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  • We’re glad Hayden’s winter tour reminds us of not-winter, thanks to his promo photo. You can almost feel the warmth coming off that cover, shot by Christie Gveyerbiehl.
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  • Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 36

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  • Labour rules
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  • Labour rules

    Halifax appears to be moving toward Vancouver-style party politics for municipal elections.
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  • Oscar touch
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  • Oscar touch

    It’s not too late to catch Tamara Jenkins’ Oscar-nominated The Savages.


  • Hayden hits Halifax
  • Feature
  • Hayden hits Halifax

    Hayden travels through Canada, braving the dead of winter chill, to tour In Field & Town

Love the way we bitch

  • Gum Flapper

    Dear Coworker:If I have to sit through another day of your relentless whining and complaining, so help me god I think I may go off the deep end and kill you myself. Do you really hate your job that much? Is there anything we can do to make life a little
  • Slippery Slope

    To the 4 young "men" who walked by me and my sister Monday Night outside the Italian Market on Doyle Street. We kindly asked for your assistance to push our car, which was stuck on a patch of ice. Instead of helping, we were rebuked with cries of "No w
  • Coast "best of" awards are a joke

    Rumour has it that local bands get all their friends to make up fake email address after fake email address in order to keep submitting their votes for that band. Now come on, how accurate is this poll anyway? It should be called Coast "how many fake e
  • Agricola A-holes

    To my wonderful neighbours: You won, you got your fucking way. The car is gone and will no longer be an eyesore in your otherwise perfect view of the laundromat. Next time have the decency to ask me to move it rather than constantly calling the cops a
  • Palace ! Dome ! Only bars to go?

    The mind boggles.All these talks about being barred (ugh bad pun) from Palace and Dome, and still you beg to get in?Shoot! what's in there? The beer'sgot something different that you cannot get in the other pubs here? My first impression is there are
  • Dear Mr. or Mrs. Bus Driver

    Just to get things started, yesterday I drove across the bridge to go pick somebody up in Burnside. As I get to the end of the off ramp to turn left onto Burnside Drive, (both lanes turn left for those of you who don't know this) I had this bus driver co
  • Teach your kids!

    To the idiotic parents and school admins that want to ban scarves from school grounds just because one little girl managed to nearly hang herself, stop trying to encase our kids in bubbles! The kid only nearly hung herself because she didnt know how to p
  • Thanks for Nothing, Heritage Gas!

    Thanks to these twats, our downtown streets were torn up in the freezing cold (what a stupid time of year to do such a thing, given temperature changes and its effects), then hastily paved by a bunch of cretins, creating dozens of fucking potholes, crum
  • Fuck you, smokers.

    I hate you. I wish you'd just give yourself cancer and die, instead of spreading your cancer to me. I cannot stand anywhere at the Dartmouth bus terminal without being surrounded by people lighting up. They do it around children, elderly, asthmatics.Yo
  • I still want Blinky to Eff-off

    To all the people who chastised me for hating Blinky in my previous Bitch:Go to hell! Sometimes people are just annoying, and that makes me not want to be around them.I don't have to like everyone just because they're alive. I have the freedom to dis
  • Dirty slobs

    Some people need to be taught some manners and how to clean up a machine at the gym when they are finished using it. This is to all the sweaty dirty pigs who cannot wipe down the fucking machines at the gym. I don't want to sit in your ass sweat. Do

    EAT WITH YOUR DAMN MOUTH CLOSED!yes you.. the guy with the nasal problem that sits behind me... chomping with your mouth open,slurping with food falling all over the place and breathing like its the biggest work out in the damn world to eat..not to me
  • What's up with this?

    WTF is wrong with people. I just read two different stories in the last 24 hours about people neglecting their children, one woman left two one year old kids locked in a freezing car for hours and another left her 8 kids home alone for a month with no
  • The Source

    The T-Room is not The Dome, I as an entertainer strive to provide my audience with a certain atmosphere that is conducive to a good time. I've been playing in venues for 10 years and I have never had such an overwhelming amount of complaints from my frie
  • Downtown grill girl

    It is obvious that you have a low opinion of the people you are serving if you don’t think they realize when you are speaking down to them through your not so subtle rude comments. Get over yourself, you are a waitress. We were nothing but polite to yo
  • Make Space For Others

    This is to the old lady on the #9 Barrington on Thursday evening around 5pm.You're a bitch.You sat near the front which is just had about 6 bags of groceries/items in which you placed all over the other 2 seats beside you so nobody could sit
  • Society of douchebags?

    Today, I was witness to one of the most completely inconsiderate acts of human douchebaggery that I have EVER seen. What can I do but sit back and question the very ethics and foundations that we, as parents and educators are instilling in our young peo
  • Spice Spice Baby

    listen, I am all about girl power, so don't get me wrong... but seriously, Spice World has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Really, are you trying to make me believe that British women actually act like that? Granted, the VHS was good for a wank
  • Eyez on the Prize

    I watch you close the front door as your child approaches RUSH HOUR traffic outside your house in DARTMOUTH.I look to see if the other drivers waiting in line see her approaching the road, head down. Obviously she meets with the kids across the street to
  • smoke inside

    i don't get these smokers who stand outside the freezing balcony to smoke, or smoke outside the car BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO STINK UP MY UPHOLSTERY OR FURNITURE.makes sense to me...your lungs stink already.REASON 2-- IF I QUIT SMOKING I GET FRUSTRATED
  • Hockey wrongs

    This is to the fucking ignorant father who started screaming profanities at the referee of a KIDS hockey game Wednesday night. You stupid shit did you not see the like 50 kids all under the age of 14 staring at you while you proceeded to call him every n
  • Nutwads who complain about The Coast's Politics

    This one is directed to the recent Bitch by the rightwinger who is complaining about the Coast's left-learning biases..Alright, you've got a point - the coast leans very much to the left. Hell, I'm leftwing and it bothers me some time. But if you've
  • blade dude

    To the jagoff with a razor blade who frequents the second floor of Southpoint Apartments: A lot of people live here, possibly even you. Please stop carving your bullshit into our doors and the brand new wallpaper. It doesn't make you cool. It makes you a
  • Did you enjoy your dinner?

    To the three young punks that ran out on their bill (literally) about a month ago: Karma is a wonderful thing. You're lucky my co-worker didn't catch you. You didn't seem to be the type of people I normally serve. No I'm not judging you on your appearanc
  • Bitching Entertainment

    This is not a bitch but kudos to people like Matt, Leo, NMH, and Christopher. Guys you truly keep this place an entertaining site to keep coming back to. Who needs reality TV when I can be assured that one of you (or all) will have some kind of scathing
  • Food Court Blabber Mouth

    This is for the four-eyed, ponytailed loudmouthed twit who announces everybody's business in Scotia Square's food court between 3 and 4:30PM: Shut the fuck up! Mind your business, you braindead asshat!
  • Dear "Cultural Appropriation"

    I don't know the cultural background of David Hendsbee and that is not really my issue with your bitch.If you are going to make yourself the unofficial advocate for cultural appropriation then perhaps you should educate yourself as to Africa's history be
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  • Bouncers DO set the tone

    Just wanted to send a big thanks to the Chronicle Herald, and a big FUCK YOU to the majority of the bouncers in Halifax. For the people who have no idea what i"m talking about, the Herald recently published a story talking about the amount of bad publici
  • The Man downstairs

    PLEASE HAVE RESPECT! I just moved in and I think I'm going to be moving out soon. Come on dude, is it really nessessary to fuck your woman so loud I can hear it? I'm sick of it. This guy also leaves his garbage in the hallway, and a shit load of garbage
  • Student Loan

    Listen i am sick and tired of the responces I am getting from you I call you everyday and get told somethign diffrent i am trying to get out of working friggin call centers to get a career and the only thing standing in my way is YOU!Smarten the fuck u
  • A blow for some food

    I'm bitching on behalf of all hairstylists new to the industry. Hairstyling is a self-made buisness in which it takes about 3-5 years to even achieve full time work. When we start we get paid miniumum wage at part time hours. How the hell does the govern
  • Wake up People!

    What the hell is wrong with people around here? Why is it that almost every day, I hear about someone being hit in a fucking crosswalk?!? Pedestrians: LOOK before you step out into the street or in front of a car. Yes, you might have the right of w
  • The Commons

    So for the big country concert ... half the stage is reserved for VIP? else disgruntled?I think its pathetic... hope Halifax gets a stadium because the commons suck for concerts!
  • more bitches pleez

    what happened? suddenly all the good bitches have dwindled.shoot, i was just beginning to enjoy reading your bitches bitch.i hope this afternoon wind did not blow all you good bitches away.LOL
  • Scotia Square Bigmouth

    Mind your own fucking business instead of blabbing everyone else's so everyone can hear just how dumb and stupid you are, you twit! Get a life!
  • A bird can't fly unless it has both wings

    Will the Coast ever publish articles that are Right-wing? Will they ever publish articles that are in favor of economic interests and not social and environmental ones? Squeegee kids? Come on!I know your main demographic is the trendy nouveaux-hippy, b
  • Oh, I must be a pig

    Incase some of you women out there haven't noticed, the english language is full of loopholes, and massive ambiguities of meaning. If I'm interacting with you in a date like setting and I mention my job as a requirement for communicating a story; you wou
  • Grossed Out at the Gala!!

    My sister and our partners decided we would go out for New Year's this year. Being from out of town we unknowingly booked VIP tickets for a gala at one of Halifax's big hotels. We soon realized that we may have made a mistake when we were the first peopl
  • The Palace Nightclub Eh?

    My friend got barred from the palace very recently apparently because of something said on facebook pretaining to the fact that its unjustified that the dome had to raise their drink prices and the palace didnt?? That is what the bouncer who asked my fri
  • Idiots

    Can someone please explain to me how it makes sense to drive with your dog on your lap? Does that not just seem a LITTLE bit dangerous? It's up there with cellphones, eating, etc. But I think even worse ..

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