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  • Jessica Findley created both the Aeloean Ride and this Ride-inspired image of people in wind-catching suits on bikes. Sign up at and you, too, could be a rider.
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  • Sep 7-13, 2006
  • Vol. 14, No. 15

News + Opinion

  • Environment
  • No dumping

    The Harbour Solutions Project has caused multiple downtown disruptions, but the end is in sight. Tim Bousquet pipes up.
  • Froshing option
  • Education
  • Froshing option

    A new off-campus orientation event promises to give students an alternative introduction to Halifax. Ben Sichel reports.
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Arts + Culture

  • Hollywood babylon
  • Film + TV
  • Hollywood babylon

    Tinseltown loves turning its camera on its own sordid history. Carsten Knox looks at past and future entries in Hollywood film noir.
  • Theatre
  • Pussy Star

    Rewritten play could still use another rewrite
  • Theatre
  • Plays of the week

    Atlantic Fringe Festival scouts Johnston Farrow and Graham Pilsworth seek out some of the local offerings at this year’s event and find much goodness.
  • The great north end
  • Visual Art
  • The great north end

    This weekend’s inaugural Go North! festival celebrates the art and history of north end Halifax. Two exhibitions—The Right Thing to Do, a multi-media installation, and the audio piece Gone Missing—highlight Gottingen Street’s rich past in the hopes of


  • Collective class
  • Feature
  • Collective class

    On the eve of its CD release, seven-piece outfit The Hourglass Class talks to Matt Charlton about its surprising future.

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