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  • Photographer Aaron Fraser met squeegee service providers Allan, Alexandra and Dkin (from left on the cover) at the Willow Tree. Meet more of Aaron’s work at
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  • Jan 10-16, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 33

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Love the way we bitch

  • Just move to the side.

    The most annoying thing in the world is waiting for an elevator, we can all agree on this. What really bugs me is the one guy who right up against the elevator door waiting for it to ope is so impatient that he can't wait to see if there is anyone gettin
  • Thanks for being an idiot

    To the poor excuse for a human being who took or found my wallet in or around the Sobeys in Clayton Park on January 3rd. What the heck is wrong with you? Sure, you may have needed the 30 some odd dollars plus change inside, but couldn't you have turned t
  • Warning to writers

    Not a bitch so much as a warning to all writers and bloggers in the local area. If you are looking for new freelance assignments steer clear of the site Writers for this site are still waiting on payments they have been owed for month
  • better drinking (tim bousquet)

    tim is right, the bitch is we are not into USA rowdy yahoo saloons,we're into british neighbourhood you yahoo troublemakers who want USA style saloon, get the fuck out of halifax and move to the USA. we don't want your dumbass here.
  • Naval Nimrod

    To the paranoid asshole by the bridge a few weeks back: What the hell is your goddamn problem? Just because I walk around with my lens cap off my camera, near a naval base, does NOT mean I'm the next big threat to national fucking security. You think I'v
  • The Life and Times of Metro Transit

    Saturday night around 9:15 I was taking the 10 Dalhousie home from work. I was sitting towards the back of the bus with a fellow mall employee and a group of girls and their guy friend. The were being loud, annoying, and terribly obnoxious. I am used to
  • too offensive!

    have we forgotten how to take a joke?...... don't like? don't listen don't watch........
  • take back your streets!

    your city is so lovely and so are the people. i just wish you stand up more against crime totake back your streets, you have to keep your gorgeous city safe for your children . cheers!
  • boring

    ok halifax nite life, all u wanna be art fags and fagg ets who stand around at rock shows, yes standing there, not moving, zombies, brains, brains. "oh look dear, this band is so amazing." Satan would not be impressed, ( I know ur not trying to impress h
  • To whom this may concern in the music community.

    Please stop being ignorant about music and musicians. If you don't enjoy other types of music, including that which influences the music you're probably playing, that's fine. If you don't want to learn more than 2 chords, hold a steady pitch, or play dru
  • Peter Kelly is a Dick

    I can't think of any mayor more out of fucking touch with his constituents. It's bad enough that he heads a pack of whiney, self-serving retards without his stammering stupid comments and his flipflopping on issues like the Guardian Angels. The core of
  • another car bitch

    To the idiots who decided that dragging a couch from Harvard Street to Kline and putting in on top of my car was a good idea- Your a really stupid group of obviously dumb bored little kids. Luckily there was no damage but I don't find removing a couch of
  • Love the Way We Bitch

    Hey Coast. How to I remove that stupid picture on my profile? I go to "edit profile", and select "no" for "enable profile image", and it's still there. So I go back and select "yes" for "enable profile image", and it's still there. So I go back again
  • Keep it down, ladies.

    To the 3 Girls passing us in front of the library around 8pm saturday night. Not that the time matters cause there can't possibly be any another girl to go absolutely BALISTIC on us for saying one stupid line...."I'M NOT IN THE MOOD!!! FUCK YOU!!! BLAA
  • Halifax Regional Council

    With the upcoming election, perhaps it’s time to consider changing city council. Presently there are 23 city councilors for a city with a population of 372,679. That’s one councilor for every 16 940 people. To put that in perspective, Toronto (pop. 2,503
  • Gay Men Can’t Be Organ Donors?

    I’ve had it up to here with the stupidity of our government. When I heard the announcement that they were thinking about banning gay organ donors yesterday, I just about had a heart attack. Come on people, how stupid can you be? Do you honestly think tha
  • whats the deal with...

    Gigantic tire eating pot holes?The non-flashing red traffic lights in Dartmouth late at nigh
  • please give a shit....

    Would the dog-walkers in the Birmingham St area please stoop and scoop after your dog b/c some of us who live on the street are getting blamed for not picking up our dog's crap EVEN THOUGH WE DO!!There are garbage cans at the corners of B'ham & Clyde an
  • Take some responsibility

    To the majority of Halifax, I say "Shut the fuck up." Ever since I moved here all I've heard is you people bitch and complain about EVERYTHING. Your government can't do anything right. You think you're city is falling to pieces. Ever hear the saying "Rom
  • Yuppie!

    You are like a plague that is wiping out Halifax.Your whole demeanor is nauseating. You're snooty but you think you're open-minded and culturally enlightened.It's a free country, but it really frosts my ass when I'm trying to watch my daughter's basketba
  • Food not bombs under attack!!

    Since when is it a crime to eat free vegitarian food? Since when is it a crime to work towards a world free of war and poverty? Those folks who have recently been condemed in another local paper for massive abuses of power in 2007, yes I'm talking about
  • Halifax Lametn

    Can you exhaust a city? Can you become so much a part of your hometown that it simply exhausts itself? Halifax has been such a force in our lives - neither good nor bad - but something I feel I have exhausted. Same people, same politics, same history. S
  • Stay on your side of the fridge

    Hey Sa---- fuck you buddy. you drank the last Alpine that i had hidden on MY SIDE OF THE FRIDGE. I hate living with you and Sh___ and now I loathe it. I know you don't read this paper, so i can give it off my chest. FUCK YOU YOU OWE ME A SIX PACK OF STRO
  • Cameras

    WIth all the talk of more security cameras around town for protection, no one's pointed out that knowing who committed the crime isn't stopping the crimes. Most criminals are already "known to police", have lengthy records, have uttered public threats
  • re : halifxes '08? what is halifax?

    i am new to halifax and i love your city and ppl . but you know what the problem is? you take too darn long to get things done.maybe it's time you let the young people do the job, and retire the i'm still waiting for my door, after 6 mon
  • Dear Motorist

    Dear Motorist;I am a cyclist. As the weather warms and cycling season approaches, I find myself considering the open animosity with which some of you regard me. I hope that most of this animosity stems from a lack of understanding. So maybe if I can
  • CompuCollege

  • Dear Greedy Bastards at the QEII

    Hey, QEII. Your ten dollar per day charge for TV in patients' rooms is unconscionable. The TVs are there. It doesn't cost the hospital anything to turn them on. The standard chanels are FREE. How can it cost $10/day to get basic cable in a hospital


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