Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Dec 21, 2006
Art director Kate O’Connor designed a Coastastic wrapping paper for our holiday storybook, and Rob Fournier took the photo. For more of his photography: robfournier.com.

Dec 21-27, 2006

Vol. 14, No. 30

News + Opinion

  • Mr.smith goes to Spring Garden

    He’s been an unskilled immigrant, a successful Halifax city treasurer and a person who likes to do what others can’t. Now Bernard Smith is manager of Spring Garden Road’s business association

    By Jess Mcdiarmid

  • The year in disappointment

    Five things that made 2006 suck more than it would have anyway

  • Echoes across time

    Editorial by Bruce Wark

    By Bruce Wark

  • Living positive

    After she was diagnosed with HIV, lifelong drug abuser Pam Leedham figured killing herself would be the easy thing to do. She decided to take the hard route instead, fighting both addiction and disease, one affirmation at a time.

    By Lezlie Lowe

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