Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Nov 16, 2006
Our fantastic cover girl, musician and poet Tanya Davis, was photographed by Scott Munn, in his studio. Want more? Check out his work online at photomunn.com.

Nov 16-22, 2006

Vol. 14, No. 25

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Arts + Music

  • Happy Feet

    Mark Palermo taps a new source of enjoyment.

    By Mark Palermo

  • The why of How

    With Neil LaBute’s This is How it Goes, Neptune offers up ruminations on race. Kate Watson gets thoughts from cast and crew.

    By Kate Watson

  • Fiction vs. fact

    In Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell finds that his boring life is not his fault---it’s being written for him. Tara Thorne tries to unblur the line.

    By Tara Thorne

  • Film students unite

    Tara Thorne takes a picture of the local arts scene.

    By Tara Thorne

  • Hylo country

    Haligonian ex-pat Paul Aucoin returns home for a show with the Hylozoists. Matt Charlton finds out what took so long.

    By Matt Charlton

  • The evolution of Tanya Davis

    Though her transformation from shy coffee shop dweller to one of Halifax’s most mesmerizing performers has been exhilarating and fast, Tanya Davis is still hard to peg. And that’s how she wants it.

    By Shayla Howell

  • Less is more

    Chris McCluskey drums up the music news.

    By Chris McCluskey

  • That new car sound

    This town has more bands than it knows what to do with. Here are 12 to keep an ear on.by Mark Black, Johnston Farrow and Sean Flinn

  • Bow down

    Final Fantasy AKA Owen Pallett brings his Polaris-winning music to Halifax. Chris McCluskey talks to him about violins and D&D.

    By Chris McCluskey

  • Ch 18

    By Mike Holmes

  • Normal People

    By Joey Comeau and E. Horne

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