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  • Reconsidering (RED)

    According to Motorola, “saving lives is sexy,” but does buying celebrity-endorsed products help or harm?


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    Some People Have Real Problems

Love the way we bitch

  • Office solicitation.

    All too often (at least once or twice a week), i come into work to be harrassed and bothered by another coworker to buy something. One week it's some kid's school trip, or a sports team, the next it's your stupid avon crap that NOONE needs, or would poss

    I dont understand these parents who think it is OK to leave their children in a car!!A parent leaves two babies in an suv when temperatures are at -30A parent leaves their 12 year old in the car, now shes missing..STOP LEAVING YOUR KIDS ALONE!!th
  • Bitch about the bitches

    Wow....where's quality control when you need it? The bitches have become REALLY lame and juvenile lately....
  • ECMA punishment

    Why is no one questioning why the CBC isn't broadcasting the ECMAs this year? You don't think that the fact the ECMAs are not being broadcast this year is because the CBC's terrified that if it continues to broadcast an awards show where presenters mak

    Take a shower, wash your clothes, brush your teeth! Stop smoking like a chimney!!You smell like a dumpster!!You walked by my desk and i gaged.. I SERIOUSLY GAGGED!!How the fuck do people not know that THEY STINK!!when he left i had to take out the
  • Bitchin' that Tim's is not Bitchin'!

    I wanted to add a comment to the 56 Tim's cups the bus rider counted as litter on his trip by saying what also galls me is the amount of people who leave their Tim's cups on store shelves! It's bad enough that you are so addicted you have to take it int
  • F-off Anti Blinky Hippie wannabee

    Blinky sounds like a wonderful human being. Pity she has to end up in the same elevator, or bldg, or worse, same planet as you.You, on the other hand,I have no words fit enough to call you because you are beyond insult.Your existence alone is already
  • Give us Mom's a break HRM

    To the Bus driver of the 61 bus route at about 2:50 pm yesterday (Monday afternoon), thank you so much for yelling at me for being late, while I carried my stroller onto your bus. I wouldn't have been late if the city/metro transit system took care of th
  • #80

    WHY is the # 80 bus always late? I have never once been down at a bus stop and had it show up on time. It is always at least 5 minutes late... One time it didn't come at all! I had to wait for the next 80. I was commenting on this one day and a woman at
  • sMarTy panTs get a life

    like there's this bunch of kids in school, duh. dey hang around ech other n talkbk 2 evrythg u say. they so tuff n smarty pants likeuntil we answer dem bk. and we sliced em like stale bread laffing our noodles off. they keep coming back 4 more, geez, u
  • No free rides

    To anyone who has the luck of having a friend with a car which you scoot around town in. Please, please, please have the sense to offer some funds (plus) for gas for short and long trips. They are covering much more than the cost of gas for any trip wit
  • never mind your credentials

    I agree with julie it's tiresome 2 c the same name in every bitch response or those who cannot say anything but "why don't you And what else? one of your losers present us with her credentials and then belittle those who hilariously made her
  • Call before you come!

    I had a friend get pissed with me and break a friendship because I explained to her house rules are that people call before they come? Is it me or is ettiquette an art form now adays?!
  • noisemaker

    To the jerk at work -- you know who you are -- who sits at his desk and pounds on the floor with his feet: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! I sit on the other side of the fucking wall. Work is for work. Drum your mindless shit somewhere else.
  • sad sad sad

    Just because you're sad with your life...because you lost the best thing ever...stop bashing her to everyone that will listen..she's a good person..your last gf was a jerk..crazy..manipulative and opportunistic ..and no doubt has been filling your head w

  • Suicides

    I feel quite unsympathetic towards the whole suicide ordeal of "Adam". It's funny how we can give a drunk driver so much reprieve because he was too afraid to face his punishment. It's too easy to blame inanimate objects like bridges and buildings. H
  • SMU Elavator!

    So me and my 2 friends were in the elevator in Loyola - Smu Residence Sunday night before the Superbowl, and we were going up to my floor - 17th. So this retarded big shot hops on at floor 7, right before he got on I said to my friends, "watch him get of
  • PJs

    Okay, this is at all those immature nut jobs that think wearing their PJ pants out in public. THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK COOL! In fact it does quite the opposite. The only thing I ever think of when I see you lazy retards is that it's really sad and pat
  • #87 to dartmouth

    GRAH I dont know how to really so pissed off, first the buses threaten striking, they get what they wanted, then they dont fucking DO THEIR JOBS!! I was at Cobequid bus terminal waited an hour for an 87 dartmouth bus to come at 6:08pm and it do
  • Smarten Up!

    This bitch is for all the numbskulls who have fucking office jobs and fill their wastebaskets with recyclables: Get of your lazy, fat, indulged asses and recycle your fucking paper, pop cans, and organics! It's cretins like you that cause the fucking p
  • Crazy Driver

    To the Crazy lady behind the wheel of the Mini Van Thursday, Feb 7th at Mumford Walmart. You were driving like a crazy person to the 3 way stop by Tim Hortons.. Key word .. STOP!!You didn't STOP OR LOOK.. You may as well drove in on 2 wheels the speed y
  • mp3 players

    Hey, sheetheads with yer mp3s, if yer gonna walk with your noggin down, listening to your plastik muzack, charging out thru traffix against de lights, have the fuckin' common senze to acknowledge the rest of de world or you're gonna enz up somebuddy's ho
  • Bitch rules

    Please: NO NAMES in bitches! No company names either-- if we think there's even a chance we might get sued, we're not posting your bitch. Also, will you keep your bitching about each other to the comments already?
  • Food Court Blabber Mouth

    This is for the four-eyed, ponytailed and loudmouthed twit who announces everybody's business in the Scotia Square food court between 3PM and 4:30PM: Shut the fuck up! Mind your fucking business, you lamebrained asshat!
  • Big Fucking Rental Company

    Hey you big fucking rental company, your fucking "building associates" aren't doing their fucking job, they have disconnected their number 5 times, none of our work orders have come through and everything you promised to fix or replace [a year ago] haven
  • Lets stop and look at every god damn thing for 20 hours

    To the saggy assed horse in superstore on Braemar dr in Dartmouth : You walk like you have been gang raped by 30 elephants. HURRY UP! You knew I was walking behind you and you went so slow it hurt. To make matters worse, you managed to walk with your sh
  • the fucking dicks having a fucking party last night.

    hey! kids yes i said fucking kids. the one's outside in willowbend court last night. what the fuck is your probelm. you cursed and swore all night. into 8 in them morning.feb 9 08/too the neibours next to us. you fucking cunts your imature and stupid jus
  • Drive Thru Idiots

    Alright, I know working drive thru at McDonalds must really suck but does that also mean you must deliver the worst customer service out there? (I'm talking about you Mcdonald's on Nantucket) Whenever I go through I hope that maybe just this once someone
  • don rickles copycat lol

    IN A FEW SHORT DAYS lol WAS ABLE TO GATHER ENOUGH HECKLERS FROM LTWWB TO MAKE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD . did it occur to anyone that this guy is merely taking a page out of don rickles? I guess you're all too young to remember, but he chose the right place to
  • It's your fault you're fat

    I'm sick of these fat people whining about how they can't help but be fat. They blame it on genetics, and the overabundance of food in society, and on social pressures. I will address these in order:1. genetics: some people are more likely to store cal
  • we pay taxes too!

    so, we live at the end of a cul de sac. in spryfield, close to purcell's cove. whenever the snow plow does our street the driver dumps all the snow at the edge of our driveway. as this pile has grown out and back up the road, so too has the plow driver d
  • Big City Big Money

    This Bitch goes out to all those Princess that go to Dal.You may dress like a million bucks (and probably have a million bucks in your wallet) but you ALL look like New York Transvestites. You may think that you are Ms. Popularity at school, but secre
  • hurry up and die already

    to the little bitch boy who's driving around town last night. raging cursing and annoying drivers WAHT IS YOUR PROBLEM. YUO RAGING LITTLE BITCH BOY. HOW ARE YOU SOPPOSED TO DRIVE. AND RAGE AT HTE SAME TIME. YUO FUCKING IDIOT. YOU HAVE BIGGER PMS THEM M
  • stop picking your nose

    You are always taking the same bus as me and worse you work in my building too. Not one time do I not see you without your finger in your nostril. Gawd, what's inside that you like so much to pick.Is it gold? I wish I can be a doctor for once and use th
  • Learn to DRIVE

    I don't understand why, if they're not turning anytime soon, people drive in the left lane .. and 9 times out of 10, much slower than people in the right lane. SWITCH lanes idiots. SO annoying. If you need to go below 40 on perfectly dry pavement, get ou
  • areverderci losers

    vi avete molti che possono dare ma non possono ricevere quando sono perdenti usano la formazione vulgar del povero di discorso
  • Sit Down Already

    To the guy who insisted on standing next to his seated girlfriend on the bus. There were seats available futher away from her, but you decided to stand and block the way of people trying to get on the bus, who probably would have been happy to take a se
  • "What's wrong with you?", she said.

    To the lady on the Number 41 heading towards dartmouth today at 3:00. You got on at scotia sqaure and i kindly moved my bags so you could have a seat, even though there was room elsewhere which would not cause problems. so i go to get off at my stop,
  • re MegaCorp

    I lived with megacorp and had the same thing happen to me with leaky bathroom since October 2006. I got halifax coalition against proverty on my side and got out of my lease rent free and damage deposit back, fight the fuckers they deserve slumlord of th
  • Money for Libraries, What about The Homeless/Almost Homeless?

    Why not use the money to build affordable housings first? The libraries are in need of improvements, true, but if it were up to the masses, would the masses choose improved libraries or freeing the homeless/ almost homeless people from homelessness? Hope
  • what my sister thinks of you

    my sister thinks you are all a bunch of lamebrains who waste your life away answering every single bitch with the same repetitive bad remarks. now it's even worse, you're all trying to act like you're as capable as this guy call lol , who was really only
  • Origami is not stupid

    I hate people who make fun of Origami . Origami for Ignorami, they tell people. Ease off, it's not as stupid as you think . My boss is really good as Origami and he is the manager of the company I work for. He's not stupid!There, so shut up about Origam
  • Tasteless crap

    This is aimed at an office building restaurant downtown. Since your old cook left (happily because you're such a cheap prick), the quality of your food has gone down the tubes. Your sandwiches have no taste, your soups are watery and also tasteless and
  • Bottle Deposit

    OMG! MY FUCKING NALGENE IS KILLING ME! I wish I was in Darfur, where all I'd have to worry about is being raped and murdered......
  • Dangerous Deoderant

    So, I know this is not a new thing, but I am bitching because I thought things would change by now. How much of a security risk is my toothpaste? Really?I mean the shoe thing I could understand for a while because some numpty actually lit their shoes o

    Do you think a certain chicken franchise is wrong in refusing delivery in Uniacke Square?
  • to The BASTERDS

    i'am addressing this to you as a whole. one of you pricks gave my kid some crack. mixed it With something. made him very sick Your a bunch of low life's . To The store staff. you all will be punished, if it was on or off The work site I Really don't ca
  • messy street

    I have had with walking up and down North street and finding bundles of dirty used clothes on the curb. What are you thinking? That someone will pick up your dirty hole filled clothes and wear them? Not even street people are picking them up so put them
  • Take 'em down

    Anyone who knows the woman who put up the 'Lucy (is still?) missing' posters in plastic slipcovers all over east side of Halifax - please pass on the message: We hope your cat is okay or you have gotten over your loss but PLEASE be courteous and take dow
  • Stupid Smokers!

    Do people not see the "no smoking" signs in bus terminals???If it's raining, snowing, windy, or just shitty outside....the people that don't smoke do not appreciate you assholes that cloud up the place with your cancer.And when someone asks you not to

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