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Love the way we bitch

  • sloppy aint girlicious!

    Is it just me or are ugg boots(and those stupid crocs) the Ugg-liest things you've ever seen? No, it's not just me. If I see another bleach blonde slapped around lookin' twat with stretched out jogging pants, i think I'm going send a bitch slap to the m
  • To the asshole who stole my wallet:

    Dear asshole, I would like to personally say "FUCK YOU" for stealing my wallet from my work place. I honestly feel bad for you... you obviously have a lot of horrible stuff going on in your life, as was made apparent by your overwhelming stupidity.
  • This is why I am not having children.

    I am so tired of having to ride the bus with people who don't know how to fucking behave on a moving vehicle. Here are some hints:1- Don't yell. I know that you think that being 16 makes you cool, but yelling just makes you look like a douchebag to eve
  • One good door

    To the owner of the blue house on North Park (overlooking the commons). Please, please, please paint your front door yellow again. The burgundy just doesn't cut it and the yellow made me happy everyday when I passed by. I miss it.

    This bitch is to my girlfreinds roomate: I am tired of waking up to the smell of rotten pussy on my pillow. I fucking know it is you becasue my GF would never do that and smells like fucking roses. You are disgusting and dont think for a second that I do
  • I wanted to read that ad you SOB

    To the inconsiderate boob who, for whatever reason, tore the top off of one of the middle pages of The Coast and left the torn copy on the 59 from Portland Hills last Thursday, thanks.I spent the rest of my night, at work wondering what was on the top
  • Children who call themselves Dal students.

    I know the Killam Library is a hangout for a lot of people, I get it, but guess what.... some people go there to actually study! And you know the large room on the second floor? That's a QUIET study area. It has big signs on the walls saying"QUIET" in un
  • Fuck i hate you.

    Fuck i hate my supervisor at work. Picture an overweight, balding, self important asshole with a major complex and you've got him. Fucking throws a tantrum when something goes wrong, and tries to play boss man to feel importantand make up for whatever is

    This bitch is to the people who live in my appartment building who look after 3 or 4 handicapped people:Why do you bring the 3 slowest, oldest handicaped people on earth down 3 flights of stairs when we have elevators???? Are you people fucking retarde
  • unqualified reviewers

    just read this week's review of Mongolie Grill'd and is surprised how a restaurant reviewer does not know how certain sauce and foods don't mix well. also the definition of certain things on the you just get anyone to become a reviewer? that's l
  • Don't piss off the people who control your caffeine.

    To 1% extra hot Latte Woman. We all hate you and your holier-than-thou attitude. The way you glare at those of us you deem unworthy of making your drink. Newsflash! We all make your ridiculously hot drink the same way, you pompus cow! Why do you even ne
  • SPCA

    This is supposed to be a commendable organization? I have a friend who desperately needed to find homes for two adult cats, and the SPCA turned her away. Without explanation, she was denied shelter, or any assistance from them. Luckily, she ended up find

    ...thats it.. something has to be done with these fucking roads!!!Twice in a month i had to replace a rim!! most are avoidable... some you have no choice, its the hole or the car beside you!! HRM should be passing out rebates... this is crazy
  • The Coast is free because...

    ...nobody would pay for it if it was on sale. Your articles are all bleeding-heart extreme leftist diatribes on how bad corporations are, and how great the North end is. This isn't journalism, its biased opinion-piece tripe. For instance, your
  • Food for Thought

    My usual 'onion bagel with herb &garlic cream cheese' will no longer be heard. When I first arrived in Canada, your portions were fairly --not ideal, but fair-- good. Now? They're not even 'okay.'I end up with a burnt bagel and a nickel sized amount of
  • Are you mentally disabled or just fucking ignorant?

    This is to the stupid bitch at the 7:30pm showing of "There Will Be Blood" at Park Lane on Tuesday night: do you have some sort of mental disability which caused you to literally talk non stop through a 2 1/2 hour movie? Because maybe if you had tourette
  • If I want old chedder, I'll go to the supermarket.

    Why can't guys realize that the shit they eat makes their junk smell like cheese? Didn't your fathers teach you to watch your diet, wipe your dick after you pee and PROPERLY clean your plumbing?If I see another fucking pee stain in my roomate's tighty w
  • To the unoffical greeter

    Mom and I were having our weekly mother/daughter lunch before we got groceries, you rudely interrupted us. I realize people need to socialize but I'm not Julie Mcoy entertainment director for the unsocials. I don't mind saying high but I really don't w
  • Lets all be trendy!!!!!

    PRIVATIZE!!!!!!!!Why does the price of all the good beer keep going up? Staropramen, Czechvar Sneiderweiss, etc etc. are through the fuckin roof!!! Is it because all the University students jumped on the bandwagon and think its cool to be holding big
  • Clothing Optional

    Who Hates Pants?!!!I know I do. Can't stand them. They are the first things off once I am through that front door. When's summer coming so I can finally teach these guys a lesson and turn 'em all into jean-shorts (and then throw them out 'cus jean shor
  • Jobs in Halifax? I think not...

    Anyone seeking employment in the HRM like myself? What I've come to find out is that Halifax is just a pool of call centres or crappy behind the counter jobs at your local fast food restaurant. Nothing really worth your while (if you know what I mean).A
  • "cold, poor and hungry"

    I am sick and tired of being asked for change. Im usually a very good hearted person, however, i just cannot bring myself to hand over my hard earned money to some dirty skiv on the street whom i dont know. this hatred toward "homeless" people is mainly
  • Eyeglass Frames Bitch

    Why are the only fucking glass frames available these days those fugly little rectangle frames that look good on about 10% of the population? How 'bout some choice for those of us that don't want to look like a fucking recentangled dorkzilla?? My fathe
  • Stupid bitchers

    I am so tired of all the bitchers on here who bitch about people they obviously consider inferior - squeegee kids, people asking for change, fat people, poor people.... What these dumbass fucktards don't realise is that our society makes victims of lots
  • Youth Live, suck my a@#

    Let me begin with a little story. One cold Feb morning in good ol H dot, i dragged myself out of bed, slapped on my boots and jumpsuit and headed to work at Youth Live. For those of you who dont know, Youth Live is a work education program funded by HRM.
  • HCAP AND Wayne thanks!

    a huge thanks to HCAP and Wayne who helped us get out of our lease with the big rental company because of a leaky bathroom. You guys rocked!! Thanks a million keep up the good work!
  • Sir Stinks A Lot.

    There must be a reason why you don't shower each day. (or week..month?) Maybe it's because you prefer to sleep in a little longer in the morning. It could even be because you can't smell your own smell, or you take some sort of sick pleasure in causing t
  • Unable to bitch

    How come SOME of my online responses to bitches get published while others do not?
  • Eat My Pyjama Pants

    I wear Crocs. I wear Uggs. I wear baggy sweats. Sometimes I even wear pyjama pants. So to all you helpful people who've written in to the Coast and other media to inform me that this is an error in fashion judgement: Thanks for your input. Really.
  • coffee snots

    coffee shops oughta have a special line (with its own cash register) for customers who just want to order a regular goddam cup of coffee.i'm sick of standing behind three people who collectively take fifteen minutes to order (and receive) their drinks,
  • Smokers

    Just a big old fuck you to the ppl who need to walk on busy streets smoking cigarettes. I love getting behind you and getting face fulls of smoke. I dont think there is any law against smoking while walking even if there was i dont think it would help
  • Dear Halifax

    I love you and miss you! I hope you're well and I think of you every day.
  • To the Back of the Bus, Bitch

    To the young woman getting off the 52 yesterday who said and I quote: “could you wait for me to get off the bus before you get on?” It’s called a rear door. Use it. By golly, if I recall correctly there are even big bright yellow signs posted stating
  • The Bird Flipper

    I'm waiting to cross the street where Sackville turns on to Bell Rd. (CBC building corner) There's a family with mayba a 7 year old daugher waiting on the opposite side. Light turns green, we start to cross and the car we are crossing in front of decides

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