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  • Photographer Darryl James ignored hunger pangs to shot Best of Food winners Victor and Sue Woo, on the picturesque Baan Thai patio. Makeup by Jodie McKnight.
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  • Jul 27 - Aug 2, 2006
  • Vol. 14, No. 9

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  • A dream deferred
  • Justice
  • A dream deferred

    Will former Africville residents finally get their church rebuilt? An apology would be nice too. Stephen Kimber reports.
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  • A brief history of gloss
  • Film + TV
  • A brief history of gloss

    In honour of this week’s big-screen adaptation of the ’80s TV classic Miami Vice, Hillary Titley provides some backstory for the uninitiated.
  • Film + TV
  • Clerks II

    Mark Palermo with hits and misses that might surprise.


  • Green and Orange
  • Feature
  • Green and Orange

    Dartmouth alt-country outfit The Grass adds to its rocketing rep with a new LP, Oranges. Johnston Farrow gets the seven-piece in a room to chat.

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