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  • Feb 14-20, 2008
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  • Winnipeg Babysitter

    Public access TV from Winnipeg in the 1980s is excavated for a presentation at the North Street Church.


Love the way we bitch

  • Douchey-Mcdouche on the 51.

    You take the 8am bus from the Dartmouth Sportsplex every weekday, and god forbid if you're not the first one to set foot on it. You push your way through every man, woman and child to get on first, and yell in the face of anyone who beats you to it. I se
  • The Cat

    Yes, you know who the fuck you are you little bitch!Stop scratching up our furniture and carpet! Don't you know that comes out of our damage deposit you little twat? I would totally fucking charge you if you weren't a cat. Show some God damn respect
  • No Title Due To Drunkeness

    With all of the harping and bitching that goes on about drunk driving these days, we have approximately 2 questions for the Nova Scotia Government. First of all, why are the all of the liqour stores so far away from everyone's house? Jesus, privatize tha
  • Walkers at War

    We are at war over petroleum. Let the cars go first. It wouldn't hurt pedestrians to stop for a second instead of demanding that cars slam their breaks on at cross walks and such. In the name of conservation - our clean air, our safety as citizens of
  • Youth Live Suck my a@#

    What? Do you expect to be in the executive board room eating lunch with the President of the Royal Bank? What the hell do you expect? I've had crappy, dangerous jobs for years but I worked hard and now I work in an office and dont have to work for chumps
  • Everything's in the shitter

    Okay, so the Bookroom's closed-down/The Daily News just went tits-up....what in the fuck is going on??? I mean there's talk of a recession and all...but I thought it wasn't supposed to affect Canada that badly....why is everything thing in the shitter al
  • Seeing Green

    I'm getting really fucking sick of these giant grocery stores dicking around with grocery bags. "It's Green!™" they say. "That's bullshit!" I say. The only green they see is that which lines the pockets of their shareholders as profit margins inch ever s
  • Mr. Plow

    So it's 2:30 am on Thursday night and I am awakened by this insanely loud plow scraping the pavement outside of my house. Nevermind that I live in the residential area of Young St. where I am sure dozens of other working citizens had to get up in about
  • Enviro-Mart

    So what's with all the ads now about a certain mega-retailer being all "green" and eco-friendly? Is anyone actually buying this BS? As if insulating your roof makes up for crappy labour relations or compensates for the environmental impact of shipping al
  • Slack teachers

    This is the second day this week that school has been cancelled for no particularly good reason. It snows, its winter, deal with it. Teachers and the laziest people I know. Pay me 40k a year and give me summers off and at least twice as many days off as
  • #7 bus driver and his hobo friend

    This bitch is for the dorky older guy who drives the #7 bus, usually in the evening, all hunched over the wheel like a turtle, always at least 15 minutes late and always 20 km/h below the speed limit. The main reason, methinks? Because of his smelly ho
  • bitch with a bitch

    Ginger,Please forgive me.This is my submission. We are here to bitch, curse, maybe, we are not here to push antics of your fucking religious ways.There is no bitch in the bible.Also "I" said wallah. Not the muslim whatever.....
  • Pray for the bridgewater girl

    I found out today that the little girl that was missing in Bridgewater is now dead. Pray for her and her families! While here in the bitch section we make a big deal of farting in public a little girl has lost her life! There are more important things in
  • Rolling Up to Stop

    And another thing: it should not be illegal to roll up to a stop sign. That is rediculous.
  • I hear ya

    If you have a permanent work visa, contact companies like Shanex or Northwood. Bayshore will be looking for PCWs as well.
  • Goddamn Health Care System

    My doc orders an ultrasound because of severe pains I'm having. One week goes by, two, three, four and five weeks and still no appointment. I called my doc's office this morning and was told that it's a three to four month wait TO GET A FUCKING APPOINT
  • Your Dirty Ass (literally)

    This is to all you students at the Waterfront NSCC, and to all you dirty motherfuckers everywhere, (if you've done it, I'm talking directly to you), that can't seem to get their head around flushing a fucking toilet after taking a ridiculously disgusting
  • Move over...

    I have lived in many cities and visited countless others and never have I experienced the poor sidewalk etiquette that I have literally "run into" in Halifax. Here's a hint...when walking with two or more people you should attempt to move over for those
  • Dalhousie Secuitry Cars

    Seriously, whats the rush? Yesterday you almost made me road kill on the middle of campus and today is the second time I've been splashed on the way to class by a "dal security" car speeding down lemarchant. WHAT IS THE FUCKING RUSH? You are campus secur
  • Invisible friends

    To all the people out there on crowded buses who sit in the aisle seat so that they can hog the entire thing to themselves: Who the fuck are you saving the window seat for? Your invisible friend? If people are standing in the aisles, scoot the fuck over.
  • Stop farting in public

    WTF is wrong with people who fart in public?... like on a bus... Have some farting courtesy, will you?
  • Minacs

    Dear Minacs,I hate you, you treat your employees like a piece of dirt, tax the living hell out of them and provide shitty hours. I gave you 2 years and was told to find another job when i did you acted surprised? why I dont know maybey if you treated yo
  • Who cares!

    Why do people bitch about teachers? U know they go to school to get their education,pay for it and work. So the perks that come with teaching are there for teachers to enjoy. So stop complaining about them. I bet if u were a teacher u wouldn't say anythi
  • "Friggin cry babies"

    I am so sick of listening to people complain about the winter storms weve had. Boo friggin hoo!!! I think people forgot something..."WE LIVE IN NOVA SCOTIA!!!!!" We are gonna get snow...I know, I know..amazing isnt it? Heres one for ya..."MOVE TO B.C. IF
  • Not so tipsy

    I am so tired of busting my ass serving food and drink to all of you snotty doctors and lawyers (oh yes, can't forget the government workers and teachers) who feel that it is ok to tip me 10%. It's not real work, right? It's not difficult and exhausting
  • mental health corruption

    I would like to take a moment to thank all psychologists and psychiatrists out there for prescribeing teenagers with a dosage of acutane for their acne and hallucigens for sleep/mood stabilatation/depression without your kind hearts we would have never l
  • Hot Headed Dal Security!

    I just got back from the illScarlett concert at the Grawood (Dal). Holy security guards abuse of power! To the security guard with the toque: was it that cold in the bar that you needed a toque? I mean I think it made you too hot headed that you had to d
  • Gimpy

    To the ouchy painy oh-my-poor-back guy career-panning at the corner of Bayer's road and Connaught. Give up that bullshit holding your back thing as you walk, will you? No one with career-ending back pain that bad would be able to make it to the toilet, l
  • navy blue VW

    To the asshole who decided to make a U- turn at the susie lake intersection in bayers lake and almost hit us. Screw you! that is illegal you know plus we almost smashed into you since we had the right away. we have your license plate and i'm more then ha
  • Ghetto language jizz

    Whao here bro, just becuz nobody understandz anything somebdy sends in to bitch don't mean it's ghetto language.We can spell and we don't use da same stuff like do you. So whatz make youz so superior? Stuff it enuff ready.
  • Loathe thy neighbour

    To the couple on the other end of the duplex, thank you so much for showing how much of an asshole you farts in the wind are...My wife and I with our kids were shopping around for a new place and she became enchanted by the unit. We had the once over a
  • Winter seista

    TO the lady who requested people having a winter seista.One time ago,Mexicans could take a nap,But thanks to our fucking free trade agreementThe country is rampant with all our Dislocated money hungry Motherfuckers. EXample...FENDER,MOIRSHP,VOLVO,fuck
  • Zut Alors !

    "Defeated !? By Moncton ?! It can't be ! But we're Bigger ! And cooler , and Bigger ! " I hear you , you whinny pricks , shut the fuck up and calm the fuck down . We here in Halifax can't STAND it when any other part of the Maritimes bests us at anything
  • Open letter to the lazy bum by the quipool superstore.

    FUCK YOU! I walked by, and you asked me for some change. at first, i really felt sorry for you, but i had nothing to give, so i said "sorry dude". You replied.. "your not sorry at all... you have no idea what its like to be poor"... I walked away very an
  • Advice

    Dear Halifax,Try smiling.
  • No Title Due To Drunkeness

    With all the harping and bitching that goes on about drinking and driving, we have approximately 2 questions to pose to the NS Government. First off, why the hell are the liqour stores so far away from people's houses? Jesus Christ, just privatize that s
  • WTF?

    HRM has been whining about depleting this year's snow removal budget. So, can you tell me why, after yesterday's rain storm, my street was 'plowed' a half dozen times during the course of the evening? And why don't they fill potholes with dirt instead
  • Law Dogs

    At what point do you decide to recruit complete idiots and physically lacking people to a police force ?? ....other forces laugh their ass off at the recruitment corruption here . You got guys/gals being denied here but accepted at forces with 3 times t
  • RE: This one's for YOU

    If you dont like the coast dont read it. If you like the way things are done in montreal so much then go the fuck back there. No one cares how they do things at "the mirror". We get it, your french and pissed off...go seperate already!!!!!!
  • Old people minus deodorant equals ultimate grossout.

    It seems like every one of my infrequent visits to downtown Halifax is accompanied by the odd senior citizen that has either neglected as an oversight or near-deathright to apply deodorant. The last thing our fair capitol needs is a pair of smelly armpit
  • veggies grow in fecal matter

    DISGUSTING MAN, THEY TELL ME THAT IN SOME COUNTRIES THEY GROW VEGGIES IN FECAL MATTER. YUCK ,WHAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS THAT? IMAGINE EATING SHITTY VEGGIES.but what can be worth than veggies grown in fecal matter, bro? it's ppl who name their group or ge

    To the lady who wants a winter seista.zzzzz.Mexicans did at one time have their mid day naps.But thanks to the fucking free trade agreementat 2 fuckin $ shitty buck an hour. Wallah! No more seistasGet off your ass too!
  • Piss Me Off

    You people advertising on kijiji (or whatever else is free) Please take the frigging ads out when you sell the car! Don't act like it's an inconvenience when I respond to your ad... It's bad enough that I have to guess what the problem is with the car (C

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