stroll down the street,you see a "hot" or appealing chick, so you decide to yell,"hey sexy!" or just simply honk you're horn with a disgusting lick of the lips,Fuck you.i am one of th
  • White Trash

    To all you smokers out there who insist on tossing your butts on the ground, think again. Who gives you the right to dirty our green spaces, business entrances, bus stops and parking lots? Don't give me any crap about no place to throw them because if
  • hey slut

    I am sick of your big fucking mouth. You love to talk about other people's live and you have no problem telling everyone everything. Listen bitch, you are a whore. You cheat on your b/f. You've brought these men to your own house with your kids there
  • RACISM? or Poor Educational Judgment?

    Well here is a topic that doesnt get much of a bitch on here. A certain Sackville Jr. High school had a guest speaker who is an up and coming rapper / singer, in, to do all three.This is how it went: 35 students were called into the gym one by one from
  • Love the way they bitch

    Hey Coast. Make the "recent comments" sidebar longer. Some of us don't have time to lurk on LTWWB all day long, but still enjoy looking at the train wreck that is the comments section. Only having links to the four or five most recent comments in the
  • Eglish please

    Why do people feel the need to talk like dis n dat n type shiat like who da fuk carez. Last time i checked, it was never actually cool to do that, nor would anyone hire you for a job, nor is it easy for anyone to understand what you're typing. We come f
  • My squeegee kid

    Nice letter, mom. At first I thought I'd ask you why she just doesn't get a job like most everyone else, but then you say she 'chose' this life. Fair enough. Could somebody please mention to her the next time they see her that "street person" probably wo
  • re: lol lol WHERE? NOT WHAT?

    ONLY ONE OF YOU UNDERSTOOD THE QUESTION.newsgal, hooray!That's OK, at least most of you made an effort to answer the question. I said, MOST of you. The rest of you are absolute losers with nothing to say . CRAP ON YOU.
  • How many of you are undergraduates

    and work/worked at a call centre? Did you work at call centres after getting your undergrads certificates or when you were studying in a college/ university? Any of you are/were a PCW? Which care companies are the best? Thanks!
  • Evil Twins

    Dear landlord, When a landlord calls you for a reference, please check the LAST NAMES of the tenants, and keep in mind that if you claim "Over 400 satisfied renters" that one or two of them may share a first name! I have don't stiff you on the rent, I
  • ew, no.

    Okay, i know the fat topic is a bit of a repeat issue on this board, but i have just watched my boss eat his fourth donut of the day. FOURTH! It's 2pm, and who knows, i may have missed one or two. There are bad eating habbits, and then there are disgusti
  • bartender

    I heard a Nightclub bartender bragging about how she loves to get people kicked out for no reason. If she doesn't want you there, she'll get you out. Wow, that's something to be proud of.
  • To the people upstairs:

    What exactly are you doing up there? I spend a lot of time pondering the sounds that come from above and I have some theories.You are training an army in the secret of darkness.You are insomnac stomp performers.The only thing that lulls you back t
  • Pillow talk

    This isn't so much a bitch as it is a question for a previous one... Why would you assume that your girlfriends' roommate's pussy was the smell on the pillow that you sleep on? Why would anyone, female especially, use a pillow for masturbation? Why did
  • Fat People

    Why are fat people so obnoxious?? Is there something in the fried chicken that makes you HAVE to be so goddamn loud-mouthed and annoying? I realize that some of you come from generations of fat obnoxiousness, but enough already. The worst are fat familie
  • Hollis Street

    I walked down Hollis Street from Duke to the bus station. I had some garbage to toss and I noticed there was not one garbage on that whole street. I guess Hollis Stret thinks it is too good for garbage cans.
  • Psyco Path

    To the north-end psychologist in the argyle socks. You are the most arrogant pompous excuse for a human being that ever called themself a professional. Put your shoes back on, shave off that stupid beard, and try listening to your clients for a change in
  • pizza sucks

    there are two pizza joints on the road. the first went through many name changes yet remained a good place to eat. the second spot opened up. we gave them a shot, actually several, all to a disappointing experience. NOW the second place is under new man
  • Learn to conjugate

    I'm so tired of hearing "I seen" coming out of people's mouths. It's either "I saw" or "I've seen." There is no "I seen." Stop saying it, you sound like a moron.
  • Go F*&^K yourself. Please!

    I wrote a past bitch here about my lovely lady co-workers and the enviornment. I hope SOMEONE I work with reads this and clue's in but dammit I highly doubt it.Thanks again ladies for making my life a living hell at work. What the hell is wrong with
  • Cock-a-doodle-FLU

    Anyone else think it is unwise to allow people to raise chickens in thier backyard in the city? I am all for green initiatives and sustainability, but I don't think farm animals belong in the city, they belong in, well, farms. I don't know how much of a
  • Losers Only Life

    how many losers does it take to change a light bulb?how many times do you hear "get a life" in the responses here?and you are the same ones who spend your whole life answering bitchers? look who's talking.
  • Singapore, Malaysia,

    Thailand, Hong Kong, Senzhen, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Those are the countries I've been. Where have you people been? Is there a travel group here? Sometime it is nicer to meet fellow travellers to dicuss things to do regarding travelling, instead of findi
  • Need Closure

    So... About the guy who was certain his roommate was rubbing her Va-jay-jay (anyone else see that word in Cosmo? Hilarious) on his pillow... I need closure! We thought it was night sweats, you thought it was mental abnormality. WHAT HAPPENED?
  • Fuck off about MT already

    I'm so fucking sick of people bitching all the time about Metro Transit. If you don't like hearing about it, don't read LTWWB you might say. Good advice. Except I can over hear people everywhere complaining. In the lineup at the grocery store, at the ban
  • Which school did you go to?

    Some of you regulars are amazing. Can't spell, bad grammar, and you even dare correct others on that. At least, one of you admitted to only having Grade 6 education. I thought Canada provides free education till pre-metriculation. What were you doing?By
  • Tree Muggers

    I just want to say a special f*ck you to the asshats that have been trashing (ie. breaking in half) the nice trees planted on Hollis Street ouside of the Provincial Building. What the f*ck is wrong with you? Did that tree say something to upset you as yo
  • To the guy with the yeast infection cheek

    Set up that video camera. Borrow something if you don't have one, set it up in the GF's room, and get this girl on tape. It's sounds like a stretch, but if you're right, that girl is fucked and you need to get her ass arrested. You can explain shit to
  • Cartoons

    My friends and I love the Coast but man, you cartoon page is not funny. I mean, I know you are trying to be artsy and unlike newspapers but scatter some Garfield in there or at least something that makes some form of sense.
  • illiterate buggers

    amazing how many illiterates we have here on the web. check out the comments wherever you news, youtube,etc.can't spell for nuts. even my 6 year old niece caught the mistakes.worse, they criticize spanish,italian, rumanian, portguese,etc
  • mo money, mo misses

    to those rich bastards who piss all over the mens bathroom in the big shiny offices. We all know you are loaded and probably pay someone to clean it up at home, but here just hit the damn drain!
  • Don't want to chase waterfalls

    Alright, can someone give me the contact of the apartment board.I got a dick of a landlord who litterally bit off my head when I called him at 2am after knocking off work and finding a huge water bubble on the ceiling of my kid's room. After much fuss
  • enough already

    I f anyone else says the word squeegee kid I'm never reading the coast again. Find something else to talk about Halifax, why not pick on another sad demographic for a while.
  • Mexicano? ha!ha!

    Senor speaks Mexican, ha!ha!What's that? I just found out that we don't speak Spanish in Mexico, we speak Mexican. Too much, hombreI can see your schooling paid of. Hey muchacho, want to learn some Mexican? ha!ha!
  • Roll Call!

    While I realize this is a Halifax themed newspaper, I know many posters here aren't local. Who's Haligonian, who's Ex-Haligonian and who's an Internet Immigrant?
  • Last Name Woes

    Dear Landlord, When another landlord asks for a reference, check the person in question's last name. It was the other Adam who doesn't pay rent, is loud and answers the door naked. Not me. I lost that apartment.
  • You Forgot Your Lunch!!

    To the drunk idiots who sat behind me on the bus the other night, more specifically the girl who let her lunch go on the seat behind me: Next time, STAY THE FUCK HOME! The last thing I want to do after a long day at work is listen to some drunk girl scre
  • ABBA Assholes

    Okay, this is to the singing troupe on the 20 downtown on Friday the 29th of February.No, singing and screaming at the top of your lungs does not make you cool, it makes you an idiot. No one wants to hear your shitty renditions of Abba songs, a serenade
  • move if you so hate it here

    i work all across canada, and i come here and read how terrible it is here. you know what? this is a great city, lots to do in the summer. nothing in winter? so what? you had a great summer why not rest. that's what i do.the trouble is i suspect these w

    That night I made the bitch I told my GF what I thought was happening with her roomate and she fucking flipped the fuck out, seriously, I was thrown back. I have been with her for almost a year and didnt know she had that in her. She didnt even bat an e
  • morons all except a few

    except for a few regulars (miles, christopher, ginger,lynn,etc) the rest of your regulars are a bunch of total imbeciles with nothing to comment except flame the bitcher.if this is as creative as you half wits, the coast must be hard-up for comments, or
  • Has to be said...

    I don't know whether this will even be posted, but I have to say that Liz Feltham may just be the worst restaurant reviewer I have ever read. If she gives a bad review, then I am more apt to try the place out. By what standards does she judge the restaur

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