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  • Jan 24-30, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 35

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  • <i>How She Move</i>
  • Film + TV
  • How She Move

    Ian Iqbar Rashid’s urban dance movie, How She Move, is distinctly Toronto by way of Jane and Finch, without stepping “into the territory of the CN Tower andflagging Canadiana.”
  • Soft sell
  • Visual Art
  • Soft sell

    NSCAD student Chris Foster’s vending machine makes visual art affordable and fun.

Food + Drink

Love the way we bitch

  • Ignorant people

    This is for the ignorant cunt in the Esso station on Main St, Saturday morning. Maybe you were having a bad day, I don't really care, but the woman behind the counter shouldn't have to endure your fucking bullshit because there was no compressed air for
  • Salt is driving me to dance

    Dear Citizens of Halifax,I am learning a new dance. It is called: "Hop, Skip and Jump, so That My Shoes Do Not Get Ruined by Salt". Is it not be possible for you to use amply available gravel that can be purchased at superstore instead of destructive
  • grocery cow

    To the 50 something yellow tooth bitch at the Self Check out at Joe Howe Superstore on friday afternoon- Who do you think you are. we are waiting behind you to put your stupid toonies in the machine and you tell us to back up because we might see your pi
  • Stores

    I can't believe how many people stop at the entrance of grocery stores to shoot the shit with friends, acquaintances, etc, just move beyond the entrance so people can get by you. This is not a fucking bus stop; you are impeding everyone else's ability to
  • Road Rage Man

    Ok.. this is to the man who decided to ride up my ass as I turned out in to a lane where the other person let me into... SCREW U BUDDY! holy hell.. I gave u the finger cause you were up my ASS!! and then you get outta your car at a red light and start b
  • To All Subway Workers

    Have you ever gone into subway to order a 6 inch sub and watch the 'sandwich artist' cut the bun in half?? 90% of the time these idiots cut you a sub thats about 3-4 inches long. When they cut the bun they look at each piece for a few seconds to determi
  • Next time my dog shits on your shiny boots

    To the bylaw enforcement officer who gave me the $222 ticket for have my harmless 12 year old, 30 pound mutt (that's 65 in human years - a senior citizen) off leash in the Commons and "at large" (though he is always not more than 10 feet in front of me).
  • Tell The Truth.

    I can't find work my field, its very competitive. I always call and follow up with every potential employer to make sure I don't miss out on a chance to work. To the jackass who said he'd hire me over and over then won't call me back or return emails, th
  • Pet peeve

    Yesterday some bitch freaked out at a squeegee kid for yelling at his dog after it broke its leash and ran out into the road. The women threatened to call the SPCA and have his dog taken away (he didn’t lay a finger on his dog). At least these dogs aren’
  • Politically Correct.....Get Over It!

    Three Little Pigs deemed offensive, Christmas deemed offensive....I think it's about time for everyone to stop for a second and realize that EVERYthing on the face of the earth will be offensive to SOMEone and stop with the politically correct bullshit
  • New age Greenie!!!!

    Are we dumber than a 3rd grader; according to the Gory Truth, Canada accounts for 2.9% of the world's global warming. So roughly 1% for every 10 million Canadians. Now if Nova Scotia, with less than 1 million citizens, was able to reduce it's contributi

    This is to the woman behind me in traffic this morning. Eating a big motherfucking sandwich and drinking your coffee while driving with a kid in the car is DANGEROUS, you stupid, stupid cow. What the fuck were you driving with, your big fat, ugly gut?
  • so called friends

    ok how obvious does it have to be that if you show up on a saturday morning unannounced you may catch someone doing ahem?! well my so called friend decided to show up unannounced. I sent her an email explaining that she should really call before coming i
  • Pathological liars

    You were the worst.I'm sure you can fly an air plane, are persian and won the butterfly stroke olympic trial crap when you were a kid. Your tattoos are crappy and your moustache is gross.
  • Professional?

    I was performing an art which I will not mention a few weeks ago which didn`t go too bad. Afterwards an interview person spoke to myself & a few others about how & why we do it which sounded good until the actual interview. Everytime I opened my mouth th
  • argh

    To the douche who has been stringing my along for over a month saying he was going to take my apt, and just before signing the lease copped out and said that Mommy and Daddy didnt want him to. Fuck you!! You honestly think I believe you? Way to dick me a
  • Lazy Ass Shovellers

    Shovel your sidewalks, you lazy lard-ass soyfuckers! I don’t care if it’s not your turn. I don’t care if your landlord is supposed to do it. I don’t care if the city sends a bobcat out to do your stretch. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, fuckwit! It’s about the peopl
  • The new definition of "late"

    After three days of being late for work, I decided to call Metro Transit and find out if perhaps my bus route had been changed. I was then informed that if a bus is only 20 minutes behind it is not thought of as "late". Now this makes me wonder.. When th
  • Filthy dirty hospitals

    The IWK is suppose o be a children's and well women hospital. The dirt in this place is disgusting!! Everywhere dirt, not just normal everyday mes but fiflth!! Pleas someone clean the plae up. There are sick people trying to get better. They will be luck
  • Changing the landscape of Halifax Peninsula.

    Open letter to council on the proposal to amend the bylaw to allow a 19 story building on South Park and Brenton.We have several concerns about the bylaw amendment in Case 01046, in particular: 1. The HRMbyDesign Project has already recommended a ma
  • contracts at the Capital Health

    venting since this is highly unlikely to make any of the local rags. nurses come out with 11 percent over their contract. capital health has already declared war on the local unions by bringing in private get this.the union "accepts"
  • Public Piss-off

    For everybody who uses a public bathroom, for the love of god flush the damn thing when you're done. People don't want to either go to have a piss on ur shit, and people dont want to go in and clean a toilet with your fucking leftovers in it. Public bath
  • Bitching about the Bitch

    I am really upset at the fact that this bitch section has gone down the drain since it has become a fourm (so to speak). I think the Coast should look into potentially getting some Mod's to take care of Fourm Trolls *Does anyone else feel the same a
  • Meta-bitch

    All of you are bitches. All of you. Face facts. But seriously, think about it, are you not all bitches?
  • Fuck off, Linda Mosher.

    Will somebody shut up that fucking smoke nazi Linda Mosher and her idiotic proposed smoking ban at outdoor public places? We all know she's an ex-smoker and doing that 'holier than thou' shit. I'm an ex-smoker but I'll be fucked if I'm going to condemn
  • dash rehash

    to the two cunts on the pedway level of a certain "prestigious" waterfront parkade that stood and smoked and dashed on the hood of my car despite my asking if they could please move.... FUCK YOU. Let me say that I don't hate smokers, in fact I totally s
  • This morning..

    on my bus commute into work, I counted 56 Tim Horton's coffee cups on the side of the road. Mind you, this was my count on only ONE side of the road, from the Dartmouth Sportsplex to Burnside. Fifty-fucking-six! Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy
  • Hospital Timmy's workers make huge $

    After discussing this with my lab tech friend, I have to get an answer to this: what in the hell entitles a coffee-slinger at the hospital to get the same union wages and benefits as someone who's actually gone out to better themselves thorough education
  • F*ck the Squeegee Adults

    Sadly, I make the same a month as these Squeegee Adults - but I don't annoy people for a living and I am not on Welfare. I pay taxes and I also choose to live in Dartmouth where you can get rent for half what Danielle Talbot is paying. Hell, I could live
  • Not enough Taxis? Why not a Night Bus?

    There is been so much talk lately about a shortage of Taxis in Halifax while it is easy to find a Taxi in the bigger cities....I think we are forgetting that all those big cities have one or more "Night Buses" that run 24 hours...I think we need at least
  • Transit girls

    To the girls who were working in the Transit store in Halifax shopping centre on Saturday night:Worst customer service ever. Instead of helping customers get what they needed , you were all standing around talking to your friends who came, and screechin
  • Barrington Street Loses Out Again

    We need a revitalized downtown more than ever. O.K., it's understandable why the Book Room is closing but does Barrington Street really need another empty storefront? Saint John, Moncton and Charlottetown have all done something with their downtown - h
  • to my slumlord

    hey slumlord i'm moving. i saw niagra falls and folks your fucking leaky bathroom since november really sucks! my work order was in since 2006 october!! and you just call me jan 9 this year! for drywall only. if i wish to take in the great sites like nia
  • Loser in Mosaic

    To the fucking douch bag in the green adidas track suit who gave everyone the finger who passed by, who the fuck do you think you are? And who are those fat slags beside you? Those bitches were ugmo's and you deserve a public stonning. Go fuck yourself
  • welfare and single moms

    next time someone wants to get knocked up, they should read about hard-up cases like single moms expecting society to pay for their child support.should have thought about it when you were about to get laid. shucks!

    Why is it that people travelling on Herring Cove Road toward the Rotary (or, Round About-whatever) think that there is only one lane there in the morning, when CLEARLY both lanes inbound are open! I am sick and tired of people cutting me, my husband, an
  • Rules of posting

    Please, people, NO NAMES in your bitches. And, if you want to comment on someone else's bitch, please use the comments section, and reserve new bitches for, ya know, new bitches. Thanx!
  • I've seen it all now

    This morning, driving into work I was beside a woman in a car. We were both traveling past the Preston turn off toward town. I seen her car get a little squirrelly. When I looked over, both hands were covering her fucking eyes! Do you honestly believe th
  • why why why

    why are there no online menus. weird traffic junctions, unprofessional employers and SO many potholes here in halifax!!!!!!!!!
  • the coast itself

    so the last couple of issues of the coast has focused the main article on things that are a waste of time Squegee kids? and the movie for How she move? come on now coast stop wasting your time and write better articles
  • Hold it in!

    Why do people HAVE to fart while they're ON the bus?? Ever heard of holding it in? How about waiting? As if it isn't bad enough that I'm forced to breathe in the 10 cloves of garlic that you had for dinner the night before, now you're topping off my morn
  • Wow !

    I can't belive all you people have nothing better to do than to bitch about all these ridiculous events in your pathetic lives. If you would only put the same effort into something positive mabey things would change. Life is short, try living it !
  • Give it a rest.

    To the self appointed "Nova Scotian Indie Rap legend" Jessie Dangerously, give it up are a lonely pathetic man who is more at-home flipping through anime zines touching yourself, than either on the stage with the mic, or with your greasy saus
  • Plow it already!!

    Who the heck is responsible for plowing the foot of George Street - the part that circles in front of the Ferry Terminal?!? I work down nearby and it's never plowed!!! It is one the the busiest spots for people on foot downtown, i.e., everyone coming off
  • use your key on mr lexus

    jeepers, why do you people have to bitch until you're constipated.all you need to do is use your house key and scratch the bloody car. it's so simple, no one can see it and he will be the one screaming, and won't double park again. use your key, not you
  • Attention Magazine Hill Drivers

    Especially Bedford Bitches... now I dont hate Bedford but I do hate the people driving the passing lane @ 80 km/h to take that EXIT.So heres a big FUCK YOU, get the hell out of the passing lane!This also goes out to all the fuckers who barely pass
  • Casino Venue

    I was at the last Songwriter's Circle. There was a couple close to the stage who talked all through the show, they were loud and obnoxious. They were obviously drunk. It is an acoustic show. Why are there no ushers or someone to tell these people to be q


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  • In-Flight solo

    Danny Ledwell, of In-Flight Safety, brings his own material to a new album

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