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  • Coast art director Moon Hee Nam says he “went a little nutty” making his own Rorschach images with ink and paper. He thinks the one he settled on for the cover looks like a fox.
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  • Jan 17-23, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 34

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  • Oscar comes to town

    Our homegirl Ellen Page gets the nod for "Actress in a Leading Role," and rightly so. But what about all those other categories?

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  • A cut above
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  • A cut above

    Louise Bédard’s contemporary dance Ce qu’il en reste/What Remains draws inspiration from collage artist Hannah Höch.
  • Mob mentality
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  • Mob mentality

    National Post television critic Robert Cushman deconstructs the inimitable Tony Soprano, HBO’s controversial tragic hero.


  • Holy smokes
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  • Holy smokes

    Live-instrumental, electronica outfit Holy Fuck breaks convention, to critics’ praise and fans’ adoration.

Love the way we bitch

  • To the group of drunk, fuckbag morons

    ... running around Ocean Tower #1 on Friday night, I hope you puke so hard tomorrow morning that the arteries in your face explode. How fucking dare you punch a goddamn HOLE in our fucking WALL at 2:30 in the morning?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Yo
  • dumb asses vs bus drivers

    to the dumb-asses bitching about your city's bus drivers. you're either rude or drunk or inconsiderate because the drivers here are always polite.believe me, i've taken buses all over canada.and take the bus at the proper place, ie bus stops.

    Hello, This goes out to all supporter s of the "Sea Shepherd" and its attempt to stop the Japanese-sanctioned whaling in the Pacific. I'm not sure that is in our best interest to support an extremist organization such as the one headed by Paul Watson
  • one day honey, one day...

    This morning as the bus approached my stop I saw that it was sardine-like conditions. I got on and took the only place for me, which was practically on top of the ticket/money depository. I saw a girl,who looked like a boy, with a huge-ass stroller sitti
  • Two-way street

    When walking alone during the day downtown I'm constantly being "run" off the sidewalk by people walking toward me in pairs. As a test I've even held my pavement and had a woman walk right into me, as if I'd been invisible up to that moment. It's a two l
  • Manners please.

    I work at a Mon-Fri job. My place of employment is open for business on the weekends, and other employees are in and out of my office during thier Saturday shift. While i really enjoy having the weekends off, I DO NOT enjoy coming into work on Monday mor
  • things I don't pay for:

    Get off the rich-kid thing. It's embarrassing for everyone who brings it up. We all have to play the hand we're dealt so start making lemonade.I don't even come from Ontario and I'm getting this from my own friends. No, I do not fit the poor, university
  • Dogs Are Pedestrians Too

    I live in the North End of Halifax - and I have found that too many drivers do not stop for pedestrians that are walking dogs. UNLESS they HAVE to - as in they are stopped at a light and rarely stopped at a stop sign (or it's a guide dog being walked).
  • To the Job Hunter with Dreadlocks

    I read your bitch. I understand where you are coming from. But I might have some advice, you might not want to hear it though.Speaking as an Employment Counsellor, it might not only be the dreadlocks. When you go into apply, you are probably always
  • Sad and freezing in the North...

    I wish there were more jobs in Atlantic Canada! I recently moved from Halifax to the Arctic. I guess I'm not really bitching as much as venting sadness. I have met countless people from Atlantic Canada who want to go home but can't because there is no wo
  • STOP!!!

    stop eatting while your on the phone! it is rude and i dont like it!that is all
  • C**** College

    Well, I'm sad to say I (unknowingly) wasted a good $7000 at a waste of time, poorly-run school.I was told repeatedly "our program is top of the line; huge employment opportunities; best teachers" etc. etc.BEWARE of "Private Career Colleges".Of the 10
  • Pot smokers

    To all those who smoke pot in my building - I dont have a problem per say with you smoking the stuff but hey, a little consideration for the rest of us - dont smoke it in the hallway, go outside or at least open a window before you light up. Too cold? To
  • Love the Way We Bitch

    stings a little huh. some people didn't like lezlie lowe telling them that their dislike of squeegeers has more to do with their own fear of poverty than anything those window wiping wranglers might be doing. oh dear, they are so aggressive with that who
  • Juno

    I cannot believe Empire Theatres at Park Lane mall has avoided playing the movie "Juno" starring our very own Ellen Page. What kind of support for local talent is there when we totally disregard playing a movie that not only received rave critical revie
  • Headphones in Class

    All you kiddos and kidlets out there, those in university but especially in highschool.. TAKE YOUR EARPHONES OFF. Honestly, you're in class to learn.. and when you've got music in your ears you are not going to be able to concentrate as easily on the per
  • stop using my name for your pleasure

    i'am sick of strange peaple calling my home asking me to invest in shit, i not into. stupid fucking peaple using my name for their pleasure. i don't have credit cards. i don't invest if ifind out who YOU ARE LITTLE BITCHES. I WILL PERSONLY CUT YOUR LI
  • Frigid Bitch

    It's January. It's COLD. So if you're the woman who keeps complaining it's "too hot" on the bus and getting the driver to TURN THE HEAT OFF, just take off your freaking coat! The rest of us are freezing! What, you're the only person the bus all of the su
  • Morons and bicycles = bad combination

    Cyclists, stop driving in car lanes, especially at busy intersections. You zip in and out of lanes without warning, as if the city owes it to you for not having bicycle lanes. It doesn't. You just prove to the world that you're morons for using bicycl
  • Driving the Roads

    I cannot believe that drivers that are entering the merge on the Mackay bridge from 5 Corners are still cutting in. What is it going to take to keep them from cutting people off!. A concrete barrier - Hey what a good idea! Perhaps it should be sent to Ma
  • So why can't they get real jobs?

    This is about "Squeezing squeegeers". My question is this: Why can' they get real jobs? I didn't bother reading the article at all because I know it's the same old bleeding heart bs that this rag is known for. EVERTHING, EVERY comment posted in the Daily
  • dirty hands

    I think its absolutely disgusting that adult women in gyms do not wash their hands after taking a piss or a dump. Also the women who merely turn on the tap and hardly wash their hands don't kill the nasty germs. To kill the germs while washing hands shou
  • Chatty Cathys

    To the two guys behind me in lecture at Dal today (Jan21). Just because you're in a class of 400 and the prof isn't able to hear you doesn't mean that the people around you couldn't. We didn't need to hear your inane conversation about cell phone recepti
  • Give me a friggin break!

    I cant take it no more!Im writing this in response to the article about the "sqeegie kids". Is it me or is everyone blind? Im a 37 year old man who grew up in the housing projects of Ontario. My Mother left my father when I was 3 and I grew up in a abus
  • Hey you Idiot!!

    To the wasteheads who broke into my boyfriends mothers car the other night ( and the other car next to it as well ) Thanks alot assholes, for adding another thing for my boyfriends 'to do' list, putting his mothers insurance rates up and for generally g
  • Welfare Bums

    I am so god-dammed tired of supporting those people who are totally capable of putting in an honest day of work but CHOOSE NOT TOO! For Christ sakes people, why do you feel the world revolves around you, and that those of us who actually DO get up every
  • You can find your dog poop now.

    Hey, all you irresponsible dog owners that couldn't find your dog shit in the snowbank on the various sidewalks in HRM: The snow has melted so you can go back and pick it up now. Thanks.
  • Sleepless in the NonSlums

    Ms Lady who lives next door: I've lived in this building for 2 years now, and for almost a year I've had the misfortune to live next to you and your child. You may say that he's got mental issues, but you know what? I think you're wrong. No kid screams
  • Big Talk, Little Action

    to all the bitchers out there that write in and whine about the indecencies they are subjected to, yet state "the next time i see you, you're gonna get it" - fuck off. What makes you think you're *ever* going to get the chance again to blast these wanker
  • Holy Stompin' Tom

    Dear Upstairs Fuckheads, Unlike you I work in the day. While you sleep all day, dick around on the computer and spend mommy and daddy's money I'm working .Ergo I like to sleep at night. Not listen to you assholes jumping around, blasting music and being
  • Eff-off, Blinky

    I hate taking the elevator in my apartment building because of the off chance that I will run into you, Blinky.You're revolting in every way, from your Ellen Degeneres mannerisms to your Easter Island face.Not only that, the way you constantly blink
  • free enterprise ? lol

    canada is not about free enterprise, the govt wants you on welfare so you re-elect them.the working class don't matter to them, we're too busy making a living. we have no time to elect a new govt., they 're all the same. action talk only.
  • Drunk pig at the Casino

    To the drunk piece of crap who was at "Defending The Caveman" Saturday night. Next time you go to a comedy show or play, do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up. You ruined the night for people who sat in every row around you and had to listen to you y
  • Someone please clean the IWK !

    Oh, my! I was recently in the IWK with my sister who was geting blood work done and have never been so appaled in my life.The hospital is so very dirty!! All the sick children around please someone get the placed CLEANED UP !!
  • Crossing the Cab-line

    this is to the ignorant, rascist, moron cab driver who picked me up on my work route. I understand you have a lot of competition in your job, but using the term (forgive me everyone) "Sand-Nigger" repeatedly is NOT the way to get me on your side you fuck
  • zellers idiots

    i was at the bayers lake zellers before. and trying on some bra's. and the bitches there made fun of another ladie who was heavy sized, made fun of her size when she was looking at the underware, i've heard your comments as iwas a foot away from you all
  • Pee Police

    Ok dudes, seriously, it's winter time, to hide your shame. The first morning after every weekend without fail I have found pee everywhere in many snowbanks. I don't like to point fingers, but Chebucto village area is quickly resembling a lemon. Tone it d
  • response to headphones in class, idon't

    idon't , you're the only one who goes to school to be educated.the rest of these motley crew goes to be laid, buy drugs, get drunk. there's more of them at the universities. who needs an education , there's welfare, and for those who don't need welfare,

    not enough help for single moms 2 get off assisance, i had recently applied to the indigo program here in spryfield . i was rejected? NOT ENOUGH SPACE I WAS TOLD.i dont know if its because of my age or why,i am 29 and the program is for woman between the
  • Rules of posting

    Please, people, NO NAMES in your bitches. And, if you want to comment on someone else's bitch, please use the comments section, and reserve new bitches for, ya know, new bitches. Thanx!
  • Fuck you, generic places of employment

    It's fucking hard to get a job in this city if you happen to have dreadlocks.If you walk into places with a resume and dreads, you never hear back. You can't even fucking work at McDonalds with dreadlocks.Nevermind that they are equal opportunity emp
  • Serioulsy

    I am sitting at work, with no heat due to a "boiler" issue and you stupid fucks still have cool air coming from the vents. BUT YOU WON'T SEND US HOME!
  • bitch directly ok?

    i agree the bitch is great for screaming at damned cyclists, stupid motorists, etc. but why bitch here at your colleague at work? you are so frigging chicken to tell that person off in person? grow some spunk and be assertive, chicken shit!
  • Monday

    Fuck I hate Monday. Fuck.
  • F you "Financial Adviser"

    I work 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. I pay rent, car loans, insurance, utilities, credit card loans, student loans. I don't buy anything frivolous, I haven't even bought a CD in months. And yet, I still have no money at all, I barely make it to pay day.
  • Go on with your old ass.

    This bitch is for the haggard old slag who works at a 'certain' hotel in the downtown area, with my boyfriend, and who also insists on trying to sleep with him. You wanna know something, grandma? You're dried up. You're past your prime, and I think you'r
  • to psst: too needy

    when a guy is too nice, you say he's too needy; when they act like every dink, you say he's an asshole.i've been there before. the girls that played these games, they ended up marrying assholes.why so complicated?you're reading too many self help expe
  • No news IS the best news

    Am I the only person in Canada who is sick and fucking tired of being blasted repetitively by the "Bathurst Tragedy"?Yes, i know, this IS a tragedy, its a horrible acccident...but i have to be fucking SICK of hearing about it. EVERY day on t
  • Pedestrian 101

    This is to the stupid old fart that thinks it's okay to cut in front of my car at night wearing all dark clothes. Are you stupid? Sure you may have the rightofway, but did it ever occur to you that between you and my car, my car would win? You're lucky m
  • Cultural Appropriatio

    Whoa!!! White guys in kwanza cloth!! What is up with Counselor David "Wanna Bee" Hensby? Does he ever appear without that *%$# kenta cloth tie and handkerchief?? Why doen't he wear his own family plaid? My bitch? ----CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.-----
  • The Case of the Cursing Cyclist

    To the piece-of-shit cyclist who attempted to curse my husband and I out on Saturday on Joseph Howe, FUCK YOU! It was with great pleasure I put you in your place. "Share the road" works both ways, dickhead. If you can't pass our car, wait your turn lik
  • Kinky Crowd

    Why is it so hard to find kinky people in this city? Someone who's really open-minded and into kinky stuff like watersports n what not? where are all these people hiding?
  • Daddy Don't-Care

    To the asshole at the Sportsplex bus terminal on Wednesday at around noon; I was in no way obliged to get onto the wrong bus (52) just to return your moron daughter's ugly-ass scarf that she dropped and you were too dense to notice, but I did, the least
  • to Why do I gotta cram my tits?

    it's unfair that you have to.skinny girls have nothing to show but if you have gorgeous titsyou will look good in a loose shirt, just be cool and don't worry too much. normal guys love boobies in big shirts too ;)
  • Basement Ink

    Dear Halifax:What is with all you kids buying tattoo machines and inking people out of your basement? You don't know what the fuck you're doing. your work is terrible. you Can't draw and you're just scarring people for life! You're all a joke.Go do a
  • montreal, tam tam and dreadlocks welcome

    we have more dreadlocks working in our call center . even our 2 supervisors wear dreadlocks.montreal has tam tam on mont royal, go to catherine st, every dreadlocker smoking outside works for a call center. don't wait, come to montreal.

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