Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST | Issue Archives | Feb 2, 2006
The Best of Music cover photo was shot by Jeff Wheaton at Elsie’s on Queen Street. Your favourite local lady, Jill Barber, was styled by Maureen Elsie Court.

Feb 2-8, 2006

Vol. 13, No. 36

News + Opinion

Arts + Music

  • The Matador

    Mark Palermo on The Matador and Annapolis.

    By Mark Palermo

  • Under snow

    Indie filmmaker David Gordon Green takes a stylistic leap from the American south to the Canadian north with Snow Angels. Carsten Knox reports.

    By Carsten Knox

  • Curry on

    Three ECMA nominations are just the beginning for singer-songwriter Andrea Curry. Johnston Farrow helps to bring her above the radar.

    By Johnston Farrow

  • Showing off

    Roche Uhntraal has a whole lot to talk about.

    By Roche Uhntraal

  • By the Found

    Tara Thorne has two F-words this week: Found and “focus.”

    By Tara Thorne

  • A taxing problem

    Erica Butler always files on time.

    By Erica Butler

  • Best of Music 2006

    You like music. We like music. And everybody loves local music. you can see just how much in our annual readers’ poll that sums up the Best of the past year in local (and national) records, artists and other high notes. Voted by readers.

    By Jon Bruhm

Best of Halifax

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?