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  • Art director Moon Hee Nam went to his special place for inspiration to create the cover of this fiction issue. And apparently he took his phone with him.
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  • Dec 20-26, 2007
  • Vol. 15, No. 30

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  • Trollope Street and Bell Road
  • City
  • Trollope Street and Bell Road

    The corner of Trollope Street and Bell Road has started a collection of construction rejects. As the snow comes and goes, a barricade and other leftovers reveal themselves as if we’re on some sort of archeological dig---and this is one eyesore of a fossi

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  • Film + TV
  • DVD reviews

    Christmas Time in South Park, by Trey Parker and Matt Stone & searchable archives.
  • Family tree
  • Film + TV
  • Family tree

    At the last minute, we discovered that the dysfunctional drama Margot at the Wedding isn’t here until January.
  • A beautiful mind
  • Literary
  • A beautiful mind

    Artist Stacey Ho took impossible stories from her friends and turned them into an extraordinary book.


  • Sixtoo life
  • Feature
  • Sixtoo life

    Man of many names and projects, Robert Squire, AKA Sixtoo, continues to buck trends and surprise fans.

Love the way we bitch

  • Twisted Sisters/Midtown Hotel

    Why the fuck does everyone have to complain about progress downtown. Why the hell is everyone so god damn obsessed with Citadel Hill- Its just a fucking hill! I can't wait to see the twisted sisters actually. It will be a nice change from our boring down
  • Ash Fired Pizza?

    Last night(wednesday night - dec 19 around 6:30) I was walking by a pizza place and glanced into the window located on the side door. One of the employees was SMOKING a cigarette in the back of the kitchen! GROSS! Just because its frickin cold outside do
  • Please don't be a hood ornament.

    To the countless idiots that insist on wearing all black outfits at night and "J" walking. You, the daft pedestrian may have the right of way, but that isn't going to bring you back to life when you go bouncing off someone’s hood.Ps maybe black clothes
  • Jumped The Shark

    Apparently in the short time (Less than a year) since I left Auburn Drive High School, it's become such a waste of space. It makes me glad that I was lucky enough to graduate from there before all these problems arose because If I was forced to go to sch
  • Late Holiday Shoppers

    I get it. You've waited until the last minute to get your holiday shopping completed. So have I. Here's a newsflash for you people...this festive season comes AT THE SAME TIME EVERY YEAR. Therefore, if you know you're going to be a cranky, stressed out
  • Hollow threats

    why would anyone let alone a adult call a corperation like Walmart and say to an manger.there's a bomb in the store .HOW OLD ARE YOU !!! really are you retarded. that's something a teenager would do couse someone is being a bully!!!. not an adult to get
  • Art schmart

    Why does Halifax make such crap art? Quit drawing like kids. Your shitty obsession with irony is getting old fast. Oh, I get it! It's a crappily drawn bear with a balloon, really creative. Why don't the drawings have elbows either?
  • To cuddlesnhugs...

    Thanks for your comments on my kijiji ad,but if you ain't interested don't waste my time or yours. just move on. Its a free market place.
  • Return of the Turbo Thunder

    Remeber Seeing all the fun I was having on my scooter, the Turbo Thunder? I do, I also remember going out my back door, only to find out you took it for yourself. you fucker! you tore down all of the lost scooter posters from the north side of Albro lake
  • Good Samaritan Snubbed

    My wife, who works in retail, recently found a wallet at her place of employment. Contained therein was every credit card known to mankind and $2000.00 cash. Let me begin by saying that the gentleman who lost the wallet was EXTREMELY fortunate that it
  • You're going to get it

    Things never change, you never hustled in gym class cause you were too busy putting on black eye shadow and nail polish, now you don't hustle when you cross the street. You walk across the street like you're Pope Benedict and nothing can touch you, you
  • The Thunder Rolls

    I remember going out to my backyard, where my Turbo Thunder used to lay, and looking all around for it, but it was gone, you took it during the 15 minutes it took for me to enjoy a pizza. You Fucker!Then you tore down all the Lost scooter posters on the
  • Return home!

    Hi. I recently came home to Halifax from my travels and studies in China. On my return Toronto and Halifax had just been hit with a snow storm so the airport was a little more heck tick than usual even for this time of year. Flights were backed up and l

    I am sick and tired of people complaining about their weight. I am sick of hearing how uhappy they are about being fat when every chance they get they are eating junk. Stop eating cookies, chips, take out...Food that makes you stay and get fat. Are yo
  • Get Over It

    Some of the things people complain about here are so trivial. Bad service in a restaurant? People on bikes? Too much or not enough development? Shit people, why not do something productive or just be happy for the relative comfort you probably enjoy in t

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